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    1. A. Wiseman
      Feb 10 2009, 01:42:49 pm

      PENNY STOCK FORTUNES, Agora Financial

      Like many of us, I try to learn from my mistakes, and this was one of ’em…
      Subscribed for a year, and granted, while it may have been one of the “worst” years for the stock market, someone claiming to be a “financial or investment advisor” should be able to produce regardless of the situation… that’s what it means to be a “professional”.
      All one need do is review their current open positions to see that they failed miserably at their job. As of the December, 2008 issue, twelve losers for 2008 and nine losers for 2007, out of twenty-four picks, the smallest loser at 5.05% and the largest loser at 97.5%. The largest gain (in this group) 2.53%. (In all fairness, there were several stocks sold for a profit in 2007 and 2008, but this is the CURRENT portfolio…)

    2. Dave
      Feb 14 2009, 09:59:02 am

      Don’t get me stated. PENNY STOCK NEWSLETTERS Stay away unless you have a need to feel generous to the market and donate your money so you can have a tax rewrite off. That’s all you get with these letters is tax write off so give to a worthy charity instead.

    3. jeffreyl
      Feb 23 2009, 04:13:46 pm

      well it was a couple of years ago,they had some hits and misses,nnothing great. You just have to be really lucky and plop a pile of cash on a winner and not pick any of there losers.We can all do that on our own now couldn`t we? Or in my case,didn`t we? Good luck traders

    4. MarkC
      Mar 1 2009, 01:16:14 pm

      I recently subscribed to PSF,am new to investing and saw an opportunity for someone else to make my picks for me.I am very disappointed at the prior picks they included in my packet.Someone that calls themselves an “advisor” should get it right in a bull or bear market.I have been paper-trading so far and am not impressed.I guess you learn from your mistakes.

    5. Oliver Vandagriff
      Mar 21 2009, 10:20:52 am

      Penny Stock Fortunes, Agora Financial

      I have subscribed to this newsletter for six months ($79/yr). Once they got my email, I am being blasted daily by four or more emails: penny stocks, Agora Financial, Whiskey & Gunpowder, and The Daily Reckoning. Of course they guarantee to refund the money if you don’t make money. After several of their picks failed I stopped investing in their penny stock picks. On page 8 of the March 09 newsletter they printed a list of 30 picks: Only 3 were in the plus % column. The rest (27) were all negative percentages and all but 4 were DOUBLE DIGIT NEGATIVE PERCENTAGES! I had invested in WSI and lost about 20%. It is now down 40%. The only penny stock I invested in recently that is actually holding up is FORC (and I picked that one, they didn’t). I followed their big advertising push for General Moly (GMO) and good thing I didn’t invest, because it is currently down 83%! My advice is: Unless you have lots of extra cash and you are a member of Gamblers Anonymous, DONT INVEST IN PENNY STOCKS.

    6. MM
      Mar 22 2009, 11:22:05 am

      Rip off… they reco a whole lot of losers..

