“The $10 billion jackpot awaiting whoever can stamp out the flu… and one small player that has the inside track”

If you ever want a dose of optimism, just read through (or listen to) any of the ads for Breakthrough Technology Alert — Patrick Cox will have you swelling with rosy thoughts about a future without disease or hardship, with a nice dose of 1,000,000% returns thrown in … that, after all, is the raison […]

Predicting Friday’s Pick by a Newsletter of “one of the truly great businesses”

It’s probably no surprise that the Stansberry & Associates newsletters probably get more attention from Stock Gumshoe than most of the others — they’re right up there with the Motley Fool when it comes to the size of their mailing lists and the response from our readers to their promos, so everything they do and […]

“The Most Shocking Video on the Internet” (What’s Curzio’s “invisibility cloak” stock?)

I had another note in mind to share with you today, but the overwhelming demand for answers about the new Phase 1 promo that started mailing last night has jumped it to the top of my inbox. Frank Curzio’s Phase 1 Investor newsletter, which is the pricey letter published by Stansberry ($5,000, but usually “on […]

Three More “Government Mandated” High Yielders from Bryan Perry

We started off yesterday with our look at Bryan Perry’s teased Business Development Companies for his Cash Machine newsletter … and, as is perhaps expected, his headlines were reserved for the pick he teased most fully and touted most aggressively, the Big Daddy of BDCs, Ares Capital (ARCC). But he also hinted at three others, […]

Can you really “Grab a Government-Mandated 8.8% Yield?”

Bryan Perry runs the income-focused newsletter for Investorplace, providing the high-yield yin to the high-growth yang of Robert Hsu and Louis Navellier and others, and he aims to generate “double digit income.” It used to be, in fact that he aimed for 25% — which was lofty even in the days of higher interest rates […]

Sleuthifying Cabot’s August “Stock of the Month”

Cabot’s Stock of the Month service is not unlike the entry-level “sampler” newsletters offered by a lot of publishers — in this service they pick their favorite stock from among all of the stocks recommended by their stable of newsletters for that particular month … and in Cabot’s case, they tend to promise that the […]

“Unmistakable Signal is Flashing ‘Buy’” (David Gardner’s Motley Fool pick)

“The ‘unmistakable signal’ that could lead YOU to profits of 246%, 631%, even 1,425% “Only one in a thousand investors has even heard of it. But it’s delivered them an average return of 140% for more than ten years running. “And the signal just started flashing AGAIN — pointing them to a surging stock that […]

“A ‘LOSER’ Stock That Could Make You a 9.5%-Yield WINNER!”

We’ve written about Roger Conrad’s Big Yield Hunting several times in the year or so that he’s been publishing it, and folks are usually pretty interested — Conrad also runs the more conservative Canadian Edge, Australian Edge and Utility Forecaster newsletters, but for his Big Yield Hunting letter he tends to recommend very high yielding […]

“My #1 LNG Tanker Stock to Buy Now” (Energy Strategist)

You’ve probably heard of LNG tankers — I’ve written about them a few times, and several stocks in the LNG shipping business have been teased over the last few years. Essentially, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a super-cooled form of natural gas that can be shipped via large ocean tankers, and the promise is that […]

What are Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “Cyber Military Complex” Picks?

Some pondering was going on as I figured out what to write to you about this week for our Friday File — there’ve been some developments at a handful of the companies that I follow or own, but most of the news has been fairly standard quarterly releases that didn’t shake the trees very much […]

“Live 20 Years Longer … Tobacco Resurrected!”

Now this is how a teaser ad should look! Any editor can promise huge gains — and heck, maybe even occasionally deliver on those dramatic gains if they get lucky or smart for a moment in time … but how many investment newsletters can tease that you’ll “live 20 years longer?” Here’s how Patrick Cox […]

Sleuthifying “Petro-Pusher Profits: How to Make 412% Returns from America’s Oil Liberator”

Jeff Siegel’s been going a bit wild with his promos for the Power Portfolio newsletter, with several new “over the top” teaser ads blanketing the interwebs in the last couple months. And since he’s running on so many huge mailing lists, his teasers always catch the attention of the finest and most erudite readers in […]

Oxford Bond Advantage

Newsletter focusing on corporate bonds — usually investment grade or nearly, and relatively short term. Follows same strategy as his previous letter from another publisher, The Bond Trader. Print this

Yield Shark

Newsletter focused on investing for income, aims for “high-yield investments with reasonable risk.” First retail investment newsletter from Mauldin Economics. Print this

“Capitalize on this ‘Backdoor’ iPhone 5 Opportunity Before it’s Too Late”

Today I’m taking a “mea culpa” moment to remind you about a a stock I’ve been a wee bit skeptical of as “too expensive” for quite a while … I’ve been quite wrong about the stock so far and it has risen persistently and consistently over the last 2+ years. Not that it’s rare for […]

“Worst Pricing Mismatch I’ve Ever Seen” (Nick Hodge)

Nick Hodge has been teasing a favorite graphite stock since late last year, and he’s lately been pushing it hard again, saying that this particular mine is now the source of the “worst pricing mismatch” he’s ever seen. Which gets the blood boiling at least a little bit, right? After all, what is the point […]

“Grow Rich on the ‘Third Industrial Revolution That Will Change the Face of Manufacturing’” (Nicholas Vardy)

I do love it when newsletters are teasing themes that we’re familiar with (they tend to run in fads, just like everything else), and especially when they give specific dates by which you need to act in order to reap these fabulou rewards. Not that the dates always really mean anything — sometimes they’re predictions […]

What is the “N54(a) Retirement Account” teased by Ian Wyatt?

Ian Wyatt is promoting his High Yield Wealth newsletter by touting a “little-known government loophole” that he thinks could help you collect a lot more income than a 401(k) account … so, naturally, we want to know what it is. Here’s how he drums up interest: “How a little-known government loophole called the ‘N54(a) Retirement […]

“A $5 ‘Cleanfrack’ Stock to Buy Immediately” sez Keith Kohl

This article was originally published on May 25 as a Friday File for the Irregulars. It has NOT been updated or revised, and the original reader comments on the article are also included below. Today we’ve got a couple things to share with you — first, a look at stock that Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor […]