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Basenese’s “Secret” San Diego NFC Security Stock

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OK, OK, the questions on this one are getting a bit overwhelming — and I’m afraid that if I don’t cover this one soon the villagers will soon be gathering their fiery torches and marching on Castle Gumshoe … so here goes.

Louis Basenese and the folks at Wall Street Daily are pitching his MicroCap Tech Trader by promising huge returns for a small company that he thinks holds the key to secure NFC transactions — and which will generate big licensing revenues as their key patents are put into use by Google and Apple, among others.

So what’s he talking about? Well, much of the ad is about the risks and promise of near field communications (NFC) — this is a wireless protocol, kind of like bluetooth but shorter range, that allows two devices that are typically within a few inches of each other to communicate. In practice, the consumer-facing applications are mostly smart cards (like you might use for your local transit system), contactless payment cards or keyfobs (like that little ExxonMobil keychain you can wave in front of the pump to pay for your gas), or, in the next wave of this development, NFC chips in cell phones that let you use your phone as a “digital wallet.”

In all cases, NFC security is an issue — that’s because you don’t have to hold the card or phone to connect with the NFC chip, it’s wireless and someone with a transmitter might be able to snoop on your wireless transactions or even ping your card, chip or phone to try to “hack” it to get the pertinent numbers and ID info. That’s why you see them marketing NFC-blocking wallets with layers of aluminum (or whatever) to prevent snoopers from sniffing out any cards you’re carrying, and that’s why, to at least some extent, NFC and the “mobile wallet” cell phone that you use to pay for everything haven’t really taken off yet — though both are more prevalent in some Asian and European countries than they are here.

That’s not the only thing slowing the adoption of the chip-based “cell phone as wallet,” of course — there are plenty of security concerns, but there’s also the lack of clear standards, competition among providers and payment processors and lack of easy interoperability, the rising capabilities of app-based or other non-chip payment solutions (you can pay via PayPal or your smart phone at Home Depot or Starbucks, for example, and those don’t use NFC chips).

And there’s also the simple fact that consumer acceptance of new trends is often very slow — particularly for financial products. People are comfortable with credit cards, for the most part, and NFC isn’t that much faster or easier — but debit card use only exceeded check use a few years ago, and though check use is still falling sharply there are still billions of checks processed every year by the Federal Reserve. The impatient foot tapping you do when the person in front of you in the express line at the grocery store when tries to buy two cans of tuna and pay with a check may not be necessary soon, but it doesn’t mean that person will be paying with their cell phone next year.

There are also, as you might expect, roughly a gazillion companies trying to get their foot in the door in NFC payments, whether they’re card or reader makers, software or security companies, chipmakers or payment processors or phone builders … everyone wants to have a piece if this turns into something big. And big is expected, though soothsaying the speed of acceptance is not easy — early adopters and futurists have been predicting the mass consumer rollout of the “mobile wallet” and cell phone payments for more than a decade now, the technology to use a chip in your phone to make a payment has been around for longer than “smart phones” (contactless chip-enabled payments by mobile phone were launched commercially in Japan and South Korea a decade ago — not without challenges, but they’re pretty established at point of sale terminals and in vending machines thanks to that head start at working through the challenges and the tech early adopter culture in those countries).

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So that’s the backdrop, as best as I can share with you in a few moments — what, then, is the specific little company that Louis Basenese is teasing as a key player, a company that he thinks will have licensing deals, key announcements by August 14, and good exposure on Apple and Android devices very soon?

Well, for that we’ll need some clues. Unless, that is, you’d like to pop over and subscribe for $3,500?

Oh, wait, this is also one of those “we’re going to write you a check” teasers — so it’s not $3,500, it’s $3,500 minus the check for $2,650 they send you … so the newsletter is actually going for $850 these days.

But regardless of whether or not you want to pony up that kind of cash for a breakthrough-tech newsletter, I’m guessing you’d like to know the name of the stock first, right? Take away that crazy “tell me the secret now!” impulse, and make a sober decision about subscribing after a good night’s sleep? Sure, we can do that — I’m certain I won’t cover the stock as thoroughly as Basenese, and I won’t tell you whether or not to buy it, but I’m pretty sure we can identify it for you. And the price? Much more free-ish (though of course, we always delight in welcoming new members to the Irregulars, our $49 a year premium membership group — just to entice you further, those folks would have already seen the answer to this teaser and a nice quick summary in the beige box on the left).

So what are our clues from Mr. Basenese and the MicroCap Tech Trader?

Well, they’re frankly a bit thin — so we might not reach 100% certainty in our match today — but this is what we get:

“… for the better part of a decade now, the world’s corporate giants have been building the infrastructure for ‘mobile wallets’ and wireless payments to become the industry standard.

“Their logic is pretty straightforward…

“Easier ways to pay for products and services will mean more sales. A lot more sales!

“The technology powering everything is called near-field communications. Or ‘NFC,’ for short, which allows for easy, convenient payments at stores around the world.

“The heavyweights are pushing all their chips in on NFC.

“In fact, credit card giant, Visa, has predicted that people born over the past five years will never own a physical wallet.”

So the argument, basically, is that there is such a massive, global, corporate push for NFC payments that they will overcome the security concerns — and at least in part, they’ll do so using the technology of this company that he’s teasing. Or, as he puts it more floridly:

“Armed with only a smartphone, crooks can steal a mountain of credit card numbers with little more than the touch of a finger.

“More credit cards just got stolen this very second.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.

“And the giant corporations are powerless to stop it from happening.

“They haven’t been able to develop the software smart enough to stump the crooks.

“They’ve tried everything, too!

“Enter one tiny company trading for less than two bucks.

“A company that holds every conceivable patent needed to stop these thieves dead in their tracks.

“By extension, this tiny company is also the gatekeepers to the entire trillion-dollar M-Commerce market.

“I expect The Bigs to secure this brilliant anti-theft technology for themselves any minute.”

So … any more specific clues hiding in all this puffery? Here’s what I found to feed into the Thinkolator for you:

“This time, the announcement concerns a company trading for less than $2/share….

“I’ve been tracking this company’s innovation from the very point of inception.

“I’ll see it through to its completion, too, which could happen as early as August 14, 2013….

“… this less than $2-a-share, San Diego outfit already has all the necessary patents in place…

“The biggest companies in the world MUST deal with it.

“These patents can secure their transactions, and get their $1 trillion juggernaut rolling….

” I’ll rush you that certified check for $2,650….

“You can do as you please with the money….

“… you’ll want to use the cash to purchase shares of this tiny company.

“At current prices, that’s about 1,800 shares. [note: that would be a price around $1.50]“

So that gets us partway there. A little more?

“one single investor (the man I told you about earlier) has already snatched up an amazing 38% of the company’s shares.

“Here’s the deal…

The two largest players in the smartphone market - the giants responsible for more than 94% of every smartphone in the world - are poised to start deploying this tiny, less than $2-a-share outfit’s technology.

“This company is in substantive discussions with multiple partners.

“And its ground-breaking patented technology stands to become THE standard of protection for nearly every smartphone on the planet.

And he says his “Validation Report” on this stock includes:

“Confirmation of a market-ready, antitheft prototype for the Android.

“Confirmation of the first antitheft prototype for the iPhone.

“And all the details concerning the August 14 announcement where I believe news of a partnership will hit.

