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“Obamacare: Don’t get mad, get RICH!” (sez Money Map Press)

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The latest screed from Danielle O’Dell for the Money Map Report is aimed at first getting you all fired up about Obamacare, in case you’re one of the seven people in the United States that doesn’t already have a strong opinion about that law’s impending enactment, and then, more importantly, at telling you that she’s got a way for you to profit from Obamacare instead of getting angry about it.

Why? Well, the obvious answer is: writing stuff about Obamacare gets people fired up.

And fired-up people read through long sales letters and are motivated to take action.

Actions like, say, subscribing to newsletters.

I’m sure every single person reading this has their own personal opinion about the troubles with our health care system, and about all possible proposed solutions, and the polls certainly tell us that everyone hates Obamacare even as most of us don’t quite understand how it’s going to end up working — since the rollout of the health care exchanges has been so botched “I hate Obamacare” is certainly an easy opinion to come by even if you generally like some sort of universal or single-payer health care system or a reorganization of the health insurance market, and even if you personally might be a beneficiary of the new system.

So I won’t dwell on Obamacare or on the political aspects of it, and I don’t really much care what Danielle’s opinion is on that or her “countdown to catastrophe” doomsday clock for the enactment of part of the Affordable Care Act on January 1 … we’ll just try to figure out what stock O’Dell is touting as a play on this big change to the health insurance markets.

And yes, in order to even get to the ideas of how to profit from Obamacare we need first to sit through an interminable sales pitch about the free “Beating Obamacare” book that they’ll give you for subscribing — but you could, of course, buy Beating Obamacare for $5 or $10 yourself if you wanted it — do you want to subscribe to the Money Map Report newsletter?

Well, let’s first see what stock or investment they’re promoting as their way to profit from Obamacare — this isn’t the first “Obamacare profits” pitch we’ve heard, and I suspect it won’t be the last, but we’d be delighted to figure out the specifics for you if we can.

The pitches about specific investment ideas come from Keith Fitz-Gerald, one of the analysts behind the Money Map Report and a few other Money Map newsletters, here’s a taste of his spiel after he takes over from Danielle in this ad “presentation”:

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“Let me give you just one quick example of what you’ll find in this free special report…

“Everybody on Wall Street ASSUMES that Obamacare will hurt companies that depend on hourly-wage workers the most…

“Especially fast-food companies…

“Because fast-food companies are going to have a hard time giving health insurance to millions of employees who barely make minimum wage…

“It makes sense, right?

“But wait…

“The folks who run these giant fast-food chains aren’t stupid…

“If they simply take their 40-hour-per-week FULL-TIME employees…

“And turn them into 30-hour-per-week PART-TIME employees…

“They won’t have to pay a penny in health insurance!

“And all that savings will go right to the bottom line…

“In other words, Obamacare will FORCE these companies to become even more profitable than they are today…”

So I guess McDonald’s is the “freebie” pick that he’s willing to share with anyone who sits through the ad pitch, and he goes into a bit more detail here:

“So invest in McDonald’s, because unlike many other American companies…

“McDonald’s will not only remain unscathed by Obamacare…

“Obamacare will actually FORCE McDonald’s to become more profitable than it is today!

“But at roughly $90+ a share, it’s not easy for the average investor to take a large position in McDonald’s…

“Nor is it the kind of stock that could double or triple in value over a short period of time…

“Because blue-chip stocks like McDonald’s don’t usually do that…”

I don’t know how much of an impact Obamacare might have on McDonald’s future, but I’d guess that the shares have “taken a breather” over the last six months probably at least as much because they had gotten kind of expensive and the company was generating only about 2% sales growth as because of any health insurance concerns.

And he throws out another (very) thinly veiled idea in fast food:


“In China nowadays, Colonel Sanders’ chicken is more popular than General Tso’s!”

I’m under the impression that General Tso’s Chicken is a “Chinese American” dish popularized entirely in Chinese restaurants in the US, though I’m sure you can now get it in Beijing … but yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been a big hit in China, and China was the source of much of their growth over the last decade — though, like McDonald’s, KFC parent Yum Brands (YUM) has had some trouble “breaking through” to new highs over the last 18 months as sales have often come out a bit lighter than expected, in part because of slowed growth in China. Optimism has perked up a bit more recently and YUM is now again trading at a nice stiff premium to the market, with a forward PE of about 20.

I don’t know how anyone on earth can resist fried chicken, so perhaps YUM will take over the world eventually … but I don’t find the stock particularly mouthwatering at this valuation. And of course, we didn’t have to pull the Thinkolator out of the garage for that one — anyone can find the stock ticker for Yum Brands in about 30 seconds, and it might take 30 seconds again to learn that KFC is owned by Yum brands if that wasn’t already part of your mindscape.

Then we get into the one that’s really held out as “secret” — it’s about health care, so it’s probably more specifically relevant to Obamacare. He does say that some pharma companies are going to reap windfalls because of all the new customers, but doesn’t specifically hint about any individual ones … until he talks about vaccines. Here’s a bit of the tease:

“Buried in the 2,572 pages of the Affordable Care Act are two little paragraphs that could make you very rich indeed…

“When you clear away all the government gobbledygook, one of these paragraphs says…

“The federal government may enter into contracts with private companies to buy vaccines…

“And the other paragraph says…

“The government not only will be buying more vaccines, but it also will be promoting their benefits…”

So there’s the profit potential — Fitz-Gerald cites reports that the vaccine market could be growing by 15% a year, which would be a nice big tailwind for any company selling a lot of vaccines. Which stock does he like to benefit from that?

Well, he does mention the large cap vaccine leader …

“… you could buy GlaxoSmithKline, which is the market leader in vaccines with 23% global market share…

“Unfortunately, at roughly $50 a share for GSK, the potential for growth is limited…”

That always gets my goat a little bit — it might be that GSK’s potential is “limited” … but it’s not because the stock is at $50 a share, it’s because it’s a mega-billion-dollar company with a history of ups and downs, and because the vaccine business is a relatively small part of a big company. A $2 company is not necessarily one with better growth potential than a $50 company, you have to look at the size and prospects of the individual company, and though low share prices tend to go with small companies that’s certainly not always the case (for those who don’t know, the market capitalization is the number that really tells you the size of a company — that’s the number of shares times the share price. GSK is not a $50 company, it’s a $125 billion company … or, if you want to take it a step further and be more analytical, it’s got an “enterprise value” of $150 billion — enterprise value means you add the net debt to the market capitalization, it’s the price you’d pay today if you bought all the shares and paid off the company’s debts).

But anyway, I don’t want to get too far off track — the pitch is that there’s a small vaccine company Fitz-Gerald likes:

“… what if I told you there was another stock that’s currently selling at only $1.90 a share…

“And this company actually MAKES their own vaccines in the laboratory by synthesizing them out of DNA…

“So theoretically, they can attack virtually ANY infectious disease around the world…

“From AIDS… to Bird Flu… to Typhoid… you name it!

“Buy 10,000 shares of this company and you’ll pay only $19,000…

“But if Obamacare causes it to rise to $5 a share, your position could be worth $50,000….

“If it goes to $10 a share, you’ll have $100,000…

“And if it goes up to $25 a share, you might be sitting on a quarter of a million dollars!”

So … hoodat? Thinkolator sez it’s Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO)

Which is indeed a synthetic vaccine company, though it’s not yet a vaccine-selling company so they won’t be benefitting from any increase in insured vaccinations immediately — their most advanced vaccine currently is in Phase II trials.

And yes, their platform does allow for the potential for vaccines that can protect against diseases much more fully than current standard vaccine technology — broadly reaching more of the viruses or cancer cells they’re targeting. The platform is called SynCon, and it is basically a vaccine shell that can be quickly directed toward specific antigens and which is combined with some kind of targeted electrical stimulant — in the case of therapeutic cancer vaccines, that means that it looks like they can generate a lot of T cells quickly to fight off the cancer.

I am not a biotech expert by any means, but Inovio has had a remarkable year filled with extremely promising early-stage studies — there was a wave of insider buying in the shares about six months ago when it was down around 50 cents a share, and then they released a half dozen encouraging studies in infectious disease and cancer and the stock shot up briefly to $3. It’s been quite volatile in recent months, but is currently right at about $1.90.

INO says they have enough cash to get them through about the next year and a half, which is good because they’re in the midst of a large number of studies that will be burning up cash — the have six studies they’ll be initiating next year, according to their recent presentation, and while none of them are the huge Phase III studies they’re still bound to cost millions.

So as with many biotechs, this one is all about a platform and about the future — it’s not about revenues or earnings just yet. There is a nice validation of their platform implied by a big deal with Roche for a couple of their vaccines, and the results have certainly sounded awfully good from their early stage clinical trials this year. I don’t know what hangups there might be in getting synthetic vaccines approved by the FDA, or if there will be issues when we get to large-scale safety trials (Phase III), but the efficacy of at least some of these therapeutic cancer vaccines looks impressive early on. The therapeutic cancer vaccines are the first wave for INO, including their lead candidate for HPV and cervical cancer, but I suspect we won’t see a Phase III clinical trial before the end of 2015 so there’s a long way to go before we start thinking about whether a 15% increase in the vaccines business is going to help them post good revenues.

And that’s about all I know about Inovio — the science and promise are enticing, they are in decent financial shape, but they’re not going to get a boost from vaccine spending in general unless it speeds up their clinical trials over the next couple years. I do have positions in two medical-sector stocks, but neither is a biotech or drug developer in a major way, and only one of them, a REIT, has really been touted as a play on Obamacare (the stocks are Ligand Pharmaceuticals and Medical Properties Trust, just FYI). Have an opinion you’d like to share about these guys, or about the other potential vaccine or health care winners of the next era in US health care? Let us know with a comment below.

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146 Responses to “Obamacare: Don’t get mad, get RICH!” (sez Money Map Press)

  1. Interesting that today, Inovio’s CEO was appointed to the International Vaccine Institute’s Board of Trustees. Also, recent collaboration with Roche.

  2. A minor problem with the Danielle’s spiel about McDonalds is that over 3/4 of their workforce is already part-time, working just less than 18 hours per week (see McDonalds own statements: http://news.mcdonalds.com/Corporate/manual-releases/2010/McDonald-s-and-Health-Care-Senate-Committee). They also go into the extra overhead of having part-time, short-term employees. One would suspect that most other fast “food” establishments are about the same, and won’t be much affected by the ACA.

    • The premise is also wrong in that McD’s would never be so myopic as to cut employee hours simply to avoid providing insurance. The public repercussions would be way worse than the benefit. A limiting aspect of the healthcare act is the employee co-pay of 9.5%. Most healthy young fast food workers will not give up that much of their pay for insurance. They will simply go without or use the state run options. The result will end up similar to what the author is suggesting, but for a different reason. Still not a good reason to invest. The future top line results will be way more important than this line item focus.

  3. Our http://www.global-investing.com yield portfolio includes GlaxoSmithKline of Britain, the drug major most involved in vaccines. It is developing a new production method, continuous rather than by batch, which may help profits, even for a large cap firm.
    My big gripe about US vaccines for wide systemic use, like against flu (I get a flu shot every year because in 1968 I had the flu and it was horrible!) is that every jab is in an individual flask under the USA protocol. GSK makes a 4-variety flu jab that is increasingly replacing the former 3-variety one.
    In Europe where people also get flu shots, the injection (against 3 or 4 varieties of flu) comes from a common flask holding something like 20 jabs or in some cases 100. The result is that each shot costs much less. You have to make sure that each injection is administered with a clean sterile needle but I hope we do that anyway in the US.
    The packaging overkill costs money that could well be spent on something else. At my local pharmacy (where I don’t get my flu shot) it costs $19.95 which is pretty high.
    My local Lutheran Church offers free flu shots to seniors on a certain day but the same single-jab flasks appear, so it is costing money that can be used for feeding the homeless or some other good cause. (I am not a Lutheran; they post notices in the neighborhood.)

