“The Tiny Company About to Go ‘Public’ With True Fountain of Youth” (“Dr. Allen’s … RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth”)

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[Ed note: This article was originally published in June, 2013 when the shares of the stock teased, Alnylam (ALNY) were around $30 and the Oxford Club was saying that the first person to live to 1,000 is already alive ... now they're touting it as the "The Tiny Company About to Go 'Public' With True Fountain of Youth" and the company that will "unleash 'holy hell' on Social Security and Medicare, but the tease and the details (and the stock) are still the same.

What follows has not been updated, edited or revised, but ALNY is now a $3 billion company with a share price of roughly $50, it briefly hit nearly $100 and $6 billion earlier this year and was one of the better-performing large biotech stocks in a year that saw a real biotech bull market. I don't know a lot about the company or the science behind it, and didn't know much about it then either (sometimes I've got an opinion, sometimes I can just get you the stock name and ticker and let you get started on your own), so I'm republishing this instead of re-writing it -- that will let us stay connected to the original stream of comments.

I hope you find the following helpful, but it at least answers the question so many have asked: "what's Oxford Club's Fountain of Youth stock?"]

—-following was published June 29, 2013 and has not been edited or updated—

“Just one company stands to make the lion’s share from this radical life extension phenomenon…

“It’s locked down nearly every patent behind this technology.

“The founder of this company, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, is the same man who founded one of the most storied biotech companies ever.

“His first biotech outfit saw its stock go from $3.08 a share to over $240 a share. That’s when his company developed and released a treatment for a debilitating – and often deadly disease.”

I can see why so many folks have been asking about this latest pitch from the Oxford Club — not only do you get that kind of exciting story, but you also get the coincidence that the folks who buy investment newsletters tend to mostly be in their 60s and 70s and quite interested in health and rejuvenation and life extension, and the ad came in under the headline that …

The First Person to Live to Age 1,000 Has Already Been Born…

Presumably that’s going to be one of the people who are a few months old now, and you also have to see a real exponential hockey-stick chart of life expectancy to get to 1,000 years old — along, of course, with a complete change to the structure of human life on earth — but the more realistic-sounding projections, based on some big breakthroughs like the one being teased here, are that it’s possible for adults alive now to reach 150 years of age, and that the longer you live the more science will catch up with you and push that envelope further. Of course, you won’t be able to retire at 65 if you’re looking at making those monthly condo payments for another 80 years after that, but presumably you’ll be so strong and vibrant that you’ll be working as a longshoreman for a little fun and pocket change in your spare time.

But anyway, this Oxford Club pitch is that there’s a spectacular biotech company that’s got RNA technology patents locked up, and visionary leadership, and they’re going to shoot to the moon over the next few years — starting soon as they release their next FDA trial results in the days and weeks to come, and accelerating by next year as Phase III trials and possible drug approvals get closer to reality.

And no, it’s not the same idea as the “God Switch” ads still being run by Patrick Cox and the Agora folks — that’s a different “become immortal” strategy based on stem cells and they were (and are, and have been for a while) teasing BioTime (BTX). This is a different approach to living “forever.”

Here’s some more from the ad, talking about the huge success this scientist had with his last company:

“In the next 90 days, we’re expecting an unprecedented and shocking announcement from this gentleman’s new ‘start-up’ biotech company…

“It’s a ‘coming out party’ of sorts for this technology.

“And when this news hits the mainstream media, I believe it could become the most talked about technology breakthrough of our lifetimes. And the stock is likely to storm up the charts as a result.”

Here’s how they describe the actual science … and let me just warn you, from here on out I’ll be playing the role of “dumb guy”, the science is out of my sphere of understanding:

“Think of your cells like tiny photocopiers. Even if you have the highest-quality printer in the world, there will be a problem if you make copies of copies of a photograph. The little imperfections add up. Eventually you won’t even recognize the image.

“But, consider if you just used the original every time you wanted a copy. Then you could make perfect replicas for years and years.

“That’s what this company’s technology does.

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“Its scientists have found a way to get the ‘original’ make-up of a cell. Its treatments convince the body to use the originals only, and to destroy any damaged ‘replacement’ copies.

“The industry term for this medicine is ‘RNA Interference.’

“Biologically it works like this…

“RNA is a messenger, copying genes from an old cell to a new cell. But what happens when RNA starts transmitting imperfections to the new cells? The answer is what we call aging… when these imperfections add up, and our body starts breaking down.

“But ‘RNA Interference’ stops the RNA from passing along these imperfections. It interferes with these mistakes, so your genes only pass along the blueprint of the original ‘perfect’ cell.

“In other words: All your new replacement cells can be as perfect as the original cells….

“Right now, doctors treat you by working outside in – using either invasive drugs or surgery.

“But using RNA Interference, it’s possible to treat disease by going inside out. That’s because this technology makes it possible to ‘turn off’ harmful genes.

“For example, let’s say one tiny cell in your body begins producing cancerous cells. With RNA interference, doctors can keep the cancer cell from ever reproducing.

“In other words, you can destroy the cancer inside your cells, before it starts.”

And here’s the understatement of the day:

“It’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a shot or pill in the next five to 10 years to get you to age 1,000.”

But they turn that into “still damn good” in the following sentences:

“After all, RNA Interference is still a very new technology…

“At its current level of development, we are perhaps decades away from using it to live a thousand years.

“That said, I am certain this company’s technology will be used to add as many as 60 to 70 additional healthy years to your life.”

Not bad, eh? So which company is this? Clues, please:

“… a small, American-based company, near the campus of MIT.

“This unknown company has unlocked the secrets of RNA. At this very moment, it’s administering these treatments to hundreds of Americans… But those numbers could be on the verge of a dramatic rise. And here’s why…

“We are only months away from an explosive announcement from this biotech company… One that could show up on the front page of every financial newspaper and website across the country.

“This is the start of something bigger than the introduction of flight by the Wright brothers. Even bigger than the birth of personal computers in the 1970s….

“The company I’ve been telling you about was founded by a scientist we’ll call ‘Dr. Allen.’ Dr. Allen is one of our greatest living scientists. In the 90s, he won the Nobel Prize for a different biotechnology, something called gene splicing.

“He’s also a professor at MIT and a member of the prestigious Royal Society of London, which once included Sir Isaac Newton among its members.

“But beyond his many scientific credentials, Dr. Allen is also an incredible businessman. In the late 70s, he founded a company we’ll call ‘Bio-Inc.’

“It was a tiny start-up at the time, but today that company has over $2 billion in annual revenue.

“You’ll be interested to know that Bio-Inc’s stock is up more than 7,547% since Dr. Allen founded it.”

Sounds intriguing, no? Any more little details that we can feed into the Thinkolator? Perhaps just a few …

“… only a $1.3 billion market cap …

“It owns nearly all the patents related to RNA Interference… over 700 granted patents worldwide for RNA Interference. In total, it has over 300 granted or issued patents in the world’s major pharmaceutical markets – the United States, E.U., Japan… No other company comes this close to completely controlling this technology….

…it’s arranging 30 licensing deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies right now. And even more deals are expected soon….

“Dr. Allen’s latest company has an advisory board made up of scientists from Harvard Medical School, MIT, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. In just three months, this company will announce incredible medical results, which could shoot its stock to the moon.”

OK … so that’s the pitch on the company — how are they going to make us rich? We’re told that there’s a catalyst coming soon — results from one of their trials:

“Dr. Allen’s company is on the verge of announcing incredible results from a Food and Drug Administration study about its top RNA Interference medicine.

“This study, conducted with the Boston University School of Medicine, will be shocking even to most doctors.

“We know. We’ve seen the earlier FDA reports for ourselves.

“The results of this announcement should lead to immediate Phase 3 approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Meaning…

“The first RNA Interference treatment of its kind will soon be commercially available in the U.S.”

“… laser-focused on a treatment for a rare ‘orphan’ disease. By taking this unusual route to get this medicine on the market, the company cut down the final approval time for its RNA medicine to as fast as 12 months.

“Specifically, Dr. Allen’s team is going after a terrible, genetic disease that more than 40,000 people are diagnosed with each year. Most die from it within three years.

“At this point, Dr. Allen’s company is winding down its Phase 2 trials treating this ‘orphan’ disease… based on early reports we’ve seen, after a single dose of this RNA medicine, patients had a 94% reduction of the protein causing this genetic disease. In other words, most of the problems were “turned off” after a single treatment. In addition, side effects were non-existent… we fully expect this treatment will almost certainly pass into final Phase 3 testing in the next three months. And when the company announces this next stage of approval, this event alone could be worth millions in profits.

“The door will be wide open for brand new medicines developed by Dr. Allen and his scientists. In fact, they’re working on five new treatments as we speak….”

So who is being teased by the Oxford Club folks here? Thinkolator sez it’s Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY), which was actually one of the top teaser touts of 2012 after the folks at Casey Extraordinary Technology teased it back in May of last year at about $10 a share (it went to $18 or so at the end of the year, and recent strength has driven it to $30).

I think you probably all know well that I’m no doctor, and no scientific expert, but Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is a very active developer of early stage drugs that use RNA interference or RNAi technology — they’re not the only ones, there are other competing platforms and strategies that also aim to lasso the “turn off a gene” power of tinkering with RNA, including the one that’s probably a bit more well-known, Isis Pharmaceuticals (ISIS). And yes, ALNY is headquartered in Cambridge, not far from MIT, and the big brain on the board is Nobel-winning RNA-splicer (and MIT faculty member) Dr. Phillip A. Sharp — the A is for Allen, in case you’re wondering where the “Dr. Allen” bit came from.

They are also expecting Phase II data from their lead trial sometime this Summer, that’s the trial for their “orphan drug” to treat TTR Amyloidosis (the drug is called ALN-TTR02 at this point), and they do see this moving into a Phase III pivotal trial by the end of the year (assuming, of course, that good results continue). This is an exceedingly rare and terrible disease with no effective therapies, so the treatment would have to be pretty bad to not at least get the drug a fighting chance. You can see the rest of the pipeline here, the goal of the company is to advance at least five compounds into advanced stage clinical trials by 2015 (they call it their “5 in 15″ campaign), which would presumably help to validate their RNAi platform and patents and technology and get other partners on board to work on other diseases.

