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    1. 30 |
      Dec 5 2013, 04:24:26 pm

      Well since I bashed him pretty hard on a previous comment, I’d like to finish the review now that I’ve “cooled” off a bit.
      1st. These are microcaps. Expect high volatility, high payoff, high loss. But this is why I bought it.
      2nd. It would suit one well to know you shouldn’t buy into a stock already being pumped. If your new to the service, buy the new recommendations, or wait for fresh recommendations. Exp why- unxl, pamt
      Lou does a great deal of research and basses his picks mostly on IP (intellectual property) patents of co’s. Incredibly important for micros.
      I’ve learned a lot from Lou, including not to trust him when he re-recommend a stock which has already made big runs. They deflate quite quickly. He gets you in just a bit too early. Knowing this you can expect to play the wave until you get closer to catalysts.
      One final note; look out for short interest on these stocks. Shorts love them. It seems some may buy his letter just to short ’em when they make big runs.
      Yes, I would buy Micro cap again.
      No, I wouldn’t buy oil & energy again.
      No, I wouldn’t buy the complete package (presidential club). 5k is just too much cash, especially when we have the gumshoe!
      Just to note; out of 5 letters, Lou’s is #1

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