“A partnership that could ultimately lead to this company’s technology protecting all Apple and Google wireless devices.”

And, of course, it’s small and uncovered:

“most everyone knows that mobile payments will ultimately become the industry standard, no one realizes that a tiny company stands as the gatekeeper…. not a single Wall Street analyst is even formally covering the stock.”

And there’s a big insider buying, we’re told:

“A short while ago, one single investor - just one - increased his stake to nearly 40% of this company’s outstanding stock.

“Nobody - and I mean nobody - takes a stake like that in a tiny company trading for less than $2. That is, unless they KNOW something big is unfolding.”

Phew! So, a few clues hiding in that mishmosh of temptation. What’s our stock?

This is, so sez the Mighty, Mighty Thinkolator, ImageWare Systems (IWSY, trades over the counter)

And yes, it’s quite small — market cap around $140 million now that it’s run up with the attention from Basenese. And it does have a 38%-owning insider, Director Neal Goldman of Goldman Capital Management (not Goldman Sachs, just to be clear), though the shares he’s added over the last year have all been options exercises.

Though they do position themselves as having a security solution for the “mobile wallet” and mobile transactions, they do so with biometrics — this is a biometric security software company that was focused initially on photo and face recognition when they were a stock market darling in 2001 and hit $14 briefly (I expect their biometrics technology is face recognition, but I’m not sure about that). The stock declined pretty gradually over the early 2000s, coming to a head when they were delisted from AMEX when the price stayed under a dollar in 2008.

They describe their main offerings related to secure identities here.

And the basic catalysts that Basenese appears to be foreseeing are described (though with perhaps less certainty) in the conference call they hosted to give a “business update” about a month ago — you can see the transcript of that call here, but the basic “upside” possibility comes from this bit from CEO Jim Miller:

“We have reached a very exciting crossroads where the cloud and mobile computing have intersected with biometrics. The rapid expansion in availability and use of mobile devices presents an incredible opportunity. As these devices have become culturally ubiquitous and nothing short of phenomenal in their reliability and robustness, the door has swung open to provide security for the myriad of transactions that occur on these devices every single day. While you can easily ascertain that it’s my phone or my device, you can never really be sure who exactly is using it. The more transactions and sensitive information that can be accessed via mobile devices, the important it is that this critical security piece of the puzzle be solved. Happily, it’s this solution that the new generation of ImageWare products addresses and solves.

“We have also continued to develop and advance our biometric secured mobile transaction technology that is built upon the patented wireless interactive messaging technology we acquired from VOCEL last year. We’ve now married this technology with our Biometric Engine and other existing foundational patents to build interactive mobile applications that can be secured biometrically.

“On the last call, we announced that we introduced the first demonstration models of this mobile technology on the Android platform to key potential corporate users. We have now a production release of our Android product and will soon release our iPhone demonstration product. We are currently in substantive discussions with several new clients regarding licensing opportunities. We strongly believe that the combination of these technologies provides yet another substantial competitive advantage for ImageWare.”

The company believes it’s on track to generate enough cash flow to cover costs as they start to sign more licensing deals (they’ve signed one so far, it appears, with global payments processor Emida), so they think they’ll have enough cash and liquidity for the year — thanks partly to a line of credit from their largest shareholder (Neal Goldman again). So I guess quite a lot is probably riding on their next six months or so of potential deals and rollout of their technology to a possibly broader audience.

I have absolutely no idea whether or not they will build a meaningful user base or achieve any kind of leadership in mobile security or authentication for mobile payments or anything else, they but I’m quite sure this is the pick Basenese is touting. It’s the very definition of a “story stock”, you certainly can’t justify the valuation based on their current business or financial position or even on the orders and deals they’ve made, it’s too early in the process to have any idea what their revenue potential might be or whether the product will become important to consumers or payment processors or retailers … but if it can grow into that story that Louis Basenese spins and generate a little tiny penny of revenue from each of billions of mobile transactions someday, well, then it’s a cheap buy with massive potential growth.

There are lots of biometric security companies out there, and lots of mobile security companies and technologies, most of which probably won’t become critically important — so you have to have confidence in the technology and the story to want to buy this. I do not know how valuable their patents might be — they bought the key patents from Vocel that they think will help them expand into the consumer market more aggressively just last year, and most of their work seems to have been with governments before that — credentialing and IDs and border authentication stuff, as far as I can tell.

IWSY has generated no meaningful amount of revenues over the past decade, and have churned through well over $100 million in losses during that time, so perhaps all that investment in their technology will come to something? That’s your call to make, let us know if you’ve an opinion to share with a comment below.

P.S. No, I don’t know if there’s anything other than guesstimates behind the August 12 date that Basenese teases — whether he thinks they’re just a couple months from more deals or product announcements (like an iPhone product), or will have an other corporate update by then (they did issue a “progress report” in mid-August last year). That’s right around when their next 10-Q quarterly report is due to be filed with the SEC, so maybe it’s just that and a hope that they’ll begin to report higher cash flow by then.

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162 Responses to Basenese’s “Secret” San Diego NFC Security Stock

  1. WSD has been pushing IWSY since the end of 2012, so many investors (I am not one of them) have probably pocketed some nifty gains so far. I don’t know how good the technology is or whether they are on the verge of a brakthrough (by August 12), but it is an interesting, highly speculative play.

  2. I did my own sleuthing back about 5/18 and came up with this too. But a long vacation ant went from 1.44 to 1.78 today. Picked up a bit as I’ve made money on his ideas before.

  3. Travis, for those that don’t, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out this play last night, and sometimes I am successful, but late, last night for a few hours, I could not get it, and so I tip my hat to you, you are one very smart dude with some excellent research skills. The best that I could come up with in this brand of NFC security for mobile e commerce was Celltrust a privately held company, and NXPI who was at $29 a share late last night. Anyway I say this not so much to mention these other companies, or myself, but to take a moment to thank you for being on our side. You are the better man for it. I know you would appreciate the $49 more, but I still want to say thank you none the less. : ) William

  4. I just don’t know Travis but that was really cool, or was the thinkolater really the coolness , either way I really like the hypeolater , no kidding it was more fun reading the article so that must make me a real boring person. But this boring person is an irregular and has some regular cash in my pocket and had a good time keeping it there (great job). Now I will hang out and wait till you and the thinkolater get a hold of S@A world Dominater with the little dividends that are going to be the big dividends,and I like Porter and his team and Doc. But it is worth the wait and you still keep integrity possible. I like the thrill of the hunt or the teaser and I am sure like many irregulars do there diligence and a lot of that is all the newsletter teasers hype it is like a home run at the ball game and the crowd cheers when the fan throws the ball back but as said earlier you keep integrity in play because there is not as many home runs as they all say. Maybe it is just that they all have a different way of saying what they have is the best and no matter what they can not advise you, and yes there are some that are worth there weight and bring a lot to the table but like anything else there is always the fine print. I DON’T KNOW BUT THAT OLD SAYING IF IT LOOKS TO GOOD we all know that answer. Thanks for the fun and much more than that with out all the $ or 0′s. Being an irregular you really do get more than what you pay for what is the Wall Street word liquidity. But to get a smile or laughter with that is priceless.