The company has had a pretty steady drumbeat of positive-sounding announcements during the first half of this year, which has helped to spur the shares higher, and the last note I saw in their quarterly annoucements said they expect their Phase II TTR02 results by the end of June, so that’s awfully dang close to now … along with a “data rich” period of expected information being released about their preclinical and less-advanced products over the next few months. They’ve also been making the rounds of investment conferences recently, so you can check out some of those presentations here if you’re interested in hearing their pitch more directly, or the latest earnings call transcript here. That said, they’ve had plenty of periods of weaker news as well — they had a different Phase II trial fail a bit over a year ago, so these are not guaranteed compounds.

Financially, ALNY’s stock price can really only be justified because it’s a biotech stock that investors believe is creating a platform that will lead to a series of novel drugs inching closer to the market over the next several years. Their revenue is minuscule for a company that has a market cap now of almost $2 billion, and they have a couple hundred million in cash on hand but that’s only because they issued new stock this year to raise cash — they will be using all of that cash and more as their clinical development programs move forward, trials are expensive and they get more expensive as you move along to later stages (though their lead candidate, with a very small number of afflicted patients and orphan status to speed things up, may not cost as much to usher through the process as the average drug). The stock trades on sentiment about their clinical trials, and about speculation about what a real platform for RNAi drugs might mean — which almost means the share price is irrelevant, you can argue that the company is worth $500 million or $1 billion or $5 billion or whatever number in between, but it’s all based on the current drugs, all in early stages except for their lead orphan drug, continuing to show the promise of RNA. Massive returns from here, as have been achieved by a few biotechs that made the leap to becoming real “big pharma” names with real products and profits, are possible, I suppose, but that depends on the science working. And probably on a bit of luck, as well.

Oh, and yes, “Dr. Allen” was involved with one of those previous mega-successes — the stock they tease as “Bio-Inc” is Biogen-Idec (BIIB), and Dr. Sharp was the founder of Biogen. If performance like Biogen’s is the goal — and that would be a lofty goal, indeed — then it’s worth noting that even this clearly spectacular company has had some very weak periods of stock performance, so investors would have had to show either great prescience or great patience to enjoy all of that run. BIIB has been a huge success since 2000, running from $50 to almost $250 in just a couple years, and it was also hugely successful in the 1990s, running from a couple dollars in 1990 to almost $50 in 2000 … but it also had a “lost decade” there in the middle, bouncing from $35 to $70 and back again several times in the 2000s as their lead drugs showed promise and disappointment along the way.

ALNY last had a heyday for investors in the mid-2000s when their first compound were being readied for the clinic, and RNAi and SiRNA and other technologies and techniques to silence genes were just getting investors excited for really the first time. RNAi and the like have been very promising but very challenging develop for at least a decade now — that oft-cited quote that was in the ad that this is “The Greatest Medical Advance Since the Discovery of Antibiotics,” from an article in New Scientist, was published in 2005, when the first clinical trials for RNAi drugs seemed likely … it always takes longer than you think, and the FDA is always extra-worried about brand new treatments or technologies.

From what I can tell in the dumbed-down articles I’ve skimmed, the biggest issue with RNAi is how to delivery it to the right cells, a challenge that is being addressed in many different ways (intravenous, subcutaneous, oral compounds with engineered coatings, etc.).

Anything else I say about the technology or the company’s drugs in development will only further illustrate my ignorance … so I can tell you that the Oxford folks are almost certainly teasing Alnylam, but I don’t know what the news will be from their Phase II trial in the weeks (or days) ahead, how the other compounds in their “five in 15″ campaign will develop, what partnered drugs might bring in milestones in the years to come, or how strong their patent portfolio is. This is a very young science still, at least when it comes to actually developing drugs, so I can easily see a successful drug approval in a couple years, if it does indeed come, being hugely important even if this first orphan drug won’t be itself a big enough seller to “make” the company.

If you’ve been an ALNY investor or follow the stock, or just paid more attention in science class than I did, feel free to jump in and let us know what you think of this one.


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178 Responses to “The Tiny Company About to Go ‘Public’ With True Fountain of Youth” (“Dr. Allen’s … RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth”)

  1. I hope these news letter people don’t come after Travis for raining on their parade. Thanks and stay well.


  2. Is this another Biozoom? But I guess at $30 a share it sounds more legitimate. Biozoom was being touted with a media blitz. Now the SEC has suspended trading.


    • Remember Sequenom (SQNM)? It seemed legit at $25, too, but after information about —I forget whether it was fraud, manipulation of price, or what—it dropped to about $5, and is hovering there or even lower. Be very careful with this sort of innovative science stock; it is easy to get above one’s understanding in science (and for me, in finance as well). I have tried a biotech a few times; makes me nervous (my results overall have been slightly negative).


  3. The prospect of extending human longevity has been one of the primary goals of medical science. For a look into that science and what the possibilities are I’d recommend reading a book entitled “Ending Aging” by Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

    There’s certainly money to be made in this field. The possibilities are tantalizing but the social implications are staggering and the potential for misuse and abuse enormous. The most sinister aspect of extending human life might well be the stagnation of scientific discovery when humanity needs it most. While Dr. de Grey quotes Max Planck’s “Science advances one funeral at a time” on multiple occasions I think he really misses the larger picture. We need to think carefully before rushing to embrace these new technologies.


    • Let me know when they figure a cure for a more common ailment like osteoporosis. Sometimes it seems to me that when single gene mutations and their associated diseases are the target of research, the rest of the world is still left waiting. I was an investor in Biogen during the late 1990′s and lost a bunch of money. It is true that a long term view might be the only good philosophy here and if we live to 150 we might see a profit!


      • Social security started collecting on 8/14/1935. The wh*res in the federal government started confiscating (borrowing) and spending every single surplus dollar collected as part of their annual spending sprees. The feds have given us – literally – a box of worthless IOU’s for every dollar they scumbags have borrowed and spent. in 2009 money collected into the social security fund for the first time fell short of the payout obligations. So, this drug won’t bust social security, it has been busted since 1940. There is nothing left but a box of paper IOU’s and whatever money is collected from working American paychecks. All of which already doesn’t come close to meeting the demand of the baby boomers which will continue to retire for the next 20 years. Social Security is a joke. A flat busted joke – ALREADY.


        • Dave, I was wondering if you are currently on Social Security. I am retired and receiving checks monthly. It does not seem as broke as you think. I expect the payments to be cut at some time but the same happens to some dividend paying stocks I have bought. When profits get better they tend to raise the dividend again.
          Life is full of fluctuations, ebb and flow. The government guarantees repayment of the funds borrowed. I have to expect politicians to keep the money flowing or older voters will ensure they are out of office.
          Optimistic in California!


          • Your SS benefits can be stopped at any time by Gov’t. decree. This was decided by the Supreme Court in “Fleming v. Nestor”, February, 1962. The gist of it is that there is NO contractual obligation by the Gov’t. to return monies paid into the SS system and as such the system is nothing more than a “scheduled benefits” program provided by the government. Now, in my personal opinion, I fully expect to get shafted by the Gov’t. eventually so I am taking what I can get back as soon as I’m elligible (1/14) and ride it out as long as possible before the fiat currency system self-destructs.


          • You label yourself as “optimistic” and yet are naive enough to believe that politicians will keep their promises. You state ” government guarantees repayment of the funds borrowed’ well, how is that working for your? They have only managed to rack up $17. TRILLION in debt that can never be repaid in sound money! The only way they can even begin to meet the total obligations they have amassed is by continuing to do what they have always done, DEBASE the currency. If you are prepared to accept 2c in purchasing power for each dollar you possess, then indeed there is reason to be optimistic.


          • Yes Mr Fisher, I believe you are correct. My feeling on ssi are that it was to secure society as we know it. I also believe that if the cap was taken off it would be even more secure, for it is when you get to the cap of your income that is when you certainly can afford the payment. I believe you should pay on ALL of your income, not just the first 125000 or what ever the cap is, for it will be when society is no longer secure it could be a scare for those at the top, when people are hungry even the best people will turn angry, form mobs , rob, steal and even kill for the things they need to survive. Don’t worry, we would never do that, WOULD WE?


          • Mr. Sommerlot, you are 100% correct. Time for the 1% to pay their fair share, just like everyone else. It is indeed in their long-term (think multigenerational) interest.


          • Dwight, I was just wondering how you missed the “wise” phase that most experience while growing older? Let me help to get you caught up & enlightened from your false Californian utopia. I’m glad that you’re receiving SS benefits from the money that I work hard to earn. As previously stated, the money that you paid in is gone. Just like the gold in Fort Knox, it’s been depleted for a more important agenda. Social security is just one of a multitude of reasons the printing presses are constantly running at redline and the deficit continues to rack up at a rate of 10K per second. Rest assured, if the working class of America hypothetically stopped paying in to SS, you would be dipping into your savings. SS would be the last in line for bailout consideration. And if you believe that the true chosen ones really give a damn about your vote, I have a jug of water from the fountain of youth to sell you. Wake up, seek the truth and help to educate.


        • Remember Bush’s attempt to invest Social Security dollars in the stock market—just before 2008? We dodged a bullet that time!


          • John McCain was actually touting the investing of SS funds into the market right up until the moment of the big market collapse! Interesting how short people’s memories are. And yes, lifting the cap on earnings would “fix” SS for years to come. Bernie Sanders is one of the few in Washington with real solutions for this so-called SS “crisis”


        • Ive said this elsewhere. Do the simple calc for yourself: If you take the cost of your home (at purchase date) and stuffed the same amount of $ under your mattress or bought gold to the same value (on that same day)…. which would be worth more today? Id still have 180k of moth eaten $ under my mattress…..but my same house would now cost $450k ……is that a gain of $270k for the house or a loss of 270k worth of purchasing power for my 180k $’s ? But my gold would now be worth $1.25 million. Is that a gain for gold, or a loss for house value or a major loss for the $? It looks a lot like the same chunk of gold….a lot like the same roof and land plot….and exactly the same number of $ bills.

          Is a $ as good as gold or is property as safe as houses? Im no gold bug but I cant fudge the arithmetic.


