“A Silver Company You Need to Own NOW” (Dudley Pierce Baker)

I don’t believe I’ve ever written about Dudley Baker and his Precious Metals Warrants subscription service, but several folks sent in his latest pitch for subscribers, and it has exactly the kind of teaser promise that we love to unravel, so I thought I’d have a look for you. Baker has been a warrants/options/futures trader […]

“Canada’s Game-Changing Mine” (Alternative Energy Speculator tease)

If you have a pulse and an email address, odds are pretty good that you’ve seen the ad from Angel Investing for their “game-changing mine” discovery in Canada as they tease and tease and tease to get new subscribers for Alternative Energy Speculator … and frankly, the pulse is optional. I wrote about this pick […]

Nick Vardy’s “Never-Wrong Indicator” Predicts Dow 15,000 by October

Nicholas Vardy has a splashy new ad out predicting that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will hit 15,014 by October of this year — which would be about a 17% gain from today’s price (the DOW is at 12,880 or so right now). And naturally, he’s got the best way for you to profit from […]

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Doug Casey’s “Fortunes in the New World”

There’s been a big push on in recent days for subscriptions to some of Doug Casey’s newsletters, with the ad that I’ve been most recently asked about being for a “combo deal” that gets you subscriptions to Casey International Speculator and their flagship Casey Report (for a “discount” price, naturally, though it renews at a […]

Top Stocks and “Buffett No Brainers” For 2012 (Paul Tracy)

There was a lot of interest in the “Top Ten Forever Stocks” that Paul Tracy was pitching last year, partly because people love the idea of a “buy and hold forever” pick that will perform for them just like their grandmother’s 100 shares of IBM from 1962 that bought her a nice condo in Florida […]

“Magic Drug” Oil Recovery Technique Brings “$31.5 Billion Bonanza?”

Today it’s time to come back to Chris Mayer, who’s teasing a small oil stock with a “magic drug” and that owns a massive $31.5 billion “oil bonanza” right here in the US of A. Sounds intriguing, right? Several of my readers thought so and passed it along, so let’s see if we can sleuthify […]

“Coming Soon: the Paper-Thin iPad … how you can profit now”

It seems a little petty now, with these miraculous little iPad doohickeys, to complain that they’re too heavy, or too thick — seriously? They’re thousands of times more powerful than the Mac that got me through college just fine. Though I will be attending my 20th reunion this summer, and I couldn’t watch TV or […]

“‘The Big One’ … The Single Greatest Way to Play the Next Agricultural Boom”

As I promised yesterday, there’s a second “special report” being teased by Michael Lombardi as an enticement to new subscribers to his Investing with Michael newsletter … … the first one was that “New Swiss Bank” teaser that told us we could get 5% yields, growth and safety on par with the Swiss banks (or […]

“This ‘Cloud’ Has A Golden Lining (and a 9% dividend)” (Roger Conrad)

We looked at a few teaser picks from the Australian Edge service back when it launched last Fall, but this appears to be the first big push for new subscribers since then (don’t know the track record so far, but they say they’re “on track” for 106% gains this year). I’ve gotten this teaser ad […]

“How to Play Genomics for Potential Triple-Bagger Gains”

Marc Lichtenfeld, who we’ve covered a number of times in this space, focuses largely on biotech investments — he’s teased a number of them for a variety of different newsletters that he has helmed or contributed to, but it looks like he’s now launching a new letter from the Oxford Club called FirstLine Investor Alert. […]

Crippled by a Lie, Profit Margins Exploding, and “Location, Location, Location”

More “Contrarian Bonanza” picks, you ask? Well of course! There are several new teaser ads stacking up in the Thinkolator’s inbox, but before we get to those … let’s close the book on the “contrarian bonanza” picks from the Weiss folks as they tease their Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio. There are three left of the seven […]

“Contrarian Bonanza … the company just raised its revenue targets by nearly 80%. Wall Street barely noticed.”

It’s a long list of teasers that tempts us into the Weiss fold, enticing us to subscribe to his real-money Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio. Tempted to subscribe? No, not the mighty Gumshoe! Tempted to sniff out the answers for free? You bet! The first teaser picks from this ad inspired a bit of debate (though, to […]

Another “Contrarian Bonanza” — “world-beating stock that has recently been unfairly taken to the cleaners”

I said I’d keep digging into the picks from Martin Weiss and Tom Essaye as they teased ‘em for their Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio service, so let’s sniff around and see where the clues send us. The first unveiling of one of these picks, if you missed it, also included the basic background on the MDCP […]

Top “Contrarian Bonanza” Picks from the Million Dollar Contrarian Portfolio

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about a Martin Weiss teaser — he publishes a number of letters at Weiss Research, and this is is “contrarian portfolio” letter that follows along as an analyst (Tom Essaye in this case) invests Weiss’ own million dollars. They haven’t been teasing many specific picks for this […]

“What you don’t know about Steve Jobs’ final vendetta …” (Motley Fool)

The folks at the Motley Fool have run lots of ads for stock picks that “piggyback” on the iPhone’s gargantuan success — as have lots of other newsletter publishers, of course — and it looks like that trend will continue. The ad I’ve seen today takes a somewhat different tack on this same basic idea […]