  5. Travis, you write so well, I love reading your analyses. Imageware was on my watch list until recently. I started following it when it traded around $1.20 and then started falling, went down to 80 cents and dipped down few times even lower in day trading. I decided, even if it got taken over, it wasn’t going to be much and dropped it off my watch list. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

    • A great job of profiling. One key is there are a lot of companies out there trying, and the timing of when such tech takes off is very uncertain – especially with the recently exposed government snooping and reactive fear of things like facial recognition going on record. My reluctance comes from Goldman. His exercisizing options [at what prices] to a 38% owner level, plus the money that may be available in his managed fund, suggest he may be placing his group in a buyout position soon. Even if it is at a higher price the risk reward ratio seems high [no 5-10 bagger] in this arena; and if there is significant delay in things happening and Goldman loans monney to the company [makes sense, get liquidation priority over stock], Goldman could take the company private at a cheaper price while protecting his interest to get it all if the company fails – ending up with the patents. With such skewed ownership [by a director, not the CEO, because the company has struggled for several years], it seems too risky for the potential reward.

  6. Well done Travis! I spent an hour or two last night trying to sleuth this one out and came up dry, so a tip o’ the hat to you once again.
    The closest match I found was NQ, another mobile security software company that has been touted around a bit lately, but the numbers were off. Basenese seems to do best at promoting these companies over a short period of time. His famous UNXL pick did great until people found out they made a crappy product… lots of money was made by a quick in-and-out over several weeks, but you would have been wiped out if you didn’t have your stops in place. The stock has tanked over the last few weeks. I would be interested to know if he put out a sell rec to his subscribers before the haircut in the stock price. The same will probably be true of IWSY. No money to speak of in the coffers and a substantial burn rate… they will need some good news before the summer is over or will need to raise more funds to stay solvent. As you noted, they were almost de-listed a while back, and history does tend to repeat itself. Careful with this one.

    • he did write when the stock was in the mid 30″s that u should take profits and maybe call some calls if you wanted to be along for a longer JOE

  7. Wow, you are good Mr. Gumshoe! I think I may take a position in this because of your sleuthing (I have been digging around about it too) and this technology makes sense. Remember the Mobile wave to pay thing a few years ago? I always wondered how they prevented people paying not only for their own gas, but the guy at the next pump.

    Sorry, just thinking out loud.

  8. Travis,

    You have done an outstanding service. Thank you. I look for deals like the one Basenese is touting. I’ve invested in deals that Insider Dr Philip has been buying, most recently SIMH which will be going on the AMEX and is predicted to go to $ 5.00 soon. I’ve put $ 80 k into it at average cost of 80 cents after checking out ad verifying everything I heard, read and found. Dr Frost also has OPK, ROX and LTS. The last two are tiny investments for him. He has 127,000,000 shares in OPK and my source at SIMH says Frost is expecting it to go to 15 – that’s why he keeps buying more and more as the price goes up. In any event, I expect to start buying IWSY soon. Thank you again. Outstanding job!

  9. Where do you find out about insider buying? I checked out SIMH and MSN does not even have a profile on the company. I am newbie and generally leave the snooping to Travis. Love the site and insight Travis, keep up the great work! Would appreciate it if someone could answer my question.

  10. Travis: Excellent work Travis, appreciate it as always.

    All: I will pass on IWSY, Travis summarizes:

    “IWSY has generated no meaningful amount of revenues over the past decade, and have churned through well over $100 million in losses during that time”

    The comment, above, by another appreciator of Travis also says it well: Company will need to raise more money before the summer is out. Another Great: Great things need to happen soon if this Company is to even remain listed.

    I see IWSY as a long shot, one chance in about 72 that it will make the big time.

  11. Byron King (Agora) has seemingly just discovered graphene and is pumping a north American graphite mine as well as a vanadium mine and a Beryllium mine. Does his motley pitch make any sense? I greatly appreciate your bloodhound talents and smarts. Alan Nathan.

    • Alan, on the contrary Byron King has been on the graphene story for a long time. Personally I believe it may take somewhat l-o-n-g-e-r to play out than he envisions. Some other sceptical analysts projecting 10 years, while rumour has it that at least some innovations will hit the market before the year is out. Byron King has made me quite a bit of money over the years, I certainly do not consider anything he writes as a “motley pitch” though like most analysts touting relatively new technology, he may be EARLY in some cases, but better to be early catching a gravy train than even a day or week late. Will be reporting on the beryllium and vanadium picks in my next column for the Irregulars.

  12. Travis,
    Good find, one small comment.
    “(I expect their biometrics technology is face recognition, but I’m not sure about that).”
    I wish you did more DD on IWSY’s technology as if you did you would understand the reason why this company may become the foundational leader of multi-modal biometrics. Their products are “multi-modal, device- and algorithm- independent biometric software platform, open architecture biometric software platform optimizes biometric enrollment, management and authentication while supporting more than a dozen biometric modalities.” To simplify that their product works to support identify verification through a variety of different biometrics, including
    facial recognition, fingerprinting or iris scanning. Not just face.. It also works across multiple hardware devices and algorithms so it doesnt require a huge revamp for an IT / corporation and can be accomplished within days vice weeks or months. They hold foundational patents (not clear if they will be able to defend them) on this technology so technically anytime a device/software uses more than one biometric then a royalty should be provided to IWSY.

  13. I think my paid subscription to Travis is the BEST investment I have ever made in a my life for stock info. I am not immune to these teasers. They are ALWAYS interesting but usually just looking to grab some bucks. I do however like Louis Bennese’s picks in general but these tiny stocks scare me and I would only bet my mad money on any of them . One I have bought is ZIXI and have seen a modest 6% gain

  14. If it’s so secret that we canot figure it out, how is the “public” going to find out enough to buy it and drive it up? Just sayin’

    • Truman: I have quite a bit of experience in speculating in juniors that are not yet well known in the market. Identifying well managed and financed juniors with a promising “breakthrough technology” and in the case of miners, promising initial metallurgical results requires a degree of faith in management, balancing risk in terms of potential rewards and above all PATIENCE! Not all are “Buy and Hold” some you trade the ups and downs.
      It is not a space in which all stock buyers are comfortable and requires a certain personal temperament to be successful, and not every trade will be a winner. However that holds true in any sector, even Blue Chips. You have probably heard the expression; “the early bird gets the worm” and in most cases you will find that early investors who have the confidence to “speculate” when all the pieces seem to be in place, end up making the most money, particularly if they have the patience to hold on until the institutions discover the stock and drive up its price. I want to be in a position to SELL to the Big Boys when the stock gets discovered. Read the biographies of millionaires and billionaires and you will find that most made their money on investments that were not well known at the time, many of then under a $1. if you choose to wait to invest until something is “a sure thing” then not only will you need way more capital than the early investor, your profits will also be much smaller on a percentage basis. Generally it is not the average retail investor that drives a stock into the limelight anyway, that is why I have extensive “watch lists” to time my purchases.

      • Sorry, but that sounds like bull. You may as well read the autobiography of lottery winners or the multi bagger reco’s of tipsters who conveniently bury the x 10 wrong calls. There’s always a winner in a raffle, but a lot more losers.

  15. Truman, I believe He is probably using reverse psychology. By telling people to keep it a secret, he is probably expecting it will spread even faster and furthur. Obviously no one here is trying to kept it a secret!