        • Remember before the 2008 bust when they were talking about investing Social Security funds in the stock market? We surely dodged a bullet that time! And I seem to remember a photo of —Pres. Bush?—at a filing cabinet, pointing out how there was nothing but empty paper in Social Security. Can’t recall the details, but glad that cooler heads prevailed.


    • No kidding. The Social Security system is already on very thin ice. Just getting rid of heart disease and thus extending millions of lives a few years (let alone 900, which is plainly absurd) would probably bust it completely.


      • The point of fountain of youth technology which dramatically extends life expectancy while reversing old age and its sicknesses is to allow humans to remain youthful and disease free for many centuries. In that case there would be no need for either retirement or for the bulk of intensive medical care. Since there would no longer be nonproductive and sickly old people, Social security and Medicare would both become obsolete. The money spent on dealing with old age would remain in the pockets of perpetually young and healthy workers. What’s wrong with that?


        • The scientists mentioned appear to focus on the imperfect replication of cells as the supposed cause of aging. My experience leads me to believe lifestyle choices are a far bigger contributor to “aging”. Overeating low-nutrition foods, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary habits, sleep deprivation–there is a long list of factors that affect our health and longevity besides the mechanics of cell division.


    • I think Ray Kurzweil has the right idea when he talks about “escape velocity”. Lifespan has been getting longer for generations and technology will soon get us to the point where it is being extended more than a year per year. If we can manage to keep ourselves in good shape we might still be around when this point is reached possibly in another fifteen years.


    • I disagree that there is anything “sinister” at all in increasing human longevity. There would certainly be some social challenges, and much that would have to be re-thought, and re-adujsted (like my social security benefits, for example), but I don’t see anything sinsister. I’d call it GROWING PAINS!!! We might eventually need to colonize beyond “planet earth” also, perhaps. I say hugely incleased longevity would be a really BIG positive, and not be sinister nor bad for humanity.


      • I agree that life extension technology would be hugely beneficial to humans , especially for those whose life expectancy is dramatically extended. Think of all the skills, wisdom and knowledge which would no longer disappear with the death of each of us.


  4. These teasers are absurd.
    Is this ALNY, and will it make money? Probably and possibly.
    But is there a long-term market for this? Take it from someone who is very old, and who has 2 physical therapists in the family – by your late 90s, everything quits working, especially most muscle groups. Live to 200 years old? Theoretically possible. But really – who wants to spend 100 years in bed??
    Great service Travis, keep up the good work.


  5. Fantastic as this RNA article may sound, I actually think it has a ring of truth to it. It’s hinted at in the following biblical phrase which may suggests that people will experience increased longevity near the end (Matt 24:1-34). However, this medical “meddling” may come at a price — the appearance of previously unknown diseases. Please see Rev 16:2.
    I’m excited by the possibility of this medical breakthrough, but I wonder.


    • To what Biblical phrase do you refer? I see nothing in Matt 24:1-34 that hints at increased longevity.


      • Hey how about Matt 24: 44-47? Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh….Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods. There is a good start. Those that are ready for the second coming of Jesus will
        rule with jesus in the 1000 year reign of Christ! Of course “so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1Thess. 4:17) Jesus the great physician promises new bodies (2Cor.5:1,2) to all that give him a call: Call (777) ROM-10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Office hours are 24/7.


  6. Caution is always a phase two but now we are taking about a lividend. The sweet smell of lobby power and Casey at the bat makes me wonder should I put a limit order in and reinvest till I am 1001 plus my time here now. Will certainly mess up the birthday notices on someones FB page. Travis you with out a doubt are really good and I get more value of this service all the time , I play some leaps on the options side but this will really throw off the CBOE. Just kidding thanks for the truthful input.


  7. Hi Travis
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your column, if only more analysts were as objective and honest as you then we as investors would have a lot easier time.
    Thank you
    Mike Sanders
    Hong Kong


  8. It seems like a pipe dream, when the most common diseases, from chronic annoyances to fatal predators, have not been brawt even close to “cured”. “Aging” cannot be “cured”, nor stopped.


  9. Im already writing my online dating profile ‘ Youngish (550yrs) man looking for a 450yr old toy girl……. GSH’ ;)


  10. The world is already overpopuated and stressing it’s resources.
    We are also automating more & more requiring less people. Robotic & Large equipment has replaced manual labor like in highway, real estate, construction, factories, textiles, plastics, mining, and even the computer and cell phones have displaced many. Grocery and department stores can now have cashiers that dont have to know any thing except pass the item by the scanner, place in bag and say thank you!

    Farms have huge tractors controlled by GPS that can till, plant, pick, bag or package etc.
    Oceans are already over harvested, and developers are building on flat agricultural land instead of hilly jnon agricultural areas.

    What about water availability?

    I dont think that living so long is a good idea. The tax man thinks that then you will be taxed forever!

    Things will progress so fast that the survivors of product profitability will be few.


      • …and you haven’t noticed any changes in -say- the food you eat in the last 40 years? Your corn, your wheat, your rice, your meat, your milk? Nothing like it was 40 years ago. We are utilizing near 100% of the surface fit for agriculture, 87% of all fish are dramatically overfished. There are 840mil of people that don’t have enough to eat every day. That of course doesn’t apply to your nearest Walmart, filled with fresh fruit and vegetables (despite them being out of season) and the highly subsidized farm products. We can’t feed everyone already, the global population growth is happening exponentially every day, and it will only make the situation way worse if people live twice as long, let alone 1000 years. Simple comparison. Imagine all cars would get 4 mpg instead of 40 all of a sudden. Get informed, man. It’s at the tip of your fingers, just stop ignoring it and you will be surprised. Promise.


        • I disagree that having people live extremely long is a negative, or guaranteed to cause insoluble problems. Would there be issues? Yes, of course. Growing pains. Folks who take the posture that you espouse assume we are forever limited to this planet, and to current technology and resources. Those are naive assumptions. It’s a BIG universe out there, and we are barely getting started.


        • For the most part, humans have children in order to be taken care of in their old age. If there will no longer be old age, a major reason for having children will disappear. Therefore fountain of youth technology might result in a reversal of the global human population as lives are lost to accidents, wars and suicide faster than new children are born.


          • I disagree on many fronts. Humans have children coz thats what we are programmed to do….however, we may have conscious reasons also. But that’s the fundamental. So, children will still be born even if we live to 999. Losses due to accidents, wars and suicide diminish every year. The consequence will be over population and a scarcity of resources. What happens beyond, is beyond my imagining.


          • Actually, some of us are not so selfish as to have children “to take care of us in our old age.” As Kahlil Gibran says in The Prophet, “Your children are life longing for itself.” We have children because they are beautiful beings, and we want to love them. Any other motivation for having children (such as passing on the family name) is unworthy of the souls who enter the earth through us.


  11. Death is God’s way of controlling the Humans and Animals till the end of earth which in my eyes is getting nearer.


  12. The Phase II study results for ALN-TTR02 (which is expected to be announced Peripheral Nerve Society Meeting in France on June 30, 2013.) uses a cutting edge technology known as “lipid nanoparticle” (LNP), and the excitement is around this technology which it licensed from Tekmira (NASDAQ: TKMR, TSX: TKM).

    Dr Sharp is the leading expert of RNAi – but the LNP “Catalyst” is viewed as the key enabler for using his approach. If the hype is proven (expected results) – the”shock” may be evidence of an accurate control mechanism for targeting RNAi – which has been the technical stumbling block with earlier efforts. Stay tuned.


  13. Not to rain on the parade any more but the whole paragraph in the fool’s description of the science is wrong. Completely wrong:
    “RNA is a messenger, copying genes from an old cell to a new cell. But what happens when RNA starts transmitting imperfections to the new cells? The answer is what we call aging… when these imperfections add up, and our body starts breaking down.”
    False. RNA is transcribed to make proteins, it has NO involvement in cell division. DNA, which is copied to RNA, is the genetic material used in cell division. There is no RNA intermediate and RNA has no involvement in transmitting any genetic information to the new cell. DNA is copied directly to new DNA and the 2 copies are divided into the 2 cells.

    RNAi is a great young technology and I see it having a major role in medicine moving forward, I see their target timeframes as being very ambitious however. IMHO they are a gamble, but sometimes gambles can pay off.


  14. What if they really succeed? So we live to be hundreds of years old – but who will support us with Social Security going broke, and unemployment rising? We can’t take care of the people we already have, dying by 90!


    • If they succeed that mortgage payment and those credit cards you are paying the minimum will get paid off, if you work till 200 or 300 years old. Social security retirement age may be 300?


  15. If there is even a whiff of good news at trials, ALNY will rocket up… and it’s doing pretty well right now!
    Viagra’s rise (ahem…) was a surprise, I wish I’d have bought in sooner… but this stuff, which is designed and no accident, will be astonishing if it works even half as well as they hope. It does seem feasible.


  16. Methusaleh (according to scripture) came close to living to 1000, but I doubt that we will even routinely reach Moses age of 120 by anyone born so far, even 150 would be a stretch. Maybe instead of relying on “science” interfering with nature based on mans wisdom, we should take biblical revelation and guidelines more seriously. Gen. 1:29 reveals the scientific FACT that fruits and vegetables take from the ground the elements from which man was originally formed and turns them into appealing foods, (taste, smell, texture of great variety) to provide the cells with the nutrients needed to sustain a long and healthy life. Instead of ENJOYING these blessings from the Creator man has focussed on PROFIT by fractionating these natural foods, denaturing them, destroying their nutritional value with heat and processing and substituting artificial and synthetic chemical compounds as a cheap substitute. If people ate natural foods grown in rich organic soil instead of the processed and preserved chemically grown crops in sterile soil with artificial fertilizers and poisonous pesticides we would see such a drop in what as rightly called “lifestyle diseases” we could probably close 75% or more of our hospitals.


    • I don’t want to live longer that what is planned for me. How about these famous scientists
      finding a cure for aids, cancer, alzhelmer, or even the common cold. i’d jump on those stock in a heartbeat. In fact, I have some of those stocks. Tests take a long time for the FDA to approve new medication. But I am sure it will happen some day but unfortunately,
      not in my lifetime. Enjoy your vacation, Travis.


    • Not sure about the devine source of all this, but indeed the more processed the food, the more ill effects it seems to have. No company, nor the FDA (Michael Taylor’s second home, the first being Monsanto), will run serious, long-term studies on genetically modified foods—although results of those few studies that have been run break down according to funding source: those by industry find them safe; those without a financial interest find dangers.


