Explained: “A.O.P. — The Little-Known Investment That’s Outperforming, Everything!”

I guess we should really be calling this “A.O.P. 2.0″, since the Stansberry folks used this same basic marketing pitch on investors about five years ago — though I think that was in service of their S&A Resource Report (then called the S&A Oil Report), and this one is an ad for the relatively conservative, […]

“U.S. Navy Supplier—a Company with NO Competitors—Could Bring You Another 77% Profits in the Next 10 Months”

I hope the folks at the Federal Trade Commission aren’t reading today, because I have to make a confession: I start to feel all squishy inside when I think of monopolies. After all, what could be better as an investor? A company that is the only supplier of its product, with plenty of demand and […]

“One tiny drug company … we think is the ‘surest thing’ we’ve ever found…” (Money Map Passport Club Teaser)

“Why I’m Ready to Place a $2,450 “Bet” on Your Behalf… “Given what we’ve learned about one tiny drug company – and the documented 82% success rate within the category of drug it’s developed – we think this is the “surest thing” we’ve ever found… “How this ‘wager’ could make you thousands of dollars (or […]

Television 2.0 — “The $2.2 Trillion War for your Living Room Begins Now”

The folks at the Motley Fool have pitched a lot of “big change” stock ideas over the years, from the “end of ‘Made in China’” (3D printing) to the “Death of Microsoft” (cloud computing), and these email campaigns always get a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers … both because they’re well pitched and because […]

“New Blood Vessel Battery charges electric cars in only 60 seconds”

“What if you could get 20+ hour charge times for electric vehicles down to less than one minute? “Four Koreans just found a way to do exactly that. “And a new ‘clean-tech’ boom has started… “It’s already sent one American stock soaring 55% in five days, between September 7 and September 12. Another went up […]

Solving Frank Curzio’s “The NEXT Royal Gold” Teaser

“The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make a fortune. Now one team of researchers thinks it’s happening again… with an unusual, little-known mining stock.” That’s the opening of the latest teaser from Frank Curzio for his Phase 1 Investor newsletter, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard the promise […]

Insider Buying and a teased “295% pop” to come?

“I Have Access to Financial Strategies That You Don’t Have… “And They Could Be Worth a Fortune “Starting with the Next 295% Extravaganza… “I just discovered a large, sudden and concentrated block of insider buying. “Please… pay attention to this… “I’m talking about 7 insiders, including the CEO and CFO. They just spent $353,000 on […]

Can’t resist a quick tease … Tycango’s Asian Gold and Gambling

Bryan Tycango is pitching some picks for his Asian Growth Stocks newsletter, and I thought I’d take just a few moments to fill you in on them before I get back into chattering about the Value Investing Congress. The pitch is that this is the “Jewelry company selling more gold than US Mint” — and […]

“How to Grab Explosive Mining and Manufacturing Gains All in One Shot”

OK, you’re probably as sick of the “miracle materials” as I am, yes? But your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe is nothing if not stubborn, and we got through the first two of Byron King’s Energy and Scarcity Investor teaser picks so now, dangit, we’re going to clear the slate and get that third one, too. […]

Supercomputers in the Palm of your Hand (Byron King)

Yesterday we started looking at Byron King’s recent teaser for a graphite/graphene company, part of his new ad campaign for Energy and Scarcity Investor that hypes three “miracle materials” that have the potential to change the world … and today, as promised, we’re staying on this track and getting to his second pick, some sort […]

“What is this building hiding?” Byron King’s teased “Miracle Material” stock

“What is this Tiny Tech Company in Maryland Hiding? “And why could it mean… “The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It “Much of what you are about to see remains unknown to those outside of scientific and industrial circles… “Many researchers are hailing it as a ‘miracle material’ – and quite possibly the […]

“Why ‘Canadian Silver’ Could Pay 100% MORE than Ordinary Silver Over the Next Few Years…” (PS, there’s “Canadian Gold”, too)

Huh? Are the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins going to suddenly become twice as valuable as the American Eagle silver coins? No, don’t worry, it’s not that simple and silver is still fungible, an ounce is an ounce is an ounce (well, a troy ounce, anyway). So what’s the idea of “Canadian silver” being somehow […]

The Second “Last Five Minutes” Play from Peter Krauth

As promised, we’re taking another day to have a look at the “last five minutes” pitch that so many of you have been asking about. If you missed our first installment, you can go here to see that note — and get the background on that “last five minutes” means. In short, it’s a spiel […]

What to buy in “The Last Five Minutes” (Real Asset Returns)

Peter Krauth has been pitching the idea of investing in preparation for “The Last Five Minutes” — which is basically a premise that we’re approaching the point where consumption and depletion of many easily economic commodities (meaning, they’re not too hard to find or expensive to produce) is reaching its last huge move upward, the […]

“Building the Perfect Shadow War Defense Shield” (Oxford Club)

For our edutainment today we’re sniffing out the solution to the latest teaser ad from the Oxford Club — Steve McDonald, one of their analysts, spins a long story about cybersecurity that reminds us of several other past ditigal security teasers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — this is, by all accounts, one […]

Who is “The IBM of the Commodities Industry?”

Today we’re looking at a new pitch from Tyler Laundon, who is one of the analysts over a Ian Wyatt’s shop and who apparently is helming a pretty new newsletter called Pay Dirt that’s aiming to capitalize on the sometimes-rabid investor interest in commodities stocks. From what I can tell, he started publishing this one […]

Pay Dirt

Newsletter focused on stock picking in the commodities space.

What is Stansberry’s “Secret Shale Region?”

Don’t worry, we haven’t just been sitting around here at Gumshoe HQ, waiting for the Fifth Coming … in fact, although I may have an itchy “buy” finger to upgrade my own iPhone when this new one becomes available next week, I’ve spent the day looking into something completely different. Porter Stansberry has been blanketing […]

“The #1 Stock For Cashing in on Apple’s ‘Mobile Revolution.’” (Ian Wyatt)

Every single time the Apple iPhone is revised, refreshed or upgraded the wave of teasers comes crashing down upon us once more. Not that we’re complaining, mind you — this is, after all, the path we’ve chosen: They tease, we de-tease … if they stop, we stop. And frankly, we don’t have anything better to […]

“How Steve Jobs’ Mentor Turned a $5-Million Pipe Dream into a $340-Billion Reality”

This one may not be entirely loaded with secret stocks, since I suspect quite a few ardent Gumshoe readers have already figured out who they’re talking about as “Steve Jobs’ Mentor” … and therefore figured out which company they’re teasing … but, well, I’m still getting a lot of questions every day on this one, […]