  16. dr. frost is in a 7cent stock ALQA alqippa when he put in his million all theexecutives dis appered new grp came on bd and their mission statement was changed

  17. there are 3 or four co. that dr frost is connected with ended up in the same office bldg. as their headquators such as Ladenburg &thalman [lts] optko]

  18. Second largest shareholder, Gruber & McBaine Capital, owned 9,129,608 shares as of 3/31/13 AFTER selling 1,024,339 shares from March 12 through the 25th. After 3/31, they’ve sold 212,000 through June 12.

    • Whole different kettle of fish. Unwired Planet (UPIP) looks like they’re setting themselves up to be a patent licensor for mobile internet access patents, I have no idea whether or not their patents will hold up or are meaningful, but they’re not really in the security space as far as I can tell.

  19. These guys do get caught occasionally. Re: ITrackr:

    “SEC Charges San Diego-Based Promoter in Penny Stock Scheme


    Washington, D.C., June 18, 2013 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a penny stock promoter in the San Diego area for fraudulently arranging the purchase of $2.5 million worth of shares in a penny stock company in an attempt to generate the false appearance of market interest and induce other investors to purchase the stock.”
    For more:

  20. Great work on the company. This is clearly what is referenced in the WSD bit. What is really interesting to me is how many insider shares have been sold off in the last 6 months while this promo bit is going around. What do the insiders know that Basenese doesn’t want to tell you about? Perhaps the company is team is strong, but the product can’t deliver reasonably??? Imaging technology is highly performance inhibiting, and androids have enough problems already…. I will watch, but Just sayin…

  21. I’m glad that I came and found your site, I had just read his report on this new technology, and I was excited about what he had expressed in his newsletter about this hidden company. I thought the price was a little stiff for people who wants to get in on this potential big winner. So something inside told me to check up more on this company that brought this information to my inbox of my e-mail, and I found your site and I’m glad I did. You have open up my eyes to what could be a bust or could be something worth to go into. I Thank you so much for your insightful research of this secretive company without having to fork over $3,500 for the information. I will be joining your newsletter in the near future.
    Thank You Again!
    Sincerely, Isaac

    • I’m with you on that note, I came on this site on an elementary suprise…. I would have to gain a couple of uneasy loans to obtain the needed $3500 for any information, but because I’m desperate to gain, I had to stop and give my conscience a second thought. I love the Gumshoe site, and Basenese’s predictions could be gold, but in reality, Microsoft had problems moving out of command-mode into their graphic mode. But the new biometric could be a gold mine, if all the kinics, stalls, and cliches are resolved that would cost more money for each Quarter of developing.

    • Isaac, let’s please be fair in our assessment of the information. Mr. Basenese has stated and Travis has confirmed that the price can be looked at 2 different ways:
      1) The WSD subscriber can purchase $3500.00 with a $2650.00 refund.
      2) Or 2, subscribers can purchase $850.00 outright.
      I do agree though with your sentiment, $850.00 for one newsletter before you even
      get into investing is a steep dollar amount. Especially considering you can get a ShareBuilder account with $0.00 down and a $0.00 dollar opening. You only pay $6.95 per transaction with other small fees that apply. And, yeah, this is a plug for my friends @ ShareBuilder. (DISCLAIMER) I have a ShareBuilder account and am in no other way associated with them.

  22. Thanks a lot Travis! I really liked this company and the idea behind the technology it is innovating, so far I made $0.60 on each share! I have to say I did some DD, and pulled the trigger, now I’m just waiting to August. I have been getting more emails from WSD promoting this “secret”, so maybe that’s had something to do with the lately stock run-up, watever it is, I’m super content with my gains so far and ill keep adding to my position the more positive and confident I get.

  23. I bought 2,500 shares at 1.83 and today another 4,000 shares at 2.36. They have an agreement with Fujitsu covering North America selling a global cloud platform. IWSY has the only multi-mobile platform (except for Aware, Inc of Burlington, MA – this technology is a very small portion of Aware’s business) so essentially there is no competitor to IWSY. All other technologies, including what Apple (they bought Authentec per Sept 2012 announcement) and MS have, are single-platform. As another blogger said, multi is far better than single. I have worked closely with a genius who is trying to validate authenticity of the user; but he can’t guarantee that an identity, and the users pertinent data, won’t be stolen.

  24. I was concerned about the insider selling very recently. Note that these insiders were selling even after the price of the stock kept shooting up. So I called their Investor Relations firm and spoke with Greg Falesnik, who was very informative to the extent he could, and took my email address and phone number to get back to me. He is a straight-shooter. One of the things I heard was that the inside sellers, who got in many years ago, might have have what I’ll call “options to sell tht had to be exercised”. Whether this was a requirement contained in a doc way back when, or something Goldman required, I don’t know. Presuming they have the patents on the multi mobile platform, we have a tiger by the tail. Stay tuned.

    • Some of the institutional / larger retail olders have held this stock for years and at prices at .50, so taking profits isnt unrealistic. especially on the way up to protect long term unrealized gains.

  25. If Imageware Systems Inc, IWSY, is on the launch pad ready for blast off, then why did Gruber, & Mcbaine Capital Management L L C sell a whopping 785,912 shares on June 12 and 17 according to Scottrade? The math just doesn’t seem to add up on the surface, must be something going on behind the scenes.

  26. While we’re analyzing Louis Basenese’s IWSY teaser, can we figure out the other company he’s beginning to tweak, about “eyeballs”, and the stock at 34 cents? Its further down in the IWSY teaser, and has something to do with mobile advertising. Its based in New York, with a client list of over 200 blue-chip names. Any ideas what stock this is? I’d sure like to jump in at that price, if its legit. Thanks!

      • That’s interesting, Louis–think he had a “misprint”?

        I’m trying to figure out a sell price for IWSY, given there are no real fundamentals to work with. Basenese’s projections were all over the map. He claims as much as a “1,250% run”, which based on $1.50, should be somewhere around $18 or so. But later he says the stock could double, which is $3. But then he says its even more significant than Unipixel (UNXL), which ran to $41. Well, maybe the 8/14 “announcement” will give us a clue. Have a profitable week, Louis, and thanks for replying! Lisa

        • This is not about Basenese or reverse psycology. Read all you can about the technology and how it is differentiated from the competition. Research the technology and the future of that technology (ala Apple’s decision) . I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on and believe this technology is the future of all internet security issues – theft prevention. Look up Theft Prevention and you’ll be led to systems that tell you after the theft occurs. I have found no competition to this company, including Apple’s recent acquisition. This is a long term hold unless you see gigantic profit-taking. I’m happy to share info with you.

          • That’s very kind of you, roller blader–many thanks! I did not mean to imply that the company and its products were not the real center of the issue, or otherwise Basenese would have nothing to tout or hawk, especially at $850 for his service. I hope IWSY is able to provide mobile security successfully, and if it does, I totally agree it would be a long-term hold. I was only pointing out Basenese’s “all over the map” price predictions for the stock, because I sometimes want to use stop losses, but have no idea how to price the stock. I was hoping perhaps someone else may have derived some ballpark notion.

    • The $0.34 stock referenced is Augme (AUGT), a leader in mobile advertising solutions through their acquisition of Hipcricket a couple of years ago.

    Since the last corporate update, ImageWare has also continued to develop and advance its biometric-secured, mobile transaction technology that is built upon the wireless push technology and related patents it acquired from VOCEL last year. ImageWare now has a production release of this mobile technology on the Android platform and plans to release its iPhone demonstration model in the near future.