    • ohhhhhh my…my heart sinks when I read comments such as ..” many people need to do their research on the tremendous hazards of vaccines….my God…we are sooo off base. Fear is an interesting thing isn’t it? Just put enough false info out into the world and people can be like sheep…not mind of their own…no interest in getting to the truth…just get in line & get you shot it will take care of everything…the consequences NOW or Later are not even considered by most. My recommendation is that people wake UP** Do your OWN research to get to the TRUTH…that is if you have the courage to do so. However, watch out…you just may find out something is terribly wrong!
      be well & Happy

  4. Most parents who do not have their children properly vaccinated should be prosecuted for child abuse.
    I am old enough to remember cases of polio. I can remember the que at the county health dept to get one’s polio vaccine was 3 blocks long.

    • Before you go throwing a blanket over ‘all parents’ you should do your own research on vaccines and see what they are, how they work, why they are ‘needed’ (as said by the government), and the potential for life threatening illness from the vaccine. As my name suggests, I am against vaccines, my child is 20 months old and we have many friends with children between newborn and 7 and our child has gotten sick one time in 20 months. He is the only one out of the group that has not been injected with all the governments blanket vaccines. I would say about 40-50% of the other kids are sick at least every 3 months and the other half about every 6 months. We do a lot of other precautionary measures with his diet etc. but the vaccines are not all needed. Polio is a long gone disease so that soap box is no longer there to stand on.

      • First, I’m a RN so I have done plenty of research. Against V….. you have a child who just happens to be healthy. My kids never get sick either, ever, but you better believe they have been vaccinated and get flu shots every year. The youngest is now 10 so I have a longer record than your 20 months! Are you trying to tell us that your friends’ kids are running around with Polio, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps etc…? Part of the reason healthy children are immunized is to protect the children that are immunocompromised, have chronic health conditions etc. and the elderly. We recently had Pertussis show up in our middle school. Of course, I didn’t need to worry, but because of their age either did any of the parents….Because at that age Pertussis is treated very efficiently with azithromycin (or a z-pak). So now I’m sure you are smugly thinking see, right there is a reason not to get vaccinated, because if they happen to get it, there now are antibiotics to treat it! But, consider this. Let us say that your child has been exposed to Pertussis and hasn’t been vaccinated and is not yet coughing or exhibiting signs of the disease because it is still in it’s incubation period. You take that same child over to your friends house to see their newborn baby and since your child is contagious, because you have not had them vaccinated, infects the week old child. THAT CHILD WILL DIE! A human that young cannot fight off Pertussis, they become septic and go into organ failure and die. No if and or buts. Still proud of yourself? What if your child steps on a sharp object? Will you get him a tetanus shot? That In itself is a vaccine….. that in fact now days is given as a DTaP shot because of ignorant people like yourself don’t get their children properly immunized. DTap = Diptheria, Tetanus & Pertussis. Polio is not completely eradicated, but the chances of your child getting it, you are right, are slim. BUT the reason it is no longer feared is because of the invention of a VACCINE for it. So thank all the people and children of the past who rolled up their sleeve or took the oral form of the vaccine, so that your child’s chances of contracting it are small. But, because it still exists, we still vaccinate for it. Mainly to keep it coming back until all children are able to be vaccinated and protected from it around the world. Case in point, Small pox vaccines are no longer given because the CDC and other organizations around the world were able to vaccinate enough people that the disease virtually doesn’t exist anymore except in lab refrigerators. Why don’t they just throw it out then? Have you heard of biological warfare? Another country could get a hold of some of the serum and try and infect different populations. If they acted against our country we would need that refrigerated sample to develop more vaccines for our population that has not been inoculated. If we were unable to do that we would have a pandemic on our hands. I always tell my patients not to “Google” everything because often information on the internet is not factual and one can always find articles to fit and support the way they feel or want to believe. You are being selfish by not vaccinating your child. If he does indeed stay well, it’s thanks to the millions and millions of others who did and do choose to get the required vaccines. By the way, childhood illness such as croup, colds, and earaches have absolutely NOTHING to do with a child being vaccinated properly. Surely you researched that, right?? While every one should and could eat properly, good luck with the diet defense when your child is a teen. You could use a good dose of reality and common sense as well as the ability to care about others and the world population of all children instead of just your own!

  5. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, even if it is rather radical and ill-informed. Apparently our Creator was negligent in not designing human beings with an “injection portal” for all the chemicals the medical profession and drug companies seem to think we need to be healthy. Anybody who does an unbiased in-depth study of vaccines pros and cons is likely to come away convinced the RISKS outweigh the medical propagandized supposed benefits.

    Maybe you should read books like “The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor Mc Bean who documented THOUSANDS of cases of children damaged by vaccines; from being turned into “vegetables” to actual DEATH, the pictures alone would turn your stomach. Even though it may be only one in 10,000 injections that have SERIOUS side effects that is one too many. If the shoe were on the other foot and some other “healing profession” were offering some herbal medicine or other remedy that killed or even damaged even one child the medical profession would be all over it DEMANDING the business be shut down, the parents jailed and the child taken into protective custody.
    In contrast to your position; I would counter that parents who subject a healthy innocent child to inoculation’s with what are essentially “poisons” some with mercury as a preservative, should be charged with ASSAULT!
    If vaccines are as “safe” as purported, then WHY did the government secretly pass legislation to provide compensation for children negatively affected and protect drug companies from lawsuits? You have simply been listening to too much “medical propaganda” for example, IF vaccines are as effective as claimed, then why all the hysteria about an unvaccinated child attending school? IF the majority are supposedly protected, then the unvaccinated child should be no threat and probably the wise parents who REFUSE vaccination are also smart enough to make sure their child gets such a healthy diet that their immune system would fight off any disease going around.

      • If you actually read my above statement and can still make such a provocative statement then you either haven’t looked at all the available evidence from an unbiased standpoint, or you should look into a mirror before deciding WHO really is the “fool” you use so glibly.

          • Please do not feel like you have to defend statements from people who are not educated on the pros and cons of vaccines. I, like you, have done my research and agree that the pros of vaccines are not even close to the cons that they will cause. Everyone does have the right to their own opinion, the difference is those on the governments vaccine side say things out of sheer brainwashing which has worked on them so they want it to work on you because they cannot think or research for themselves, and those on the research side have done a LOT of reading and studying many different reports from many different people and have made their own educated decision.

      • My background is in biochem and I have worked in a lab as well as several hospitals. I chose not to vaccinate my child because of the evolution of vaccines. The basic science of vaccination is valid. However, the pharmaceutical giants have gone above and beyond to further the dangers of vaccines. These include the institution of substantial amounts of heavy metals, including aluminum toxicity, and toxins including formaldehyde. Recently, vaccine manufacturers have begun using animal DNA as carriers in the vaccines. Anyone who understands how DNA functions and the basis of cellular division and recombinant DNA would not agree to the use of these vaccines in their own tissues much less their children’s.
        The body is designed to break down animal DNA in the gut. However, there is no mechanism for the destruction of foreign DNA by cells. This is how viruses are able to infect a person – through the assimilation of the viral DNA into human cells, thus causing damage to cells creating illness.
        You may also be interested in knowing that since 2010, more than $180 million per year has been awarded to verified victims of vaccinations through the National Vaccine Compensation and Injury Program. This program was established by the federal government to afford vaccine manufacturers free reign after their tireless lobbying of Congress. The vaccine manufacturers were being rampantly sued for injuries. They formed an alliance and spent millions lobbying our government for the establishment of the fund. They stated they would refuse to manufacture vaccines if the government did not afford them protection from claims. This literally gave them a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” to begin using sub-par manufacturing ingredients and unsafe chemical additives that reduce costs and increase profits.
        What I have found for the most part is people who choose not to vaccinate do so after tremendous amount of research whereas people who call them fools haven’t done any but have been following “what they hear” or the advice of their physician. I read several books, pulled countless research studies and read the vaccination manufacturer inserts provided by my pediatrician before making this decision. It is not an easy decision by any means. When people have challenged my decision, I have recommended they follow the same course I did…read the same books and read the actual manufacturer inserts provided in the vaccinations, including researching each ingredient and additive and the potential dangers of such. Every person who has done this has since chosen not to vaccinate going forward.
        It’s also rather shocking that they want to vaccinate newborn girls for sexually transmitted diseases before they are remotely of the age to engage in such activities. What could possibly be the reasoning behind this?

        • Thank you, Biochem, for a good overview of the negatives on vaccination. I’m of the age to remember getting the oral polio vaccine in mass vaccinations in schools. Polio was a terrible disease and I’ve known people who had it. I can’t imagine such mass administrations now but I understand the people had a genuine fear of the disease. Even though we don’t see it now, polio is still active in Pakistan. One jet passenger away. The companies should know what they are doing is counter productive in the long run, forcing people to reject products they feel unsafe and playing the odds disease won’t show up, but short term profits count more, I guess. Eliminating the subpar ingredients and poisonous preservatives would cost too much. They are always bugging me to get flu shots, but I smile sweetly and say I haven’t had one for for over forty years since I reacted badly to the one they made me take in the military. After I nearly died I was exempt from the shots for the rest of my service. A year later in Korea there was a bad epidemic of a different strain. Without the shot I was just fine and wound up nursing everyone else, Americans and Koreans.

  6. I would not put anything in my body or a child’s body that comes from a company with no liability. As usual, follow the money.

  7. Wow.

    It’s odd to claim that a position supported by science, and evidenced by declines in deaths and illnesses is radical. A reasonable view would say that a view opposing that is the radical one.

    An argument given is that one in 10,000 injections having side effects is too much, but that is countered by the lives saved, and illnesses reduced by the vaccinations. Many would say that saving more than one in 10,000 by injections outweighs the impact of one in 10,000 having side-effects. Almost nothing is risk free. In this case, the benefits outweigh the impact.

    It’s not wise to be a free-rider. The fact most people have reduced the risk for everyone is something to be appreciated, not condemned and taken advantage of. At issue though is the objectors weakening the defences for all.

    • When I was a child we got a small handful of vaccines. Some had three doses like polio. But we did not get twenty or thirty of them in our first 6 months of life before our immune system was up and running. In those early months breastfeeding you get your immunity mostly from your mother’s milk. We got most in elementary school and there were only 6 or so as I remember. We did not get immunized to chicken pox, mumps or measles and were actually encouraged to contract those as children with the effects were mild compared to say getting mumps as an adult when your gonads would become sterile. Parents would take their kids to play with the sick kids so they could get those usually minor childhood diseases out of the way and impart permanent immunity to them. The immune system grew and got stronger with these challenges. Now infants get a barrage of vaccines all at the same time and some get autistic as a result. There is no reason to give so many vaccines all at once so young. Sure some vaccines are worth the risk as they were in my childhood. But vaccines for HPV for all young girls when there is no proof it even prevents cervical cancer, and only controls a few strains of many at that. Or what about mandatory vaccines for elementary children for Hepatitus A that only can be contracted from dirty needles from drug use or sex – not something most second graders need. The fact is we now give way too many vaccines that are not even for deadly diseases or things like polio that so severely debilitate. And we give too many too early in life and a lot all at the same time – it is just insane and as a parent you have to be nuts to allow it. Wait. Get the few you know your really need over time spread out. Moderation in all things. We have gone way too far, and it is all about the money. Follow that and the revolving door at the CDC where if you recommend lots of vaccines you will get an offer for a fat job at a pharm company paying you ten times what the government paid you. The CDC is the one pushing this vaccines and they are in the pocket of big pharma. They are not to be trusted one wit when it comes to vaccines. Read the book “A shot in the Dark”. You will be amazed and discouraged that the CDC we trust cannot be trusted at all. Also check out http://www.nvic.org/ the National vaccine information center,

      • Finally a balanced reply: “Parents would take their kids to play with the sick kids so they could get those usually minor childhood diseases out of the way and impart permanent immunity to them. The immune system grew and got stronger with these challenges. ” YES and followed up with sound nutrition the immune system would be able to handle anything it might encounter, without having a bloodstream contaminated with a “witches brew” of mercury preserved cow pus. Quoting again: “We have gone way too far, and it is all about the money.”
        One more time; “The CDC is the one pushing this vaccines and they are in the pocket of big pharma. ” BINGO! Their propaganda machine covers just about every angle, its not about health, its all about money. Well thats it, I think this is just another case where neither side is going to be persuaded by the other, so I am bowing out.

