Will the Upcoming “Silver Tsunami” create a “$4.8 trillion torrent of wealth?” (The Wealth Advisory)

The Wealth Advisory is one of those “entry level” newsletters that pretty much all publishers put out — it costs less than a hundred bucks a year, and it gets you used to paying for financial analysis without feeling too much pain … sort of a gateway drug before you get pitched on the “hard […]

“This Chinese Smartphone Stock Is Poised To Soar”

The folks at Hyperion Financial have a new China-focused newsletter that they’re promoting pretty actively now, which is certainly at least a little bit of a “contrarian” move — most of the China-focused newsletters have been pretty quiet lately, not having too much to brag about, and a few have even shut down entirely (notably […]

China Stock Insider

Monthly newsletter that recommends Chinese stocks, with buy and sell trade alerts. Appears to be defunct as of late 2013. Print this

Silver’s “Historic Price Glitch” — will it jump to $208 in six months?

I’ve had quite a few readers write in to ask me about silver lately — there was a spurt of “silver will be better than gold” newsletter teasers over the Summer, and this latest pitch from the Insiders Strategy Group folks for their Macro Trader newsletter has been filling up the inbox … … so […]

“One Stock You Must Buy Before the iPhone-Android War Escalates Any Further…”

I have to give the Motley Fool Rule Breakers folks credit on this one — they’ve been touting this stock consistently for just about two and a half years now, and it has, despite the fact that it always looks kind of expensive, refused to spend much time going down during that time. But every […]

Keith Schaefer’s “Freak of Nature” Resource Play

Keith Schaefer has this week been teasing us with his favorite idea — a natural gas stock. And yes, we know that we’re supposed to hate natural gas stocks, since the “shale revolution” has clobbered the natural gas price and brought down quite a few natural gas companies … or at least brought down their […]

Merriman Market Analyst

Provides tools that integrate a combination of cycles, geocosmic signatures and trend analysis patterns in assisting interpretation of the various financial markets and the general economy. Print this

Michael Robinson’s teased “‘Politics Proof’ Defense-Tech Play”

Michael Robinson is teasing us with a stock that he thinks will benefit from defense technology spending … and that is at a bargain price. And it sounds a little bit familiar, actually, like it might be a stock he mentioned a few years ago when he was flogging a different newsletter … … but […]

“Why the Next 90 Days Will Rock Wall Street Again” (Cabot)

“How you can protect yourself and profit with one quick move” That quick move that Mike Cintolo of the Cabot Market Letter is suggesting is, you will be unsurprised, subscribing to the Cabot Market Letter. But the Cabot folks are, in the main, growth investors who are driven by technical analysis (meaning, to oversimplify, that […]

“A small class of dividend companies will come out on top – regardless of whether Congress raises dividend taxes.”

“January 1, 2013 it begins… “Just 54 Days left before your dividends get thrown off the fiscal cliff… “Most dividend investors will be wiped out by the coming tax nightmare… “But a small class of dividend companies will come out on top – regardless of whether Congress raises dividend taxes.” That’s the lead-in to the […]

Obama’s Third Term — Stansberry’s “Secret Plan to Retain Power Through 2020″

OK, I’ll cut right to the core point: The US economy is going to boom so aggressively over the next few years that whoever will be president is going to get re-elected, even if it means amending the constitution to ensure we get to keep Obama in office. So that’s the premise — the pitch […]

Can you really “Create Extra Paychecks Month After Month Thanks to the ‘MCR Plan?'” (Leeb)

I haven’t written about any teasers from Dr. Stephen Leeb lately, but this one caught my eye — he’s got not only a made up term for an investment (the “MCR Plan”), but also a made-up term for how you’ll profit from it (“Income Stacking”). So the great readers of Gumshoedom have asked for answers, […]

What are the “WGB Stocks” (StreetAuthority)

The folks at StreetAuthority delight in lists of “bests” — best stocks for 2011, best stocks for 2012, best stocks to hold forever, we’ve looked at several of them over the years. And now, what we’re being teased with by these folks are “WGB” investments … which, in case you don’t have the patience to […]

“This New International Shale Play Could Be the NEXT BAKKEN” (Schaefer’s Kerogen Tease)

“My top international junior pick has just updated their reserves and resources numbers. “Those numbers have nearly DOUBLED. “They’re drilling right now; production is growing. And I’m expecting a big jump in production by year-end. “But that’s not even the best part. “This good news is merely the precursor – a set-up – for their […]