Oxford Bond Advantage

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Explaining “Payroll Certificates” as pitched by Oxford Bond Advantage

Checking out the "guaranteed by law" income pitch from Steve McDonald

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    1. Lorne Cutler
      Jul 28 2012, 03:40:47 pm

      While I have no problem with you putting an ad like this on your newsletter (we all have to make a living), it would have been nice if it was a text ad rather than making us sit through 30 minutes of a sales pitch to find out his newsletter promotional rate is $995. The product could be easily guessed at in a minute or two even without a thinkolater. It didn’t however address the issue (for me at least) as to how easy it is to buy these products in Canada when you only have a Canadian brokerage account.

    2. Goldbug
      Oct 1 2012, 07:37:14 am

      I think that they should keep the $995 prcie especially for smaller users like myself with only $7000 to invest. Although Steve’s picks for bonds can easily make back the $995, I don’t think $4995 for normal subscription is a reasonable price. I will keep this service as long as it is $995 a year. I have worked with his Bond Trader in the past with great success and made about $2000 in profits with a starting investment of $5000 so now I have $7000. Steve keeps you informed of the general markets and keeps you up to date with his picks. His first pick is really his last pick from Bond Trader so i am keeping those bonds I bought before.

    3. moneypenny
      Oct 6 2012, 12:13:38 pm

      About 7 years ago I paid $5k to be a “chairman’s circle” member of the oxford club so all the VIP newsletters are now included in a $125 annual renewal. This latest, the Bond Advantage, is one of the best. This give me the opportunity to make very good money with quite low risk. I’ve bought most of his recommendations so far, all at par or a discount with the expected return on these short term bonds averaging about 8%. That is great in this environment. I like their perpetual income portfolio and the momentum trader as well and also have about 20 of the Trading portfolio positions. It is money well spent. The marketing hype gets a little wearing, but they at least produce.

    4. bvigorda
      Sep 25 2013, 01:01:26 pm

      I like Steve McDonald and I like his newsletter. Just do as he says and buy small positions and you’ll do well. For stocks I like James Stack’s Investech for getting me through all the scary times. He has called all the major trend changes and he helps me ride the rough patches that amount to nothing more than corrections. For stock picks I subscribe to The Dividend Machine and I am making money with this. I believe these are the only three newsletters any investor needs.

    5. s f
      Jun 12 2015, 10:51:37 am

      Beware of guarantees. Seems self-evident but really, beware!! New to bonds I believed the professorially delivered advice that “the MEAR is guaranteed.” Unfortunately, neither the MEAR nor the bond is guaranteed when you buy junk. A single bond default can quickly negate any amount of 5% yields. So, for my 3 – 4 year committment to Mr McDonald I have a net 0% yield. Bonds my *ss.

    6. A.S.
      Jul 4 2016, 03:22:57 pm

      I have been a subscriber since 2013. He started out well, however his picks in the Coal and Energy industries have mostly turned out to be duds. 6 of his picks have all gone bankrupt. Losing 100% of your money on 6 recommendations, when the other 20 or so recommendations pay you roughly 7% ….means you need about 5 years …just to break even! So I am not that happy with the service.

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