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    1. Jay
      May 21 2011, 10:41:07 am

      I just subscribed to Jim Fink’s OPTION FOR INCOME trading service of KCI Investing. It’s for every level of option trader, beginner to advance. He recommends 4-6 trades every month, whenever he identifies a high-probability play where the odds heavily favor success. His website includes educational videos and articles, performance tracking and other resource tools needed to become a successful options trader.

      His website is clear on his recommendations. He tells you exactly the information you need to input if you are an online trader and the exact words to say if you are trading with a broker.

      Jim is well knowledgeable and responsive to clients comments and questions. He publishes the client questions and his answers on his website. Another excellent learning tool.

      This service only started end of April 2011. The 5 stars on performance is not on the performance of his picks but on the excellent research reports that lead to his picks. The earliest of his picks will not expire until July 2011.

      Anyone interested in serious trading option, this is one of the best specially for a beginner. I paid $995 for one year. I can cancel within three months, but so far, I see no reason to cancel my subscription. One can easily see if a service is worth it in the first few days. My recommendation is to check this out.

    2. Mike
      Aug 28 2012, 03:12:21 pm

      Jim Fink’s service has been great. He is always available to answer your questions, great educational content, I started with $150K in an options account two months ago and now, following his weekly options plays, the account is approaching $200K. Some of that is due to LEAPs in his Growth Portfolio, but most is due to monthly put spreads sold for $1-$2 per net credit. It begins to add up, most of his plays are fairly conservative. I would recommend his service highly based on my experience so far. Of course the market has been kind to put sellers this summer and things could turn on a dime, but he also recommends hedge plays to soften potential blows from a more volatile market.

    3. Dan Breuning
      May 14 2013, 08:54:45 pm

      I agree completely with the previous reviews. Jim Fink is brilliant, extremely responsive and provides a great value. Really good for beginners.

    4. Nelson Walling
      Nov 21 2013, 09:28:52 pm

      I am only one month into this service, but I have tried 4 others, Excellent picks, conservative, If you chose Risk, he shows the naked put, otherwise to be safe use the spread. If I was in trouble, he will help, a Gem.

      PS: Gumshoe reviews was the reason I found him and also found Spread the Trend, another keeper.

    5. B G
      Jul 1 2014, 10:37:01 pm

      I liked this service, but the results are vastly overstated. Jim claims 70%+ returns in the past year, but that is using some fishy accounting of “reinvesting” due to the short time frames of the trades. My actual returns in one year of the service was 11% gain (return on risk) after commissions. That would normally be a decent result, except you realize the S&P was up over 30% in the same time frame.

      Everything about the service is first rate. Very detailed and easy to follow recommendations which are easy to execute with very little time spent weekly. Jim answers questions quickly online. Most of the trades are selling put spreads 2-3 months out at strikes close to the money. Out of 82 trades there were 58 winners and 24 losers = 70.7% win rate. Again I use per trade numbers (ie, I count a roll as a new trade), whereas Jim looks at final result of all rolls. For example, if a trade rolls 3 times for loss and finally wins, I would call that 3 losing trades and 1 winning trade, whereas he would call that 1 winning trade.

      Unfortunately, vastly under-performing the market was not enough to entice me to try a second year of the service, but its probably a great one for people new to options to learn about trading in a safer way.

    6. Drazen Raucher
      Sep 3 2015, 04:16:07 pm

      I have been subscribed to Options for Income for almost a year. Recently, I checked open positions in Conservative Growth portfolio I noticed that they are more than five positions with 100% loss. When I posted my question about overall historical performance of the portfolio on the discussion board, my question was promptly removed.
      I don’t understand why questioning performance of the newsletter which claims: “Give Me 9 Minutes a Week and I Guarantee You $75,000 a Year” is inappropriate and Mr Fink is ignoring it.

    7. Powertower
      Oct 9 2015, 04:05:23 pm

      It’s suspicious that any posts questioning his returns or the fact that as of now if you closed out all your losing positions you would wipe out 3 years of gains gets removed. It’s shady. I would not recommend the service for the faint of heart. Everyone is a genius in a bull market.