      Name Symbol Entry Date Entry Price Current Price Return Percent Description
      Javelin Pharmaceuticals JAV 02/20/2009 1.20 1.10 -8.33 Buy up to $1.75
      LoopNet Inc. LOOP 02/20/2009 6.35 5.77 -9.13 Buy up to $7.10
      Dollar Financial Group DLLR 01/13/2009 8.81 7.50 -14.87 Buy up to $11.00
      CarMax, Inc. KMX 01/13/2009 7.36 10.16 38.00 Sell your shares.
      Terex Corp TEX 12/16/2008 17.47 9.96 -43.00 Sold in 2/12/2009 Alert.
      Dick’s Sporting Goods DKS 12/16/2008 13.69 13.71 0.15 Buy up to $16.00
      Coventry Health Care CVH 12/16/2008 12.78 10.99 -14.01 Buy up to $14.00
      Soapstone Networks SOAP 11/20/2008 2.15 2.50 16.00 Sold in 2/12/2009 Alert.
      Globecomm Systems GCOM 10/17/2008 8.25 4.88 -40.85 Buy up to $9.00
      Sierra Wireless SWIR 10/17/2008 8.14 2.71 -66.71 Buy up to $8.75.
      North American Galvanizing & Coatings NGA 10/17/2008 3.56 2.71 -23.88 Buy up to $4.00.
      Warren Resources WRES 10/16/2008 5.67 0.90 -84.13 Buy up to $6.00
      General Moly GMO 09/18/2008 4.82 0.82 -82.99 Buy at current prices
      Northern Technologies NTIC 08/25/2008 12.00 5.50 -54.17 Hold. Recommended in the September 2008 Issue.
      Waste Services Inc. WSII 07/16/2008 7.64 4.33 -43.32 Buy shares of Waste Services Inc. up to $7.64
      Dendreon Corp. DNDN 05/16/2008 5.35 4.05 -24.30 Hold
      Immersion Corp IMMR 04/14/2008 7.62 3.18 -58.27 Buy up to $8.05.
      American Oriental Bioengineering AOB 04/14/2008 8.35 3.88 -53.53 Hold
      Actuate ACTU 03/14/2008 4.02 3.31 -17.66 Hold
      Maxwell Technologies MXWL 02/21/2008 8.98 5.52 -38.53 Hold
      Isilon Systems ISLN 02/21/2008 5.45 2.12 -61.10 Hold.
      FuelCell Energy Inc FCEL 01/17/2008 8.48 2.61 -69.22 Hold
      Arena Pharmaceuticals ARNA 12/21/2007 8.17 5.09 -37.70 Hold.
      Anesiva Inc. ANSV 12/21/2007 4.40 0.24 -94.55 Sold in 11/11/08 alert.
      Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation CDE 11/23/2007 4.18 0.65 -84.45 Buy at current prices
      InSite Vision ISV 10/15/2007 1.20 0.17 -85.83 Hold. Recommended in the November 2007 Issue.
      Silicon Image Inc SIMG 08/30/2007 5.70 2.20 -61.40 Hold your shares.
      Arrowhead Research Corp. ARWR 08/22/2007 4.92 0.41 -91.67 Buy up to $5.15. Recommended in the September Issue.
      Xoma Ltd. XOMA 07/26/2007 2.25 0.38 -83.11 Hold.
      AudioCodes Ltd. AUDC 05/16/2007 5.65 1.09 -80.71 Buy up to $6.50. Recommended in June Issue.
      LivePerson, Inc. LPSN 02/16/2007 6.06 1.68 -72.28 Hold.

    7. NYCguy
      Mar 22 2009, 05:46:24 pm

      Just dropped my subscription after 1 year. At $29/yr it’s still too expensive. Their track record speaks for itself, about 90% losers. I basically read the thing but only bought a couple of their picks, both of which I was quickly taken out of with a stop-loss. I really don’t understand why this newsletter is still in business?

    8. mikep3333
      Mar 25 2009, 01:54:29 pm

      Maybe I just lucked out with my timing, I just started my membership at the end of Feb 09, and invested in a couple of their rec’s. I bought JAV @ 1.18 and CDE a week or so later @ .67. Neither of these picks have let me retire, but they are both up over 20%. I’m just glad that I didn’t start subscribing a year ago, my opinion would definatly be different.

    9. Jennie
      May 23 2009, 03:05:39 pm

      Oh my! I eventually dropped PSF like a hot potato earlier this year, after just about every recommendation of theirs (that I bought) was a big time loser. Interesting to see that most of the rest of you are in the same boat. For some reason I’m still receiving their recommendations, but am staying far away! I also have a bone to pick regarding their marketing. They market based on absolute best case scenario and, well, I confess, I got greedy and lost!

    10. olan2
      May 25 2009, 08:38:35 pm

      I suscribed almost a year ago. I agree with other readers that their batting average is dismal, not only in absolute terms, but compared to other low-cost stock newsletters, like The Bowser Report and the Cheap Investor. Also, PSF was withdrawing recomendations from stocks only a couple of months from been recommended. This raises doubts in the quality and depth of their research. And what annoys me the most is that almost all their new recommendations in the last months are of stocks with entry prices up to $15.00 and more. If they can’t find good stock selections in their chosen field of expertise (penny stocks), then must stop to pretend that they are a penny stock newsletter. I had not bought any recommendation: when I had decided to buy one, they decided first that it is not a good choice anymore. I am not going to renew: will continue with Bowser Report or start Cheap Investor (received a trial and had a good impression).

