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    1. Jay Varty
      Dec 22 2013, 12:59:09 pm

      He provides sensible stock choices , all pay good dividends. He focuses on the FCF and relative valuation. I am not giving a full review here, but a summary of my opinion, which is quite good. Definitely worth the money.

    2. Beth Katz
      Jun 3 2014, 04:03:07 am

      Overall, I’d say Marc’s recommendations are pretty reliable. Is he perfect? No, but who is? Wouldn’t mind if he’d find some higher yield stocks to recommend, though.

    3. bksansoo
      Jan 8 2016, 04:56:15 pm

      I still subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter. It’s still okay and I do like reading their take on the markets. I am also subscribed to Investor’s Alley “The Dividend Hunter”, which I noticed is not listed here under “Newsletters”. We’ll see how that one goes…

      • Wayne
        May 9 2016, 04:43:58 pm

        I see folks subscribed to the news letter but has anyone followed the advice and made money. Just reading won’t make money. You must act.

    4. Murray Weingartner
      Jun 25 2016, 07:09:26 pm

      June 24,2016, I signed up for the services your company offered and completed the forms and before doing further research sent for a membership along with my credit card information. Further research reveals that the overwhelming probabilities are your presentation is a fraud. Accordingly I am taking advantage of your offer to allow withdrawal and all my money back.

      Accordingly, please cancel my enrolment immediately. IN so far as my credit card use if you have not yet submitted it for payment , DO NOT. If you have submitted it for payment I hereby invoke your money back guarantee and request you take immediate steps to accomplish this task keeping me up to date so far as your written promise goes. Lastly, of course you will suspend your automatic renewal.

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