        • let me correct my statement to the extent that, M. Martin is attending exactly to the subject of my post…basic nutrition! My dad is an accountant/comptroller with a sign above his desk that reads: “torture the numbers and they will tell you what you want”… perhaps applicable in the realm of ‘scientific’ investigation. Perhaps also, we should attend to our own biases before we interpret the science.

      • getting a bit more basic tothe subject of immune systems, the body develops with proper nutrition and over the last number of generations, say 6-7, our nutrition has been taken over by profit at the expense of health. A trip through any grocery store reveals the massive amount of nutritional toxins that the body has to deal with , starting with the basic ingredients, which have been altered to the point of nutritional unrecognizability by petro based ‘fertilizers, and genetic manipulations that yield non-viable seed out of earth that has been depleted of trace minerals that are essential to growth of disease resistant , vigorous life systems. This is a huge basic subject and, even here not really addressed. People are becoming more aware of this issue in the growing ‘shop local’, ‘know who grows your food’ attention, but the inedrtia which has been spawned by the decades of industrial farming are, first of all, entrenched in our world economy and have resulted in a worldwide decline in overall health that will take some time to reverse.

      • check your information on hep- A ; it is very contagious and it’s not from needles- these are the hep-B, and hepC. hep-A is through unsanitary conditions

    • How exactly am I taking advantage? How are the “objectors weakening the defences for all”?
      What twisted logic, if the vaccines are effective then the vaccinated should be out of danger!
      On the other hand, if I practice good nutrition that strengthens my immune system, then am I not also protected? How then do I or my children pose a threat to others, the logic escapes me? If I am not getting sick because of good nutritional habits and avoidance of junk food, where is the problem in not being vaccinated against diseases that are primarily due to a faulty lifestyle that compromises natural immunity?

      • There’s no twisted logic. You make a lot of suppositions. I never said ‘the immunized are not out of danger.’ I said it weakens the defences. As the saying goes, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Instead of having a strong chain, you are advocating a weaker one. And you are taking advantage by being part of a large defended community that shields much, but not supporting it.

        Of course, good nutrition also helps. But no, good nutrition is not the cure for anything and everything as you should be well aware. People who have good nutrition can still get a vast array of ailments – including those which are contagious. So no, you are not protected in the same way.

        You then try to make equivalent contagious diseases which people get immunized against, with basic health and say that they are attributable to a “faulty lifestyle”. Avoiding junk food isn’t going to stop you getting yellow fever, or measles, and I am surprised that logic escapes you.

        • You write as if immunization was 100% effective in all cases which even its proponents admit is not true. Statistics I have seen show as little as 25% are protected by some vaccines, then you make the preposterous statement that: “good nutrition is not the cure for anything and everything” emphasis on the “anything” are you not aware that the fastest growing category of diseases is IATROGENIC meaning “doctor caused” from botched operations to doses of drugs that are inappropriate, to improperly labelled and administered, ad nauseum. You also make the ridiculous claim that I am advocating a “weaker chain” when what I am really advocating STRONGER IMMUNE systems by avoiding junk food in favour of good nutrition that STRENGTHENS the immune system.

          There ARE elements of society that prove your thesis wrong, such as the healthy HUNZA’s of Tibet visited and written about by my late friend John Tobe who found them to be robustly healthy and working in their fields into their 90,s – 100,s and better, drinking pure glacial water not contaminated with fluorine or chlorine and growing their own organic fruits and vegetables with no western junk food to entice them away from their HEALTHY NATURAL food diet, and no vaccinations.
          As a matter of fact, the very THEORY of infectious diseases is still on trial. Just because some bacteria, virus, microbes, germs etc. are found present when some disease named by doctors is diagnosed, does not mean that such are the CAUSE of that manifestation of symptoms, they are just “natures garbage disposal crews” and if the body was not contaminated by undigestible and nutrient poor junk food they would not have proliferated to the point of becoming a problem. Any educated doctor can tell you that our bodies have BOTH good and bad “germs” present at all times and a healthy immune system supported by good nutrition will keep the bad ones in check. Immunization is just a theory that the solution to junk in the body is to add more toxic elements, ore junk.

    • Anyone can pull one statistic from one article and make it support their point. Your point has no merit as there are many studies that would make your null and void. Not even worth defending against your comment.

  8. What is the name of the small company that owns most of the patents on the Mems that will cure most diseases. that is teased Michael Robinson on Radical Technology

  9. Got to love the anti-vaccine trolls that appear anywhere a vaccine is mentioned. Perhaps a few fractions of a % OF CHILDREN will have some adverse reaction. I’d rather that than risk DEATH BY MEASLES, PERTUSSIS, POLIO, MENINGITIS etc etc. See how effective CAPS are in getting a point across? I’ve read more on this than most, I have a PhD in biology, and have vaccinated myself and my family. Here’s hoping idiots that bash vaccines don’t cause the DEATH of a LOVED ONE by their neglect.

    • Guess I am just a “lucky idiot” but that epithet can be turned right back on you. What kind of idiot would you consider yourself if you never took a serious look at the literature from many trained M.D.’s who have rejected vaccination based on their own personal experiences and you had a child die, or in one sense even worse yet, turned into a vegetable you had to care for the rest of your life? It cuts both ways, how about NEGLECT of teaching children proper eating habits and indulging them with lots of candy, sugary drinks, ice cream loaded with chemicals, including anti-freeze (ethelene glycol) and other junk, would you label that child abuse as well?

    • There are a few people who oppose all the scientific or other demonstrated evidence. There are people who deny the Holocaust, and use the same argument. There are people who say 9-11 was a conspiracy. And yes there are people who oppose vaccination.

      Finding people with an opposing view is never hard.

      For me, I’m going with consensus, and history. That doesn’t deny there are individual side-effects as with most medicine. But, on balance, more gain than lose.

      • So you would agree with all the lemmings going over the cliff because the answers to controversial issues is simply to go with “consensus” (in other words the majority), but historically, has the majority not usually been wrong?

      • Hold up….One, Two, Three…YES! There are an inarguably at least Three logical fallacies in that last post. In case anyone doesn’t understand the “hard science” of Logic, simply Google “Logical Fallacies”, one of the first links can be clicked and you’ll see how straight-up basic mathematical equations can be inserted w/in assertions to see if it is mathematically feasible, or just simply zero in terms of logic and reason. It’s actually quite fun, you’ll never look at a news or gov’t report (for example) again. In other words your arguments…cough, cough, next?
        PS. On a side note, I actually believe any logic themed courses have been pulled from almost every US skool, which personally I can fully understand as education would certainly clash with the rigorous propaganda machine.
        “Prosperity is the greatest protector of principle.” M. Twain

  10. are there any doctors, scientists, etc. who are reading this list who can weigh in on whether or not vaccines are good or bad? I am willing to listen to both sides.

    • I’m not a doctor, but here’s what I think:

      There is absolutely no question that for humanity as a whole, vaccines are an incredible boon. To claim otherwise indicates, to me, either an overwhelming conspiracy attitude about the medical profession or a reliance on anecdotal stories and a complete ignorance of math and statistics. Without vaccinations, particularly for childhood diseases but also for influenza, the average person would have more debilitating illnesses and injury, and die younger. For individuals and for specific vaccines, there have been side effects in small numbers and periodic concerns, none of which, in my understanding, come close to negating the overall positive impact of vaccination for the whole of humanity. I am strongly in favor of all the established childhood vaccinations and grateful that vaccine refusal is low enough in our community that my children aren’t likely to encounter smallpox or whooping cough or mumps and measles, to say nothing of polio and others. The “free rider” problem worries me greatly — since fear of
      measles and other diseases is now extremely low, and since my generation hasn’t seen schools succumb to these diseases, parents my age think the diseases are gone forever. Risks of resurgence of these diseases increase as vaccination levels drop.

      • I was at sea from 1947 to 1980. During that time I had inoculations or vaccinations at 6 month, 1year or 3 year intervals.
        After leaving the sea I worked in the offshore industry as a marine consultant in many areas of the world.
        At times we would be in some ports where some kind of fever or decease was raging. At no time did I ever come down with any illness.
        The only mishap I had was a broken arm.

      • Travis: It would be interesting if we had reliable and honest statistics totally uninfluenced by monetary concerns comparing whooping cough, mumps. and measles deaths, compared to the actual covered up vaccine related deaths. I can assure you that parents who have first hand experience with losing a child, or having them become a “vegetable” with little or no brain function after supposedly “routine” vaccinations do not shrug their shoulders with a resigned “we did our part for the greater good”, which was the point of my second post, nobody knows the true extent of the problem because most incidences get covered up.

        Again, can medical science actually prove that vaccines are totally responsible for any reduction in infectious diseases, or could they be due to better hygiene and nutrition?
        I realize it is a complex issue and there is room for disagreement, my main concern is freedom to make such sensitive decisions on a personal basis, not be dictated too because a majority has a different point of view. What if the government decides that they know better than you do how to manage your money and legislated the necessity of having at least some percentage of your savings in government bonds? My point is our personal freedoms are being eroded at a rapidly accelerating pace and I for one am not prepared to give up my right to decide for myself what is best for me or my family.

        Government has become too powerful and out of control seeking to regulate every aspect of human life to the point we become slaves of the state.

        • Government instils community values, where individual freedoms are detrimental to that. We accept laws to control crime – even though some are against them – because they benefit the community overall. And mass immunization and fluoridisation result in an overall increase in community standards and health in the same way.

          • So I guess your theory is that if 51% of people who are incapable of “critical thinking” (because the government propaganda schools do not teach it) can be induced by enough propaganda from “for profit” corporations with government backing that a certain thing is desirable and even necessary, then it should become a “community standard” that needs to be ENFORCED on the other 49% by legislation
            How about armed government goon raids on organic farms and dairies selling unpasteurized milk, which tens of thousands of farmers have been drinking for decades with no ill effects, (me included) I guess you approve of that too? Whatever happened to the “land of the FREE and the home of the brave” envisioned by our forefathers that is now being turned into a mockery of the concept by rapidly deteriorating into a dictatorship style government interfering in private business and family life by proliferating rules and legislation enforced by a bunch of zealous bureaucrats with prejudices of their own?
            I don’t need government to legislate my life based on ill-informed, money hungry and out of control corporations that have lobbied their way into a position of preeminence.

          • Myron, you state that others are allowed to have their own opinion yet go after anyone that contradicts you. Let it go.

          • I totally agree with Myron, one of the few non sheeple on this site. Hasn’t every single vaccine company been convicted of fraud? Remember sb40? That tidbit was recently purged from the cdc site. Hmmm.

      • small comment to your statement: “…grateful that vaccine refusal is low enough in our community”…
        Vaccines are government enforced by the public school systems in most places, where you must provide evidence of vaccination before you are allowed to bring your child to school. Not exactly voluntary compliance.

          • while this may be true, in order to get a waiver, you need to get approval, which means that one’s motives, life choices or spiritual beliefs need scrutiny and ‘approval’. While many who enforce the rules can be tolerant and understanding, the results can changed based on who is doing the approving…it’s not an automatic, at least in my experience.

  11. I have 15 years experience in the biotech field, a PhD in Immunology/Biochemistry and am strongly in favor of vaccines. I don’t want to preach about vaccines other than to say they work, and 50+ years of data support this. The introduction of new vaccines leads to significant drops in infections/hospitiliations (http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1209165) and the resurgence in parents opting out of vaccinations because they saw Jenny McCarthy blaming autism on it leads to outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases that can by heat-mapped to areas of high vaccine refusal (http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMsa0806477). Google incidence of diseases like Polio, measles, whooping cough pre and post vaccine. Google the new HPV vaccines that prevent cervical cancer, and make your own decisions.