    Right now, I can’t find the third party write-up thats says IWSY is the LEADER, has the only patent on multi-modal platform and have approvals in other countries and have alot more patents in the pipeline. I will be that their ultimate competitors will have to pay royalties or licensing fees to IWSY. They own the Biometric Engine..They’ll be cash positive in Q 3. That’s it for now.

    If you google IMAGEWEAR SYSTEMS FUTITSU BIOMETRIC and drill down you’ll see alot.

  28. Thanks for this, Roller Blader! I’m still reading your links. Got nervous today when the stock tumbled so badly. I began to wonder if maybe we got the company wrong that Basenese has been teasing us about. Sure appreciate your info sharing!

    • Sure wish I did, Joe. Maybe institutional investors sold off before the holiday? The stock had a strong run up to and including today, until 2 PM. It hit a new high intraday today. Just 3 weeks ago it was under $2. I think its hit a ceiling near $3. All the markets pulled back, so it may just be overall market conditions, and not necessarily the stock itself. In today’s traders market, six weeks until the “announcement” is a very long time, and I don’t think it could continue to go straight up all the way until August 14. I see this as a buying opportunity, at least at this point. I’d like to hear some other views. Were there any news or developments today?

      • I see it as a buying opportunity also. I’m thinking that computerized selling triggered this and or individuals with large holdings decided to “take advantage” meaning they are seasoned enough to know the behavior of the retail customer is to panic and drive it down further thus creating another buying opportunity fo r the savvy investor. I continue to be extremely impressed with the technology, the business partners and startegies. I put a client’s SEP money in yesterday..

  29. Take it easy folks. When it rains, it pours. Just keep your buckets and cups ready. Seems like it gonna be one heck of a ride coming this way.

  30. Does anyone have any thoughts about possible price targets? I will hold some shares long-term, but also want to unload enough to get back my original investment. Any way to find projected numbers for sales of mobile devices over the next year? Should be able to deduce approx. fair value once we know what IWSY will charge per unit, in addition to their prices for other systems/services.

  31. It won’t just be on cell phones. It will be used by large enterprise in a slew of industries, expecially HEALTHCARE – SECURING THE IDENTITIES OF ALL PATIENTS at Doctor’s office, hospitals, insurance companies, HNO’s – on PC’s and mainframes.

    They appear to have the “only” patents on multi-platform, multi-types of ways to identify a persson, evidenced by the recent patent infringement suits they have initiated. I expect that they will ALSO be receiving royalties from their competitors that rely on IWSY IP.

    Price target?
    at least when it gets to 5 times your cost. This company, unless it gets bought for double or triple it’s then market price, has the potentail to get to $ 40 in the long long term – because it is at the INFANCY of this technology.
    The SIMH stock I have at .80 a share, I’m advised by a board member to get back my original cost when it hits $ 10, on it’s way to $ 50 long long term.

    • Hi, Roller Blader! What is SIMH into? My only concern about IWSY is whether their patents will hold up. If you followed Unipixel (UNXL), another of Basenese’s recommendations, it soared to $41, but is now in the low teens, due to patent litigation. The company swears it will successfully defend, but we can never be sure how it will all end up.

      • Sanomedics international holdings Inc (US) Patent Lawsuits … [Google headline]
        [SIMH] Date: May 21, 2013
        Exergen Corporation (“Exergen”) for its Complaint against Defendants Sanomedics
        International Holdings, Inc. (“Sanomedics”) and Thermomedics, Inc. (“Thermomedics”) alleges as follows:

        Patent No. 6,292,685 (“the ‘685 Patent”), entitled “Temporal Artery Temperature Detector,”
        Patent No. 7,787,938 (“the ‘938 Patent”), entitled “Temporal Artery Temperature Detector,” was lawfully issued.

    • SIMH is backed by Dr Philip Frost, billionaire owner of 126,000,000 shares in OPK @ $ 7 a share, a success story on it’s own…SIMH will grow via acquisitions similar to the way Dr Frost has done in the past, including OPK (Opko Holdings). They are in the home health care equipment now. Based on the financials and anything you might see, you would stay away – too risky. i know alot about it but can’t say, and you don’t want to rely on what I believe to be true. It will be listed on the AMEX soon. You might want to see the price-per-share minimum required in order to be listed on the AMEX (to get an idea of where management expects the stock price to be soon). there will be announcements coming soon – overdue, I say. I’ve got over 100,000 shares…

      • I will check out SIMH, as well as the patent lawsuits Louis has cited. Seems this is a growing industry, all these patent infringement cases. I own OPK. I also own Northwest Biotherapeutics, symbol NWBO>a spec play. AMEX listing requires minimum $3 per share price. Given its current price, do you think SIMH will do a reverse stock split? I have some concerns about holding companies–they are more like funds, without any product of their own, per se, and earnings sometimes can be difficult to fathom. You obviously believe quite strongly in the company, given the size of your position. I wish you every success!

  32. Doing my Sunday stock research and came accross several comments on Stock Gumshoe so I might add my 3cents. IWSW $2.39 Image Ware systems shows parabollic rise from $! to $3.29 on candlestick charts. Fundamentals are another story. Market cap$186.5M. Shares outstanding 78m. No income only losess.A trader with high risk tolerance might follow up on it.

    • I have info to share re SIMH doubling in the near-term. If interested I can be reached at 508-612-5647. Robert

      • Simh looks to be illiquid. traded 12,000 shares today and up 20%, good luck getting out of that penny stock pump and dump!

      • Dooubling? Is that a 2:1 split or are they issuing twice the common stock shares like
        Chesapeake Energy did years ago ending up screwing me with half the value the next day?

    • ALNY Alnylam a leading RNAI therapeutic Co .S&P 4 star rating developing therapeutics based on ribonucleic acid interface RNAI for the treatment of geneticaly defined diseases.Barchart looks good .Above 50 day moving average since July.I do own stock.

      • Alex – I am intrigued by this company. According to the Oxford Club, they claim that the first person to reach the age of 1,000 (yes, one-thousand!) has already been born, thanks to the work being done by Alnylam. And it is further claimed that besides reaching the age of 1,000 years, people will have no disease, and will not age. These are rather fantastic claims, to say the least. Stock seems a bit pricey–how are they generating revenue with negative earnings, if you know? Do they have a product? I see JMP Securities raised their P/T to $44. I have never looked at this company before, but I plan to now. Anything noteworthy you may have picked up on that you might care to share, Alex?

  33. Apple (AAPL) just announced they are cutting production of 20 million iPhones by year’s end. IWSY likely will have to revise down some of its projected income–ouch! That’s assuming they inked a deal, of course.

  34. Does anyone have any idea on the other stock mentioned in Basenese’s pitch? The ‘patented mobile marketing platform’ company based out of New York.

    “…Based in New York, it’s the best kept secret in mobile advertising technologies.
    Its patented mobile marketing platform is the only truly end-to-end product on the market. And it’s already turning heads. In the last six months, the company’s client list has swelled to over 200. Among the 200, are blue-chip names like Macy’s, Nissan, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Kellogg’s, Costco and Ford.

    And, yes, the company trades for a measly $0.34….”

    Any ideas???

    • Scroll up in the messages to July 3. “Eric” said in his post that the company was Augme Technologies, Inc, symbol AUGT, because I was asking about it, too.

