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Subscription website offering picks for mining stock, derivative and bullion investors with a focus on precious metals.

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    1. GL
      Sep 24 2010, 04:22:15 pm

      I joined Metal Augmentor more than a year ago. Their focus is primarily on the resource sector… often on the smaller companies that are under the radar.

      Their service often front run big moves in these companies by keeping subscribers well up to speed with highly detailed, well thought out reports on the prospects for the companies they profile/review.

      Early on, I realized the Metal Augmentor team is quite different in what they provide to subscribers, as follows:

      1. They take no compensation from the companies they review.

      2. Their expertise in understanding drill results and reporting those to subscribers is exceptional.

      3. They help us know the real deal from those companies that are pumped, over hyped and over promoted (often without solid fundamentals to back them up).

      4. As a community of ethical investors. seeking to expand our knowledge of the junior resource sectors, Metal Augmentor encourages subscribers to be part of the service by allowing us to share our ideas and ask questions.

      5. Most of all, I greatly respect their high level of integrity, and I have learned to trust their input.

      6. They do an excellent job of covering the junior and mid-level companies in the following sectors:

      A. Gold
      B. Silver
      C. Copper
      D. Base metals
      E. Uranium
      F. Oil & gas

      They also provide superb technical and fundamental analysis for gold, silver, Oil, Nat gas, and the US$.

      I’ve been investing in resource sectors for over 25 years, and have subscribed to most of the top dog (considered?) resource investment letters.

      I’ve dropped most of them and favor Metal Augmentor as my go to service for solid, ethical, well researched information on which companies warrant my attention and capital investment.

      Highly recommended!

      All best, GL

    2. David
      Sep 24 2010, 05:25:00 pm

      I have subscribed to several well-known precious metal, mining, and technical analysis newsletters but they have disappointed me with their content and/or investment advice. After I became a founding member of Metal Augmentor, I dropped my other subscriptions because MA is the real deal. The newsletter offers an abundance of information that is very well researched, and the advice is often right within a few weeks. The technical analysis is very detailed, timely, and balanced. Nobody offers the type of spreadsheet analysis that is provided frequently, and nobody provides an interactive blog format. It is a one of a kind service.

      Things that I really like:

      1. Mining company research and comparison
      2. feedblitz alerts
      3. basis analysis
      4. tech analysis (the daily addition is outstanding)
      5. portfolio management guidance
      6. speculative trading ideas
      7. commentary and research on metals and mining, markets.
      8. subscriber input
      9. periodic commentary and summaries of several mining companies.

      This gives a speculator and investor a one-stop shop for all his/her needs.

      It is clear that SilverAx, Zurbo, and ER are investing a huge amount of effort into MA each week.

      The authors have unique expertise in accounting and mining analysis. I can see this service blossoming into the clear leader among all precious metals investing newsletters.

      David F.

    3. lou sosa
      Dec 30 2012, 05:32:22 pm

      its all about making money in investing….look at their portfolios…they give a monthly percentage either increase or decrease…diversified rare earth basket starting aug 19 2011 –starting with 100,000 dollars now is 36,000-sucks ! the gold and silver miners portfolio starting with 100,000 dollars starting jan 3 2011 is now down to 75,701…the diversified metal miners portfolio starting nov 24 2010 with 100,000 is now down to 67,924…you call this performance you want to pay for ? ha what a joke…i do better investing in precious metals stocks yearly from end of july to end of september every year and then staying in cash and repeating this yearly then some guy who knows so much more about the companies in this newsletter than i do ! want to be so smart and do horribly investing or not know as much but buy when the companies are over sold and then selling them when they are overbought and then stay in cash until the cycle repeats and do way better in cash return ? i think the answer is obvious ! by the way why cant other posters be as honest as my post ? cmon i dare ALL OF YOU !

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