    • “Methusaleh lived 1000 year…but who calls that liven’ when no gal will give in to no man
      who’s 1000 years,” from It Ain’t Necessarily So, Porgy & Bess, Gershwins (who are both dead).


  17. I’m enjoying all of the comments, but really, most of us don’t really care about the moral values. Question is the same one folks my age hear often, “Is it gonna go up? Is it gonna stay up?”


  18. If the the two “sure things” in life are “death and taxes”, and if now we can “live forever”, then that just leaves………


  19. I have a degree in biotechnology and the science in the ad is just plan wrong. For instance it says “RNA is a messenger, copying genes from an old cell to a new cell”, there are two main types of RNA; messenger RNA (mRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA) neither is responsible for copying genes from a new cell to an old one. mRNA copies gene information (transcription) to be transported to the ribosomes for translation into a polypeptide (protein). tRNA molecules match up with codon sequences on the mRNA and link amino acids together in a sequence that is dictated by the mRNA. They are both for protein expression. DNA polymerase is the molecule responsible for copying DNA.

    Anyway don’t get sucked into this without understanding the science first. The company may have a technology that increases the longevity of cells or prevents errors from occurring but it sure as hell does not work as is explained in this ad. see this link for a video on RNA interference http://www.nature.com/nrg/multimedia/rnai/animation/index.html


    • Thanks; I squeaked out of SQNM before the collapse (see my earlier post), but as Mr. Buffett reminds us, investing in something that you do not understand can be dangerous, indeed. I may tiptoe a little past full understanding, but not very far.


  20. Correction “Neither is responsible for copying genes from an old cell to a new one” I got old and new round the wrong way in that last post


  21. Thank you Travis— You always come through! I had no idea they were running this promotion for so long. This is the first time I’ve seen it and I really appreciate your response.


  22. An update on ALN-TTR02 (now called Patisiran) from Nov 10th: Phase II clinical trial results showed that multiple doses of patisiran led to robust and statistically significant knockdown of serum TTR protein levels of up to 96%. Knockdown of TTR, the disease-causing protein in ATTR, was found to be rapid, dose dependent, and durable, and similar activity was observed toward both wild-type and mutant protein. In addition, patisiran was found to be generally safe and well tolerated in this study (bit.ly/13N6W53). So, things are looking good from this perspective, and the share price has certainly gone up since this article was posted in June.

    Just to be clear, RNAi technology can be used to fight genetic and infectious diseases so is not just about making people live longer but helping them have a better quality of life. Amyloid diseases as discussed here include Alzheimer disease, so even the 60 and 70-year old investors could see some benefits in the years to come.


      • Alzheimer’s is diabetes of the brain. Cut carbs, take a tablespoon of coconut oil a day and the symptoms go away. See Dr. Mary Newport ( neurosurgeon) on Youtube for how she “cured” her husband.
        Am I looking at the wrong ticker? ALNY is over $80 a share?


        • thank you for this ‘head’s up’ about medium chain triglycerides and coconut oil! Amazing! She is actually a neonatologist, but is a pretty smart lady!


  23. Much mahalo – I always get suckered in by those teasers. Will keep my eye on this one – watch the chart, possible winner, possible not. In any case, you saved me the price of a subscription that comes with VERY heavy affiliate marketing strategies.
    With aloha,


  24. Suspect the “original” cell copies resides in the gametes and perseveres through the 20s – 30s in most specific tissues(stem cells) and/or beyond. Clue emanates from babies(complete youth) conceived from 30-40 year old females and a few beyond and men into very old age. That may derive from 99.5%(necessary for all organ/system/tissue transcription/function/positioning/integration precisely atomically/molecularly -something we take for granted as just occurring, “naturally” as it abounds about us not only in mammals but all the unbelievable life forms here on Earth)of DNA for humans being the same with the 0.5% data responsible for individual attributes(perception deceptive). Would indicate the genetic data for such youth/development is always available or at least the ability to reset the “domino cascade” present. Another clue among many involves 70-80 years olds regaining 15/20 vision after legally blind with appropriate cellular molecular/atomic optimum tissue specific cell needs are met on continuous basis.


  25. Some of that genetic data has been replicated in dire circumstances for millions, maybe even 100′s of millions of years-what a copier!!!!!!!! That includes some from the very first cell and /or cell component successes!!!!!! This is no small feat even to initiate in CHON form or any other if even possible as by just looking around the neighboring planets(not even a hair, knat, dandelion, etc.) As for social enough galaxies in universe for every human on Earth to have their own(under population to the max-never ending natural resources/frontiers) Will need every human possible and eons more. 8.8 billion Earth like planets in the Milky Way alone!! That’s 1-2 billion more than existing population.
    There are galaxies large enough to hold 1,000′s of Milky Ways!!


  26. When you look at your symmetrical arms, legs, feet, hands, etc. or consider your organs(brain, heart, liver, eyes, ears, etc.) consider each and every cell that comprises them and the complete integrated/complimentary systems which are comprised of the trillions of cells necessary for each of us to function did not happen by chance or at random but were atomically numerically transcribed/structured/positioned with continued immense interaction. The brain formation and all the data for it alone is enormous with very special specific atomic/molecular needs and protections, Yet the eyes’ tissue specific molecular needs are quite different but with common matrix requirements. Natural as they do a very different function.


      • Why cant you have both?…something did the initial design and set fractal evolution in motion to see where it would go. Thousands of modern experiments follow this pattern exactly. Certainly Genesis and the Big Bang (good name for a rock group!), plus all that’s happened since is starting to look spookily similar (give or take a day or two in the authors diary notes)


      • NO, your statement reflects YOUR state of mind more than anything.

        The atomic complexity needed for life is certainly far greater than anything we have ever designed to this point and very probably far into the future and so far ours is the only certain intelligence observed. The planets around us exhibit little, if any, discovered present life or organic precursors other than Mars perhaps one cell artifacts. This is after 4,000,000,000-5,000,000,000 years. New evidence indicates Earth had ecosystems 3,500,000,000 at least. This seems significantly relevant to the difficulty in life development. But then many liquid atomic solutions are influenced impressively by adjacent substances esp. when combined with their properties. This appears quite conducive to development of films/membranes/barriers/skins, but quite a jump to necessary cell systems and replication.


  27. Foods are quite deceptive. Even the “best” “organic” grown do not supply the tissue specific cell optimum needs. Some foods much better than others for particular tissues but still quite short in atomic/molecular needs. Chemistry is helping this in concentrating known specific needs, but delivery problems for whatever bio reason complicate too. Most obesity and its health results probably stems from those with taste bud affinity for fats and sweets(hydrocarbons with high energy) causing a greater ability to survive long durations without food. Even today those without such a taste bud affinity would probably starve without intervention. All for now. Aging not natural. Bodies made to go on indefinitely.


    • David; Would like to know your basis for your statement: “Even the “best” “organic” grown do not supply the tissue specific cell optimum needs.’ I will agree first and foremost that the word “organic” is much abused. Depending on the previous use of land the fact that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used CURRENTLY do not make produce “organic” by my definition. Conventional farming methods DESTROY the lands ability to RENEW itself, by that I mean that the microbial life of the soil and earthworms that naturally aerate the soil are gradually killed off, and the breakdown of rock that contains essential trace minerals also is greatly diminished. The essential organic matter that absorbs the rain for plant use and prevents run-off also diminishes with the application of commercial fertilizers containing sulfuric acid, resulting in a progressively sterile soil that like a junkie on drugs requires an ever increasing “injection” of NPK, the only, or at least primary elements that modern day agriculture concerns itself with. My point is that even though “trace minerals” are required only in minute quantities, they are ESSENTIAL and without them the body can not manufacture the complex proteins needed for very specialized applications.
      By that standard your statement MAY be correct, in that it takes many years of organic husbandry to restore conventionally farmed land to full fertility. Green crops need to be plowed down, and natural trace mineral fertilizer applied before it can truly be called organic, the point being that plants can not take up from the soil what does not exist. Add to that the fact that plants have been bred that survive primarily on NPK applications and you have a situation of healthy appearing plants that are totally nutritionally inadequate.


      • Come come now boys…… did medieval man live to be 200 coz chemical fertilizers hadnt been invented to pollute the soil and earthworms abounded?……..or is that a load of manure? Methinks you’all worry too much. Live for the day coz one of them will be your last.


      • The point is very specific system/tissue specific MOLECULAR/ATOMIC cell requirements cannot be met by food without identification/ extraction/delivery, organic or not organic, virgin soil or not. The lack of toxins is better obviously but that is not the point either. Basis is developing research and some intuitive 34/36 ACT quantitative analysis scores.


    • Some superfoods come close to optimum cellular foods. Try spirulina and goji berries or here in the desert wolfberries, a native goji. I do perform better after eating them. Have taken spirulina hundreds of times before tennis, skiing and mountain biking. Helps a little.


      • Guess what? You cannot do a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial on yourself.

        Congratulations on discovering the placebo effect.

        “Superfood” sellers are just like vitamin mongers, herb sellers and Herbalife nutrition club members: they all know that if you can’t fool the average American consumer, who CAN you fool?


  28. A great change, if these developments continue with more puzzle pieces being discovered with appropriate restitution, to consider would be the increased loss if death ensued from accident not timely addressed or some other crisis health condition i.e had extensive extended life. One should consider the value or place of telomere/telomerase codon/protein sheath chemical actuated genetic expression. Some compared to pages of book for or lack of various cell denigrations. Probably more like atomic/molecular facets with extensive significant and non-significant atomic/molecular variance. The bio cell data is monstrous in complexity but with continuing revelation this will happen. The economics are the greatest encumbrance (cash flow) yet so much is squandered on things much less significant. Billions on improved instruments specifically dramatically enhanced resolution/identification/manipulation biochem(molecular/atomic) devices especially.


