Boom & Bust

Letter from longtime Boom/Bust prognosticagor Harry Dent says it’s the “the world’s first investment service designed to capitalize on the predictive power of demographics.”

“The ONE STOCK to get rich from Internet banking … Big Banking’s Little $20.8 Trillion Secret”

It’s been a very long time since I’ve looked at a teaser from the Motley Fool’s Hidden Gems service — that’s the “small cap value” newsletter which used to be run by Tom Gardner. It’s now edited by Andy Cross over at the Motley Fool, and has dropped some of the “value focus” but still […]

What are Chris Mayer’s “CPR Plans?”

Agora Financial has been trying to sell Chris Mayer’s Special Situations newsletter by pitching his “CPR Plan” — which is a strategy that he says he uses for 53% of his investing portfolio, and which has “NEVER lost money.” I generally have a fondness for Chris Mayer’s stuff — he gave a good presentation at […]

Mainz Income Stream — “Astonishing Find in Hillary Clinton’s Tax Returns”

This is all going to sound at least somewhat familiar — the Stansberry folks are sending around a teaser ad that cites Hillary Clinton’s huge non-government earnings on her tax returns, and tells us that through the miracle of “Mainz Income” we can all make money using this same technique. It’s familiar because it’s been […]

Rahemtulla’s “Gold This Pure Isn’t Supposed to Exist” Teaser

A couple weeks ago I covered the first teaser from Karim Rahemtulla’s newly launched Oil & Energy Confidential trading service — that was a pitch about natural gas offshore Cyprus, claiming that as the “only western civilian to cross the Strait of Hormuz” he had inside connections and contacts about the developments in the region […]

Revealing Frank Curzio’s “Ultimate App” Biometrics Stock

Well, well, well — another month, another Phase 1 teaser from Frank Curzio and the Stansberry folks. And if you’re going to use your massive mailing list of a few million investors to sell a $3,000 newsletter that most of them won’t ever consider, well, you can pretty much predict that the queries will make […]

“Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged. Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us […]

What’s Cabot’s May “Stock of the Month” in the Cloud Computing Sector?

Like several other newsletter families, Cabot runs a relatively low-cost service that culls picks from all of their newsletters and picks a monthly favorite — the service is called the Cabot Stock of the Month Report, and they typically tease it with their “double your money guarantee.” (That guarantee is not terribly different from the […]

“New Zealand’s Bakken!” Sniffing around Christian DeHaemer’s Oil Teaser

The Bakken formation in North Dakota has made plenty of millionaires, not just among the ranchers who owned those cold and dusty acres in the decades before shale oil production became feasible, but for those who invested early in the companies that made the best discoveries or gobbled up the best acreage. And the Bakken […]

Chris Mayer’s “Focus on Owner Operators”

Chris Mayer, who we’ve covered from time to time as Agora has teased his letters, was the last presenter of the day. He talked about owner operators, which generally means “skin in the game” — founders, families, large investors. Owner operators have their wealth at risk, look for long term profits, it all makes perfect […]

Karim Rahemtulla’s Cyprus Gas Tease

OK, OK — the most asked-about teaser ad this week has been Karim Rahemtulla’s pitch about Cypriot natural gas for his newly launched newsletter … so although the clues are thin and the presentation was tiresome to listen to, your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is digging in. But it’s only because I love you. The new […]

Resource Millionaire, The

Appears to have replaced Rahemtulla’s Oil & Energy Confidential, which disappeared inside a year and had a similar focus (though ads said it also used options trading to juice returns). This new energy-focused newsletter from Karim Rahemtulla focuses on “insider” knowledge resource industries and particularly on their ability to recommend stocks about to release good […]

What is “America’s Next Iconic Brand?”

Today we’re working from a short and “low on clues” ad from the Oxford Club, but several readers have asked and I’m always interested in investing in strong brands, so I thought we should at least see what the Thinkolator says. The pitch is for Oxford Club membership, and the tease is that the latest […]

“Energy’s Last Great Frontier … The Untold Story”

I’m being flummoxed by extremely slow WiFi on my flight today, so can’t get the research completed for the new article I had planned. In case you’re looking for something to read on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, this is a teaser-unveiling excerpt from a Friday File we published in late March. It has NOT been […]