  12. I certainly expected the kind of response contributed by Manfred, but I wanted to make the point that there are always at least “two sides to any story” but most people don’t get to hear anything that goes contrary to the official government sponsored one. Anybody who has looked into the question in depth, (beyond just the medical inspired one) who decides that the alleged benefits are worth the risk, certainly has the right to make that choice.
    My point is that having personally experienced the negative effects, (personally paralyzed after a diptheria shot as a child) and having raised 5 healthy children without a single vaccination as a result, I as a parent should have “free choice” to make a contrary decision after personally checking out the available facts.
    My natural foods diet has kept me in good health for 75 years, (along with many others) and never having visited a medical doctor or taken any drug, should my experience be the norm, dictating that everyone else should adopt my dietary habits, by government mandate?
    When you “check your brain at the door” by giving bureaucrats the right to dictate your actions, then you enter onto a “slippery slope” that ends in a dictatorship.
    Are you prepared to give up your personal freedoms in favour of believing that your government has your best interests at heart and is never mistaken? Are you naive enough to believe that vaccines are 100% effective, even their proponents don’t claim that. As far as “a position supported by science” is concerned, check your history! How long did it take for Semelweiss to convince the medical establishment that they should wash their hands between patients. Medical science, (falsely so called) since it is not a science but an on-going experiment, has many skeletons in its closet, including drugs taken off the market after 10-20 years of use before serious side effects were finally nailed down.
    As far as the benefits “out weighing the impact” that is for the individual to judge, not a doctor or a government bureaucrazy. I will leave the final question with everyone to consider. Since the profession with government backing tries to HIDE the actual numbers and cases of severe damage from vaccines, just how many children, dead ,disfigured, or essentially brain dead vegetables are ACCEPTABLE, a couple hundred per million population, a couple thousand, or does it only become of importance when it happens to someone you know and love?

    • Myron, you had my attention until you rattled on about the slippery slope and dictatorship. It’s so reminiscent of that particular political party that does everything possible to destroy good governance then running on a platform that government is broken and bad. I agree on points brought forward by both sides in this debate, however I am in full agreement that the revolving door between the government agencies intended to protect the greater good and the industries that profit from decisions and policies made by these agencies must be closed to maintain at lease the semblance of controlling conflict of interest. This argument parallels the GMO industry and the US government’s continued support while 60 other nations around the world who maintain independent science to protect their citizens have banned these products. It’s easy to understand why a person could begin feeling the same about immunizations. Our government agencies under the control of industry have little credibility.

    • Taking the extreme view and telling people they are ill-informed is calculated to provoke a response, so of course you expected one. Some call it trolling.

    • Fortunately so far we have had no need too, glad professionals are there in case of accident, but I have ZERO faith in drugs to produce health. There is a big difference between “masking symptoms” which is what drugs do, and actually producing a healthy body. When you interfere with “mother nature” (which is essentially what drugs do) then you run the risk of “unintended consequences” which frequently results in NEW SYMPTOMS and diseases that then require a whole new drug regime to control or modify.
      Giving the Creator his due, I would suggest that the reason he didn’t provide hospitals is because he provided healing herbs and healing instructions in His Word that could take care of any problem man might encounter without resorting to artificial means of mans own devising.

  13. Wow Myron. I guess since this thread has long ago jumped the tracks, I might as well ride it over the cliff.
    In brief response to a couple things:
    Your good health and that of your children could just as easily be due to the fact of all those people around you getting their vaccine shots. It is completely unknown. Sure, science is constantly evolving, as it is driven by data. But I think that I would prefer to trust that data in the form of peer-reviewed papers than ancedotal stories.

    • Relying on “peer reviewed papers” only proves that people of a given mindset have agreed on certain criteria that upholds their financial interests. FOLLOW the MONEY is a good adage.
      Your suggestion that my good health and that of my children could just as easily be due to the fact of all these people around me getting vaccine shots is laughable at best. If the vaccine protects them against disease and they are not “carriers” then why is everybody around me complaining about colds, fever, the flue, taking time off work because they don’t feel well etc.?
      I haven’t lost a single day off work in at least 55 years, so pardon me if I conclude that my strong immune system is doing a better job than any vaccine ever could. I have many times been exposed to people who are down with the flu, coughing their heads off etc. yet I don’t catch their malady, I suppose that is just coincidence?

      • “why is everybody around me complaining about colds, fever, the flue, taking time off work because they don’t feel well etc.?”

        Because one immunization doesn’t cover everything known to man.

        Why would they not still get colds and so on after being immunized. Your argument is that why are people who eat healthily still coming down with other sicknesses and diseases.

        Eating carrots won’t stop AIDS. Taking a measles shot won’t stop the flu.

        • WRONG, if people were as you put it, “eating healthily” they would not be coming down with “sicknesses and diseases” the eating healthy assumption you make is contradicted by the statistics that acknowledge how pathetic the average American diet is in reality, compared even to government advised standards. How many people do you know that are eating ” 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily” let alone whole grains instead of white flour products that are devoid of at least 80% or better of essential vitamins and minerals contained in the natural whole grains?

  14. I am an MD, board certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology. Several of these posts have already written about the virtues of vaccinating ourselves against a large variety of infectious diseases. Scientific evidence is overwhelming in support of the use of vaccines. Concerns over possibly causing autism due to childhood vaccinations has been determined to not be true. The initial observation was initiated by a Physician in Great Britain who later admitted to falsifying his data. No statiscal correlation has been determined other than the fact that there does appear to be a rise in autism that the causation has not been clearly determined. I am very interested in the use of vaccines for the treatment of cancer as well as the prevention. Use of the HPV vaccine has the potential to save thousands of lives. HPV is a major cofactor in the development of both cervical cancer and cancers in the head and neck region. In the past year, I have seen more cases of head and neck cancer in young people (30s-40s) than I had in my 25 years as a cancer specialist and they all were found to have HPV DNA incorporated in their cancers. Historically use of tumor vaccines for treatment of cancers hasn’t been tremendously successful until the past few years. The medical literature is filled with tumor vaccines that are targeting specific elements of cancers and starting to have dramatic breakthroughs. I don’t have any knowledge about Inovio (at this time), but I am quite optimistic that our scientists are making progress

    • “I don’t have ANY knowledge but I’m quite optimistic”??!!?! “Our scientists?” Are you perhaps OWNER/ FOUNDER/LEADING SHAREHOLDER (and no, I’m not credentialing exceptional ego bias) of any laboratories leading in this particular research? I could be accused of being maybe 3-4 years behind my rather large and regular diet of scientific data within the healthcare arena, but I’d appreciate some citations for curiosity sake, especially because the last time I looked into this matter not so long ago your assertions just might be excessively overstated. And your personal observation regarding head/neck cancer (and of which sort?) Certainly is too small a sample size to have any weight, not to mention other factors ie. ddx? , and let’s just say there’s a lot to be considered that were absent from your briefing. But there is one factor we all can say with 100% certainty, and that is there will NEVER be any solid study making the case for vaccinations having notable cons against them, as it generates more profit than 99% of most country’s GDP’s. that would be way more devastating than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

  15. Having being a medical doctor for thirty six years , I find a little insulting when people insinuate that I would betray both my humanity and my medical obligation to accommodate the dictates of any government, if I felt that they were wrong. I have administered childhood vaccination to many thousand children . I have given them to my own four children ,and my three grandchildren. I have no doubt that the benefit far far outweighs the risks. You only have to look at a terrible disease like smallpox which has been wiped out in the world by vaccination .I hav studied the effect and the side effects of vaccination .
    I have refused to administer the swine influenza jab,in 2009 ,because I felt it was not properly tested or necessary, I went public with my objection in Ireland where I work ,and will do so again if I disagree with Government policy.

    • My question would be, given all the progress that medicine has supposedly made in the last 100 years, would it not be appropriate to at least question what has CHANGED in societal practices that could be the CAUSE of the increased levels of “lifestyle diseases” and put the focus on PREVENTION by appropriate lifestyle changes? I guess that would be “radical” to suggest, but them maybe the answer lies in the fact there would be no profit in that.

    • Me thinks thou dost protest too much, bully for you if you stood up for your convictions and refused to administer the swine flu influenza jab”, so see, we do agree that at least some vaccines can be dangerous. So how do you extract a “bad vaccine” once it has been discovered to be so, and what damage will it do over the next 20-50 years of a persons life circulating in the system or contaminating cells?

      So that puts you among the “good guys” who follow their conscience, which is all that I am trying to do, be RESPONSIBLE and stand up to be counted when I do not agree with medical dictates or government policy.

    • As a Canadian I am not about to get dragged into the Obamacare debate, but remember I did not start this thread, but when someone suggests parents should be charged with “child abuse” for not following one specific modality as opposed to all others, that gets my dander up. I am an advocate of free choice and free speech, not dictatorship by an elite.

  16. Thanks, Travis for the analysis of a would be or could be a vaccine high flyer. As a one time UM minister, I won’t wax theological though the mythology of the fall gives us more reality than most can handle. Born on the farm in Ohio, a mother for a nurse that frequently saved lives when the doctor that practiced in towns 20 miles away, I saw class mates that got diseases that I didn’t when vaccinations became available. My best friend and cousin became seriously ill with polio just a year before the Salk vaccine or oral treatment became available. He died early. I’m rather healthy going on 83. Just one more observation. I helped with the first round of vaccines for children and finally adults in Haiti. I also helped establish the first and only TB Hospital for children in Haiti in the early 60s, Before the vaccine for TB was provided a full 50% of the children died before 5 years of age and most by TB. Yes, poverty contributed to the malnutrition which also accelerated the contagion of TB, but all has changed dramatically or did after the availability of the TB vaccine. The only benefit of not vaccinating all those people might reduce the population, but that is a cruel benefit I can’t consider. Such has been the level of informative entertainment on this topic, I have not seen for years. Thanks Travis and to all the opines.

  17. I agree with Myron Martin. Most vaccines, if not all, are unnecessary.
    It really is just about MONEY!
    Let the sheeple line up, but don’t force me or my children to be vaccinated if i choose not to!

    • NOBODY, (including me) has so succinctly put the issues into so few wise words. Bang on Chris, it really comes down to free choice, and not being dictated too by one methodology the government has chosen to elevate above all others because of the lobbying power of the medical profession, it really does come down to following the money.

  18. Myron you certainly have your head in the sand, like a lot of other religious folks who hide behind a mythology and trust that ‘the creator’ will bring salvation. How about opening your eyes, and actually looking at evidence? You have a point about lifestyle diseases being the new killer, and I actually agree with you there- the modern diet is going to kill more people than disease, and is pushed by big companies that are invested in selling sugary cereals, hamburgers and carbohydrate heavy foods that will give us all diabetes and metabolic disorders. You are, however, completely wrong on your anti-medicine stance. Are you seriously saying that God’s healing herbs and words can replace medical treatment? How’d that work out for smallpox sufferers, cholera epidemics, TB, measles, any other number of contagious viral diseases? YOUR experience with what you believe to be an adverse reaction has soured you towards any reasonable assessment of modern medicine, especially vaccines. You state that you’ve had 75 years of good health since, which is great. You know what’s changed in the 60+ years since you had your bad experience? EVERYTHING. I assume you watch TV, drive a car, have electricity in your home, use the internet (oh, here you are, you must use it). Gee, look how far things have progressed. Medicine is the EXACT SAME THING. Yet you blindly ignore the Science, the rational arguments put forward by others here, the experiences of healthcare professionals with decades of hands on experience with vaccines and public health…..all because you are bitter about something you experienced. I’m sorry for you, and your family, and I hope science and herd immunity is able to protect you all, as you seem incapable of doing it yourself.

    FOCUS: I know a little about Inovio, but wouldn’t jump in yet. Wait for more trial results, they are still a ways off from making any money and phase III can be a big hurdle.

