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    1. Deena
      Jul 24 2009, 08:54:59 am

      “Money and Markets is a free daily investment newsletter from Martin D. Weiss and Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, including tips and advice on investing in gold, energy and oil.”

      I have been a subscriber since early 2009 and have found the commentary interesting, straightforward, and quite relevant on past, present and future market trends.

    2. Portfolio Man
      Jul 24 2009, 10:41:32 am


      PLEASE STOP HERE!!! Please look at the reviews for “MILLION-DOLLAR CONTRARIAN PORTFOLIO” on this website for the real truth about Martin Weiss and company. This free newletter is just an advertisement for a more expensive money losing venture!!! BEWARE NEW MEMBERS, MARTIN WILL DESTROY YOUR WEALTH!!! Martin is just a marketing machine with a lot of hype. This free newsletter cost me dearly and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

      He has some interesting views but he cannot execute a profitable trade. Just read all of the members that lost on his Million Dollar Contrarian Portfolio and Crises ETF. The only crises was me purchasing his picks through his high paid subscriptions. Please don’t let his sincere notes/emails pursuade you, that is part of the marketing ploy.

    3. matinee
      Oct 12 2009, 04:11:05 pm

      Totally wrong. Listened to these guys & totally missed the upswing. Total doomers & gloomers who underestimated the power of controlled government / media / banks & the power to print money (by all nations)& be held unacountable. Remember to big to fail & the power of greed! Bad news means nothing if the trend is up. Play the trends & the hype! Reality doesn’t count anymore as long as people can convince other people to pay more for what they bought for!

    4. BobE
      Jun 1 2011, 05:30:11 pm

      The free letter is sometimes interesting to read. I subscribed to the Million $ Contrarian Portfolio for two years (about $2500) and was extremely disappointed. I actually made some money by being anti-contrarian and investing in some of the things they said to avoid, like Silver. Don’t waste your time or money with this crowd.

    5. jobo12
      Nov 18 2011, 01:26:27 pm

      Please look at this FREE of charge this tells the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
      Martin WEISS is as it says “a conman” he and his employees are money making machines that never ever tell the truth about their trade results.

    6. Raja Muthupillai
      Feb 27 2013, 11:43:22 am

      I subscribed to Money and Markets in 2012, when Nilus Mattive was its editor. Some notable points about the Newsletter.
      1) Performance: The investment advise of money and markets is ever-tinged with a mentality of ‘gloom and doom’ . I lost count of the number of advisories that I received from them that essentially proclamied, “the world is about to fall apart”, and buy these defensive positions. Every turn at the Euro crisis last year, was guaranteed to receive a letter, advising me to get into defensive positions, e.g., buy long dated inverse ETFs such as EUO, that all lost money. Their stock picking ability was mediocre. The main problem with this newsletter was that they did not acknowledge their duds. There was not any justification of why they made their recommendations or what was the criteria that allowed them to pick their stock. They did not provide risk ratings for the individual stocks, and provide red-flags that the reader should watch out for. If they had provided such information for each of their picks, then their subscribers can make an informed decision, about the stock based on individual risk tolerance, and set up appropriate exit points. In my view, the newsletter, only tried to appear to subscribers to have some knowledge (secret sauce) about the company. This is very misleading to an average investor. When their picks turned to duds repeatedly, they would simply move on to the next pick. Their performance was terrible.
      2) Information value of the newsletter: If there was one redeeming thing about this (and other Weiss) newsletter, it is this. If there was any obscure scenario by which financial armageddon could happen, you could find it in their bulletin. Some of the articles were quite educational, and makes you aware of possible connections through which catastrophic failure can occur in an increasingly complex financial world. Personally, it has made me more humble about my presumptions about the irrationality of financial markets.
      3) Their customer service was good. I called in to cancel and the subscription was cancelled. I did not have any other reason to call them.
      To sum up, it is a perma-bear newsletter, with mediocre stock picking ability, and one that does not provide its subscribers’ the rationale behind their choices. This approach precludes the subscribers to make an informed judgement about the risk/reward of any specific pick.

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