“Don’t Buy Facebook’s IPO — Buy This Instead”

The “Don’t buy Facebook’s IPO” bit is not from me, just to be clear — I doubt I’ll want to pay whatever the price is that FB costs when it’s actually trading on Friday (if it goes through as expected), but if I could get shares in the actual initial offering at the offering price, […]

“Radical Tech Dividends” — Opportunity Last Seen in 2004 (Michael Robinson)

Well, it didn’t take Michael Robinson long to alight on a new letter — the former editor of American Wealth Underground left his publisher and newsletter a while back (don’t know why, or if it was voluntary) and has now moved to Money Map Press. Both publishers (his old one was Insiders Strategy Group) are […]

“A Bonus Ten-Bagger Playing Government Regulation … Cleaning Water at Half the Price”

I wrote a few weeks ago about Christian DeHaemer’s “Ring of Fire” teaser that was all about the revolution in hydrofracking and the huge natural gas profits that will come to folks who buy his favorite stocks. And yes, if you remember, he wasn’t pitching the actual natural gas producers (that’s a bold and contrarian […]

“How the Coming Switch to Digital Currency Could Make You Rich” (Jeff Opdyke)

I usually have fun looking at Jeff Opdyke’s teasers — he writes the Sovereign Individual letter for the Sovereign Society, and he often picks up on little foreign stocks that pique my interest (as you’ve probably noted, I have a soft spot in my heart for obscure stuff that’s sometimes hard to trade — it’s […]

“Meet the Company Behind Apple’s Incredible Profit Surge” (Robert Hsu Teaser Deciphered)

We haven’t looked at a pick from Rober Hsu’s China Strategy in quite a while — and it’s not just that we’re ignoring him, as far as we can tell InvestorPlace has not been promoting his newsletters very actively over the last six months or so. Which probably isn’t a huge surprise — China stocks […]

“Why a tiny Colorado gold stock is about to pay dividends in real gold bullion… and why I just put $220,000 into it” (Doody)

We’ve written about John Doody a few times over the years, largely because the Stansberry folks have been promoting his newsletter and therefore spreading the gospel of this former Econ professor turned gold newsletter guru and mining stock millionaire. The letter is called Gold Stock Analyst, though a couple years ago they started to offer […]

“Private Equity Firm Goes Public — Pays Out Lucrative 9% Dividend”

On a day when the Carlyle Group (CG) is making headlines for their IPO, which was generally received with a “meh” by Wall Street (priced slightly below the range, no pop on the IPO), why not take a look at a different private equity-type stock that’s apparently paying a much higher dividend? Or at least, […]

“The #1 Junior Oil Stock Now In Play” (Keith Schaefer)

Keith Schaefer has been burning up the inbox with the pitch for his “#1 junior oil company in North America.” The tease — and yes, he’s teasing this one, which is what we call it when they hint around about a hot investment but won’t tell you the name or the ticker — is an […]

“One Sweet Ride: Big, fat, MONTHLY dividend checks”

Many of the readers out there in the great Gumshoe Universe love Roger Conrad — or at least, they love his steadfast attachment to high-dividend stocks that comes through in pretty much all of his newsletters whether they focus on sexier/riskier high yields (Big Yield Hunting), boring “essential services” stuff (Utility Forecaster), Canadian or Australian […]

“Transylvania Gas” and Phase 1′s April 26 Conference Call

This teaser has gotten a lot of attention from my readers, as do all the pitches thrown by the folks at Stansberry’s Phase 1 Investor newsletter — you just know that if you charge $5,000 for a subscription, and use one of the world’s largest investor mailing lists to tease a tiny stock in order […]

What is the “Form 590 Retirement Secret?”

The gang from Insiders Strategy Group, (which used to be called Taipan), are pushing folks to sign up for a subscription to Unconventional Wealth, (which used to be called Safe Haven Investor), and as part of that push they’re teasing us that they’ve identified a secret that they refer to as “Form 590″ that will […]

“The Apple Effect: One Stock to Profit from the Next iDevice” (Ian Wyatt)

Now that Apple is the largest public company in the world, and the most popular stock, the eagerness with which newsletter guys tout “secret” Apple suppliers is ramping up still more … impressive in itself, since the basic “buy Apple suppliers” pitch has been around and making money for subscription-sellers ever since Synaptics was pitched […]

The “Ring of Fire Millionaires” (DeHaemer)

Christian DeHaemer appears to have gotten a bit of a reputation in the great Gumshoe Universe — readers started asking me about this pitch before I’d even seen it, which is rare, indeed. And perhaps they’re not to be blamed — he and his colleagues over at Angel Publishing (Nick Hodge, et al) have been […]

“China’s Screwed” … how to profit from the “tiny company [that] solves the #1 threat to China’s economy.”

For as long as there’s been a Stock Gumshoe (that’s since 2007, in case anyone’s askin’), there’s been an easy pitch to be made that goes like this: China is polluting it’s water like crazy. China has a godawful number of people. China needs to spend a helluva lot of money on cleaning up their […]

Frank Curzio’s “Gold Fracking” — Sniffing out his “Aboveground Miners”

I’ve been blathering about my own investments in these Friday Files for a couple weeks now, but for today we’re going back to sniffing out teaser picks … in this case, a teaser pick for “Gold Fracking” that Frank Curzio has been sending out pretty aggressively for a couple days in pitches for his Small Stock […]

“The 4 Most Important ‘Secret Gold Societies’ in America”

Matt Badiali edits the S&A Resource Report, which is an “entry level” (ie, less than $100 a year) newsletter that’s currently “on sale” for $39, and his latest pitch for new members has caught the attention of many of the folks in Gumshoe Nation. He’s pitching something he calls “Secret Gold Societies” … and if […]

Facebook Remora Stocks: “How Silicon Valley Insiders Are Playing The Biggest IPO In History”

“This company is about to IPO – for $100 Billion … If you follow the insiders you could turn every $1,000 you invest into $1,650 in the exciting weeks ahead.” That’s the lead-in to the latest pitch from the Oxford Club folks, which, in short, tells us that facebook is going to IPO soon … […]