  19. What does candy and soda have to do with this discussion? Nothing. I already agreed with you that most peoples diets are terrible, and I agree that children eat way too much food that is terrible for them. Again, that has NOTHING to do with this discussion. You are not making any valid points or presenting a valid argument. I’ve read both sides of the vaccine debate, extensively. I work in biotech, I know the Science, I am aware that there may be some adverse reactions in a small proportion of people immunized, there will be some non-responders for whom vaccines don’t work well or at all. People are all very different, everyone’s immune system works slightly differently, people as you might say, were not all created equal. But guess what- after reading a lot, on both sides of the vaccine debate, I think that the positives outweigh the potential negatives, by a large margin. I have also concluded that a lot of the negatives touted online, and in the media, are likely equal parts hype and parents grasping at something to blame for their child’s illness. The whole anti-vaccine movement was started by a discredited Doctor who was found to have falsified his research and published bogus findings. Parents with disabled children latched onto this as a causative factor for their families own maladies, and here we are.

  20. There may be some truth to what you allege, indeed people are different and not all will react the same. By the same token, people can read the same material and honestly come to different conclusions, and my central point that seems to be ignored in this debate is that having personally experienced a NEGATIVE reaction, and thus being motivated to look into the matter in-depth, I concluded the opposite of what you state, I do not believe that the benefits outweigh the risks, so it should remain my free choice to boost my immune system through good nutritional habits without being FORCED to accept a medical treatment I consider detrimental, risky, and long term damaging to my own or my children’s health!
    I don’t believe we have written the last chapter on this issue yet. We may find out through unbiased and valid science 10-20 or 50 years down the road that the profession was barking up the wrong tree and vaccination will become just another abandoned therapy!

    • Myron,
      You are so right! You never said that you refuse medicine as a Science. But opposite there are some medical specialists (doctors or similar ones:) goes by way of prescription a chemical drug that is absolutely alien to our body. However, there are another kind of medicine that is looking for natural remedies. Doctors who love chemical drugs possibly doesn’t accept the Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine, etc. May be because giving prescription of chemical drug results in bonuses from Pharmacists? :))

      • You are very perceptive Marina, natural remedies that can not be patented do not make enough money for the drug companies, and provide no exclusivity. There are hundreds of effective and natural remedies on the market that are not harmful to the body in contrast to hundreds of “chemical concoctions” that have been proven harmful. My issue is really with “free choice” I simply do not believe governments should sanction or favour one side in a free enterprise society where people vote with their dollars. If medical treatment were really as effective as claimed then, they would easily win the public’s favour without coercion.

  21. I agree with Myron. Rather than let the Medical Profession put drugs in your
    arm, work at a healthy diet and lifestyle and provide your own immunity!
    But to return to Travis, all his efforts are to sponsor a healthy investment
    plan! Thanks again for the focus on healthy investing!

    • Hmm, quite the little hornet’s nest we have here this morning, isn’t it?
      I grew up in Ireland at a time when there were lots of snotty-nosed children at school and some were out of school regularly (sick). I remember trying it on twice with my mother (making out I was sick so I could stay home) but that didn’t work out too good. I had to stay in bed all day (in the dark) and couldn’t even get up when my brothers came home from school. I quickly realised it was more fun being healthy! :-)
      I’m in my mid-fifties now and I’ve never had a serious illness a day in my life. I eat (reasonably) healthy, I exercise (a bit), I enjoy the odd drink (9, 11, 13, 15, etc.) and if I feel ‘something coming on’, I drink two hot whiskeys, put on some extra clothes and go to bed early. I wake up fine the next morning (and no, it’s not that I’m still drunk) :-)
      All I can say is – if you believe in vaccines then get them and if you don’t, then don’t. To each his own.
      Right, I’m off to get another coffee (and it’s only 10am here)!

      • I like your vaccine , sorry to be so long winded , the best vaccine is a smile and shake of the hand , when you time comes I don’t think that is the vaccine question the Good Lord will ask but to each is own is as good as it gets , thanks bmc123!


  23. Myron, thumbs up. You see the light and happily lots of others. Sadly it is always the ones most brainwashed that speaks out as if their stand is “proven”. It has been long known that a lot of “proof” in the medical world is merely consensus, so no science.
    Here some words for afterthought from a MD, who seems to be enlighten.
    You might find tons of this on the internet by M.D.s, whistle-blowers from the Big Pharma, and regular people with a brain who have been digging in the matter.
    For me money is not all. That is why my ethics refuse me to invest in Pharma and GMO companies.

    • Did Brenton actually L-O-O-K at the website NIX posted? Even I am learning things given that my conclusions are admittedly based on data decades old. So now we have doctors being smeared because they are not well known —YET! I commend NIX for his ethical investing, I totally agree, and YES, consensus is not science.
      Here is just a small sample of what is out there in public literature for non partisan people to consider:

      “There are reports of increased incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) following influenza vaccination (Haber et al. 2004) (Schonberger et al. 1979) (Juurlink et al. 2006).

      One of the world’s leading immunogenetecists, Hugh Fudenberg, M.D. said in a speech in April 2004 that those who have had five or more consecutive influenza vaccines are ten times more likely to suffer dementia than those who have three or fewer non-consecutive influenza vaccines.

      According to Glaxo Smith Klein (2013) their influenza vaccine can also cause:

      Allergic asthma
      Abnormal gait
      Allergic edema of the mouth
      Allergic edema of the throat
      Brachial plexus neuropathy
      Chest pain
      Chest tightness
      Eye pain
      Facial or cranial nerve paralysis
      Facial swelling
      Influenza-like symptoms
      Injection site pain, redness, swelling
      Injection site sterile abscess
      Limb paralysis
      Malaise Fever Myalgiad
      Microscopic polyangitis (vasculitis)
      Muscle weakness
      Optic neuritis/neuropathy
      Partial facial paralysis
      Pharyngolaryngeal pain
      Reddened eyes
      Sore throat
      Throat tightness
      Upper respiratory tract infection
      Of course the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) section of the CDC, publishes many vaccine side-effects, including death.”

      I suppose Glaxo-Smith Kline is not “establishment” enough to be believed, so are all the brainwashed masses stampeded into coming for their “flu shots” given this information before giving “informed consent” to the procedure? Or is it that the list of possible side effects isn’t long enough? NO, medical propaganda is so all pervasive that probably not one in a thousand people taking, or blindly following on behalf of their children has any clue concerning the tons of contrary evidence that is out there by reputable doctors who disagree with the establishment position.

    • “Sadly it is always the ones most brainwashed that speaks out as if their stand is “proven”. ”

      You’re quite right in this point.

      And guess which post spoke out and started this? Post 6 telling everyone else they were “radical and ill-informed”.

      Yes, some brainwashing going on.

  24. All the anti-vaccine mob have links to their favorite little blog by some unknown doctor who is telling people big bad pharma is going to kill them. No amount of discussion will sway your closed little minds to the fact vaccines work very well for the greater proportion of people. Influenza is a different beast as it is a ‘best guess’ vaccine targeting what scientists think will be the predominant strain. I don’t get flu shots, I think they are pointless for most people. But for things like polio, smallpox, measles etc- vaccines work, period. You can pontificate all you want about possible side effects and something you read on the interweb on a site you found on google. Decades of data are there for the analysis. How many people die from smallpox these days? How many crippled kids do you see due to rampant polio outbreaks? I’m done banging my head against a brick wall with all the unbelievers. You reap what you sow, and I only hope nobody else suffers from your ignorance.

    • Well Brenton it seems we actually agree on something: “I don’t get flu shots, I think they are pointless for most people. ” Congratulations, you CAN think outside the establishment box, so that is at least a start in the right direction. I also agree with your statement that: “I’m done banging my head against a brick wall with all the unbelievers. You reap what you sow, and I only hope nobody else suffers from your ignorance.” My take being that good hygiene and sensible eating with education aimed at PREVENTION will be far more effective at eradicating disease than any vaccine will ever be. I am off to work, I have made my case and can’t spend the time trying to educate minds steeped in medical propaganda! We will just have to agree to disagree.

  25. Well, yes, I just have to put my two cents in. Although I am thankfully past the stage where I have to worry about some bad ones such as small pox and polio as are my grandkids I believe the money has two much influence on big companies. I feel that over thirty vaccine shots for a baby before they reach 6 months is overkill. Do people realize that these vaccine producers cannot be sued. They are protected by a federal law that disallows lawsuits concerning vaccines. THEY ARE COMPLETELY WITHOUT LIABILITY. Now these companies are not paying billions of dollars in penalties on their other drugs because they are skueaky clean honest. They can inject you with any number of “mistakes” and not be sued. That is inexcusable. I commend the good doctor who refused to “jab” with the swine flu vaccine, but their are plenty of sheeple practicing medicine also. This is still a free country. Let’s keep it that way.

  26. Sometimes, there aren’t “two sides to every story”, unless you count: Side 1; science based description of reality, Side 2; intentional ignorance.

  27. Well, Roger, since you are going to put labels on opinions, I didn’t know sheep could count. Balance in everything Roger, balance. There still are questions. Whose math? Whose ‘science’? And most important, whose Honesty.
    A lot of progress has been made eliminating disease, but money has replaced progress in the priority list of some large companies. It does not hurt to have a critical perception of the direction this industry is going.

  28. It is important to note here, as has been alluded to, above, that herd immunity (vaccinated) protects the non-protected (not previously exposed, not vaccinated. For example: The death of many thousands of American Indians from smallpox and measles with the introduction by Europeans; similarly the death of thousands of Eskimos and polynesians with European introduction. The death of many thousands of Europeans (many of royal birth) with the bringing back of syphilis from the American Indian. Surely, the importance of vaccination is confirmed by these occurrences and many others (with the exception of syphilis, which is treated with antibiotics).

  29. For those not firmly in the science camp, and hovering toward the Myron camp, please take a look at this link.

    It’s a long story but in terms of the wider effects of not being vaccinated the last couple of paragraphs may sway you i.e. “Disease outbreaks” and “Impact on Society”.

    Check the references.
    One quote:
    “In 2008, for the first time in 14 years, measles was declared endemic in the UK, meaning that the disease was sustained within the population; this was caused by the preceding decade’s low MMR vaccination rates, which created a population of susceptible children who could spread the disease.”

    IMO not vaccinating your children constitutes antisocial behaviour, towards your own family and society at large.

  30. I planned on staying away because opinions are firmly locked in and few are addressing the others points anyway, so I don’t see any progress being made. That being said, reading todays Casey Daily Dispatch that was focussed on how useless economists are who are only able to identify a “recession” in hindsight, I was intrigued by the introduction, something I had read several times before, (I didn’t go looking for it) but I found it very compelling for consideration in the vaccines debate if one can call it that. Quote:
    “In Today’s Edition An Excerpt from Code Red: Chapter 6 – Economists Are Clueless
    “Humans tend to believe what they’re told by authority figures. Even in the face of contradictory evidence. TOUCHE!
    The Milgram Experiment taught us this in 1963. Posing as scientists, researchers instructed volunteers to inflict painful electric shocks on what they thought were other innocent volunteers, as a penalty for answering questions incorrectly. The shockers couldn’t see the people they were shocking, but could hear their reactions: terrible cries of pain, pounding on the wall, pleas to stop, and eventually, ominous silence.

    Of course, it was all a ruse, but the shockers didn’t know that. They thought they were effectively torturing the victims. Yet most shockers ignored the victims’ agonized pleas to stop, opting instead to obey the “scientist’s” commands to continue.

