“Gaspump Revenge” thanks to Reagan, using “10-86 Payback Plans”

Gas prices have come in a little bit from the spike levels we saw earlier in the year, but the price at the pump is still one of the economic indicators that has the biggest impact on us — the prices are in huge, bold numbers on signs all along our roadways, and the routine […]

Red Hot Penny Shares

UK share-tipping service with monthly newsletter recommending small caps that are ” undiscovered, unloved and underpriced.” Print this

“A low-risk opportunity that could DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in less than a year!”

Tom Jacobs runs one of the “premium” newsletter services at the Motley Fool — they call it Special Ops, and I’ve written about it before … but that happened to be for the Irregulars in the Friday File, so many of you might have missed it. Special Ops says it looks for, as you might […]

Motley Fool Special Ops

Looks for “special opportunity” investments in deep value or unknown stocks, orphaned spinoffs, mergers and the like. Print this

Penny Stock Winners

Penny stock picking service from Jamie Dlugosch. May have been absorbed by Hilary Kramer’s Breakout Stocks Under $5. Print this

West African Wonder: Profit from the New Oil and Gas Powerhouse

Yesterday we took a look at Elliott Gue’s teaser for West African oil — a long pitch that started out with the discovery of a “daydreaming Irish accountant”, and today we’ll keep moving (you can see part one, which uncovered the tease of big Tullow Oil, right here). So today, as promised, we’re looking at […]

“Daydreaming Irish Accountant’s Discovery … is a breakthrough investing opportunity”

This one comes in from Elliott Gue for his Energy Strategist newsletter — we haven’t looked at one of his ideas in a while (you can see reader reviews of his letter and more info in the right hand column), but he often picks interesting energy stocks … … and we share a fondness for […]