    11. wildheron
      Jun 8 2009, 11:23:03 pm

      subscribed in sept. 08 read everything, did some research, on 12-1-2009 bought cde @.58–jus did a reverse splt 10-1, price today was 13.93 so i’m up pretty good. also bout gmo same day @ 1.02, closed today @ 2.79. not real impressed with other picks. very disappointed that so many of their picks are well above $5.00 share. don’t plan on renewing. i think i got lucky on the timing. also, they are slow answering e-mails, and somtimes go home early-supposed to have customer service 9-5, called @ 3:15 no answer- went to answering machine. called today and hey admitted they all went home early–not very professional. will keep researching other newsletters–love the gumshoe, will become an irregular soon!

    12. Jake
      Jul 10 2009, 11:56:09 am

      This one gets a 5 star for consistency – consistently bad. Horrible, horrible picks with no regard for valuation. I should have shorted the stocks they recommended. That would have been a great money maker. What a loser of a newsletter. DO NOT BUY.

    13. JHEII
      Jul 14 2009, 01:47:59 pm

      Penny Stocks it is not. I was looking for something in the line of stocks less than $5.00 all the time. Of course I also have seen their 90 per cent losing portfolio. But one of my biggest gripes is the incessant marketing by Agora Publishing. I am dropping everything I get from them and trying to get them to stop all the marketing to me.

    14. Lalit Lakhani
      Jan 8 2010, 02:03:32 am

      These guys at Agora, all of them are what I call SCAM ARTISTS. They have also managed to suck in a lot of foreign retail investors like me. I am a 27 year old investor dealing in most global markets for the last 5 years and I have been pretty successful.I have subscribed to Penny Stock Fortunes and Bulletin Board Elite and it is a good thing that I stopped buying their recommendations after I suffered a loss from their first 2-3 recommendations. Bulletin Board Elite advertises a 30day retirement plan which claims that one can become a multi-millionaire (they have used the figure of $14 million in the ad) just by starting out with $500. It is foolish to say so but nonetheless some retail investors in places like Dubai and India (since these people are my friends) have subscribed to the services and are sitting on heavy losses.
      Both, Penny Stock Fortunes and Bulletin Board Elite are by this Greg guy who in my opinion is a big cheater and so is the team behind Agora Financial.

    15. chas
      Jan 8 2010, 08:24:21 pm

      Subscribed about 8mos ago. Made much more money on the competitors of the stocks PSF picked than the ones they recommended. Their forum has some good ideas from other slobs like me, but one has to endure the Agora onslaught of unwanted e-mails and “pump and dump” come-ons if one has anything to do with anything from them. They also seem to recommend stocks after they have made initial run-ups. Further, they rarely pick stocks valued at less than $5 per share. This was a learning experience.

    16. Penny stock subscriber
      Jan 16 2010, 10:25:37 pm

      Stay out of this newsletter. They have recommended companies
      such as GDVE which was actually a fraud company and eventually
      shut down. I think this newsletter gets money from penny
      stock companies to pump up their stock so that insiders
      and dump their stock.

    17. suarna
      Apr 25 2010, 10:30:38 am

      Interesting notes above. All lost money in a financial meltdown. AWRW bought at .58 now at $1.31. Not a horrible return. They haven’t all gone this way but why blame them? If you buy into the hype perhaps the mirror is the better place to voice your frustrations.

    18. EmEm
      Sep 18 2010, 09:08:53 pm

      Did think abt subscribing today but googled it and here I am.
      When something sounds too good to be true, beware! If it’s that easy, they won’t be soliciting for subscribers; they’d be sipping beverages on some faraway beach. Why bother working when they shd hv made their millions following their own analyses?