    Why? Because the “scientist” was an expert. He was wearing a white lab coat, so he must know best.” Don’t think, check your brain at the door and let the experts decide for you!
    Lets suppose there is some new “Black Death” type of scourge or pandemic that does not allow scientists to “concoct” an antidote before spreading far and wide, who do you think has the best chance of surviving, the person who has carefully and thoughtfully nourished their body with the best natural foods and drink, (pure water being #1 on the list, (no chlorine or flouride) or the person who has shot their body full of cow and monkey pus, is loaded with heavy metals, mercury, pesticides and herbicides, preservatives, artificial colours and flavors, ad nauseum. PROVOCATIVE, yes deliberately so, I am challenging people to THIMK, instead of just taking things for granted because some supposed authority figure says so. Is it fair to question their motives, whether peer pressure or monetary incentives, or just miseducation, I certainly think so!

  31. Doc Gumshoe wasn’t going to comment on whether Obamacare could make me, or anyone else, rich beyond dreams of avarice. But the vaccine Donneybrook requires a tiny word, or so, to wit, recall history. Smallpox played a large role in the extinction of native peoples in the Caribbean, and killed millions worldwide, but the disease itself is now virtually extinct. In my own childhood, American families were exceedingly nervous about polio, which is now also virtually wiped out, as are a number of other diseases. Individual immunity, produced by vaccines, is one reason, and herd immunity, a result of the high level of immunity in the general population, reducing the vectors of transmission to tiny levels, is the other reason. No doubt there are risks. But the benefits are difficult to contest. I’ll say more about this soon.

  32. Wow, I need to unsubscribe from this thread. Myron, your analogies keep getting worse, you are really grasping at straws. Nobody can possibly claim that Economics = Science, yet here you are stating that because Economists get things wrong, that means science is wrong too. Also, you’re beating a dead horse with your constant referrals to a good diet being fundamental to good health. Nobody will argue that clean water and whole foods are bad, they are probably one of the best things you can do for your body and are infinitely better than manufactured/processed foods that are the bulk of the mainstream diet. However you’ve failed over and over to make a coherent statement or argument against anything, and instead clutch at conspiracy theories and the fact that the truth is being hidden to pad the pockets of the pharma companies.
    You said: “Humans tend to believe what they’re told by authority figures. Even in the face of contradictory evidence. TOUCHE!”. Expanding on your own words, you have chosen to ignore a huge historical dataset for multiple diseases where vaccinations have effectively rid society of the disease. Following the data, new evidence shows that in wealthy countries where parents stop vaccinating their children, disease reoccurs. This is FACT, from DATA collected by epidemiologists, scientists etc, not people trying to make a $. If measles and whooping cough returns to rich communities like California and Britain, who presumably have reasonable nutrition, and this correlates perfectly with a drop in immunization rates below a threshold required to maintain herd immunity, how can you still deny the facts?
    You can rant on all you want about how we are all brainwashed by the ‘people in authority’ but it seems to me this is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. You are so emotionally invested in hating vaccines due to your own personal history that you are ignoring everything else that contradicts your feelings. Feelings are not a science, and your own personal experiences do not constitute a dataset.
    As you said, let’s agree to disagree. I have my decades of experience and medical research telling me that the data doesn’t lie, you have your decades of bitterness telling you vaccines are a huge conspiracy and you need to drink clean water not cow pus. No common ground here unfortunately.

  33. WOW! Travis, this is I think the first time you’ve uncovered a tease about a stock I already own (have owned it since 50 cents). So was indeed very interested in hearing some comments and thoughts on it .
    Oh well! Maybe next time.

  34. Very good arguments Brenton. There is nothing wrong in protecting the public with vaccines. They are just overdone because of the profit motive and what I think is a travesty, that the companies have no liability. Let us make a good thing safer.

  35. Wow, vaccinations get everybody in a frenzy. Kinda reminds me of a secretary I had when I ran a water purification company. I told her that flouride was bad, she said it saved teeth, I said there wasn’t a documented study proving that on planet earth and got the books out to prove it……..she broke down and started crying….like she just found out there was no Santa Claus.
    For those of you so vociferously defending shots, may I suggest some research?
    For starters go to http://www.mercola.com Dr Mercola is widely recognized as an expert in health and nutrition. He is not “anti” but he is very wary and has the guts to examine both sides.

    • Great analogy Bruce, would be interesting to know how many of the meekly acceptance sheeple have actually seriously looked at BOTH SIDES of a contentious issue, or perhaps even more pertinent, made sure they did not take anything into their bodies without FIRST checking out the documented SIDE EFFECTS? These are not minor either, just read the ads on T.V where contra indications far out number supposed benefits. I see at least half a dozen advertised drugs that include DEATH as a potential side effect, and the general consensus is still that benefits outweigh the risks, not for me they don’t.

  36. From some time in the 1400′s until the end of the 20th century, truth was sought through the application of the Scientific Method. Knowledge and civilization advanced. Some time towards the end of the 20th century, The search for truth returned to the tools of revealed truth, and faith. I’m pretty sure before long we will be returning to trial by torture. Oh wait, we already did in Iraq and Chicago. Let the witch burning begin.

    • There always have been, and always will be people with a divergent view from the facts, logic and reason.

      It’s just now it’s much easier for them to publicise and gather and thus lobby on that view. Even moreso if they have some funds to back them.

      • Could we perhaps revise your prejudiced statement to suggest that a majority of easily influenced people with minimal research will follow the herd over a cliff rather than take an unpopular stance based on principal, derived by checking what are presented as facts by people who have a monetary interest and applying logic and reason?

  37. WOW! This thread has gotten way off topic and way too political. Back to INO. In the short term the only way this company will produce a sizable return is through an acquisition (perhaps GSK).

  38. gen tso chicken not availanbe in so.calif instead they serve gen ching chicken as my Chinese waiter says as long as it a gen more or less its suitable for the masses

  39. Not sure if polio is treated with a vacine but think it is amazing that it is 90% eradicated since I was a child. If that is the result of a vacine somebody did something right !

  40. Until you are personally affected, you can rationalize your position on vaccinations. I worked in a hospital for over 25 years and never thought twice about taking the required vaccines. After I developed sever Bell’s palsy from a hepatitis booster, my neurologist told me never to take another vaccine, which I didn’t for the next 11 years. Hospitals currently require all employees to get annual flu shots or wear surgical masks for 6 months during flu season. Some hospitals will terminate employees who refuse to take them even with valid excuses. I never got the flu, though I did wear a mask. If everyone would cover their cough, and wash their hands after exposure, it would reduce the spread of flu, and other diseases exponentially. The hospital did not require documentation from the physicians and they could just state they had taken the flu vaccine. Curiously, many I asked refused to take them.

  41. I believe you are the first documented case of Bell’s palsy caused by a vaccine!! Your Dr I’m sure will write a paper on this. Or maybe not. Since the cause of Bell’s is usually undetermined, I assume there is no direct link. You developed Bell’s you thought back and remembered a booster vaccination, you put 2 and 2 together and got 5, I seriously doubt any physician would put his rep on the line and state unconditionally that the booster caused Bell’s.

  42. Eating vegetables won’t keep you from getting polio. Many clueless posters are probably too young to remember when every school had one or more children dragging a withered leg or with a twisted body because of polio. Movie theaters and swimming pools closed in the summer. That was all that could be done. By the way, the earth isn’t flat. Thought you’d like to know.

    • wonders never cease…another person in the world named Leo; actually, I was wondering if I was being hacked…then I saw an entry with my Dad’s name! woah, too freaky
      Back to the science thing…I have respect for the investigative discipline which science has, but missing from the perspective here is the significant factor of doubt that accompanies scientific pronouncements, to whit, science doesn’t believe itself, or should I say it’s pronouncements and infact imbues findings with caveats and further investigation, testing of results and conclusions. If this were not the case, let’s see, who was the first scientist…sdewww

  43. Seriously! Science doesn’t believe itself?!! The scientific method by definition says we don’t know everything, never will. (As opposed to some who believe they know everything.) All knowledge is subject to new findings, theories and data. That being said the best science today says vaccinations have been and still are the way to go. As for tomorrow? I think Woody Allen said it best in his movie SLEEPER. When a cryogenically frozen Woody is thawed in the distant future, one man says “This guy’s 50! He looks terrible!” His partner responds “Well you have to remember he lived in a time before they knew the benefits of a high fat high, high cholesterol diet.

    efinition says that we don’t know everything, never will, and all science is revisable by new data. Saying that the best science now available says vaccination is the way to go given available data. But I think Woody Allen said it best in the movie SLEEPER. When Woody Allen’s cryogenically frozen body is thawed in the distant future, one man says to the other: “This guy’s 50! He looks terrible!” And the other guy says: “Yeah, but

    • well I’m glad you got my point, Brad…exactly as you say: “we don’t know everything, never will”; in other words, science is always sceptical of it’s own claims… so we civilians take information, scientific or otherwise, which we churn through our limited understanding seasoned with our own particular biases and talk about it on blogs. My over all point is that there is a lot of opinion that is claimed as fact, to the benefit of the claimer and the detriment of those that are the target of the claims. It’s more the case than not these days. There are some sites, including this one, that serve to shed light on the claims that don’t hold up and reveal possible motivations of those who make the claims (generally making money)…

  44. I totally understand and agree with you Leo. The point I want to emphasize though is that no one really knows for sure what a stock is going to do in the next year. And new and better medical information will be available in the future. But whether I’m purchasing a stock, or making health care decisions for my family, I want to use the best available scientific info at this moment. Its not perfect (as my portfolio can attest). But it gives me the best chance to do well for my family. So even though it won’t put a nickel in my pocket I encourage people to vaccinate their children.

  45. The Vaccine Hoax Is Over
    By Andrew Baker
    Food Freedom News

    Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have

    1. Known the vaccines don’t work
    2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
    3. Known they are a hazard to children
    4. Colluded to lie to the public
    5. Worked to prevent safety studies

    Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

    Educated parents can either get their children out of harm’s way or continue living inside one of the largest most evil lies in history, that vaccines – full of heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma, fecal material, DNA fragments from other species, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (a sterilizing agent) – are a miracle of modern medicine.

    Freedom of Information Act filed in the US with the CDC by a doctor with an autistic son, seeking information on what the CDC knows about the dangers of vaccines, had by law to be responded to in 20 days. Nearly 7 years later, the doctor went to court and the CDC argued it does not have to turn over documents. A judge ordered the CDC to turn over the documents on September 30th, 2011.

    On October 26, 2011, a Denver Post editorial expressed shock that the Obama administration, after promising to be especially transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow it to go beyond declaring some documents secret and to actually allow government agencies (such as the CDC) to declare some document “non-existent.”

    Simultaneous to this on-going massive CDC cover up involving its primary “health” not recommendation but MANDATE for American children, the CDC is in deep trouble over its decades of covering up the damaging effects of fluoride and affecting the lives of all Americans, especially children and the immune compromised. Lawsuits are being prepared. Children are ingesting 3-4 times more fluoride by body weight as adults and “[t]he sheer number of potentially harmed citizens — persons with dental fluorosis, kidney patients tipped into needing dialysis, diabetics, thyroid patients, etc — numbers in the millions.”

    The CDC is obviously acting against the health of the American people. But the threat to the lives of the American people posed by the CDC’s behavior does not stop there. It participated in designed pandemic laws that are on the books in every state in the US, which arrange for the government to use military to force unknown, untested vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and “medical” treatments on the entire country if it declares a pandemic emergency.

    The CDC’s credibility in declaring such a pandemic emergency is non-existent, again based on Freedom of Information Act. For in 2009, after the CDC had declared the H1N1 “pandemic,” the CDC refused to respond to Freedom of Information Act filed by CBS News and the CDC also attempted to block their investigation. What the CDC was hiding was its part in one of the largest medical scandals in history, putting out wildly exaggerated data on what it claimed were H1N1 cases, and by doing so, created the false impression of a “pandemic” in the US.

    The CDC was also covering up e financial scandal to rival the bailout since the vaccines for the false pandemic cost the US billions. And worse, the CDC put pregnant women first in line for an untested vaccine with a sterilizing agent, polysorbate 80, in it. Thanks to the CDC, “the number of vaccine-related “fetal demise” reports increased by 2,440 percent in 2009 compared to previous years, which is even more shocking than the miscarriage statistic [700% increase].

