“It’s the Most Profitable Energy Company in the World… And You’ve Never Heard of It”

OK, there’s two statements that really caught the eye of Gumshoe readers in this latest teaser pitch from the Oxford Club — first, that they say it’s the “most profitable energy company in the world” … and second, that they say it will triple by the end of the year thanks to a “shocking announcement.” […]

“The find of a lifetime in Africa” (Energy Strategist)

I gave the Irregulars a quick preview of this one over the weekend, and a lot of folks have been asking about it, so I thought I ought to take a more detailed look. This is from an ad for the Energy Strategist newsletter, now run by Robert Rapier for Investing Daily, and, as always, […]

“Breakthrough ‘Superbug Firewall’ Could Save Millions… And Make You Rich”

Hospital acquired infections are a huge health care problem — and where there’s a huge problem, there are people trying to make money by solving it. That’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit … and you’ve probably seen various teasers over the years about companies that are trying to “kill the superbugs” and help both […]

What’s Chuck de Castro’s “Mammoth mine” that “will soon begin producing gold at $18 an ounce?”

The folks at Penny Mining Speculator manage to get an awful lot of attention from Gumshoe readers, and they do it with email ads like this one — promising that they’ve found a company with a huge, undeveloped deposit that’s worth hundreds of times more than the stock market is giving them credit for. Sometimes […]

In Which We Sniff Out Six “Dividend Vault” Companies

Paul Tracy and the folks at StreetAuthority tend to be very dividend focused — we’ve covered several of their ads that tease long lists of their top picks, many of which are either high-yielding stocks or “blue chip” dividend growth stocks. And there’s always a soft spot in your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe’s heart for a […]

“The Final Stage of the Internet Land Grab … One Stock to Buy if You Missed Google or Baidu”

I don’t generally “pick on” the same newsletter two days in a row … but, well, the folks at Motley Fool Rule Breakers are filling up the e-waves with their ads, Gumshoe readers are pleading for answers, and we aim to please. So today we’re sniffing out the pick that the Foolies tell us we […]

“I Bet You $117,238.20 That This Stock Explodes in 2013″ (Motley Fool’s “Get Rich on Wednesday” Pick)

Now THIS is a fun ad. Jeremy Phillips is the Chief Technology Officer at the Motley Fool, and he starts off their new ad with a great quote: “I plan to get rich on Wednesday morning — care to join me?” Well … yeah. Isn’t that why we’re all fretting over our investments, saving precious […]

“Urgent: 4 Top Stocks to BUY TODAY” (Yield Shark)

You might remember that we took a look at a railcar maker teased by John Mauldin’s Yield Shark newsletter about a week and a half ago — it was pitched as a way to benefit from government largesse and pocket a nice dividend, and several Gumshoe readers seemed interested. That stock is also up almost […]

Valuentum Securities

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“Cleaning Up: How One Company Has Discovered A Way To Profit Big From The Fracking Process”

This teaser ad comes from Eric Dickson at Trinity Research, who is now selling something that’s not quite like a newsletter — he’s pitching both a series of “Special reports” that you can buy for $99 each, and a membership in the Flagler Financial Group that gets you access to all of the reports and […]

Flagler Financial Group

Publishes “special reports” for subscribers on investment ideas, appears to have an irregular schedule. Print this

“Canada’s Golden Tollbooths” from Casey’s Big Gold

Several readers have recently sent in questions about a recent teaser ad from Big Gold, the “entry level” resource investing newsletter from Doug Casey’s newsletter stable … they’re pitching the idea of “Golden Tollbooths” that they think represent one of the best business models in the world, and though they hint around about a couple […]

“Easy 519% Profits from Buffett’s Oil Monopoly”

There’s a good, blustery ad up from Brian Hicks and the folks at Angel Publishing about Warren Buffett and his insider connections … … connections that have not only helped him make big, profitable deals for his shareholders (including yours truly, so thanks for that), but that have enabled him to drive government policy to […]

“The Niche Tech Dominator” and other “Top Stocks of 2013″ From Consensus Picks

Manny Backus and the folks at Wealthpire have been promoting a service they call Consensus Picks, which they say lets them zero in on the top picks of 800 top trading services and choose the best ones — those that are picked by several services and that they select as the best of that bunch. […]

Consensus Picks

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What is “The Only Escape Route Left for Your Money?”

There is often turnover at investment newsletters, as editors either have a few really bad years and get canned or get tired of working for a publisher and set off to start independent publications, and the folks at Investing Daily have recently seen more turnover than most — Elliott Gue and Yiannis Mostrous, who have […]

“Fiscal Cliff Winner” From the Yield Shark

John Mauldin launched a newsletter last year called Yield Shark, a bit of a departure from his frequent “big picture” musings about the economy and trends and the “end game” of government fiscal crisis … … so now he has folks recommending specific stocks that they think will benefit from the end game and provide […]