“Let the Last Viking Make You Rich”

“DEEPSEA DRILLER ALERT: Rates are rising fast for ultra-deepwater drillers. One company commands the sweet spot. It owns a fleet of rigs and drillships—some capable of drilling 35,000 feet under the sea. It just signed a five-year deal paying $635,000 per ship per day. It passes along most of that cash straight to shareholders. If […]

Pure Income

Newsletter focused on high-yielding equities, and boosting those returns to a “guaranteed 11%” with options selling strategies. Print this

“‘The Golden Cross’… Is It the Greatest Investment Secret Ever Played?” (Palm Beach Letter)

Note: This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars on October 26. At that time I did not own shares personally, but I now do own shares and have an additional limit order in to buy more if the price drops. The ad has still been running recently, and […]

“My Top Stock for 2013″ (Bryan Perry)

The Investorplace Media folks have gotten awfully quiet lately — I haven’t seen many over-the-top pitches from Louis Navellier or Hilary Kramer of late, and other big promisers like Robert Hsu and Nancy Zambell have moved on or shut down their letters. But over the last couple of days I’ve been getting questions about the […]

Cabot’s “$15 Health Care Stock to Hit $45″

The folks at Cabot are no stranger to promises of doubles and triples — and they especially like to trot out specific pitches like this one, that a health care stock is going from $15 to $45 … and that, of course, makes us quite curious about just what stock they’re talking about. You too? […]

The best 19 cents you’ll ever spend… (Patrick Cox DNA Security Tease)

The odds will tell you that the stock we’re going to unveil today is probably a terrible stock to buy at the current price, since it’s a penny stock that has already been driven up by Patrick Cox’s subscribers and is getting a lot of attention for recent news … but we’re going to reveal […]

“You really could retire on this one stock* — even if you’re already in your 60s!”

You might notice that asterisk in the headline — Nicholas Vardy’s publisher, Roger Michalski, used the asterisk to note that he’s only releasing this “one stock” to the first 500 people to sign up … I’ll use the asterisk to tell you something else: *not really Sometimes people do “retire on one stock” — but […]

The “Sound Laser” Discovery that will “Change the World”

This article was originally published as a Friday File for the Irregulars on August 2. The content below has not been updated or revised, but we can add that they have not yet made any of the substantial inroads in licensing that we’re looking for … and investor enthusiasm for the stock died down substantially […]

Curzio’s Big Data “Future Predicting Machine” for Phase 1 Investor

The folks at Phase 1 Investor, the “big ticket” newsletter from Stansberry & Associates currently helmed by Frank Curzio, tend to love teensy weensy biotech and mining stocks — so when the teaser from Curzio hit my inbox this week for a more traditional tech stock with a more reasonable market cap, I sat up […]

“The Biggest Back-up of Crude in North American History – Paying Out One of the Highest Dividends I’ve Ever Seen” (Keith Schaefer)

Keith Schaefer got some attention from us a few weeks ago when he was teasing a play on natural gas liquids (NGLs), but we’re going back to the well here because we’ve gotten a bunch of questions about his latest tease … and because we’re curious ourselves about what this 33% dividend yield is that […]

“‘Unconventional’ Homerun Potential… for 75 Cents a Share” (Kent Moors)

The latest pitch from Dr. Kent Moors is for a new publication, a micro-cap energy stock trading newsletter and alert service called Micro Energy Trader. And though they say they’re restricting their subscriber list to 400 people (list price: $5,000 a pop — it’s “half off” right now), that’s more than enough to make some […]

Micro Energy Trader

Trading service from energy pundit Dr. Kent Moors, aims to speculate in teensy tiny energy companies (often well below $100 million market cap) for quick gains. Print this

Will the Upcoming “Silver Tsunami” create a “$4.8 trillion torrent of wealth?” (The Wealth Advisory)

The Wealth Advisory is one of those “entry level” newsletters that pretty much all publishers put out — it costs less than a hundred bucks a year, and it gets you used to paying for financial analysis without feeling too much pain … sort of a gateway drug before you get pitched on the “hard […]