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    1. traydon
      Jul 30 2009, 11:45:20 am

      I’ve been getting Michael Murphy’s New World Investor for more than three years. In that tine I’ve made lots of money off of DNDN’s triple digit gains in 2007 and 2009 and was lucky enough to sell most my DNDN before its drop in 2007. I am also up triple digits with his BCRX and ARNA picks. At the same time, he has had his losers like Isolagen (ILE), SIMG, HOC, ZHNE and Arena options. While he oes not score well for ccnsistency, his weekly reports are very interesting and he actively addresses subscribers’ comments and questions. I think you have to learn how to read his newsletter and figure out the difference between when he is really onto something and when he appears to be smoking something. But he now has all his old weekly reports (going back to July 2005) posted on his site so you can get a feel for his history if you are a new subscriber. I recently renewed for three years and it will be the only newsletter I get when my others expire.

    2. dsz
      Jun 5 2011, 10:23:33 pm

      I still remember Michael Murphy for not refunding my money as promised back in 1999-2000 when taking a trial of his other newsletter (forgot the exact name of the letter, but I recall he talked a lot about sillicon valley where he lived). There was an excuse for not opening my refund request letter promptly (and they did not honor the time stamp on the letter). I also tried to contact them by email but got responses with other execuses. Based on this bad experience, I would never want to deal with him any more.

    3. Farm Girl
      Feb 26 2013, 02:30:42 pm

      For the last five years, the #1 letter in Hulbert has been New World Investor, and #2 is Forbes Special Situations. Those two are almost always near the top of the rankings, and I use them for ideas and do my own DD.

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