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    1. ELGORDO
      Jan 4 2010, 12:04:38 pm

      MOTLEY FOOL OPTION SERVICE. Their suggestions consist mainly of selling puts, covered writes on stock and selling calls. I’m dissatisfied with their service as with my experience these are things I can do easily. In addition selling calls, puts and doing covered stock exposes you to possible large losses.
      Their recommended purchases of calls and puts are very few and that is the type of option service I’m interested in. By buying options, losses are limited and there is a chance of a good score.
      For an experienced option trader I don’t recommend the service.

    2. cautious
      Mar 11 2010, 04:44:38 am

      Subscribed in August, hoping to learn and profit. The educational aspect is good, the practice is mediocre. Not worth the lofty price.

    3. Terrance Dauplaise
      Feb 26 2013, 01:32:27 pm

      I’ve been investing in stocks and options for over 20 years now, and I really enjoy Motley Fool Options. I used to do just buying or selling calls or puts. Now I’ve learned how to increase my profits with spreads, straddles, strangles. Haven’t tried an “Iron Condor” yet, but they explain how to do it.

      They seem to have a good percentage of winning trades (80-90%). I pick and choose the ones i implement, and I’ve made enough to pay for my subscription for the next 20 years.

      You need to be a little patient sometimes. They have enough readers that when their recommendations come out, the volume of those issues jumps enough to possibly skew the price temporarily. Wait a few hours or more, and you’ll be fine.

    4. Ed Wong
      Oct 28 2013, 05:16:02 pm

      A great service for trade ideas no matter if you are a veteran or a newbie. Even pro’s can use a different look at options. In the option markets there is so many different trades you can make the motley fool options service help you realize some excellent opportunities you may not think of.

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