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    1. Fritz
      May 23 2011, 12:46:59 pm

      Trester Complete Options/Maximum Options.

      I’ve had Complete (which I believe is the same as another of his services “Maximum”) for about 2 years.
      He does very well with credit spreads, in the 80% I’d guess, but with ToS (or the like) software and reasonable technical analysis, so do I ….. As long as I set and obey my stops.

      His longs are about average with others I’ve seen.
      To me, for $135/mo, it ain’t worth it. Maybe at half that.
      And at half that, I’d bet he’d get a lot more subscribers.

      My longs have done a bit better than his, but I stick strictly to DIA, SPY and other “1¢” ETFs and the occasional volatile equity (AAPL, AMZN).

      I kind of doubt other services will be any better. I’ll see if I do as well, consistently, over the next bit of time. If so, I’ll stick with me.

      I believe he may also have another service for selling naked Puts.

    2. Danette Ellis
      Mar 14 2013, 11:47:57 am

      Z-Trades are nothing more than put credit spreads which he promotes as safe 100% winners. Started out with one winner made $100 on a couple of contracts but the risk was $850. Then He had us in two positions holding them through earnings season and they both tanked overnight. We were helpless as the stocks gapped down bigtime overnight. The one I was trading was WTW and it tanked Feb. 14th, 2013. I lost everything I had invested. I just got another email ad from Maximum options today listing his “full disclosure” = only his 100% winning Z-Trades to date (March 14th, 2013) since Jan. 1, 2012 and he doesn’t show any of his losing “z-trades”. He sure doesn’t show the WTW trade. Not a mention. His advertising is deceptive and his Z-Trades are a lot more risky than he lets on since he doesn’t disclose his losers. Stay away from this guy would be my advice. He’s just a hack. If he could trade as he claims he wouldn’t be messing with a newsletter. They did promptly refund my subscription price.

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