“Big Banking’s $20.8 Trillion Secret” Pick from David Gardner

About a month ago I wrote a Friday File for the Irregulars that was based on a pitch the Motley Fool was making for an Internet banking company — it was all about how bricks and mortar are dead, and about how a prescient “mysterious investor” at the Motley Fool had a history of picking […]

“Help Destroy China’s ‘Internet Army'”

“Yesterday, I sent you an urgent briefing regarding China’s dangerous “Internet Army.” This situation is already moving fast. “The small tech company critical to crushing China’s attacks just won another contract for an undisclosed “data center”… its third multimillion-dollar contract in less than a month. “This is quickly turning into exactly the kind of win-win […]

Basenese’s “Secret” San Diego NFC Security Stock

OK, OK, the questions on this one are getting a bit overwhelming — and I’m afraid that if I don’t cover this one soon the villagers will soon be gathering their fiery torches and marching on Castle Gumshoe … so here goes. Louis Basenese and the folks at Wall Street Daily are pitching his MicroCap […]

What’s Dan Ferris’ “Next World Dominator?”

Over the last few days I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Gumshoe readers about the latest “World Dominator” pick from Dan Ferris over at Stansberry’s Extreme Value newsletter — they’ve apparently been hinting at it and teasing it to the subscribers of their other letters, and piquing the interest of my readers who […]

Bryan Perry’s “#1 recommendation pays over 20%”

Bryan Perry runs the Cash Machine newsletter, looking for high-yielding investments — and recently a lot of those investments have been MLPs or similar equity investments in the oil and gas business. We sleuthed out his “top pick for 2013” back in December and that turned out to be a pretty nice pick so far, […]

Are Americans Really Now Collecting From a “Reverse Income Tax Fund?”

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of snooping around in Ian Wyatt’s teaser for a “Real Estate Tax Rebate,” so when I saw this latest Oxford Club pitch for a “Reverse Income Tax Fund” that you could invest in, well, it seemed only fair to give it a gander. So what’s the story? […]

“Warren Buffett’s New Toy” Teased by Motley Fool

The Motley Foolies are running an ad this week that teases us about a stock Warren Buffett has been buying — his “new toy” is something in the oil services business, and they’re calling it a “no brainer”. Like many of their recent ads, this one’s signed by someone other than the Gardner brothers who […]

“10 Best Stocks to Hold Forever” Revealed (Elliott Gue)

Elliott Gue will be a familiar name to longtime Gumshoe readers — he’s been a fixture in newsletter land for as long as we’ve been around (Stock Gumshoe’s sixth birthday was a couple months ago, thanks very much), and he’s got a new home. He ran the venerable Personal Finance letter for a while and […]

“Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule” (Nick Hodge)

“How to get this $35,000/gram miracle cure for just $0.65” — that’s the subject line of the latest teaser ad we’re reviewing … how can you resist? The folks at Angel Publishing appear to be spinning off some of their newsletters, with Nick Hodge headlining, into a new little entity called the Outsider Club — […]

“Shakeout Victims” From Harry Dent

“On August 1st, This Once Iconic American Retailer Will Stun Shareholders” That’s how the latest teaser ad from Harry Dent gets us interested — Dent has been around for a long time, and his predictions and books and newsletters have usually had their basis in demographics … stuff like predicting that the market would boom […]

Boom & Bust

Letter from longtime Boom/Bust prognosticagor Harry Dent says it’s the “the world’s first investment service designed to capitalize on the predictive power of demographics.”

“The ONE STOCK to get rich from Internet banking … Big Banking’s Little $20.8 Trillion Secret”

It’s been a very long time since I’ve looked at a teaser from the Motley Fool’s Hidden Gems service — that’s the “small cap value” newsletter which used to be run by Tom Gardner. It’s now edited by Andy Cross over at the Motley Fool, and has dropped some of the “value focus” but still […]

What are Chris Mayer’s “CPR Plans?”

Agora Financial has been trying to sell Chris Mayer’s Special Situations newsletter by pitching his “CPR Plan” — which is a strategy that he says he uses for 53% of his investing portfolio, and which has “NEVER lost money.” I generally have a fondness for Chris Mayer’s stuff — he gave a good presentation at […]