“New Recommendation Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997″ (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu introduces the latest teaser of a stock he’s recommending in his China Strategy service by saying that it “looks a lot like Apple” before that company made its historic stock market run, back when Steve Jobs was re-hired by the company, before the iPod (let alone the iPhone) was introduced. And of course, […]

Oil Sands Profits — Conrad and Sprott

The interest in the oil sands seems to be peaking lately — not just in a good way, but all around. We’re seeing protests about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring more Canadian oil south to the US Gulf refineries, we’re seeing renewed concern about environmental impacts, and we’re seeing great interest from […]

“The one U.S. energy stock I would buy if I were permitted only one pick right now.” (Elliott Gue)

The recent takeover offer for Brigham Exploration (BEXP) by Statoil (STO) has rekindled interest in oil companies who have large Bakken land holdings and growth potential — so, naturally, the teasers are out in force for just these kinds of companies. One such tease comes from Elliott Gue for his Energy Strategist newsletter — and […]

Breakaway Investor (defunct)

Newsletter formerly edited by Andrew Mickey and Christian DeHaemer — reconstituted as a new letter with new editor, American Wealth Underground, in 2010. Print this

“How to grab 100% or more from the American Paradox of 2012.”

Over the last several months we’ve seen several ads touting Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth Systems, which is apparently a big quantitative screening “supercomputer” that Steve subcontracted to some computer programmers — and which is supposed to identify investing anomalies that he can then write about to his subscribers, who then will profit. And I can’t […]

True Wealth Systems

Investment recommendations generated by quantitative data-crunching system that looks for “anomalies.” Print this

SIPOs Continued: “New Spin-Off Profit Opportunity #2″

Shah Gilani has been pitching his new service, The Spin Trader, as a way to trade off of the long-observed tendency of spin-off stocks to outperform the market. We started looking at his picks last week, with the odd result that the first “spin-off profit opportunity” he teased was a company that is currently not […]

“Panakeia 604: Generations of Family Wealth From A Possible Panacea.”

Readers have been avidly forwarding the latest ad from Patrick Cox to me over the past week or so — he’s been pitching his Breakthrough Technology Alert newsletter ($695 “on sale” from the $2,000 “list price”, though as I’ve written about it over the years it’s pretty much always been “on sale”). So naturally, your […]

“SIPO’s: Stocks in This Obscure, Govt.-Regulated Niche Have Returned an Average Gain of 213%”

This teaser ad from the Money Map folks for Shah Gilani’s Spin Trader has gotten a lot of attention from my readers … … and as with most of the drool-inducing ads for investment newsletters, it promises massive returns and makes them sound even sexier by inventing a new term to refer to this mysterious […]

Spin Trader, The

Weekly newsletter focusing on spin-offs — sometimes recommending trades on both parent and child in spin-off transactions. Print this

Friday File look at the “NUCA Oil Jackpot” tease

This article originally was restricted to the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars when published in October, but was opened up to public readership on December 2, 2011. The article was not revised, but author disclosure remains the same (I don’t own any of the stocks mentioned). We’re right at mid-month today, which would ordinarily be the time […]

“This Tiny Gold Stock Is Such a Bargain… the Company Is Spending $20 Million to Buy Its Own Stock!”

The latest pitch from Mitchell Clark comes in for the Explosive Mine Stocks newsletter from Lombardi — and I don’t know where the dude finds the time. Clark is apparently now responsible for four or five newsletters at Lombardi, when I’ve written about him in the past he’s tended to focus on small cap stocks […]

“The Internet Is Shutting Down! Microsoft And Amazon Are Turning To This Company To Survive”

Here’s how the teaser ad from Eric Dickson for his Breakaway Stocks newsletter starts: “Warning: The Internet Is Shutting Down! Microsoft And Amazon Are Turning To This Company To Survive… Giving You The Chance To Grab 3,210% Before The Web Comes To A Grinding Halt! “This is not a joke. The internet is coming dangerously […]

“Safest Stock in the World Set for 30% Pop”

“If you buy only one of the three safest stocks in the world, make it this one.” How’s that for an intro? In a tumultuous market, who could possibly turn away without reading the ad? The ad this time is from Richard Band, pitching his Profitable Investing newsletter — he tells us that he’s got […]

“The Next Big Thing: 3 Penny Stocks You Must Buy Now!”

I’ve been getting an ad from the folks at Penny Stock Publishing about a new (or newish, at least) letter called Penny Stock All-Stars. Edited by Gordon Lewis, and claiming to be an antidote to all the pump-and-dump penny stock letters out there that either take money from companies to write about their stock, or […]