    Wellness Resources

    The exposure of the vaccine hoax is running neck and neck with the much older hoax of a deadly 1918-19 flu. It was aspirin that killed people in 1918-19, not a pandemic flu. It was the greatest industrial catastrophe in human history with 20-50 million people dying but it was blamed on a flu. The beginning of the drug industry began with that success (and Monsanto was part of it). The flu myth was used by George Bush to threaten the world with “another pandemic flu that could kill millions” – a terror tactic to get pandemic laws on the books in every state and worldwide. Then the CDC used hoax of the pandemic hoax to create terror over H1N1 and to push deadly vaccines on the public, killing thousands of unborn children and others. (CDC will not release the data and continues to push the same vaccine.)

    The hoax of the vaccine schedule is over, exposed by FOIAs in the UK.

    The hoax of the CDC’s interest in children’s lives has been exposed by its refusal to respond to a doctor’s FOIAs around its knowledge of vaccine dangers.

    The 1918-19 pandemic hoax has been exposed by Dr. Karen Starko’s work on aspirin’s role in killing people.

    And despite refusing to respond to FOIAS, the CDC’s scandalous hoax of a 2009 flu pandemic and its part in creating it, was exposed by CBS NEWS.

    And the Obama administration, in attempting to salvage the last vestige of secrecy around what is really happening with vaccines, by declaring agency documents non-existent, has made its claim of transparency, non-existent.

    But pandemic laws arranging for unknown vaccines to be forced on the entire country are still in place with HHS creating a vaccine mixture that should never be used on anyone and all liability for vaccines having been removed. Meanwhile, a Canadian study has just proven that the flu vaccine containing the H1N1 vaccine which kills babies in utero, actually increases the risk of serious pandemic flu.

    Americans who have been duped into submitting their children to the CDC’s deadly vaccines, have a means to respond now. People from every walk of life and every organization, must

    1. take the information from the UK FOIAs exposing 30 years of vaccine lies, the refusal of the CDC to provide any information on what it knows about those lies, and the Obama Administration’s efforts to hide the CDC’s awareness of those lies, and go to their state legislatures, demand the immediate nullification of the CDC vaccine schedule and the pandemic laws.

    2. inform every vet. active duty military person, law enforcement people, DHS agents and medical personnel they know, of the vaccine hoax, for their families are deeply threatened, too, but they may not be aware of it or that they have been folded into agency structures by the pharmaceutical industry (indistinguishable from the bankers and oil companies) that would make them agents of death for their country with the declaration of a “pandemic” emergency or “bio-terrorist” attack. It is completely clear now that the terrorism/bioterrorism structures are scams so that any actions taken to “protect” this country using those laws would in fact be what threatens the existence of Americans.

    It was aspirin that killed millions in 1918-19. Now it is mandated and unknown, untested vaccines with banned adjuvants in them that threaten the country with millions of deaths. At the same time, the CDC is holding 500,000 mega-coffins, built to be incinerated, on its property outside Atlanta. Not to put too fine a point on this, but it’s clear now that the CDC should not be involved in any way with public health.

    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we know that vaccines are not a miracle of modern medicine. Any medical or government authority which insists vaccines prevent diseases is either ignorant of government documents (and endless studies) revealing the exact opposite or of the CDC’s attempts to hide the truth about vaccines from the public, or means harm to the public.

    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we know the vaccine schedule is a hoax.

    The health danger to American children and adults are vaccines.


    • Thank you Robert for having the courage to tell the truth. I know all to well how difficult it is to believe that some people are willing to put PROFIT ahead of the best interests of their fellowman. I struggled with the idea for many years, BEFORE admitting to myself that YES some people are either, (and you have to make a choice here) so totally brainwashed they can not make a moral decision, or so GREEDY and EVIL nothing will dissuade them from their course of action to enrich themselves at the expense of the average clueless consumer.
      Thank you for providing credible information that counters medical propaganda.

      • So I am either GREEDY and EVIL or brainwashed since I totally disagree with you? And I always thought I was such a nice boy!

        • Then I guess you must be brainwashed, that is if you read Robert’s submission from creditable sources and it dosen’t put even a dent in your iron clad beliefs in medical science as being virtually infallible and should be followed without even considering contra indicated facts.

  46. Breaking: Courts discreetly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism
    by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

    (NaturalNews) You won’t hear anything about it from the mainstream media, but the federal government’s kangaroo “vaccine court” has once again conceded, albeit quietly, that the combination measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine does, indeed, cause autism. In a recently published ruling, part of which was censored from public view, a young boy was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars after it was determined that the MMR vaccine led to a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

    Ten-year-old Ryan Mojabi’s parents say he first suffered an encephalopathy after being vaccinated for MMR on December 19, 2003. Known as a “table injury,” encephalopathy is a recognized, compensable adverse reaction to vaccines, and one that the kangaroo vaccine court has previously linked to vaccines. According to Ryan’s parents, the MMR vaccine caused their son’s encephalopathy, which manifested as “neuroimmunologically mediated dysfunctions in the form of asthma and ASD.”

    After being bumped around from court to court, Ryan’s case was eventually heard by the vaccine court’s Autism Omnibus Proceedings, according to The Huffington Post. And in the end, the federal government agreed that Ryan’s encephalopathy had been caused by the MMR vaccine, a landmark ruling that confirms what Dr. Andrew Wakefield found more than 15 years ago when studying gut disorders in children given the MMR vaccine.

    “Ryan suffered a Table injury under the Vaccine Act — namely, an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt (of MMR),” admitted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding the case. “This case is appropriate for compensation,” it added, in full agreement with the court’s decision.

    Of particular note in the case is the fact that concession documents by the government remain under seal. While the court and the government at large openly admitted that the MMR vaccine caused Ryan’s encephalitis, it did not make public its opinion on whether or not that encephalitis led to Ryan’s other injuries, including those that fall into the category of ASD. But the fact that these documents remain censored shows that the government is hiding something of importance from the public, which most definitely has to do with the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

    Concerned parents everywhere were right all along: MMR vaccine can cause autism
    In a similar case heard during the same month, young Emily Moller from Houston, Texas, was also awarded massive compensation for injuries resulting from the MMR vaccine. According to reports, Emily experienced a severe reaction after receiving not only the MMR vaccine but also the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), HiB, and Prevnar vaccines. Like with Ryan’s case, the government conceded that these vaccines led to Emily’s autism and other developmental problems.

    These two cases, combined with numerous published studies out of the U.S., South America, and Europe, prove that the MMR vaccine is not the harmless vaccine that the conventional medical industry claims it is. In fact, everything that Dr. Wakefield found back in the late 1990s concerning the MMR vaccine — findings that cost him his career and reputation, by the way — are proving to be undeniably true.

    “There can be very little doubt that vaccines can and do cause autism,” Dr. Wakefield recently stated from his home in Austin, Texas. “In these children, the evidence for an adverse reaction involving brain injury following the MMR that progresses to an autism diagnosis is compelling. It’s now a question of the body count. The parents’ story was right all along. Governments must stop playing with words while children continue to be damaged. My hope is that recognition of the intestinal disease in these children will lead to the relief of their suffering. This is long, long overdue.”

  47. The Scientific Method: To paraphrase a doctors analysis: The sad fact is before we can regain trust in the Industries “scientific method” they must be forthcoming with ALL the data. Every clinical trial should be registered before it starts, and all results and raw data should be provided at the conclusion. At present they are not , and as a result industry sponsored studies have a 400% increase in positive outcomes vs. independent studies. On top of that the negative outcomes are never published.

    • Good point Leo, open and above board is the motto, if the “scientific method” is to be objective then TRUTH must be the fundamental bottom line, not manipulated (or hidden) statistics to augment some drug companies bottom line profits, at the expense of the poorly informed consumer. If every potential side-effect of every drug was fully explained to every potential consumer, sales would drop like a stone.

  48. Not sure how it happened, but this information indeed bears repeating. These hidden and buried FACTS should be shouted from the housetops and make headlines in every newspaper in the country. But no worries, a few children can certainly be sacrificed on the altar of scientific advancement, as long as it is not YOUR children or grandchildren.

    Incidentally my paralysis, (fortunately temporary) but I still have after effects, was caused by the DTP vaccine. Vaccination in my books is a fraudulent money making racket, and any attempts to enforce it should be met with class action lawsuits by anyone affected by it.

  49. Obviously you were affected! Start a lawsuit. I’d be more than interested in any results — or lack thereof. Big Talker! Let’s see how all your so called evidence goes down in a court of law! You have the opportunity to save countless children from the evil medical community, and yet you sit there. You say you were affected by a vaccine. You say people should shout to the housetops. Stop talking and start a class action lawsuit for the multitude (like you) who have been affected by the plague of vaccinations.

  50. Did you not read the previous submissions Brad, the government has passed legislation protecting the drug companies from liability because they KNOW they are deadly poisons, besides 65 years later the chance of proving anything in court would itself preclude any possibility of justice, but Robert has shown that the evidence justifying CAUTION is out there if people really want to learn the truth. Leo (57) makes a reasonable case for transparency and full acknowledgement of the inherent RISKS so that parents/individuals can make an informed decision.

  51. Myron Martin “Special to Stock Gumshoe”, you are obsessed, absolutely obsessed with your point. No one will ever be able to sway you away from it, no matter how much evidence they can produce and how much the weight of history is on his or her side. You discount the peer review process with: “Relying on “peer reviewed papers” only proves that people of a given mindset have agreed on certain criteria that upholds their financial interests.” An absurd generalization — it really shows your closed mind. It’s a really really good thing for mankind that you have no control over what is or is not done on behalf of the health of the citizens of the world. Go ahead and rant on. Knock yourself out.

    • Well List, I could easily turn that around, apparently you don’t know that a 500 page encyclopedia of SAFE NATURAL cures has been compiled over the past 15 years that exposes all the dangerous drugs that have been approved by the FDA, many of them still on the market, while SAFE NATURAL cures exist the public for the most part does not know about because of the all powerful medical lobby. The entries include hundreds of qualified and practicing M.D.s, double blind studies etc. Most of the KNOWN cures for cancer have been suppressed along with many others that make no profits for the drug companies. You accuse me of having a “closed mind” but anyone who knows me personally will attest to the fact that I am very open minded person on virtually any subject, but that does not mean I don’t have strong opinions based on in-depth study. I can see where you might consider me “obsessed” as you term it, but your reaction confirms that you are equally as obsessed, so I propose this challenge: will you agree to read every page of the encyclopedia I mention and then compare notes as to WHO is obsessed or closed minded? Evidence is rarely one-sided and you obviously have not availed yourself of countervailing evidence to prevailing medical opinion. If you actually read entries 55-56 by Robert and still stick to your charge of “closed minded” then it can certainly be applied to you, and if you DID NOT even red them with an open mind, then are you not obsessed with the medical position?

  52. Brad, It looks like a “table injury” whatever that is, must be the only, or one of, the loopholes in the law. I understand it is a pretty hard nut to crack. Don’t be too hard on Myron. I forgot the name of the philosopher who said: first they condemn, then they ridicule, and then it is accepted as fact. I surely accept the milestones made with small pox, polio, etc. but money has corrupted these companies. Me-too drugs are running rampant. Have a healthy questioning perspective. Look at the double blind studies on the internet between Prilosec and its successor. Sorry I am 80 and cannot remember the successor product (Vxxxx?). If they have not taken the studies down, the results will amaze you. I think TV ads suckering low information people to pressure their doctors should be prohibited as they are in some countries. Too bad that the companies care more about money being made and spend too much on advertising.

    • Leo: Excellent contribution: “first they condemn, then they ridicule, and then it is accepted as fact.” so true, and it really does expose who is really “closed minded” as it usually takes a few brave souls to expose popular fallacies. Change does not come easily and without casualties.

  53. I think a lot of people are missing the point of this article. The point is whether or not vaccine (and other) companies’ stocks become better investments under the ACA.