    19. Lynn Mills
      Sep 19 2010, 07:06:44 am

      After listening to an ad I signed up yesterday. Thirty-nine
      dollars later I am told to click here for password to enter
      website to download all my FREE reports and benefits. A big
      RED THREAT screen appeared at the site I was going to had
      been identified as a site that would install software to
      steal personal information from your computer. I chose to
      leave the site and leave my money on the table. I only
      hope I was not too late.
      Lynn 09/19/2010

    20. Larone
      Oct 2 2010, 03:20:18 pm

      I started getting my newsletter in Nov.2009. I hit good on some of their picks,missed on others. Do your research before putting any money in their picks.

    21. coolcarla
      Nov 4 2010, 08:20:28 pm

      November 2, 2010

      I received an e-mail offer to sign up for this PSF newsletter but thought I’d google for any complaints first and found this site. Thank you all for taking the time to post your comments. I will not subscribe now. You’ve saved me money and headaches. Many thanks.

    22. Davey
      Nov 10 2010, 06:00:05 pm

      Always suspicious of the free newsletters,especially when they admit they are paid $20k or more and get shares more to tout the stock.
      So looked at pay sites thinking maybe they are better…and thanks to all you who posted and sorry for your losses.

      You’ve saved myself and others misery and money…that
      s good karma due to you.

    23. shelley
      Nov 15 2010, 12:31:43 pm

      I first want to thank everyone for there honesty, there website came thur League of Power that I’m a member of and after listening to Greg talk so highly of penny stocks I decided to take the plunge, I am a total newbie when it comes to trading and he basically says its as easy as 1,2,3…and then he recommends online Brokers which was good for me since I have no clue about Brokers…Well its not as easy as what he says and the customer team can’t help with alot of things and Greg’s unavailable and everyone is right the penny stocks are well over $5.00 thats not a penny stock in my mind…I will see if I can get a refund from these clowns and hopefully this site stops other people from getting scammed…its so sad that theres so many people trying to scam you then help you…Honesty is a thing of the past….

    24. pat
      Dec 6 2010, 01:26:30 pm

      i was looking at possibly purchasing this newsletter then paper trade it for a few mos. but came upon all the reviews here…btw thank you all for the reviews..good and bad..it’s probably going to save me as well as others the fee to purchase as well as monies invested on the reco’s….thanks again and like the others who’ve stated they’re sorry for your losses as i am….btw another scam penny stock newsletter is by GREG SMITH out of PALO ALTO CA., ON HARKER ST.. i think it’s called PENNY STOCK ALERT.. jst fyi don’t bother with this one either…i monitored it for 6 mos. BIG LOSER!!!!

    25. jason
      Dec 15 2010, 06:20:12 pm

      thanks everyone for sharing what you experienced with penny. after listening the ad i was thinking to sign up and happened to google it before sign up. I am not gonna sign up. sorry for those who are cheated!

    26. Alan Northcott
      Jan 20 2011, 02:34:46 pm

      Quite pathetic, but good example of copywriting. I won’t be following Greg any more in any exploits. By the way, don’t forget that if you lose 25%, you have to make 33% to get back to your starting place – if you lose 33%, you must make 50%. So be cautious when you compare percentages lost and gained.

    27. Henry
      Feb 1 2011, 09:41:44 am


      Review by Stephen, January 9, 2011
      Overall Rating
      Performance of Picks/Advice
      Interesting to Read/Educational
      Customer Service
      Value for the Money

    28. Virginia
      Feb 21 2011, 06:02:57 pm

      Like a lot of other reviewers here, I received an offer in the mail and was seriously considering ordering it… after all only $39.00! But thought I would google it first. And am I glad I did. Thanks to all of you for saving me $39.00.

      Like one other commented, I wonder about Stephen. Maybe he is a plant — or maybe he just got the right stocks (doubtful unless he was doing his own picking).

      Thanks again

    29. Gold Dust Kid
      Mar 10 2011, 11:16:39 am

      The reading is O.K…nothing spectacular that deals with very few selections. I would ASK that more stocks be included and ranked as far as suitability for the average investor, even lower-priced stocks..
      Overall, I would rank it as not too interesting.

    30. Karin
      Mar 15 2011, 01:41:12 pm

      In listening every word in the Ad I was at the point to sign up for the newsletter. But: I looked up all the reviews here before and I am happy, that I did not signed nothing! Who is giving for such little money you the best Tips? Nobody!