  35. To everyone commenting on this forum, thank you for all your DD, but i was wondering if we should create a forum about IWSY & SIMH??? Please let me know what you guys think. I also own KNDI and that company has an amazing story and a phenomenal forum where so much info could be found.

    BTW Rolerblader, do u honestly think SIMH is a better investment than IWSY?

    Hope to hear back from all of u

    • yes SIMH better bet at this moment based on personal info obtained directly… see my comments 49 an d50

  36. Roberto–Sounds good to me. Please just let me know where to direct my attention if you do set up a new forum. I truly enjoy reading all the well-informed comments by so many. Its comforting to know there are folks so willing to share their knowledge with those of us who are a bit newer to the game–I’ve learned so much from so many already, and I’ve only been on board about 3 weeks! My thanks to all!

  37. SIMH vs IWSY vs AUGT
    SIMH I was told to expect SIMH to be over $ 3.00 very soon (I’m thinking a couple of months). I was told that one firm will be buying 500,000 shares on the open market. That’s 2.5% of the o/s shares.

    Today I spoke with the outside investor relations person who is aware of Lou Basenesse’s writings. He’s not aware of any announcements forthcoming (and opined not to give it a grain of salt) but did confirm that Fujitsu had arranged for MSFT to test the IP at MSFT lab and as a result of the success, Fujitsu inked the deal with IWSY. No word yet about MSFT response to the tests. The face and voice IP are now part of MSFT smart phone offerings. The android product is finished and Emida has added it to their offerings. i was told that the ISWY mobile wallet is the first one with biometric and cloud technologies. I was told that IWSY management is in Europe talking with people. I was told that fund managers have been calling and investing for the long-term.
    I was told to target $ 8 – $ 10 by the end of the year 2013. I was told that IWSY only needs
    $ 2.5m of revenue in a Quarter to break-even.

    AUGT – today I walked to the subway with a bizdev manager for “mobile marketing platform” and I should have asked his name and company. But he raves about this new way of advertising – totally wiping out the present ways this is being done. I will check into it. Thanks.

    • Roller Blader, I have a question. The gentleman you mentioned who is raving about this “new way of advertising”, was he raving about something specific that AUGT is enabling, or was his comment more about mobile advertising in general, as compared with the older, more usual ways of advertising, ie, flyers, mailers, billboards, radio, tv, magazines, etc?

  38. IWSY

    Today I sent a letter to Neal Ira Goldman at the York, Maine address asking about the insider selling going on. I also asked Greg, the outside investor relations guy to contact Goldman and say that we little guys need some comforting comments from him. I was told that Goldman himself has been putting $ directly into the company and getting options to but shares at pennies. I was told that Goldman Capital Management was selling off shares (not Gruber et al group) so I’m confused by that. I was told Goldman has 30% of the company, not 40%. Greg the investor relations guy says everything looks very good for the long term – just jang in there and expect volatility.

  39. Lots to digest, and all good stuff to know, Roller Blader–thanks very much for all the effort you’ve put in with IWSY, and for sharing as well about SIMH and AUGT!

  40. Rollerblader you would be a crucial asset to the forum
    I will be starting later on today, I will post the link here when I
    Get to.Thank you for all your DD, especially today.
    Thanks for answering Lisa, hope to see you all contribute to the new forum
    Long IWSY


  41. Thats the website for the group everyone, hope to see you all there, lisa, rollerblader…. it will be small in the beginning but hopefully with a little promotion on social media, and word of mouth we’ll get know and hopefully new members with questions. I am getting ready to attempt to write my first paper on SA, about IWSY, i am currently so busy, but as soon as i get the rules of writing for SA, i will publish. Maybe rollerblader could also attempt to write one, i can tell he is more savvy and articulate than i am.

    Group email: iwsy@yahoogroups.com

    • Berto, I tried to send an email, but Yahoo said they can’t deliver. Do I need to set up a Yahoo address in order to exchange emails? Never used Yahoo before.

  42. Sorry for this but as I was attempting to add you your message got deleted Lisa :(, send email again….

    • Hi, Berto. Yes, I read a February article last night by an analyst who apparently tracks the stock as a micro cap advisor. His comments were not exactly flattering, but he does give good marks for the Hipcricket acquisition, which he says is worth $1.20 alone.

        • Hi, Alex! Yes, I did get the info–sorry for not getting back sooner. Many thanks for that! I did dip a toe in the water a few days ago, and took a small position. I think this is going to be an investment for me, rather than a trade, so I will build my position over time, on dips. Its a fascinating company–makes me think we are living in the future! I very much appreciate you following up, and please forgive my delayed reply.

          • Good luck Lisa don’t forget trailing stopps this is a must discipline to peserve gains

  43. I didn’t see the Feb article but if Hipcricket is their ticket to success, AUGT is a tremendous buy. If expectations are too high, then the stock does get hammered the day after their press conference.

    • Here’s an excerpt that appeared in the Feb article–I already sent the link in post #61.
      “Investors buying shares of AUGT in the current trading range (it closed at 29 cents last night [Feb. 26, 2013]) are buying the entire enterprise at a valuation that is approximately half the price AUGT paid to acquire Hipcricket back when Hipcricket was less than half its current size, and at a time when the mobile marketing space was still in utero. Hipcricket is indisputably more valuable than it was at that time, its highly regarded management team is taking the reins (starting tomorrow) of the entire AUGT enterprise and investors who are willing to look a little closer at this story have a chance to buy what we think will prove to be one of the biggest winners in the mobile advertising / marketing space at a market cap that is less than 1x the next 12 months revenue. We believe the Hipcricket business may prove to be worth more than $1 per share as a standalone (separate from the patent portfolio). Additionally, due to the rapid deal-making and valuations we are seeing in the mobile space, would not be surprised to see the entire enterprise acquired at a price north of $1.20 per share in the next 12 – 18 months. We believe that Hipcricket will eventually be recognized as one of the best pure plays in the mobile advertising/marketing space and believe that investors would do well to begin establishing positions now while the stock is still trading in a range that reflects the “four letter word” that AUGT came to be for shareholders seeking the IP litigation jackpot.”

    • I did. Sent you a couple emails to your gmail–am having some problems I don’t understand or know how to correct. Must be doing something wrong–can’t figure out solution. Never joined a group before. When it comes to IT stuff, I’m worse at that than at trading, and that’s pretty bad!

      • I have had a SEND problem with Gmail.
        Nothing I send gets out unless…. try going to your SENT folder and see if the emails you are trying to send have been sent.
        Mine have not, and there is a box in the upper center section that says that the sender (me) is not recognized and needs to be approved.

  44. I think AUGT looks like it has great potential so I got 10,000 shares at .306.
    Also, I believe that ARTH Arch Therapeudics (in my back yard – Cambridge, MA) has restructured financially and organizationally – poised to play in the big-boy arena with their unique AC5. I’m getting 1,000 @ around 1.00+ and need to find some more money to get another 4,000 or so – I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re strategically aligning with Johnson and Johnson – J&J has many patents that expired and need more products. Also, there are so many lawsuits against J&J for the uterine mesh mishaps. For now I’m sticking with 8,500 IWSY.

  45. Alex Binkis: I sure owe you a big thanks for ALNY comments! Nice!! Have you joined our yahoo group? Roller Blader, Roberto, myself, and 2 others are on board. Roberto set it up. If you wish, please join us. Same for Eric and the rest of you. You can ask Roberto to invite you–see comments above, numbers 46 and 54. You can also just create a yahoo account and join in without an invite, as its an open forum. Hope to chat with you all there! At least until the next Basenese teaser we ask Stock Gumshoe to decipher for us!