  29. I somehow missed this discussion. I am skeptical of the company under discussion, but will review it further. Anylam has to be a huge “sell” at this point, as I question how it is being run.
    Alnylam’s lead candidate is a transthyretin-silencing RNAi for a rare form of amyloidosis. They are pursuing this just to get orphan drug designation. This is a rare disease, folks. It is difficult for me to imagine them recouping development costs. Anylam has some clever ideas. These include RNAi directed against antithrombin III, the physiologic inhibitor of thrombin, factor IX and factor X, as a therapy for hemophilias A and B as well as rarer bleeding diatheses. They conjugate RNAi to N-acetylgalactosamine, which gets taken up by the hepatic asialoglycoprotein receptor into clathrin-coated pits. I have serious doubts about the long term efficacy of this approach. A preparation so administered it like to tweak Toll-like receptors and lead to endogenous interferon elaboration. The agent must be administered frequently, at high doses, and tachyphylaxis may set in. They have a clever program to knock out expression of ZZ-phenotype alpha1-proteinase inhibitor as a means of preventing cell accumulation that leads to cirrhosis, but there development for this is still preclinical, in mouse model. The idea that it will work for decades to prevent liver disease…..this is not proven yet.

    The best approach is ddRNAi therapy, for which tiny Australian Benitec is in the dominant IP position. Benitec’s first patients with HCV will be dosed with its TT-034 agent encoding three sharp hairpain RNAi’s against well-conserved regions of the HCV genome. If it works, it will be a one-dose HCV cure. Arrowhead Research is developing an RNAi therapy for HBV using a lipid nanoparticle. Their approach will go into clinical trials in Hong Kong HBV patients in Q1.

    Full disclosure. I am long Benitec (BNIKF) here. It is cheap, not being followed by any analyst, and poised to succeed and has good cash flow. Its first patients for TT-034 will be dosed any day now. If their agent works, expect the sheets to be shaken and people to pile into its shares. A lead investor in that company is Kevin Buchi, who ran Cephalon.


    • I agree with Dr. KSS on Benitec–big upside there. Interestingly, there is also an RNAi related article on SA today touting Tekmira (TKMR) saying “we think that Tekmira has a substantial lead in the RNAi field.” Benitec has the advantage of being much more undiscovered at this point and the science is excellent.
      The living 1,000 years hype is just that. From an investment and medical standpoint, the RNAi field is quite exciting. Finding the correct company or companies to invest in is crucial however. I fear that this company is overhyped and there are much better choices–like Benitec.


  30. I belong to Oxford Club, but I can’t seem to get them to send me the book : RNA Interference “Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth” by Dr. Allen. Can someone else get me that book? 701-441-9810


  31. Single-Molecule Unfolding Force Distributions Reveal a Funnel-Shaped Energy Landscape
    The protein folding process is described as diffusion on a high-dimensional energy landscape. Experimental data showing details of the underlying energy surface are essential to understanding folding. So far in single-molecule mechanical unfolding experiments a simplified model assuming a force-independent transition state has been used to extract such information. Here we show that this so-called Bell model, although fitting well to force velocity data, fails to reproduce full unfolding force distributions. We show that by applying Kramers diffusion model, we were able to reconstruct a detailed funnel-like curvature of the underlying energy landscape and establish full agreement with the data. We demonstrate that obtaining spatially resolved details of the unfolding energy landscape from mechanical single-molecule protein unfolding experiments requires models that go beyond the Bell model.
    Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff Gordon (Mrs Morgan born on 13 June) (née Sutherland) Palm print of showed a protective square at the end of travel line a mark of protection from catastrophic drowning over lapping the water affined criticality from cancer whereas W.T.Stead was drowned being born in July 16. who had a cross at the end of travel line
    Single-Molecule Unfolding Force Distributions Reveal a Funnel-Shaped Energy Landscape in Telomerase -reg
    Single-Molecule Unfolding Force Distributions Reveal a Funnel-Shaped Energy Landscape in Telomerase Symmetry breaking dynamics
    The protein folding process is described as diffusion on a high-dimensional energy landscape. Experimental data showing details of the underlying energy surface are essential to understanding folding. So far in single-molecule mechanical unfolding experiments a simplified model assuming a force-independent transition state has been used to extract such information. Here we show that this so-called Bell model, although fitting well to force velocity data, fails to reproduce full unfolding force distributions. We show that by applying Kramers diffusion model, we were able to reconstruct a detailed funnel-like curvature of the underlying energy landscape and establish full agreement with the data. We demonstrate that obtaining spatially resolved details of the unfolding energy landscape from mechanical single-molecule protein unfolding experiments requires models that go beyond the Bell model.
    Funnelling protein folding related Telomerase symmetry breaking dynamics evolved:
    Oxford astrogenetics dept with Sankaarbvelayudhan nandakumar as team member along with President of Royal astronomical society have found out some interesting solitonic vortices in Tolemerase may be responsible for symmetry breaking cross polarised dynamics.A new protein folding strain that can be evalauted at the strain cross over points that deal with sudden reversal dynamics at middle point Knee Frequency hopping in between the shortening and expanding Telomerase that act like aspring deals with protein processing .This failure related upward and downward force in fact initiate a shearing force at the breaking pointas skew matrics scattering.The protein folding process is described as diffusion on a high-dimensional energy landscape is understandable via cross polarised resonating dipolar magnetic field acting as an inductive that resonate for vortices Experimental data showing details of the underlying energy surface are essential to understanding Tolemerase folding leading to cancerous cells. So far in single-molecule mechanical unfolding experiments a simplified model assuming a force-independent transition state has been used to extract such information. Here we show that this so-called Bell model, although fitting well to force velocity data, fails to reproduce full unfolding force distributions. We show that by applying Kramers diffusion model, we were able to reconstruct a detailed funnel-like curvature of the underlying energy landscape and establish full agreement with the data. We demonstrate that obtaining spatially resolved details of the unfolding energy landscape from mechanical single-molecule protein unfolding experiments requires models that go beyond the Bell model.
    This in a way decoded the graphical interpretation of dual frequency resonance involved by dipole resonance at the in middle frequency reversal and forward oscillations involved in quantum entanglement involved in pie dynamics , of Telomerase revealing the basic Astrogenetic theory involved. It is suspected that lunar waves simulate a cross polarised dynamics Telomerase dynamics that deal with cancerous growth.
    The amplitude shaping involves a dual Gaussian amplitude grating creating antistoke wp and Stokes ws bands, while the pie phase shaping involves a narrow pie-phase gate located at the center of Telomerase band responsible for such symmetry breaking.
    Coherent Raman scattering, in which molecular vibrations are driven coherently through stimulated excitation by laser beams, offers new possibilities for ultra sensitive detection due to the greatly amplified signal strength.[, which is the most popular technique among the coherent Raman scattering family, the beating between a pump (at wp) and a Stokes (atws) beam actively drives the molecular oscillators at the difference frequency wp_ ws. Under their joint action, a vibrational coherence, a coherent superposition between the ground state and the excited vibrational state, is created among different molecules throughout the sample. Through a further interaction with wp, this vibrational coherence can be converted pulse (e.g. 10 fs pulse duration) excites more non-resonant background than resonant signal, as the electronic resonance is largely detuned for much of the broadband wp and was components.
    Second, phase shaping could allow the identification of narrowband Raman spectral signature in the fingerprint region through spectral interferometry. Without this, Raman spectral information would be masked by the broadband excitation required by the above bandwidth matching condition. Therefore, the combination of amplitude and phase shaping gives rise to both detection sensitivity and spectral specificity.
    The opposing stoke and antistoke of lower frequency ,middle frequency, and higher frequency entanglement could be used to amplify the output energy in erratic cancerous cell growth in understanding the magnetic field vortices that glide over the middle squeezing point of Telomarase.This resonance act as converging and diverging nozzle dynamics towards a breaking point dipole .
    An observation of cross at theend of palm print indiacte a real cross polarised middle frequency dynamics of Telomerase which call for an interesting water affined genetic constraints even though the meeting point of health line with life line indicate a catastrophic influence.
    Sankara velayudhan Nandakumar,Oxford Astrogeneticist

    Single-Molecule Unfolding Force Distributions Reveal a Funnel-Shaped Energy Landscape in Telomerase -reg [Incident: 101001-000006 “news@nature.com”


  32. I guess this is going to rock the biotech industry, and make investors turn their attention to biotech companies.
    There are also companies in other countries doing trials & research on the same thing; I think they are also linked together, and sharing their findings and results to make the RNAi more pronounced and effective. A big turn in human life !
    God bless and long live all human being


  33. Many consider the RNAi field to be the Third Wave in the biotech industry–the next big thing. As I said previously, I think that there are much better choices of companies than the one being “hyped.”


  34. Sankar—–Can you reduce your long discussion into an executive summary of the point being made? Is this about reading palms??


  35. Thanks for re-running this piece Travis, if for no other reason than to see how kooky the comments can get in a chat stream!

    I bought ALNY in July and it is up 75% since then. Roche and Novartis both think the technology has promise; Roche invested $330 million in them over the summer. Lends some credibility to the science…


  36. This is rambling/rumbling of old man; I bought ALNY in 2009 rode upto$20+ & down to$13- in 2011;sold & bought gold/silver related as it was rising. So what? bad timing
    Incidentally as a child all we ate on farm was organic,only food available. I was sick most of the time I think no magic bullet solve problem. BTW those of green belief should celebrate population increase of thousands of millions. Think of all hydro-carbons sequestered in obese bodies.


  37. Sankara; I think there is a huge field to be investigated in various spectra of radiated energy.
    Question I ponder;, is magnetism really zero frequency electricity? Does gravitational field
    affect RNA transfer?


  38. Siva, stout yeoman that he is, brought up Palatin Technologies (PTN). They have devised, and have patent protection for, what appears to be a genuine aphrodisiac. This company merits a look with a view toward buying shares. They have dawdled for years, had to do reverse splits to keep their NYSE listing, and faced setbacks, but they may be on a path finally to succeed.

    PTN’s work pertains to the melanocortin receptors, which weren’t even modestly understood until about 10 years ago. These occur through the nervous system, and regulate several behaviors, including appetite and sexuality, as well as certain critical physiologic processes such as temperature, energy expenditure, blood pressure and degree of pigmentation. Their natural agonists, things that bind to them, are products of the opiomelanocortin gene that are snipped by several proteolytic enzymes to govern in what way behaviors are modified.

    The class 3 and 4 melanocortin receptors appear to modify sexual behavior in both men and women. In early studies of agents that bind to melanocortin receptors, being studied as potential ways to establish tans without sun exposure, male subjects began having erections spontaneously.

