“Obama’s Blunder: The Sorry Truth About Alternative Energy”

The Foolies are back in our inboxes — or in mine, at least, and I can’t imagine they’re not plying their promises to the rest of you as well. This time, they’re trying to sell subscriptions to their flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, along with their annual special report on stocks for next year. We’ve looked […]

“How the strange disappearance of element ’107′ could make you a fortune”

There’s something about using the atomic number for an element that makes you feel extra smart and exclusive, isn’t there? Or at least, that’s what I’m forced to conclude from the fact that most of the newsletter jockeys appear to delight in intriguing and mysterious references to the “fortune making” fourth element or the “battle […]

“Retro burger dynamo soars next to McDonald’s with ‘50s flair and modern wi-fi.”

Roger Conrad has been a well known fan of relatively stodgy income stocks for a long time, with his Canadian Edge and Utility Forecaster both ranking among the top income-focused newsletters according to Stock Gumshoe reviewers for most of the past several years. And today’s he’s teasing us with yet another somewhat unusual income investment, […]

“Early Wal-tirement: How to get in from the Very Beginning. “

Time with family and bloated turkey-filled bellies did nothing to slow down the avalanche of newsletter teaser ads — heck, we even saw plenty of “black Friday” deals for all those folks who are hoping to stuff a newsletter subscription into little Timmy’s Christmas stocking (yay!) But perhaps the most popular one that’s been sent […]

“This Product Could Be Required On Every Electronic Device Made After January 3, 2012″ (Keith Fitz-Gerald)

There’s a bit of a tendency for some newsletter publishers to use military imagery in their letters, to try to convey an image that you’re like a Navy SEAL, sneaking up on your target to dispatch a terrorist leader with maximum prejudice (or, as the case may be, buy a stock and make some money, […]

Strike Force

Trading advisory with goal of “getting in fast, extracting all the profit we can, and getting out safe.” Print this

David Gardner’s “Ultimate ‘End of America’ Play”

I LOVE this ad. Not just because it’s fun to read, full of hyperbole, and fills our head with dreams of huge investment returns — they all do that. No, I love it because it’s great to see the big newsletter publishers answering each others’ challenges — you’ve certainly seen and heard Porter Stansberry’s “End […]

“What Would the World Pay for 10% More Oil?”

Keith Schaefer launched his Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin a couple years ago, and he has quickly ramped up to the kind of teaser prominence that I’m sure a hundred other startup newsletter dudes would love — whether it’s because of the mailing lists he has access to or the hypetastic nature of his teasers […]

The Rest of those “Three Bakken Stocks Below $10″

After yesterday’s brief interlude to dig into the “goldmine of the future,” today we’re back on track with the “Bakken stocks below $10 to buy right now” teaser. We identified the first pick on Monday — that was Triangle Petroleum, in case you missed it, and you can see that article and the follow-up comments […]

“Limitless Wealth from the ‘Tar Sands’ of Rare Earths and Precious Metals” (Nick Hodge)

I promised to keep looking at Bakken stocks, but the overwhelming barrage of requests piling in overnight for this “goldmine of the future” teaser ad forces me to push that one to the top of the pile. And let me just say, even before I begin, that this one is dangerous — the stock they’re […]

“Three Bakken Stocks Below $10 to Buy Right Now” (Part One)

“I have three more unknown stocks in the Bakken that I believe will give you bigger returns than Brigham or Northern Oil & Gas.” That’s the meaty bit of the latest pitch from Keith Kohl for his $20 Trillion Report — he tells us that he recommended a few Bakken stocks years ago, during the […]

“If you buy one gold stock this year… make it this one”

There are going to be a few folks who are frustrated with the navigator of the good ship Gumshoe today, because we’re again looking at an Australian newsletter teaser — and I’m guessing the stock will be tough to trade for US investors, if our past reveals of Diggers and Drillers picks are any indication. […]

“This CEO takes just a $1.00 annual salary and flies coach… So His Shareholders Can Live the Millionaire Lifestyle”

That’s what we all want to see, right? A skinflint CEO who skimps on perks and saves money for shareholders, and who pays out cash to those shareholders (well, that’s what we want to see if we don’t work for him, at least). And that’s what Roger Conrad is teasing today for his MLP Profits […]