Penny Mining Speculator

Author/Editor: Chuck de Castro

Looks for microcap mining stocks that might double within twelve months, issues between 12-24 recommendations/year on an irregular schedule.

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    1. aheeb
      Jun 28 2010, 12:12:08 am

      Penny Mining Speculator–Chuck de Castro

      Occasionally has a runaway winner, but he does not keep you up to date on the rest of his reco’s–especially the losers.

      Its like shooting craps–if you stay in the game long enough
      you will lose.

      Most of these tiny miners need three years to start selling
      product. One denied or delayed permit by a gov’t agency can
      add more months or years. Your money is tied up for all that
      time,earning nothing. There are occasional spikes on good drillings or hype from another newsletter or a rise (or dip}
      in product price.

      I dropped it after about a year.


    2. observer
      Sep 16 2010, 09:21:09 am

      Penny Mining Speculator and Penny Oil Speculator are both written by Chuck de Castro. Indeed it is earning huge gains for subscribers. To verify, you can call their customer service and you can ask for the open and closed out portfolios. The customer can’t give that to you but the editor will.

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