    PTN is proposing a proprietary peptide, bremelanotide, for female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Study of FSD has had serious problems, the worst of which is that clinicians have tried to apply concepts and rules that work for male sexuality to female sexuality. That hasn’t worked at all! Male sexuality is kindled by visual and tactile stimuli, has strong overlays with aggression and dominance behavior, and has a way of being quickly set in motion and quickly completed. Female sexuality is much more governed by context, by partner, by mood. It is slower to get set into motion, and once underway has no particular stopping rules. An episode of male sexual behavior ends when that male achieves orgasm. Female orgasm may be more elusive, but is also without quantitative constraints. Women are capable of climaxing as many times as they choose and satisfaction may be based on partner stamina.

    FSD has several facets, including failure to achieve arousal, but the main issue, I believe most psychiatrists and gynecologists would agree, is disinterest. Inability to get into a state of mind for sexual activity has not responded to treatment with estrogen or with testosterone. True to form as regards using male notions, agents such as the PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra) do nothing for women. These are vascular agents, and in fact also do not put men in a sexual state of mind at all.

    In PTN’s recent phase II placebo controlled trial, its agent bremelanotide was given subcutaneously to women with FSD. PTN stumbled years earlier by giving the agent intranasally, which led to significant hypertension. Absorption is slower with the subcutaneous route, and BP is not a problem. Women in the clinical study were assessed using the Female Sexual Function Index(FSFI). something I read quite a lot about last night. This is a questionnaire about intimate details, but I am persuaded that it has been quite clinically and mathematically validated, and weighted so as to weave in facets of being in a mood for sex, being able to arouse for sex, being able to perform sexually, and being able to experience sexual satisfaction.

    What is appealing about PTN’s agent is that women getting it experienced approximately a one standard deviation increase in FSFI score. Moreover—and this is what I was really looking for—-the benefit of the agent appears to grow with time. Which is what I would expect if it is really effective….it will lead to a good experience, which leads to anticipation of a good experience with subsequent use. The effectiveness of the drug appears to increase with successive uses over time.

    The implications are enormous really. At least a fifth of women have FSD, and nothing of a pharmaceutical sort otherwise helps. About a third of women that I have begun on serotonin reuptake inhibitors (drugs in the Paxil, Prozac, Celexa class) stop taking them because though depression improves, the ability to be sexual vanishes for many of them,

    The key question then are about timing of buying PTN. It still must complete a phase III trial of bremelanotide. This trial is not underway yet, and I cannot even tell for sure that a protocol has been drafted. It has patent rights, and the drug is very promising, even blockbusterworthy. PTN shares though struggle to hold onto valuation greater than or equal to $1. I’d like to see some real progress get made on drafting that study and getting in placed in centers, but I am pretty likely to take a long position in this company.


    • Dr.Karma I have question: Paxil etc. seem to remove ability not nec. desire for sex. Food appetite & sexual appetite seem to have some correlation. Effectiveness of PTN drug increases effect with treatment duration. Would it be weight gain drug? Marketing problem if so . Seem to remember testosterone effective short term with some women,unwanted side-effects. Different response with hetro/homo sexual women? If PTN effective & makes it to market would dwarf viagra profits.


  39. KindergartenInvestor: good question about AMEUF. I put in an order late last night, and am chagrined now to be logging on and finding that it did not execute. This is the company’s only product. It seemingly has no pipeline. For repairing septal defects, I sense it will become standard of care, and to me that means that institutional investors, mutual funds, and the like may want to own some of it. It is still quite cheap at 0.20 (another vexatious situation with Australian capital structure….oodles of penny-shares). The Sydney exchange will be opening shortly. Let’s watch what happens there tonight with AHZ. The company has not even updated its website to reflect the news. Shares here traded at well over a hundred times usual volume, but still what traded is a mere sliver of the float.


    • AHZ : got in @ .1775 Au for 10k. Fingers crossed. This is the sort of product that >50% of all humans will want to buy.


    • I had the same trouble with AMEUF as my order was something like 12-15% above the close but that was not enough. I did get in eventually this morn, but ended up pretty much flat for the day which was disappointing to say the least. I’m hoping it has more run in it. My short term Chelsea play CHTP is looking quite good as it was up 9% today.
      PTN will be fantastic if we all live to be 999!


  40. I really really don’t think people should be long RXII. It is the worst of the RNAi plays. Alnylam is so grossly overvalued at this point. I just don’t see any reason to be in Tekmira. It is overvalued and pursuing RNAi goals that are just not high priority. It has a clever way of delivering the RNAi, but I am disappointed by what targets it is going after. I will go into more depth and detail at some point on these.


  41. Frank: As a general theme, agonists of the MCR3 and MCR4 receptors, inhibit feeding (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14572167) and so if anything bremelanotide may cause appetite reduction. The melanocortins and their receptors are being actively studied as avenues for treatment of obesity. But control of appetite and, more important, energy use and expenditure, are deeply complex, and involve hormones such as leptin, ghrellin and neuropeptide Y.

    The overall effect of serotonin reuptake inhibitors on male sexuality is a mild increase in libido because mood and outlook improve, but with marked orgasmic delay. As a class, they do not interfere with performance but markedly extend time to climax (and depending upon the female partner, this may be welcomed or dreaded). In fact, quick onset SRI’s are in trials as agents to prevent premature ejaculation. Therapists have been giving these out for that purpose for quite some time (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2374931/). One of the companies we have discussed here in the last few days, and I cannot at this moment remember which one, has an agent in trials for prevention that can be taken a short time before.


    • Thank you Dr. for response; It however causes me more questions, perhaps explains to degree phenomenon of those newly in love/lust skipping meals to engage in other activities? .Also does melanocort have role many summertime romance?. Human Organisms are extremely complex chemical ‘factories’ responding to universe of external forces. Again thank you & ask that keep showing generosity to all.


  42. Travis,
    The title of today’s article is, “The Tiny Company About to Go ‘Public’ With True Fountain of Youth” (“Dr. Allen’s … RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth”)
    This is confusing me because over the weekend I started watching a video advertisement talking about a Tiny Company About to Go ‘Public’ With multi bag profit. They are manufacturing “Blue Blood” which is in heavy demand at very high price.
    If you come across it, please let us know who are they.


  43. this site is a mess; people do not stick to the subject but the stuff on social security and living forever is at least fun.
    As a Gemini I would like to hear more from Sankaravelyudhan Nandakumar about what the stars have in store for me. too bad he isn’t karmaswamiswami (or is he?)


      • As to soc. security If I correctly recall, actual Bush/Senate proposal was to allow you to self-direct 1% of with-holding in approved investment vehicle,, T-Bills,gold CDs Gov.bonds etc.etc. with other 99% to continue going into common pot to finance whims of beloved leaders & replaced by ious for grandchildren to pay.


  44. I’m in for PTN. I once had a female patient present to the ER for anorgasmia as her only complaint, so it must be serious. If you are over a certain wgt you would qualify for bariatric surgery under current insurance plans. If bremelanotide is approved, or has some effect I see no reason why it would not be part of the new health care plans. It will also have an initial price jump as the science sounds novel.


  45. Myron; In re post#32 & your reply I think ‘creation’ indisputable,, question is; created by blind unreasoning chaos or intelligent person/force/alien life-form. Order out of chaos requires what? Many Godphobic I think.


  46. Ref #50 Sam,
    Money Map Press also referred to a another company this week as a “Fountain of Youth”. It is Anika Therapeutics (ANIK). I’m not smart enough to link to it as it was an email so here’s the write up. Perhaps Dr. KSS can decipher this one for us? I apologize in advance for the long write up….

    “Job One here at Money Map Press is to identify “Next Big Thing” trends – and then get you out in front of those trends. One of our favorite areas to reconnoiter is the healthcare/biologics arena – and with good reason: This is usually where we uncover our best ideas. And our latest discovery is one of our best.

    You see, we just found the “Fountain of Youth.”

    What we’re actually talking about is a “youth-inducing” molecule known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It’s a naturally occurring, biocompatible polymer that enhances joint function. HA also coats, protects, cushions and lubricates soft tissues.

    We’re really jazzed about this for a couple of reasons. The potential market is big. There’s one specific company that stands to benefit. And there’s real-world evidence that this isn’t just the “fad of the month” that will leave hopeful investors holding the bag.

    In fact, let’s start with that story. Aging Gracefully.

    In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) surveyed 990 villages and towns across Japan. What the WHO researchers found in one specific village – Yuzurihara – was stunning enough to launch a decade-long investigation. For one thing, there were 10 times as many folks older than 85 in Yuzurihara than anyplace you could name in North America.

    The Yuzurihara villagers had smooth skin, flexible joints and thick hair. Only a few needed reading glasses. They didn’t have wrinkles or age spots. And it was the norm for villagers to work their fields well into their 80s. And despite this outdoorsy life, there’d never been a documented case of skin cancer there.

    Yuzurihara was nicknamed the “Village of Long Life.” And researchers were determined to discover the source of this “Fountain of Youth.” Dr. Toyosuke Komori, the town doctor who penned five books on Yuzurihara, attributed the villagers’ vibrancy to diet.

    Because of the mountainous terrain, the Yuzurihara people were unable to grow rice – a dietary staple throughout Southeast Asia. That forced the villagers to depend on a diet that contains little meat, but is high on homegrown sticky starches: Satsumaimo, a type of sweet potato; satoimo, a sticky white potato; konyaku, a gelatinous root vegetable concoction; and imoji, a potato root.

    It’s also high on hyaluronic acid. Komori, now 80, believes his own healthy longevity was due to his having embraced the villagers’ diet. “I feel very strongly that if I had not come here to Yuzurihara, I would not have lived this long and healthy a life,” he says. “I probably would have died from some adult disease.”

    Science Steps In

    Building on Dr. Komori’s findings, biologics researchers stepped in and found ways to transform the HA polymer into a medically useable compound. In fact, the polymer has gained a strong reputation as the “healing” molecule used in numerous medical procedures.

