Options trading service, offers a variety of services including Daily Report and Weekly Report and some training courses in a variety of options strategies.

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    1. glworden
      Apr 28 2010, 07:46:19 pm

      I subscribed to Pete Stolcer’s Daily Report for 3 months starting in February 2010. I took a couple of his paid webinars as well.

      Pete is a very knowledgeable guy and also a nice guy. He responds to e-mails promptly and gives well-reasoned answers to questions.

      There is a lot of educational content at his mirror site, Everything there is free. It’s a great place to learn about various option strategies.

      As far as the paid site,, he offers several different services, including a Daily Report, a Weekly Report, three options services, access to his screener, and a covered call course. There is a separate charge for each service. There is also a separate charge for each of his webinars.

      The daily commentary is incisive.

      The options picks themselves are hit and miss. With a bullish pick and a bearish pick every day, that’s ten picks a week – or forty a month. With that many picks, he’s always able to feature a pick in his advertising that turned out great. I had some good results and some bad ones. As a beginner, there wasn’t a whole lot of hand-holding. No tracking of the picks, and no specifics on exit strategies.

      I didn’t like the idea that I was paying for his flagship service but that he was parsing his “best ideas” out among the various services. So there’d be an ad for the “trade of the year” at an extra webinar, at an extra cost. I felt like he should have a great interest in the success of his subscribers and that if he really felt like an idea was excellent, he should share it with his main subscriber base. I also felt that the pressure to come up with two picks each day – for the daily service alone – led to a dilution of quality and many picks made with less than full conviction.

      I unsubscribed after three months. I may try it again some day when I have a better perspective of my own and am able to use his ideas as starting points.

      But again: the content of is highly recommended. Note the free site uses the numeral 1, while the paid service uses the word “one”.

    2. Hossein
      Jan 17 2011, 10:39:23 am

      I am considering to join oneoption. As the reviewer says, daily report seems difficult to manage. One call and one put every day and not having a clear exit strategy makes the service not attractive. I am thinking about weekly report that is supposed to be the most consistent one. Has anyone used the weekly report?

    3. dave
      Mar 6 2011, 01:50:27 pm

      I have been a subscriber to the Level 1 and Daily Report for about 3 months. After getting a feel for those 2 reports I added the remaining reports 2 months ago (The Weekly Report, Level 2 and Level 3.

      I have found the service to be excellent and covered the annual cost of the service in the first month. Pete’s research and stock picks analysis is very extensive and the options education is the best I have encountered.

      The Daily Report offers 2 picks per day as 1 bullish and 1 bearish pick. The trader then has the ability to trade as he or she sees fit. All the other reports have specific buy and sell recommendations with each report from 1 through 3 adding more diversity in the type of option trades that can be recommended.
      The service also includes a scanner which identifies stocks that are breaking out, trending breaking down etc. Charts of all of the stocks in the scanner can be displayed for review.

      For anyone who is interested in seriously trading options for a profit One Option is the best I have found after reviewing and trying several others.

    4. Jay
      Jul 29 2011, 10:42:05 am

      I subscribe to Pete’s Level 1 service. His commentary is spot on and Pete knows his stuff. Unfortunately, his picks are not as great. He runs up strings of consistant losses and then fills back with a big winner.

      The Level 1 service gives you a few picks per month – long call or puts only.

      You can see his picks and how they played out by reading his past research reports and trades. Here’s how he performed based on his Level 1 trades:

      2010: Loss of $2557.50

      2011: Thus far (7/11) a Loss of $7665.00

      This doesn’t look so promising, but I’m sticking with him and using my own thoughts to pick my trades.

    5. Christopher Michaels
      Nov 16 2011, 10:19:36 am, very professional presentations, well organized website. I signed up yesterday for their most expensive service. After seeing Pete’s latest PUTS recommendation, I sent an email asking why the strike price was higher than the stock price on his PUTS recommendation……His answer:
      “If you do not know what a strike price is, DO NOT TRADE OPTIONS!”……..Rude!
      I immediately asked for a refund.

    6. emcwin
      Nov 29 2011, 04:26:20 pm

      In response to Christophers review. The answer does seem rude (and Pete should have ideally referred to one of the free online courses). But I have to say, the advise is spot on!

    7. Pete Stolcers
      Apr 17 2012, 03:03:04 pm provides options trading research to investors and professional traders. The sIte is currently rated #1 on Investimonials out of over 10,000 financial products. Trust over 90 5-star reviews.

      I take my research very seriously and this post is in response to “Christopher”. I tried to protect his interests and my comments were misconstrued. Based on his comments I felt he did not understand options. I’m sorry his feelings were hurt. I always make time to resond to questions, but I keep my comments brief. I could have provided more instruction and I could have handled the situation better. The trade made money and the the customer got a refund immediately. I rarely get complaints. “Christopher has made it his mission to post as many bad reviews as possible (even posting multiple bad reviews on the same site). Here is the entire dialogue between us:

      11/15/11 – Trade instructions: If the SPY closes below 125, I like buying the WMT Dec $60 puts. Use a close above $58 as a stop.

      11/15/11 – Customer comments: On your report of the 15th, you recommend a WMT Put at $60, but the price throughout the day was $57.58. Do you mean that I should wait until it goes up to $60 to buy a Put?

      11/15/11 – My response: First condition: SPY has to be below 125.

      If that is true, buy the $60 puts. $60 is the strike price, not the stock price.

      If you do not know what a strike price is, DO NOT TRADE OPTIONS!

      Make sure you understand options before trading.

      11/16/11 – Customer reposnse:”If you do not know what a strike price is, DO NOT TRADE OPTIONS!” ……Wow, that was a little rough !!!!

      I have been trading options for over a year. Where I trade, when trading Puts, the strike price is always lower than the current stock price. For instance, on the 14th I bought Dec 30 Puts of MCP. At that time the stock’s price was $32.84. So, at the moment of the trade, the strike price ($30) was lower than the stock price ($32.84).

      But I’ll tell you what. Let’s forget this and refund my money back to my account immediately.

      11/16/11 – My repsonse: Sorry you misinterpreted my comments.

      Refund processed.

      Good luck.

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