What’s Oxford’s “Junk Metal” That Can Produce All the Energy You’ll Ever Need?

The Oxford Club is looking at the promise of a new material and technology again — last time around, a few weeks ago, it was genetic material and the power of RNAi to extend human life … this time, it’s thorium and the power of that material to make nuclear power generation safe and fuel […]

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“One company plays a key role in building the infrastructure to make liquid natural gas exports a reality.”

A few intrepid readers noticed that when I sleuthed my way through a Sara Nunnally teaser pitch last week for her Macro Trader newsletter, I didn’t cover all the “secret” stocks she teased — just the two potential LNG exporters who were headliners of that “Cameron Parish Project” tease. So today we’ll rectify that — […]

Wyatt’s “The One Oil Company Paying Shareholders a 10X Bonus Dividend”

This is a teaser pitch that Ian Wyatt has been making for some time for his High-Yield Wealth newsletter, but it’s been about two years now since I first saw and wrote about this pitch … … and he is still pretty aggressively spreading this particular gospel, with the latest urgent rush to buy the […]

“The World’s Frontier Oil… through a New ‘Spy’ Lens”

This article was originally published in February, but we’ve had a few questions about this one so we’re re-running it for you today — the stock is up nicely since the original publication thanks to some improving results and, more importantly, to a recent joint White Paper with Pemex that got them quite a bit […]

“In Fat People We Do Trust” — Ray Blanco’s “100% effective weight loss solution” Stock

This particular ad hasn’t actually been completely lambasting my inbox this week, which is a surprise since the “cure for obesity” stocks usually gin up quite a bit of interest — being overweight is, after all, the plague of our time of overabundance and the cause of so many of our ills, both social and […]

What’s “The Mysterious $400 Billion Cameron Parish Project?”

“The Dept. of Energy’s Mysterious $400 Billion ‘Cameron Parish Project’ “In a muddy Louisiana bayou town, the US government is quietly sponsoring a breakthrough experiment set to solve one of the greatest energy problems of our time… “But only a handful of companies have the green light to exploit it for huge gains… “INSIDE: How […]

“The Santa Claus Bubble of 2013″ — David Gardner’s Online College “Rule Breaker”

“This is the only company in the online higher education industry that’s creating a win-win for everyone. Which means it’s the only one with long-term staying power. The sad truth is, most online colleges exist for one simple purpose. To suck away federal loan dollars from Uncle Sam. These “diploma mills” don’t even care whether […]

“Small-Cap Superstar That Cisco, Verizon and Comcast Can’t Do Without!”

I thought we’d take a look at a new teaser from Chris Versace today, someone I don’t think I’ve ever written about before. This one caught my eye because it’s being pitched not just as an unknown semiconductor maker in a sweet spot for one of what Versace calls global “Power Trends”, but because he […]

What’s that 46-cent Bakken Stock about to Start Paying a Dividend?

I’ve been running through a lot of ideas in my head trying to decide what to cover for the Irregulars this week, including the latest teases from Chris Versace for his PowerTrends Profits and the newest “In Fat People We Trust” pitch from Patrick Cox’s Breakthrough Technology Alert, but given the big surge of interest […]

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Navellier’s “Obamacare” Care Package — Hospital Owner to Double?

“I’m glad to say that no matter how you feel about Obamacare, you can make money from one of my favorite little-known companies. “Look, I’ve studied this Obamacare law since it was first signed into effect. I’ve examined every angle on it I could. “And after months of painstaking research, turning it inside and out, […]

“The Death of Batteries” to “Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains?”

If you can harness the frustration of the thousands of people whose cell phone batteries die at an inopportune time, or those whose children run through dozens of AA batteries in a weekend with their electronic toys, you might just change the world. Or at least, get a lot attention for your latest stock newsletter […]

“The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2014″

Andy Obermueller writes the Game-Changing Stocks newsletter for StreetAuthority, which is either new or renamed as far as I can tell (it looks like it might have replaced his Government-Driven Investing), and he’s been teasing us with a spiel about the hottest investment opportunities for next year — hoping to get on early, I guess, […]

“1 Stock Set to Dominate the Hundred-Screen Future”

The Motley Fool folks have been sending around a promo email that teases a “Project Purple” stock that they think will “dominate the hundred-screen future” — it’s all about the proliferation of screens in our lives, and the incredible advances made by one “secret” company. And yes, I know that some of you will have […]

Who is “the World’s Leanest, Meanest Miner?”

Shah Gilani has a new pitch going around for his Capital Wave Forecast, all about how the short-selling and manipulation by the six big bullion-trading banks brought the “flash crash” in gold and drove it lower … but will certainly drive it higher now that the move is done, with his expected price of $2,500 […]

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