  46. I will watch ALNY Monday.It closed $50.04 Friday But accordingly to candlestic chart it does not look it will stop at this level RSI still very strong. I am also looking for another 10 bagger. Good Luck Monday.

    • Alex–Got your message about trailing stops–good call–thanks! I am thinking of this one as a long-term investment rather than a trade, and was trying to figure out a good entry price, but then it shot up Thursday, so I jumped. I only took a very small position for now, and would like to add on pullbacks. I think it is a fascinating company, one that greatly intrigues me. If they find a way to do what they think they can do, they shall have found the fountain of youth, and I don’t make that claim lightly! Its truly incredible. And they will likely put most other biotechs pretty much out of business. Have you looked at Northwest Bio, symbol NWBO, by any chance? Its highly speculative, as are most start-up biotechs. I find that one to have a lot of promise. I’ve been following it for a couple of years, and I believe that the company is very ethical. They are trying to come up with a vaccine for gioblastoma multiforme–the most lethal form of brain cancer. I don’t know if you like the biotech space, but if you do, you might want to take a look for yourself. Sure hope you’re right about another $10 bagger. Will chat with you Monday!

      • In my humble opinion if you wait for pull back now you might miss the train .I am planning to buy at market not even a limit price order on Monday .DJI might be pulling back and pull all stocks down I shall see

        • Yes, I worry the train could pull out without me. I might add more in premarket–futures looking decent thus far, but EU markets not yet open. Earnings kicking into full swing; markets have high expectations, so enough misses/poor guidance could smack stocks back down. Noticed UPS lowered full-year guidance; many think that is not a good harbinger for 2nd half. Have a great trading day, Alex. Please stay in touch–I enjoy your thinking/strategy sharing!

          • I had bought a Dell with Win 8 last Dec, and wound up taking it back–had all kinds of problems, and didn’t know if it was the computer or the OS. I bought a Lenovo with Win 7 Pro, and its been the best computer I’ve ever owned–very happy with it. Meanwhile, my online broker is revamping the entire trading site and phasing out what I’ve been using for years, and now I have to learn a whole new trading system. I hate wasting time having to learn new stuff because of technical changes–I just want to trade. Had to make an appt so they can walk me through the set-up. Guess you can tell I’m not a geek! :-)

          • Lisa, the WIN 8 episode in your life is typical. MS just changes the OS to justify new sales.
            Scottrade at $7 a trade hasn’t changed in years. Easy enough to navigate. Not really a “Trading” spot if you mean buying and selling in one day or one hour. They do have no extra cost for “limit” buys. Nice.

        • Good morning, Alex! I refrained from pulling the trigger on ALNY today. I checked the options, and they weren’t so hot. Am weighing selling a put at $35.

          • You are right.I am sorry my charts lied.I did not buy ALNY this morning.I am switchig to Windows 8 from older wersion XP so Ihave to spend a lot of time on learning new operating software and less time on stock research

    • Hey, Berto! I checked the yahoo group, but guess everyone’s busy trading. I sort of went on a tangent with Alex regarding ALNY. We will have to get Alex to join us!

  47. Hi, Eric. ALNY sure took a hit today. I have more buy orders in to cost average down. Want to hold onto this one for the long-term. I was a bit nervous seeing those Bollinger Bands getting stretched so wide the last couple of days. Prior to its run, it had a lot of support at $30. They are a long way off from any results, so I think we’ll be seeing a lot of huge price swings over the long term. Hope all is well with you. All the best ~ Lisa

  48. hey alan i believe the site is being hijacked by some rouges when i joined the lisa and rollerblade all had great thoughts but suddenly that has changed joe

    • TraderJ & Alan:

      Its Lisa here. I still check in here at Gumshoe. Berto thought that we were overusing Gumshoe’s site, and he offered to set up a group forum on Yahoo. Quite a few of us have moved there. Please see comment #68 above. Berto will send an invite to anyone asking to come aboard. I have to admit, I like Gumshoe better, because I can see all the postings right away. The Yahoo site requires the moderator to approve all messages first, and sometimes that can be a while. Anyway, I did find some news on IWSY, so I’m copying it for you below. I check in nearly everyday, so stay in touch, okay? I wish all the very best in trading! Lisa

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 18, 2013) – The 2013 Gateway Conference, featuring more than 50 public companies and 250 institutional investors, portfolio managers and analysts, will be held on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

      Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about exciting growth companies across a broad range of industries, from technology, business and financial services, digital media and clean-tech to consumer products, retail/e-commerce, life sciences and natural resources.

      The conference format is invitation-only, providing a select group of portfolio managers, research analysts and brokers from buy and sell-side institutions a unique opportunity to gain insights into each business and sector through company presentations and one-on-one meetings with senior management.

      The conference will begin with registration and an opening reception at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 9. Company presentations, Q&A sessions and one-on-one meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 10, starting at 8:30 a.m.

      For more information, contact Liolios Group at gateway@liolios.com or (949) 574-3860, or visit http://www.liolios.com and click on the Gateway Conference icon.

      Presenting Companies (as of July 18, 2013)
      Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW)
      Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP)
      Barrett Business Services (NASDAQ: BBSI)
      Black Diamond (NASDAQ: BDE)
      Burcon Nutrascience (NASDAQ: BUR)
      Coastal Contacts (NASDAQ: COA) (TSX: COA)
      Cortex Business Solutions (TSX VENTURE: CBX)
      CPI Aerostructures (NYSE MKT: CVU)
      Diamcor Mining (OTCQX: DMIFF)
      Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC)
      Edgewater Technology (NASDAQ: EDGW)
      Elite Football League of India (Private)
      Energold Drilling (TSX VENTURE: EGD)
      GraphOn Corporation (OTCQB: GOJO)
      HCI Group (NYSE: HCI)
      I.D. Systems (NASDAQ: IDSY)
      ImageWare Systems (OTCQB: IWSY)
      Iteris (NYSE MKT: ITI)
      Kona Grill (NASDAQ: KONA)
      Landec (NASDAQ: LNDC)
      MicroVision (NASDAQ: MVIS)
      Navarre Corp. (NASDAQ: NAVR)
      NV5 Holdings (NASDAQ: NVEEU)
      Odyssey Marine Exploration (NASDAQ: OMEX)
      On Track Innovations (NASDAQ: OTIV)
      PFSweb (NASDAQ: PFSW)
      PURE Bioscience (OTCQB: PURE)
      Real Goods Solar (NASDAQ: RSOL)
      Redknee Solutions (TSX: RKN)
      Research Frontiers (NASDAQ: REFR)
      Salem Communications (NASDAQ: SALM)
      Selectica (NASDAQ: SLTC)
      TeleCommunication Systems (NASDAQ: TSYS)
      UniPixel (NASDAQ: UNXL)
      Vermillion (NASDAQ: VRML)
      Visualant (OTCQB: VSUL)
      Wireless Ronin (OTCQB: RNIN)
      XZERES (OTC Pink: XPWR)
      ZipRealty (NASDAQ: ZIPR)

      For an up-to-date list, visit the Gateway Conference website.