    Take the emerging science of “Orthobiologics.” In this biotech sub-sector, orthopedic surgeons use HA to help injuries heal more quickly. Researchers combine the human body’s natural healing capabilities with stem-cell therapies and advanced medical technologies in a manner that makes it possible to repair and heal orthopedic injuries that range from osteoarthritis to sports-induced afflictions. For advanced osteoarthritis patients, the benefits of this approach are massive.

    Instead of joint-replacement surgery, patients can rely on so-called “visco-supplementation,” a non-invasive procedure that utilizes the healing power of the hyaluronic acid in a fight against osteoarthritis. And the benefits of HA don’t stop there.

    A modified HA molecule is used in a variety of other applications, including soft-tissue and bone regeneration, wound-treatment solutions, surgical-adhesion, dermal-aesthetics and ophthalmic surgery. This is already a big business.

    According to GBI Research, the worldwide orthobiologics market will reach $9.6 billion in 2016. That works out to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% from the $4 billion recorded back in 2009. The growth drivers are all there – including such osteoarthritis catalysts as a growing elderly population and surging obesity rates.

    With 50% of osteoarthritis cases, the U.S. market will account for $6 billion of that $9.6 billion – representing the single-biggest opportunity for new treatments and therapeutics. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 52.5 million adults suffer from arthritis, while more than 50% of people 65 and over suffer from osteoarthritis.

    Clearly, this “Fountain of Youth” molecule is a very real investment opportunity. And one company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the transformational potential of hyaluronic acid. We’re talking about the Woburn, Mass.-based Anika Therapeutics Inc. (NasdaqGS: ANIK), a biotech manufacturer of highly purified, high-molecular-weight HA products. A Pioneer in Therapeutics

    With more than 20 years’ experience in HA technology, Anika is a pioneer in developing therapeutic products for a variety of uses. The company’s HA-based products cover a broad range of therapeutics, including orthobiologics and dermal, ophthalmic, veterinary and surgical applications. Anika’s “bread-and-butter” is the proprietary purification-and-formulation processes used to consistently produce high quality HA products.

    It is useful to know that the highest-molecular-weight “hyaluronans” are more effective than low-molecular-weight hyaluronans. Efficacy, in turn, translates into a superior product and wider range of applications, which will allow Anika to diversify its product portfolio and exploit different growth opportunities.

    Make no mistake: Anika is an innovative company whose ability to generate future growth will depend upon the successful leverage of its proprietary HA formulation-and-production processes. Anika will continue to innovate and fundamentally change the orthobiologics and aesthetic-dermatology market forever.

    The firm’s latest financial results paint a vivid picture of a breakthrough quarter.
    The “Fountain of Youth Formula” generated a 200% increase in third-quarter net income on a year-over-year basis, while total revenue surged an impressive 20%. Product gross profit jumped 70% as a result of favorable product mix, while international sales alone are up 83% so far this year.

    These are record results for the firm, and underscore the company’s strong momentum. It comes as no surprise, then, that firm’s flagship product, ORTHOVISC, an injectable HA compound used to treat osteoarthritis of the knee, currently holds the No. 1 position in the domestic multi-injection segment.

    ORTHOVISC is the only FDA-approved compound using hyaluronan. All other pain medications in this class are derived from birds and can give some people allergic reactions. Currently, ORTHOVISC is only approved to treat knee problems in the U.S. market. But that alone is a very lucrative market.

    Fact is, with the graying of America, millions of us suffer from knee pain. Indeed, a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that total knee replacement surgery – the most drastic action for this type of pain – surged 161% between 1991 and 2010.

    If anything, the JAMA article understates the true magnitude of knee problems.
    The authors only studied federally funded Medicare beneficiaries, meaning their study group consisted chiefly of folks 65 and over.

    That means the true number of full knee replacements could be much higher than the 3.2 million performed during the study period. Those surgeries cost between $11,000 and $46,000 each. If we just take an “average” price of $28,500, we find that Medicare surgeries alone cost as much $91.2 billion in those two decades, or more than $4 billion a year.

    Given that there are roughly 70 million Baby Boomers in the United States born between 1946 and 1964, reducing the number of knee surgeries could help lower healthcare costs. It also would help millions avoid the often-painful rehab process required after these operations. And the story gets better from there.

    Why We See Huge Gains

    Anika has found a way to expand HA sales outside the U.S. market. The firm has received medical approval in Europe to sell ORTHOVISC for use in other joints, like the elbow, shoulder and wrists. (In Europe, Anika also sells a version of ORTHOVISC for use in smaller joints, like the thumb and big toes.)

    These versions of ORTHOVISC illustrate the potential for Anika’s Orthobiologics business, which saw sales zoom 40% on a year-over-year basis to reach $40.6 million in the first nine months of the current fiscal year. And the third quarter by itself was a total blowout. Sales rose 20% to $17.8 million, but net income jumped roughly 200% from the year-ago period to reach $4.9 million.

    At the same time, Anika is using HA to make inroads in the aesthetic dermatology market. Anika entered this field in 2007 with ELEVESS, an injectable filler that corrects lines and wrinkles on the face. Anika notes this is the first HA-based dermal filler to incorporate the anesthetic lidocaine to improve patient comfort. ELEVESS is approved for use in the nasolabial folds, more commonly referred to as “laugh” or “smile lines.”

    This also is a potentially large market for Anika. Researcher Kalorama Information says the facial-rejuvenation market reached $3.2 billion in 2012, up 9% in two years. Analysts say ELEVESS could pick up sales from industry leader Botox, a product from Allergan Inc. (NYSE:AGN). Allergan is projecting total 2013 sales of Botox at about $1.8 billion, about half of which stems from the aesthetic market.

    So, even if Anika made a small dent in Botox sales it could mean a huge influx of cash for the small company. In addition to the growth, Anika is also boosting its operating efficiency. Most recently, the company shuttered an unprofitable tissue-engineering operation in Italy.

    For investors, this is both a favorable move and an encouraging signal. It demonstrates that the company is conserving its capital and devoting its resources to products and ventures that can generate real returns. With a Price/Earning (P/E) ratio of 25, the market has high expectations for Anika. A lot of their future success is already priced into the stock.

    But here’s the kicker … Even with a P/E of 25, the market is underestimating Anika’s growth potential.

    Assuming continued product-revenue growth in both the orthobiologics and aesthetic-dermatology market, we estimate that Anika will earn at least $1.50 a share next year. With a continued P/E of 25, the earnings per share (EPS) of $1.50 implies a stock price of $37.50 – a 19% gain from current levels. But this is actually a highly conservative scenario. First, we believe that Anika is going to earn more than $1.50 a share next year. And Allergan, Anika’s closest competitor, is currently trading at 28 times next year’s earnings.

    An in-line multiple of 28 and a conservative 2014 EPS number of $1.50 leads us to a $42 stock price (P/E of 28 x EPS of $1.50 = $42 projected share price). That’s just slightly above the current market consensus of $41 a share, and represents a 12-month gain of 32% from current levels. It’s also well below its 52-week high of $39.40.

    The markets that Anika serves are expected to grow at a 15% annual rate for the next several years. And we’ve shown you how the company is going to grow faster than the market. So that 32% gain in the next year is just the start – and may be conservative, too.

    Like any small-cap biotech, this is going to be a higher-risk play – especially in the whipsaw market we’re currently flying through. But this is a real company with real products – meaning we’re not waiting for the outcome of some clinical trial, or a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruling.

    And that means Anika could deliver the kind of market-beating gains that will keep you young.


      • I can definitely see no reason to be in Anika. It looks overpriced in fact. The yarn about the enchanted Japanese village with its special diet is just so much malarkey as we are always hearing from the diet/supplement/natural crowd. Dietary hyaluronic acid makes not a whit of difference in anything. HA is made by the body. HA products have been around for ages and are made by other companies. To compare Anika with a high-flier that knows how to execute well like Allergan is just crazy.


    • Frank, legitimate, yes, but also heinously overpriced at present. Alnylam has put the bulk of its effort into commercialization of silencing RNA for transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis. Do you have any idea how rare that is? They are very unlikely to recoup development costs. Moreover, their approach to this elides the fact that this condition is curable by stem cell transplantation. ALNY has yet to demonstrate really long-term efficacy. There is tremendous concern that its approach, the exogenous administration of naked RNA, will stimulate Toll-like receptors and thus lead to autoimmune phenomena. Would you rather have the problem fixed or take shots twice monthly of a dumbfoundingly expensive drug?


  47. Bernie Sanders…taxing the rich, ..? Were we talking about investments, or did I stumble into a rabbit hole and end up in a Marxist commune reading Das Kapital ?
    In my 60′s, I plan on collecting SS for as long as I paid into it, or taking my gold & heading to South America.


    • Paul I think that is most sensible statement. As one nearing end of run I think ” no-one gets out of this world alive” agrees with science which seems to show each generation accumulates defect in genes,which does much to explain increase in dis-ease. Too often I think we address symptoms & not cause. To reiterate prior statement in this thread ,do not expect miracles from this company.


      • Merci beaucoup Frank.
        The problem is that people only look at the length of life, not the quality. What point would there be to living, say, 1000 years, and be demented for 920 of them?
        This research is a symptom of the “me” society. “Who care if there’s not enough room or resources for future generations, as long as I can get money now for some supposed fountain of youth?” is what they are really saying. But there is no fountain of youth, only fountains of stupidity.
        We have a similar mindset with politicians, spending now, with no regard to future generation who will have to foot the bill. Selfishness gone mad.


      • Frank: You hit the nail on the head, “Too often I think we address symptoms & not cause” and just maybe part of our education on living a healthy lifestyle is learning what doctors don’t tell us! http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/things-doctors-telling/story?id=16175754

        If you follow all the treads offered in the essay you may just become a little more sceptical about medical procedures.


  48. WOW to all the above. I would like to see a fundamental analysis coupled with management analysis of the few companies suggested that not only have a winning drug potential, but also the know how to take it to level 1), 2), and level 3. Business plans are great but the manipulation of funding and dilution with the usual talk of “investor shareholder value” are usually smoke screens to cover managers and their greed to take profits while we look on with unusual amounts of fear hope and greed. Good way to lose money unless you can figure the way a company is going over the long haul. For this reason I am normally a short term investor and take profits, while I hope to find a winner in the long term somewhere. Thanks to all you who follow Travis’ analysis to find the few winners.