    8. jacknasty
      Jan 12 2016, 11:14:35 pm

      I’ve been member for JF’s options for income for over 2 years evaluating the service. I have two trading accounts. One is for with his suggested alerts and the other is traded opposite of of the alerts. For example the lion share of trade alerts are put credit spreads, so if an alert was to sell May 50 of X buy May 45 of stock X for a credit of 1.50, I would buy the opposite spread buy May 50 of stock X sell May 45 of stock X (effectively making a bear put debit spread) for a in expensive debit pretty much out of the money. But funny how fast the price action would go against the original alerts. Once the put credit spreads are deep in the money, and expiration Friday nears, an alert is posted directing members to roll to a call debit spread which is simply closing out the losing trade and taking on a new trade in the same option. The loss in the closed put credit spread is a profit for someone else. Price action can be determined with a simple technical analysis before taking the position. Most of the trade alerts go against trends. The justification is his selling point…”seasonality”…which is a very out-dated method of determining a stocks direction. Most of my comments about my concerns regarding alerts were quickly taken down from the forums. Very suspect. This advisory has all the signs of Selling or Buying the opposite side. For every trade there are two sides… a loser and a winner. All it takes is building a volume of members who trust your judgement , from then on out it’s like taking candy from a baby. A good charter against a layman will win every time.
      In conclusion, my contrarian account is up 48% since I joined, while my account with the member alerts is down 15% (closed positions).

    9. HedgeYbet
      Feb 29 2016, 11:42:18 am


    10. drobnisd
      Mar 25 2016, 08:11:17 pm

      I have been a member of Jim Fink’s (JF) Options for Income (OFI for about three years. He provides legitimate service, good advice carefully explained. He also answers individual questions on-line about variations and other ideas–unique in my experience. His intro materials are thorough and factual–he does not throw around terms that he has not explained.
      His preferred positions are PUT spreads, usually bullish, occasionally bearish, typically 2-3 months to expiration. Sometimes, often to rescue an in-the-money PUT, he will open or roll to a CALL option spread, usually bullish but again, occasionally bearish. These are moderately sophisticated strategies, but each position is meticulously explained.
      I am eliminating most of my positions and not opening new ones. Why? For the first 2.5 years, I did well–averaging about a 15% annual return on my capital at risk. For 4Q2015 to 1Q2016, I have ended up giving back most of my previous gains. So while I feel I have no real complaints, I have learned some useful lessons:
      1. JF, like many of us, tends to be optimistic. When the market trend is up, he does well. When it is down or volatile–not so well.
      2. He claims an 80% success rate on his positions. But he counts three losses that are rolled into an eventual threadbare winner as one winner–not three losses and one win that ties up capital for many months. And the eventual losers tend to lose much more than the winners win.
      3. He claims 9 minutes a week is all you need. Well, to enter the trades, yes. To monitor the positions, you need much more. Because some positions can go bad in a few hours, and in some cases an e-mail alert will not reach you in time.
      4. You can never, never stop watching the market for even a day, on a business or vacation trip or, God forbid, an illness, without closing most, if not all, of your positions–with far from optimal results.. Even those that do not expire while you are away can dive deep into-the-money and be vulnerable to assignment and with a margin call.
      5. If you trade in a taxable account, you have a nightmare at tax time sorting through perhaps several hundred trades on your Form D. Plus Uncle Sam joins your team to share in the profits–but only to a limited extent in the losses! If you trade in a non-taxable or tax-deferred account, you are spared the tax consequences and accounting, but have special rules for trading with Settled Funds that an unexpected assignment, or even failing to properly close a winning CALL spread, can place you afoul of.
      6. Best fills are obtained by entering your orders each week on Thursday morning before the markets open–recommendations are available by 6:30 AM ET. Not too burdensome in the East, at 9:30 AM. Bit harder on the West Coast at 6:30 AM PT.
      7. In evaluating results, I detect a sign of JF’s thumb on the scales. In addition to the mullti losing rolls and an eventual scrawny win, JF counts a fill at his recommended prices by any one of his 1,000 subscribers. He also does not count premature assignments, or urgent bail-outs with only a couple of hours to take notice and respond.
      So bottom line–this is a legitimate investment service, with substantial on-line support, but notable caveats.

    11. redpoint76
      May 24 2016, 12:24:01 pm

      I was a member of Jim Fink’s Options for Income) for the last two years and just cancelled for a partial refund. I couldn’t agree more with “drobnisd” Mar 25 review except I would use stronger language. Jim’s claims in his sales pitch are outright fraudulent and could land him in legal trouble. I started with a portfolio of $100k and got a 10% return over 2 years. No where near the $79k per year (or half that, $39.5k, because I didn’t start with $200k). Worse is the fact that his win rate is less than 20% (not 80%!) which requires continuously rolling out losing positions to chase credits. Lastly, the level of effort is laughable (he claims 9 min a week). Be prepared to have to constantly monitor his alerts, execute trades (sometimes in an hour or less) and baby sit them until they fill, talk to brokers, run the numbers, etc. which seemed to always happen when on vacation or in an executive meeting, or holiday brunch, etc. Level of effort increases dramatically the more positions you open with him. I wouldn’t recommend the service. It will help you learn options trading but there are many ways to make a better return for significantly less of a time investment.

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