What is the “N54(a) Retirement Account” teased by Ian Wyatt?

Ian Wyatt is promoting his High Yield Wealth newsletter by touting a “little-known government loophole” that he thinks could help you collect a lot more income than a 401(k) account … so, naturally, we want to know what it is. Here’s how he drums up interest: “How a little-known government loophole called the ‘N54(a) Retirement […]

“A $5 ‘Cleanfrack’ Stock to Buy Immediately” sez Keith Kohl

This article was originally published on May 25 as a Friday File for the Irregulars. It has NOT been updated or revised, and the original reader comments on the article are also included below. Today we’ve got a couple things to share with you — first, a look at stock that Keith Kohl’s Energy Investor […]

“Time To Buy” part two — “Sky’s the Limit on This Tech GameChanger”

Yesterday we took a quick look at one of the stocks teased by Hilary Kramer for her GameChangers newsletter … and since I got started, I can’t seem to help myself, I’m going to go ahead and sniff out another stock teased in the same ad. Why? Well, partly because the lovely Stock Gumshoe readers […]

“It’s time to BUY!” Hilary Kramer’s “The Next Costco”

I haven’t written about one of Hilary Kramer’s “Gamechanger” stocks in a while, so while lots of folks are feeling blue, doldrummy, or just plain pessimistic during the ides of July I thought I’d throw in a little of her optimism for you. She’s teasing a few stocks that she thinks her subscribers should load […]

How do you “stop America’s laziest minority from ruining OUR country?”

Before I get on to that “laziest minority” bit, I did want to throw out a few comments and some thoughts about a few stocks I follow closely: If you don’t think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and you do think that commodities in general will hold up reasonably well (which […]

Jeff Siegel’s “Safe Uranium” creates “Global Monopoly”

The latest pitch from Jeff Siegel for his Power Portfolio newsletter (that’s the one that replaced the old Green Chip service) has gotten a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers — and a few of you have even sent in suggestions for the answer (correct suggestions, for the most part … never let it be […]

More on those “Safe Penny Stocks” teased by WSD Insider

OK, I promised to feed a few more “safe penny stock” teasers into the Thinkolator today … so here goes … The first one, if you remember, was a little semiconductor company that makes accelerometers and similar gizmos — that was MEMS, you can go back and check out that article here if you missed […]

“FORBIDDEN! The Profit Exploding Investment Brokers Refuse to Tell You About”

Man oh man, nothing beats learning about a deep, dark secret that the fat cats won’t share with you — am I right? That is, at least, the idea behind the promos for WSD Insider that a few of you have been sending my way lately — they’re all about “Penny cap” stocks that will […]

“This Company Is Now Sitting at ‘The King’s Table!’”

I haven’t seen the original version of this ad, and somehow missed the mailing of it last week (apparently there are still a couple mailing lists that I’m not on), but several readers have sent me copy-and-pastes of the pitch, and it sounds interesting enough to at least try to ID the stock for you. […]

“World’s Best Stock” — Code Name: Project Lightning

This article was originally published in the Friday File for Irregulars on July 6, it was opened up to all readers on October 11 but has not been edited, updated or otherwise changed. Today we’re taking a look at a new teaser that started running this week, with most folks apparently getting it yesterday or […]

Gumshoe Contest: Do It Yourself Analysis of this 10.6% “Big Yield Hunting” Gambling Stock

Hello, dearest Gumshoe friends — today we’re trying something a little different. We’ve gotten a lot of requests about the latest pitch from Roger Conrad for his Big Yield Hunting newsletter, teasing that they’re “betting on this 10.6% Big Yield!” … and we’ve got an answer for you, thanks to the speedy and sagacious Thinkolator, […]

What the heck is “Eagle Diesel” … and will it make us rich?

Frank Curzio is pitching this idea of “Eagle Diesel” to get subscribers for his Small Stock Specialist newsletter (published by Stansberry & Associates, used to be called Penny Stock Specialist). He used to focus solely on stocks that trade under $10 a share, but from what I can tell he has recently been expanding his […]

“The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry Today” (Nick Hodge)

Nick Hodge started touting a new solar stock last night or this morning, and it’s already driving dozens of reader questions in to Gumshoe HQ. He’s selling subscriptions to his Early Advantage newsletter, which used to be called Alternative Energy Speculator, and he’d like $499 for access to this “free” report. So naturally, I thought […]

“New York Biotech Stock To Soar 997% As Stem Cell Market Explodes In 2012″

We’ve seen folks ask about Manny Backus services before — he’s published a few different alert services and newsletters in the past, most of them focused, as far as I can tell, on short-term trading. We haven’t written about any of them before because he hasn’t actually teased anything very specific in terms of a […]

“$72,780 PER MONTH ‘Mainz’ INCOME STREAM Found Inside President Obama’s Tax Returns”

[The "Mainz" Teaser Term has been used several times, click here for the most recent articles] Matt Badiali is again invoking the “Mainz” name as he teases royalty companies — the “Mainz” bit refers to the home of the Gutenberg printing press, which enabled mass-production of creative works for arguably the first time, and thus […]

“The World’s Biggest Construction Project Has Begun… three global giants that play a pivotal role in rebuilding our world.”

Several eager readers have forwarded along this teaser, which started running in the last week or so and which pitches a way to profit from the big infrastructure investments that will be made around the world in the coming years. The ad is for Jeff Siegel’s Power Portfolio over at Angel Publishing, a newsletter which […]

What is the “Ten Hills Technique” and a “patented reverse-mining technology”

Early on in the teaser ad for his Unconventional Wealth newsletter, Andrew Snyder tells us that he’s discovered an investment so mysterious and profitable that he had to make up words to describe it … like “reverse mining” — here’s how he puts it: “If you’ve never heard of reverse mining, you’re not alone. I […]

What is Myanmar’s Top Energy Play? (per Jeff Opdyke)

Those of you who’ve been around these parts know that I’m a sucker for relatively unknown foreign stocks — we’ve suggested a few of them in the past to the Irregulars, including some relatively hard-to-trade picks that I still like like Nagacorp in Cambodia and Lonrho in Africa, and we’ve uncovered many more from a […]