    Regarding MCD, I think they have some problems to fix right now. Their menu has become more complicated and thus the service has slowed. I live in NYC. I don’t eat at McDonalds, but I do look through the windows as I walk by, and I have seen the long lines. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wait in long lines for anything. They also have to face the backlash about the pink slime and other criticisms of their products. I sold MCD at $99 because of the historical high of $103 and with the current concerns about the economy I thought that that particular dog had seen its day for now. I would buy it again when they look to be a little bit more attractive on price, and have their internecine issues worked out.

    KO is also faced with challenges right now as people trend toward healthier drinks. The company is reacting to that by trying to promote new products that will appeal to the more health conscious crowd. The stock price has been fairly flat for the past six months but they pay a reasonable dividend. I am holding.

    I don’t own GSK but at a glance they are looking pretty good right now and pay an impressive dividend. I plan to look into them more over the weekend.

    I personally think that INO is a risky bet because to date they don’t sell anything. It’s great that their testing is going well but there are a lot of factors that can come into play that could dramatically change their picture. Since the stock is cheap a small position might be ok. Like the money map method professes, only about 10% of your portfolio should be in “rocket riders”.

    I don’t subscribe to the Money Map Newsletter, and while they do make some good points in their promotional video (as well as some bad ones as TSG has pointed out), nothing that they say is a secret, They are things that you can research on your own, and you can draw your own conclusions.

    Happy investing!

    • I agree with being able to research the info myself, but I’m considering purchasing the first year membership special for 49.95 with the freebies that come with the Money Map Method simply because I’m assuming it will give me a lot of good start-up material and save me well over $50 worth of time looking up the info myself. I’m new to investing and am already 47 years old…perhaps it’s too late for me…The only reason I even started researching this today is I’m desperate to try and make enough money to build my dream green home.
      On another note – I happen to have a M.S. and Ph.D. in Biology, and I find the arguments about vaccines interesting. People are very passionate on both sides of the argument…but most seem to argue from a very unscientific perspective. Some pertinent information that is verifiable is as follows: vaccine production has become increasingly sloppy and there have been some significant incidents in several countries that have caused serious neurological incidents (and death) well above the “accepted norms” (from the swine flu vaccine catastrophe of 1976 to the more recent pentavalent vaccine in India) , in the U.S. the FDA has lost the power to properly test drugs (and food for that matter), drug companies now test their own products and there is very little independent double-blind studies going on especially with vaccines, a survey of medical researches conducted while I was in graduate school revealed that more than 70% of them admitted to signing a contract with drug companies that fund their research promising not to divulge negative results (this is unethical in my field), preservatives in infant/child vaccines may no longer contain mercury but they now contain aluminum and formaldehyde, the number of vaccines given to a child has more than doubled in the last 30 years, the immune system is at a sensitive developmental stage during infancy and their brain/neurological system continues to develop for years – from a biological standpoint – this means that their physiology is more susceptible to toxic effects when compared to a teenager, and finally – the U.S. government seems to agree that vaccines can trigger several disorders including autism in children as evidence by the more than $2 Billion it has awarded to parents since 1989.
      With just the information above, I must conclude that it is NOT foolish to question whether you should be giving your child all the recommended vaccines. I’m not saying all vaccines are bad. What I’m saying is that you cannot trust everything the medical system or pharmaceutical companies tell you about vaccines. Frankly, there is no real good reason to take vaccines against diseases that are not deadly. It is a “healthy” thing to challenge the immune system naturally and allow it to develop its own antibodies to childhood diseases like chickenpox. For those that prefer sticking your child with aluminum and formaldehyde for diseases that are uncomfortable and painful, yet not deadly, I ask – why?
      And to the people who argue for a healthy diet devoid of man-made chemicals I applaud you. I have actually tested a cleansing diet I designed with only organic raw vegetables and other anti-inflammatory ingredients and was amazed at how I felt after three days. I ate nothing else except this shake (as much as I wanted) and water for five days – my energy levels skyrocketed and I lost the after lunch blues completely! Since then several of my friend shave tried it to help them with different ailments and all have improved.
      Americans seem to forget that you are what you eat. Next time you have a headache – stop reaching for that pill and instead – think about what you ate.

  54. Azor, I’m sorry, but you don’t get to mention the cleansing diet you designed without letting your fellow gumshoers know about it! I’d love know know the recipe, I think I’m overdue for a good cleansing. Also enjoyed your vaccine analysis.

    • Hi Robert – glad to share. I must warn you that the cleanse is a little hard core in the fact that you will smell like garlic and onions. However, when I explained to my fellow co-workers what I was doing, I found that they respected my choice and dealt with the smelly shake (it was just for a week). I designed my raw veggie shake to not only cleanse the body but also to increase my metabolism and promote anti-inflammatory properties. Also – it’s important to use a blender NOT a juicer as you want to retain the bulk/fiber, which helps you feel full. All the ingredients are organic and there is a reason for each one (too extensive to list) – onion, garlic, broccoli, carrot, spinach, daikon radish, cilantro, fresh squeezed lemon, cayenne, cinnamon, and turmeric blended in organic tomato juice. Add amounts to taste and make a relatively thick stock, which you refrigerate in a glass container. You pour half a glass of stock and cut it with more tomato juice add some fresh squeezed lime stir and drink. You should make fresh stock every third day (its not as powerful after the second day). You can drink as much as you want but do NOT drink close to bed time as it might keep you awake. You can also drink green tea and water but nothing else during the first week. I used the cleanse to jump start my metabolism the first week, followed it with a fat burning vegan diet that is similar to GBOMBS for two additional weeks (as I was interested in also losing weight), and then brought in healthy proteins such as organic eggs to the diet. Continue with at least 1 glass of raw veggie shake for as long as you can tolerate it. I lost my after lunch blues on day three, felt superbly energized by day five, lost 10 lbs by the end of the third week, and kept it off a year later. I just wish I had the discipline to eat healthy all the time! The key to a healthy feeling body is to ensure you regularly eat raw veggies (and other anti-inflammatory foods), avoid foods with man-made ingredients (least processed is best), avoid inflammatory foods (e.g., processed sugars), stop eating when you feel full, and walk at least 30 min five times a week.

    • To briefly tie this all back to getting rich through Obamacare (or any medical policy), the U.S. economy and financial systems are significantly dependent on human disease. If everyone were to follow the healthy plan I outlined above, all the problems associated with obesity would vanish. Everyone’s immune system would be at maximal protection and disease would decrease by probably over 80%. This would have highly negative effects on any money making processes associated with drug development, medical care, meat production, corn syrup production, food preservative production, etc. Obamacare policy would never have evolved. Our financial and economic systems directly and indirectly resist the best plan for a healthy life and the vast majority of doctors do not take the time to educate patients on the power of wholesome foods and exercise – instead, they are very quick to offer you a prescription for a drug.

  55. Thank you Biochem101 for explaining the “get out of jail card free”. I have always read the manufacturers inserts. What happened to me: Years ago I went to see my knee orthoscopic surgeon for pain a year after the operation. When I left He said to his staff: “Give Leo a bunch of those sample bottles of Vioxx”. I said, “I don’t want anymore of that stuff it causes heart problems”. Doctor: No it doesn’t. Me: Yes it does. Doctor: Then give him Celebrex. Two years later Vioxx was taken off the market. The Celebrex was never used either after reading the insert. If I have to take antibiotics I also load up on Probiotics which is now recognized as very advisable but many doctors don’t seem to know this.

    • Leo,

      My kid brother has a PhD i pharmaceutical chemistry. One thing I know from listening to him, doctors get their information from SALESMEN of the companies who make the round to their offices. My other brother has been in the insurance industry for his whole career. He told my parents to ask their pharmacist about medications, because they have much better training and more day to day experience. They tried to peddle Vioxx to me too but when I described who I was getting my information from they back-pedalled very rapidly. As my friend said, watching a TV commercial, “You have toenail fungus but the medicine they give you causes liver failure? Better to live with itchy feet!”

  56. I believe that vaccines had a large part in advancing our world health, but in my mind the jury is still out on flu shots.
    The CDC doesn’t even know how many people die each year from the flu, putting their estimates at between 3,000 and 49,000 people a year – and that is for ‘flu-associated’ death, which means “deaths that occur in people for whom seasonal influenza infection was likely a contributor to the cause of death, but not necessarily the primary cause of death.” The reality is the vast majority of these deaths are due to pneumonia — not flu — which likely accounts for only a few hundred. Yet the CDC continues to use tens of thousands as a scare tactic to drive people towards flu shots.

    Again, hearing about flu deaths (which are actually typically pneumonia deaths) further contributes to the fear-mongering urging Americans to get vaccinated against the flu … without letting the public know that they’re still entirely susceptible to all of the other flu-like illnesses going around. And also keeping quiet about the fact that a flu vaccine does not protect against the ‘primary cause of death’ in most flu-associated deaths, which is pneumonia.

    A far better approach would be to educate people about the importance of healthy eating, exercise and vitamin D levels – as, unlike the flu vaccine, these natural strategies do help protect against all of the viruses and bacterial infections going around since they work by bolstering your body-wide defense against all disease: your immune system.

    • A few weeks ago I decided to get my free annual physical (since it had been 10 years without one). The doctor, who i haven’t met before, comes in and asks me when my last tetanus shot was. I said I didn’t remember. So, he checked it on his chart and then checked another box and said: “Okay, we’ll get you a booster shot and a flu vaccine.” To that I said, “No flu vaccine, absolutely not! I am a healthy 46-year old with no immune deficiencies. Why are you suggesting I take this vaccine?” Well, a pretty intense debate about vaccines ensued. This guy was of retirement age and assumed I was your average patient with no type of knowledge in these matters. That soon changed. I was surprised that he was not up to speed on the preservatives in infant vaccines. To make a long story short – he believed there were no studies out there that showed any neurological impacts of vaccines because he would have “seen it in his medical literature” and besides there was a “recent study” that “proved” there was “no connection between vaccines and autism” (I am familiar with that study). To which I responded, “You are obviously not a scientist if you think that one study proves anything.” Well, I did a bit of research online when I got home and found this link that I thought might be of interest to you: http://www.nvic.org/vaccines-and-diseases/Autism/specialreport.aspx.
      How can a man of his years not be aware of any of these studies? Note how many of these studies are in pier reviewed scientific journals. On another note, during a separate conversation after the heated vaccine debate, he mentioned he was retiring and that his wife had ovarian cancer. She was thankfully in remission after radiation treatment. I asked him if they had looked into any alternate therapies to which he replied “No”. I did not have the heart to continue with that line of discussion. That same evening I found this extremely interesting documentary on cancer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEwgaCTb72c

      Question: Should I bother giving him a copy of the reference list of vaccine studies or the link to this documentary?

  57. Most companies got out of the vaccine business simply because there is no profit to be made and more importantly, they were tired of being sued by sheister lawyers and extortionist governments due to some of the rare and unfortunate side effects of some vaccines.

  58. J J– They can’t be sued (compliments of our congress). Anyone proven injured by vaccines get compensated by a government fund.

  59. After reading this entire thread, I am left with the conclusion that following the best science available is correct. Scientists have children too!
    At 62 years of age, it is my observation that the older I get the more I tend to be skeptical, conspiratorial, and condemning of all opinions…save my own. After all, I am older and wiser than most of you…right? Wrong…and I fight the urge to dismiss my children’s inspiring optimism everyday.
    The latent supposition here that somehow Jonas Salk’s moral standards of 50 years ago were something more than today’s corporate scientists’, is a subjective judgment. The results of today’s science… documented in double blind tests… is not.
    That made me to go back and re-read the comments from those of you who presented your credentials and the number of years in your field of discipline.
    Old men like me are grumpy, but we’ve lived long enough to see the truth ousted from the morass of egotistical, self-serving opinion. In each case, it has been science, not the adherence to the likes of a creationism-type movement that has moved he ball down the field. Your physician has credentials posted on the wall of his office…take the time to read them.

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