    • I have no idea what TraderJ said, as I don’t see his post. I just explained the reason we formed a group–we felt we were abusing gumshoe’s site, especially since we began talking about other stocks having nothing to do with any of Travis’ articles. So we got together to talk about a lot of different stocks and ideas. It would not have been fair to Travis. I love Stockgumshoe, and check it almost daily, but I don’t want to abuse it. You are free to remain here, as you wish. You are also welcome to join the yahoo group. Its up to you. Its a lot of fun–just some nice people kicking around some ideas about trading.


      • Hi Lisa
        I think I started this criticism as I also thought you guys (collectively) were misusing GS space. Just bad timing really. It was considerate of y’all to move it elsewhere. No hard feelings and I wish you luck.

        • Hi, Alan! Apparently, we all arrived at the same conclusion about possible misuse of GS. Absolutely no hard feelings here–we both agree! I wish you the very best of success in your trading. I will stay in touch on GS, when appropriate, and will very much look forward to continuing interaction with you and all the others here. I appreciate your last follow-up very much! Take care, and happy trading! Lisa

  49. Basenese sent the same letter that Travis deciphered to me yesterday, with the same 3500$ charge and he will give you 2225$ so 850$. Lets hope that by him sending it again he really thinks something will go down!

    Fingers crossed!


  50. Just read through their financials via Yahoo. IWSY gross profits were up 19% from the same period last year. Their costs were also up. Based on the 10Q and my calculations, if correct, show an increased loss. That said, many of the announcements they made point to profits in the current quarter. I would expect next quarter to show better financials.

  51. I just skimmed the first bit of the 10-Q — they really do not like to use conventional metrics like revenue and net profit/loss. Still very much a “story” stock, looks like their gross profit in the last quarter was about $650,000, SG&A and R&D together were about $2.3 million, so presumably if you eventually get through to the full filing (I didn’t read that far) net loss should be about $1.65 million for the basic business, absent any special costs or income. Their largest contract, we’re told, will bring a one-time payment of $1.5 million in the next quarter and then much smaller ongoing payments after that (Veterans Affairs), so that could be close to enough to have them break even for a quarter if the cost of revenue isn’t too high on that contract, or if they’re able to get any other revenue-generating business going. There was some talk of their pilot project with a bank, and some hardware deal potential, but I didn’t see anything about orders or revenue on those in my quick look, nor timeline. I didn’t listen to the conference call. I love a good story, and this is a business in an emerging sector, but companies that talk more story than numbers do make me a little nervous.

    So … looks like they need a lot more revenue (or “net revenue” or “gross profit” — we could just say they need to make some sales) to be worth anywhere near their $200 million market cap, but the promise made in the spiel from Basenese is that this business is almost certainly on the way. Beats me if he’s right or not, but this quarterly report didn’t strike me as particularly momentous one way or the other. That’s just my quick read on the 10-Q, I never bought this one personally and haven’t followed it nearly as closely as many of you have.

  52. I was going to listen to the conference call at 5pm but was tied up with work. I really wish i had so that i could hear what Louise B. of Wall St Daily is so excited about??? On the Q2 financials alone, that were just released today, this stock isn’t worth more than $0.25. I haven’t seen any more ‘breaking news’. I really hope I’m missing something here!

  53. If IWSY technology is so good that all mobile device manufactures want to use it and buy the licenses then the profits will skyrocket. Apparently, Louise B thinks it is that good.

  54. The transcript of the conference call is available now. This caught my attention which appears to be a major source of revenues in the coming months:
    “As a result of this contract, during the second quarter of 2013 we secured our first agreement with Emida, a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, to provide cloud identity management services for mobile wallet subscribers and partners using our CloudID. Together, ImageWare and Fujitsu will deliver and fully validated feature-rich security solution that will provide unprecedented identity and value exchange protection for financial transactions over smartphones.

    As is true with all of our Fujitsu agreements we will retain a majority of the revenues associated with these services receiving a fee for each new subscriber registered and an additional monthly recurring fee per subscriber. Fujitsu will share in the recurring monthly fee.

    Emida plans to launch its new mobile wallet offering to its subscribers in September, and we estimate that we will start seeing revenue from this agreement in the fourth quarter of 2013. To give you an idea of scale, Emida currently operates in 37 countries throughout the world with millions of subscribers to its prepaid services, and supports a network of more than 54,000 retail points, with an annualized dollar payment volume in excess of 1.5 billion and more than 240 million payment transactions processed each year, partnering with Emida on its new mobile wallet offering presents an attractive opportunity for ImageWare and showcases our plug-in approach to identity management authentication.

    The prepaid market is a fertile place for ImageWare products as the market is starving for higher level of security, a solution we can now easily provide. Therefore, we are aggressively pursuing other Emida like opportunities which we hope to announce shortly. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Fujitsu to utilize their secured global cloud platform, which helps pave the way for entry into the retail, financial services and healthcare markets we’ve agreed to jointly target.”

  55. Thanks for the heads up on the transcript Stephen. I read it and there are no ‘ground breaking’ announcements in it. The Emida news is nothing new, but promising. Sounds like they have a bunch of important trials/licensing/discussions underway that have the potential to really improve their financials. It’s an interesting story stock for sure, but I didn’t read anything that calls for a “double in the stock” today like Louise B is calling for. I’d love it if I’m wrong though!

  56. Interesting thread, thanks GS, enjoyed all the imput. As I see it, there is very little downside to picking up some IWSY for biometrix is the future when it comes to internet security, never mind the exploding mobile industry where banks are already making inroads like CityBank has. Security is a major concern now that we know NSA is tapping into all our devices, and with so many Snowden types working with NSA, nothing is safe. I would feel much better with voice, face and fingerprint recognition to secure my banking transactions. lol I would speculate that CitiBank will be first to sign on given they were early with mobile banking. I am all in at $2.00, and it did pop a little at close Friday, so time will tell as it always does.

    Success to all,

  57. The yahoo group name for IWSY has changed to SGfollowers you can go to yahoo groups home and search for it to view discussions or join in.

  58. How about the new micro-cap company that will be reinventing the fire or controlling fire ? its meant to go up 1,250 % before new year.

    • Delilah,

      The stock is CLIR. And don’t trust Basenese on his predictions. He said the exact same thing about IWSY, saying it, too, was going up 1,250%. A bunch of folks jumped in, and it ran up from about $1.50 (that was the price Basenese was using for his 1,250% estimate) to about $2.80, then sank and has never come near that price again. He said that in August it was going to have this big announcement that never came. He has been right on Unipixel and Parametric Sound, but Unipixel went to about $40, then plunged to the low teens. Parametric Sound I think he said got bought out. I bought his service, and after about 1 month, I got my money back. I looked at his current picks, and most of them are doing awful, and the ones that are up are only slightly up. I know he’s saying CLIR may already be inking a deal, but he said the same thing about IWSY, and we’re all still waiting. He’s just trying to sell subscriptions, and I think you might be disappointed if you buy his schtick–he’s had more losers than winners, but of course, he’ll only tell you about the winners. Take care. Lisa

  59. Funny, this deal has been pumped and dumped for several years I have been following it, got in at .92 and it was tempting to unload when it went to $2.85 range last year, but decided to hold for long term given the Target indentity theft which hit millions, but it has dropped back $2.00 range, but with latest pump, I wonder if it will have anything left after last rise and fall. The hype was over major bank supposedly about to sign contract, but it never materialised, so if it ever does, it should boost stock, so I will hold a little longer.

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