Silver Stock Report

Free and paid subscription letters from a silver seller who is actively promoting physical metal ownership. ———–advertisement————- I don’t endorse products or newsletters — but there is one service that I really do use …AND it’s free. Nice, right? It’s Personal Capital — they’ve got half a million people using it already, and I use […]

“If you buy one gold stock this year… make it this one”

There are going to be a few folks who are frustrated with the navigator of the good ship Gumshoe today, because we’re again looking at an Australian newsletter teaser — and I’m guessing the stock will be tough to trade for US investors, if our past reveals of Diggers and Drillers picks are any indication. […]

“This CEO takes just a $1.00 annual salary and flies coach… So His Shareholders Can Live the Millionaire Lifestyle”

That’s what we all want to see, right? A skinflint CEO who skimps on perks and saves money for shareholders, and who pays out cash to those shareholders (well, that’s what we want to see if we don’t work for him, at least). And that’s what Roger Conrad is teasing today for his MLP Profits […]

“This tiny Aussie explorer could be ‘The Big One’”

I like to toss some Thinkolatin’ Down Under for our friends in Australia every now and again, since I know many of our most ardent fans are in the lucky country … so this one from Dr. Alex Cowie for his Diggers and Drillers newsletters caught my attention. The ads for this letter sound similar […]

“Today’s $16 Tech Stock to Hit $30 With or Without You” — Navellier’s Graphene Chip Stock Revealed

Today for our Monday version of the Friday File (delayed, as I intimated last week in our abbreviated Friday commentary, by a brain sprain here at Gumshoe HQ) I want to take a look at a Navellier teaser. Not because the teaser itself is so unique or exciting — it’s not, it’s the same basic […]

“The $1,720 iPhone Miracle! Your BEST investment of 2012!” (Bryan Perry)

It’s been a while since Bryan Perry’s ideas graced the glorious pages of Stock Gumshoe — his Cash Machine newsletter has generally teased high-yielding picks in the past, but it looks like he’s downplayed the “high current yield” bit somewhat for this new teaser. And yes, to be fair, we should note that the last […]

“The Next Berkshire Hathaway: How this ‘Must-Buy’ Could Help Make You a Buffett-Sized Fortune”

I don’t think I’ve ever written a word about Charles Mizrahi, but he’s been around for a while as a respected value stock picker with at least one newsletter under his name … and he’s got a teaser ad out now that’s getting the attention of Gumshoe readers, so I thought it an opportune time […]

Inevitable Wealth Portfolio

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“New Recommendation Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997″ (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu introduces the latest teaser of a stock he’s recommending in his China Strategy service by saying that it “looks a lot like Apple” before that company made its historic stock market run, back when Steve Jobs was re-hired by the company, before the iPod (let alone the iPhone) was introduced. And of course, […]

Oil Sands Profits — Conrad and Sprott

The interest in the oil sands seems to be peaking lately — not just in a good way, but all around. We’re seeing protests about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring more Canadian oil south to the US Gulf refineries, we’re seeing renewed concern about environmental impacts, and we’re seeing great interest from […]

“The one U.S. energy stock I would buy if I were permitted only one pick right now.” (Elliott Gue)

The recent takeover offer for Brigham Exploration (BEXP) by Statoil (STO) has rekindled interest in oil companies who have large Bakken land holdings and growth potential — so, naturally, the teasers are out in force for just these kinds of companies. One such tease comes from Elliott Gue for his Energy Strategist newsletter — and […]

Breakaway Investor (defunct)

Newsletter formerly edited by Andrew Mickey and Christian DeHaemer — reconstituted as a new letter with new editor, American Wealth Underground, in 2010. Print this

“How to grab 100% or more from the American Paradox of 2012.”

Over the last several months we’ve seen several ads touting Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth Systems, which is apparently a big quantitative screening “supercomputer” that Steve subcontracted to some computer programmers — and which is supposed to identify investing anomalies that he can then write about to his subscribers, who then will profit. And I can’t […]

True Wealth Systems

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