Motley Fool Special Ops

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I have been a subscriber since February. Portfolio holds 20 positions now with 5 positions with 11+% gains. Those positions taken before my joining. They may had added to some of these positions since. One position down 80+% and seven more down 17+%. Expected special situation stocks to hold up better than small stocks in general but they have not. They do an excellent job of following their stocks as well as making it fun and educational. High price service with no relative performance yet.

Mohd Razak khan
Mohd Razak khan

Motley fool did ask me to enroll but I’d rather keep the dough in my wallet.The review posted by mike mercer says it all.Anyway,are any of u guys enrolled with untapped wealth.Could like to know more about them.Their 123 Advisor and their Recon Alert.Feel free to drop a note or two at find stock gumshoe very interesting and am looking forward to be an irregular very soon.