Curzio’s Big Data “Future Predicting Machine” for Phase 1 Investor

The folks at Phase 1 Investor, the “big ticket” newsletter from Stansberry & Associates currently helmed by Frank Curzio, tend to love teensy weensy biotech and mining stocks — so when the teaser from Curzio hit my inbox this week for a more traditional tech stock with a more reasonable market cap, I sat up and took some notice. And I thought that you, my favorite Irregulars, might be interested to hear about it … so that’s our Friday File for today, we’ll be sorting through this tease and taking a look at the stock.

And let me start by welcoming many of the wonderful new Irregulars who’ve joined up this week during our charitable membership campaign — we very much appreciate your support, and the ability you give us to help some wonderful causes. We have already gotten the donation pool up to significantly more than we gave last year and we’ve still got six days to go, so a special thank you to anyone who joined or renewed this week!

If you’re one of the new folks and ...

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