“$72,780 PER MONTH ‘Mainz’ INCOME STREAM Found Inside President Obama’s Tax Returns”

[The "Mainz" Teaser Term has been used several times, click here for the most recent articles] Matt Badiali is again invoking the “Mainz” name as he teases royalty companies — the “Mainz” bit refers to the home of the Gutenberg printing press, which enabled mass-production of creative works for arguably the first time, and thus […]

“The World’s Biggest Construction Project Has Begun… three global giants that play a pivotal role in rebuilding our world.”

Several eager readers have forwarded along this teaser, which started running in the last week or so and which pitches a way to profit from the big infrastructure investments that will be made around the world in the coming years. The ad is for Jeff Siegel’s Power Portfolio over at Angel Publishing, a newsletter which […]

What is the “Ten Hills Technique” and a “patented reverse-mining technology”

Early on in the teaser ad for his Unconventional Wealth newsletter, Andrew Snyder tells us that he’s discovered an investment so mysterious and profitable that he had to make up words to describe it … like “reverse mining” — here’s how he puts it: “If you’ve never heard of reverse mining, you’re not alone. I […]

What is Myanmar’s Top Energy Play? (per Jeff Opdyke)

Those of you who’ve been around these parts know that I’m a sucker for relatively unknown foreign stocks — we’ve suggested a few of them in the past to the Irregulars, including some relatively hard-to-trade picks that I still like like Nagacorp in Cambodia and Lonrho in Africa, and we’ve uncovered many more from a […]

Unveiling the Motley Fool’s “All American Drug Cartel” Picks

It’s been a few days since we covered a nice, long hyped up teaser from the Motley Fool Stock Advisor — though that’s also probably the newsletter that we’ve covered more than any other, given their popularity and their heavy marketing. So what are they promising this time around? “The talking heads on TV are […]

“Boost Dividends with ‘Drop Down’ Assets” from “your New ‘Rich Uncle’”

CORRECTED — I originally published this article with the wrong solution, due to, well, simple idiocy as I wrote the wrong ticker down and didn’t backtrack to check myself. Many apologies if I confused anyone, the revised article follows: Sheesh, just using the phrase “rich uncle” is probably enough to get my message to you […]

Announcement Pending on June 27 for “Best Selling Drug in Prescription Medicine History”

The good folks over at the Money Map Press are selling memberships in their “Passport Club” this week, and your impetus for signing up is that they will reveal their top-secret obesity drug that they think will be approved in about a week. The Passport Club, by the way, is one of those “lifetime” offers […]

“A FEdEx Package You Don’t EVER Want to Receive …”

One of the hallmarks of a good marketer is that they spin everything that happens to them into something promotional — so it is with the Stansberry folks, who are surely among the better marketers out there in newsletter-land. Their latest pitch is that they’ve gotten “scary” letters from the lawyers of one of the […]

Phase 1′s “Urgent Gold Information” takeover teaser for “Tiny Gold”

This teaser is going to get a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers, partly because Stansberry Phase 1 Investor teasers always get a lot of attention (they usually tease a small stock and they charge $5,000 for the newsletter, which gives them an aura of awesomeness — deserved or not), and partly because the pitch […]

“Reminds me of Apple…same cult-like following but at 1/40th the price—and growing twice as fast.”

That quote above is from George Leong, who’s trying to get you to sign up for his Small-Cap Growth Stocks newsletter. He says that new subscribers can “be the FIRST to read about a great undervalued, undiscovered American company that could hand you a $120,000 gain by year’s end.” Sound good? Well, he makes it […]

What’s Money Map’s “‘Reverse Oil Tax’ that Pays YOU, Not the Government?!”

Everyone hates taxes. Some of us don’t mind them as much as others, of course, or consider them a reasonable contribution toward common goals, but on April 15th no one who has to mail in an extra check to cover their taxes enjoys it. So the idea that you can redirect a tax, and get […]

“Billion-Dollar Mountain of Silver Trading for Under $1!” (McCoach)

When it comes to resource stocks, the way to get people excited is by saying that you can buy a massive stockpile of X (oil, silver, gold, lead, whatever) for a fraction of its real value. If you can make that kind of promise, you’ll get at least some investors excited … even if the […]

“Tiny Driller Set to Become One of the Big Players in ‘The New Bakken’”

Never let it be said that we don’t love our Aussie readers here at Stock Gumshoe — the newsletter folks have been active teasing their wares in that market for many years now, and we’ve even seen the big publishers either start up new letters to focus on Australian shares (like Roger Conrad’s Australian Edge) […]

“Here’s the $1 Internet Doubler” You Asked Louis Navellier For

I didn’t ask him, but apparently the folks who subscribe to Louis Navellier’s stuff have been requesting something cheap that can boom “in as little as the next 30 days” … so he’s responding with a low-priced stock pick for his (very not-low-priced) Quantum Growth newsletter. And, of course, he’s teasing the rest of us, […]

Cox Picks: Alzheimer’s Fighter in Phase 1, Anti-Virus Patent Awardee to make us millions?

I always feel a swell of optimism when I read a teaser ad from Patrick Cox — something about his relentless happy-facing about the teensy tiny technology and biotech companies he loves just stirs me up a little bit, reminds me that the reason many of us dabble in microcap stocks, little mining companies, new […]

Part two of the “Curing Cancer Portfolio” Revealed

Last week we started to look into the “Curing Cancer Portfolio” tease from the Casey Research folks, and, as promised, today we’re going to finish up and identify the other three picks for you. He says optimistically. (I’m writing as I research here, so we’ll have to see if all three disrobe for the Thinkolator […]

The “Curing Cancer Portfolio” (Part One)

I haven’t written about a biotech teaser pick or about any of the Casey newsletters for quite a while, so this one that many readers sent in recently looked like a fine target for the Thinkolator today … The pitch is from Alex Daley, the “Chief Technology Investment Strategist” for Casey Research, and he’s trying […]