    • David ; I think you are wise to question. I fear many companies exist only to generate wealth for their executives & board of directors. It is much easier to lose money than to gain it. As to greed , as usually used I think everyone greedy in wanting “more”. We all need more during life, that’s why we invest even if only for descendants.


  49. Myron #4 replies. Not meaning to be at all rude (I have great respect for your musings on mining as you will know….but here comes the ‘but’) but….. your reply encapsulates your general theme of returning to something like a gold standard. As many writers have said, we are running up a debt for future generations that can never be repaid. Thats ‘never’ if currency stays the same value. However, all babies are born into this world without a penny in their pocket. So whether a $ buys them a home or a stick of gum is irrelevant to them so long as their wages are relative to cost of living. A v simple way to reducing their inherited debt is to devalue it in real terms………… a trillion now buys a stick of gum and they earn a grillion pm in wages. This places the loss/devaluation on what the previous generation has saved. I see no other way to reduce the debt and get those that have caused the problem to pick up the tab. Have you got a different solution?
    Rgs Alan H


    • Alan: Sorry I even got involved in this thread, holds ZERO interest for me, I.E the forum we are on. If you want to address anything to do with your subject I would appreciate your posting on one of my columns where it would be relevant to the themes being addressed.

      In view of the fact that several bankers have died recently under very mysterious circumstances, and some commentators even stating they believe they were murdered because they “knew too much” in respect to bullion bank manipulations of gold and silver, (I know, reeks of conspiracy theories) the fact remains that our fractional reserve banking system is a mathematical impossibility without the creation of un-payable debt, in other words by definition, (a “PONZI “scheme) that will eventually blow up. You ask for a different solution, well there are several choices, allow it to play out until total collapse (CHAOS) forces the powers that be to come up with a better solution. Is that likely? NO because they will not voluntarily give up the control and profit potential they now have. Before I spend the time to offer a real solution, (which I won’tin this forum), let me ask you some questions, then I will decide whether an in depth answer is even worth my time to postulate.

      QUESTION: By what standard or thought process should our trading medium (currency) be brought into existence as DEBT, do the bankers doing this own the natural resources from which the addition of human labour produces wealth? By what divine right do certain “ELITES” calling themselves “bankers” have a monopoly on creating currency out of “thin air” and charging interest on it? What exactly is MONEY, and what is its legal definition?
      Do you even know the difference between money and currency?

      You stated; “all babies are born into this world without a penny in their pocket.” so given that fact, should it not be self-evident that there is something drastically wrong, even EVIL, enough that we should change the system in a way that unborn generations are not burdened with debt they had no responsibility for? No wonder a baby cries when it is born. You would too if informed that you owed $50,000, (or whatever the current figure now is) the moment you took your first breath, and that you would have to work hard all your life just to earn enough to survive while the amount you are taxed never really reduces the tax burden and the accumulated debt will be passed on to your children and grandchildren, is that really what we want or deserve? There is an answer, but it would be very disruptive and require a different mindset, if not an actual change in human nature.


      • My first thought is ‘Balone’ You are answering questions with questions……still youre the guru and I accept this is the wrong forum so will move to youre next thread. Rgs AH


      • Bloomberg on FRI Feb 28 reads to the main stream what was talked about in columns in quite a few blogs Sprott Embry, Theodore Russell, etc that spoke and continue to speak to the truth that comex would take over a month to settle the shorts on gold. By whom the Cartel of Bullion banks. there are 5 big ones. Talk about a short squeeze coming. I think the Chinese are importing about a year of output of all gold co. each year ,they are going to try and be the reserve currency, perhaps joined by the euro. I totally agree with Myron. That’s the main reason they are importing 1300 tons a year and all of the product that is mined in their country has to be sold to the gov. Then they send out copious reports about their citizens buying gold, I think to put people off of what they are doing. The US is supposed to have 10 tons of gold reserve. I personally doubt that it has that much, but the point is soon China will have equivelance or superioriority in tons.They are not trying to destabalize the Dollar because they are owed a $trillion in Treasury bills & they want to be payed back. China is already using the yuan for doing business & the euro etc. Don’t be surprised when China has more gold than the US
        or Germany Or France and starts using there own currency backed by gold as the reserve. Can you imagine what would happen. I digress, sorry, Bloomberg brought it to the mainstream on Fri. ; they are trying to decide If they will investigate Price Fixing by the( CARTEL) their word, the Big Buillion Banks. I wonder when they check out Fort Knox & find only IOU’S IN THE FORM OF SHORTS. Germany asked for their gold back that was being stored in the states last year , and they were told it would take a couple of years or so. that’s not a confidence booster in how much Physical gold they really have. They say 10 tons


  50. On reflection , please excuse ramblings of old man in re. post 60 . I think that Muslim, Christian ,Israeli find no offense in re. God of Abram, others may, I think agree that forces unseen & unseeable affect our lives. Atheists may dis-agree that is indeed your ‘right’ however I think you don’t have a prayer.


  51. Um, could it be presumed that if people were going to live till 1000 years of age that we could expect the payments to not start for those interested in getting them until they’re AT LEAST 500 years old? Wouldn’t that just totally screw-up the economy in the sense that no younger people could ever get jobs because those that would’ve died and been replaced by younger workers wouldn’t be dying to provide a job for the younger generation? There’s such a cluster screw-up of messing around with the economy with EVERY decision we make going forward as to make ANY “normal” economic sense of it has LONG since passed. I teach economics to high school students. I teach a chapter, they take a test, … and then I tell them the REAL version of economics! :-)


  52. I find it interesting that the debate between drug (medical) therapies and alternative methods of healing via natural supplements which was about a 50/50 split in the original columns has drastically changed since Dr KSS has (taken over) and become a separate columnist. Now that bio-techology stocks are being touted offering the potential for profits it would seem those who like me are critics of the medical profession have simply disappeared, they no longer comment. Maybe there should be an alternative medicine column that offers people so inclined professional guidance on the best alternative therapies, and I have a nominee who is also a board certified practicing MD who is NOT dismissive of natural therapies, a doctor that uses drugs primarily in “last ditch” efforts and admits that natural therapies are mostly cheaper, more effective and definitely SAFER.
    While I have raised 5 healthy children, have dealt with numerous health problems within the family by natural means and have never had a “family physician” if I could find a board certified medical doctor within reasonable driving distance with the outlook expressed in the following video, I would be a potential client. Why take dangerous drugs, (even Aspirin kills 10,000′s yearly) when simple natural and safe natural therapies have been proven effective?


    I certainly do not have the medical training that Dr. KSS has and readily admit that he may well be an expert on DISEASE, which is the focus of medical training, but BALANCE requires a focus on HEALTH that is centred on education and most importantly PREVENTION of diseases by identifying and removing the CAUSES by changes in destructive lifestyles.
    While they may be RARE, there are board certified MD’a willing to buck the system by using natural therapies predominantly and resorting to drugs and surgery only in urgent and extreme cases. At the very least you should hear this guy out and see whether his thesis makes sense to you? His offer of sending you numerous specific reports on natural ways to deal with specific diseases, plus a copy of his monthly HEALTH letter for only $1. with no further obligation after 30 days if you are not impressed by what you get seems like a no-brainer for any open minded person. Surely any debate deserves an open minded look at both sides of a story, what have you got to lose by taking a look? If you were buying a car, would it be rational to shut your eyes and ears to the advertising of all but one company to which you are predisposed? As the late Paul Harvey might have said, you need to hear the “rest of the story” and the above video presents it very well.


    • Come, come now Myron. You are our (much respected) mining specialist. As a pro, you will know that its far better to ask a question than hold out a long held belief set as fact (however formed). Questions elicit answers that educate (all). Imagine if I pronounced ‘They are digging for ice under the pyramids…..trust me, I read it in the National Enquirer….Egypt needs that water source….its gonna be mega.’ Should the team believe me? Surely better that I asked our expert ‘Myron, please tell me, do you think digging for ice under….is a viable idea?
      Here we have two GS columnists pronouncing….does it fill me with confidence in GS? Or should I sign up with Motley where they have 10 columnists in conflict. Each to their own subject for pronouncements…….but anyone can ask (even a trap) question. Just be careful not to reach for the cheese!


    • Give me a few months and I might have an answer for you. As an Agora Reserve member (LIFETIME) I just confirmed to-day that I am am the list to receive this new newsletter from Agora, will give you my evaluation after having paper traded it for a few months.


    • “””””….there are 36 “magic dates” over the next 12 months that act as little-known price triggers for some of the hottest stocks on Wall Street. These dates refer to when certain drugs are expected to be approved by the FDA. But don’t worry. We’ll analyze and alert you to only the very best of all these stocks and trigger-dates.

      The “Magic Calendar” is a critical part of a system that has to do with Agora Financial’s FDA Trader’s first portfo­lio category: PDUFA Booster Shots.”””


  53. So, if you believe in this hype, put your money where you belief is – cash in your life insurance policy now, and investit all in ALNY.


  54. Fantastic article. Thank you. I was about to do the very same research using the clues in that affiliate marketing piece and your article came up first. Hooray! You did the research for me and approached it intelligently. You gave a report, too. Excellent. You saved me time and money. The responses have all been intelligent, too. You have a new fan!! Yes, it’s me. Your biggest fan as of right now. Thanks again!

    And thank you to all of those who shared about other stocks that are doing well. I am off to do more research on those now! ; )


  55. I just sat through a current Oxford Club presentation on ALNY. The presenter did not try very hard to disguise the company (he mentioned that a senior executive was at MIT and had a Nobel for gene splicing, whatever that is) which meant that it took at most five minutes for a reader without access to the Mighty Thinkolater to run down. However, the argument made was that ALNY had locked up “nearly” all of the patents for working with RNA to turn off degraded forms of DNA in new cells (or something). In any case, in those of Dr. KSS’s relatively rare references to ALNY that I have been able to find, he suggests that ALNY is one of several firms working on the technology. Dr, KSS, you might enjoy the Oxford Club’s presentation which I think can be found athttp://pro.oxfordclub.com/BIOTECH49BRKIUP/EOXFR125/?email=Harpswell%40aol.com&a=34&o=1012&s=1063&u=160333&l=4982&r=MC&g=0&h=true or somewhere similar. Of course, we would all like to hear Dr KSS’s thoughts on the firm


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