    31. RoyHammy
      Mar 20 2011, 09:11:45 am

      I started with PSF in about 2000 and in my first year I invested $4500.00 and at the end of the year I had $18,600.00 of course these were very good years. I sold my stocks and built a house now I am thinking of getting back in. PSF was good then but I have been reading the reviews and am going to be very cautious.
      I did not follow their sell strategy instead I waited for a 40% gain then moved my stop loss up within 15% and was usually stopped out with profit. Not sure if that will work today. I am going to take a look at some others to see just what is available such as Mining spectator,, gumshoe, Hulbert financial etc.
      To summarize I felt that PSF was fantastic back then but times change and the market is quite volatile with little or no reasoning behind trends. Looks like it will not get much more stable for some time. My opinion.

    32. BVaughn
      Mar 30 2011, 12:20:34 pm

      Always the skeptic, while I was reading the ad I was thinking “if this guy is so good at picking the big winner, then why is he having to “overdeliver” on this newsletter to make any money?” Seems to me, if he was that good, he would have made so much money from his own system that he wouldn’t even be thinking about writing a newsletter that needs to “overdeliver” to keep getting MY money. Oh, yeah that’s right. He has already made so much money, and is such a benevolent fellow, that he wants to share his knowledge with us so that we can join him on the beach on his Carribean island next month when we have all made our millions. Whenever an ad goes on and on with strident language, bold text, highlights, and underlining, you can be pretty sure it is nothing but hype to get you all excited to send them your money. Let the buyer beware.

    33. ryan
      Jul 20 2011, 02:58:49 pm

      I also thought about joining, thank you all for your honesty and sorry for your losses. I am subscribed to a few free newsletters and have had luck with Whisper From Wall Street. Good newsletter with usually 2 picks a week. They are very honest and have good information on their website. They’ve never claimed to help you get rich but I have made decent money with their picks. Check them out and no I’m not a plant just an average guy work for the railroad trying to make my money work for me.

    34. GilBurt
      Jul 26 2011, 10:21:35 pm

      Always the skeptic, while I was reading the ad I was thinking “if this guy is so good at picking the big winner,on this newsletter to make any money?
      I also thought about joining, thank you all for your honesty and sorry for your losses.

    35. Charles
      Aug 30 2011, 11:49:55 am

      I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who posted their reviews. I’m an investor who represents hundreds of other investors in residential condos and I’m just looking into investing in stock. I am constantly bombarded with these FREE Report Offers that require that you buy into their money-back-guaranteed Newsletters!

      The first think I always do is Google them for “Reviews” and thankfully come up with sites like this one that I am grateful for.

      Thanks again to all of you. Charles Hanes

    36. T.J.Ault
      Sep 12 2011, 01:06:54 pm

      I have tried to follow what has been suggested by Penny Stock Fortunes and been gravely disappointed and to date have lost over $800.00. By the time the buy is suggested and you make it the price has risen to its top and is starting on its way down and if you don’t get out at once, you will lose whatever you have invested.

      I have to give this a thumbs down.

    37. Jon Eagleton
      May 26 2016, 10:30:18 pm

      I do my own homework turning $750 into $400k since 1986. Sure you lose some but it was my own fault leaving the guidelines I set. I have at least 7-12 factors I use. 1. Insiders trading – not always right, add 2. Volume with upside ticks, 3. Major holders buying, 4. Improved moves from management. 5. Earnings improvements….. More. I look for beaten down stocks that are undervalued, recently buying CRDS at .19 cents with a book of $1 and target of $3.75 by Zacks. The data available today is outstanding and free to new investors. One is Insidertrading.com, another is SEC Form 4, and I use the ValueLine free at the Public library. One of My Best Buys was GE at $7.50 and sold in the 20’s. One was Quaker Chemical I bought for $9 and sold again in the 20’s. I bought many unheard of small caps like American National Petroleum taken over by Exxon. Diasonics I paid $1 and trading three times for $6 that went to $30 getting taken over. They all met the 7-12 factors. June 2 news is coming on Crossroads Systems and accumulation with huge volumes being bought is one factor. Later

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