Phoenix Letter, The

Author/Editor: Scott Neptune

Publisher: YOLO Publishing

Weekly trading newsletter with specific buy/sell recommendations.

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    1. Carter
      Oct 11 2011, 03:09:41 pm

      Have you ever used The Phoenix Letter? I opted for a trial, got the first issue and said “No thanks”, received no further communication from them until I saw my credit card had been billed $695.00, and when I called to ask what’s up, was told that I had been receiving their service, and the trial period was over, therefore I was being billed and they would not recredit, even after I presented them with the email I had sent requesting cancellation.

    2. Duped again
      Oct 20 2011, 02:22:43 pm

      Their sales come-on roped me in for a 60 day trial of the Phoenix Options Letter for $100.00. As is the case with so many of these “services” the performance does not begin to live up to the hype. A quick check of the archives will show that winners are few and gains, if any, are paltry. Even that does not tell the whole story since the maximum loss they show on any trade is the 30% stop loss which they recommend. In reality when these trades go south they go in a hurry and you’re very lucky to get out with a 30% loss. Don’t waste your money on this one.

    3. carol
      Nov 2 2011, 08:27:40 pm

      Their sales come-on also got me in and I just found out that they charged my cc for a full year. Tried to call and got an answering machine. Emailed them and have not received an answer yet. Was not happy with service and they did not notify me at renewal time. Will see what happens now.

    4. R. Penning
      Nov 17 2011, 07:47:10 pm

      They spend more time trying to sell additional services than they do providing information of any value. Don’t miss 1 day beyond their “trial period, they rip you off and will not refund. Their “customer service” is non existent.

    5. Col SARLL
      Nov 28 2011, 08:23:07 pm

      In response to the review by “Carter” on Oct 11
      it maybe helpful to subscribers to this Letter that if their Credit Card has unjustifiably been debited with a yearly sub. AFTER having phoned the organisation to cancel the trial sub. and emailed them too stating the time & date of the phone call that was answered by a machine then that evidence should be sufficient for you to use in a written application to your Credit Card issuer to dispute the amount billed, which is what I can do in Australia. Here the issuer then contacts the service provider & states the evidence you’ve supplied disputing the transaction. If the provider does not then come to the party the issuer credits your CreditCard (refunding you i.e.) recovering its credit by debiting the provider!
      This should cost you nothing, if the “System” for your Visa or Master Card being worldwide, is the same in the US as it in Oz.

    6. Dave H
      Jan 19 2012, 02:31:24 pm

      This letter is a complete scam. Avoid it at all costs.
      I signed up for a trial subscription. Never received any of their letters. Then I was charged for a full year subscription on my credit card.

    7. clint enjesz
      Feb 10 2012, 04:35:05 pm

      I subscribed in June and can not comment on their refund policy because I staid on. DIS returned 30% in days and I have been very happy. I have received every letter every week. Again, it is possible they don’t give refunds after the trial is over but they definitely send the letter. dave h, do you have firewalls at work?

    8. C Joe Hughes
      Feb 17 2012, 01:24:48 pm

      The return policy offers nothing after 30 days. Avoid this publication at all costs. We consider the offer to be a poor choice in the marketplace.

    9. lstephens
      Mar 3 2012, 12:27:41 am

      This is my best start to a year ever!
      The Phoenix Letter found stocks I have enever even heard about: FAST for one is an off the radar stock that I made double digit percentage points in. Throw in CROX and IMAX and 3 stocks just beat my mutual funds over 10 years!!!!

    10. flrtrader
      Mar 21 2012, 08:04:20 pm

      new sub to this letter… referred by a friend – in NFLX one day and cashed out for a nice winner – very happy – more than paid for my service for the next 5 years – my golf buddy has been getting it for over a year and has been very happy too – think the other reviewers might be sour grapes – who knows these days – just my .02

      Jun 10 2012, 02:55:23 pm

      For an outfit that portrays themselves as professional, costing nearly $1000 per year, consider their ad. They provide ‘actual’ trading results which are fictitious. Do the math. Here’s an example:
      Week 1 Archer Daniels Midland
      Entry Price: $20.99, Closeout Price: $35.00, % Gain/Loss: 19.10, Made/Lost: $382.09
      Made/Lost Total= $701.28
      Note: [$2000 / $20.99= 95.28346831824678 shares] x $25.00= $2382.09 This trade never happened for in the real world fractional trades don’t happen! Trading commissions are also not taken into account.
      Week 1 Energy Conversion Devices
      Made/Lost total should be $226 and not $203.86.
      After I discovered the trades were fictitious I decided to pass on this ‘opportunity’. Honesty is everything to me.

    12. steve callabra
      Jun 25 2012, 07:09:29 pm

      Interesting group of traders. Tried their Options Service a few months back and had a few great trades. They have done very well in my book. Not sure I agree with the other posters.

    13. Juan Rivas
      Feb 10 2014, 06:55:56 pm

      Please save your money, these people do not produce what they advertise, many of their picks lost money during a 60 day trial period that I signed up, right before the 60 days were up, they charge my credit card and after I contact them, they said that the money is not refundable, so do not give them your credit card, this is a very shady service.

    14. Juan Rivas
      Feb 10 2014, 06:58:26 pm

      worst service ever, their picks lost money, and They do not want to refund money after the 60 days.
      Do not give them your money.

    15. scott neptune
      Feb 12 2014, 03:24:06 pm

      Your actions on this site are difficult to take in and it is behavior like this that causes the cost of everything to go higher in this world.
      The short of it is, you are attempting to blackmail us. You said yesterday that if we don’t give you a refund, you will go on the internet and write bad things about us. Clearly that is the case because these are your first posts ever on this site. We refused to succumb and clearly you have followed through – unfortunate as that might be. Here are the issues with what you said: Our picks lost money during the 60 day period. Despite the market drop, both TPL and TPO were positive over that time. The Phoenix Letter (stock picking service), is up 10% in 2014 and on pace to outperform the amrketing numbers. Our latest pick, SLW was up 12% in a week. Simple question, did you trade that? Our records indicated you opened every email so I know you saw it but did you trade it? For TPO, our options service, we are up 33% this year. Our most recent pick, CMCSA was up 60%.and closed this week. Did you trade that? Yes, we gave you a 60 day trial. We were profitable for that trial. As told to you numerous times, after 60 days, we took a $695 charge for the year for TPO and $895 for TPL. You signed up for both and those were the charges. That’s $14.47 a week for an Option service that has been profitable every year since it began in 2009 and $18.64 a week for a stock picking service that has outperformed the market every year and been profitable since it’s inception in 2008. Why is it shady to not give a refund for a successful service after the trial date? More so, we had even discussed pro-rating you back to a monthly charge and giving you $1295 back which was just bad business on our end but instead you attempted to hurt our reputation. Clearly, there is no reason for us to converse with you again but maybe I should say thank you. You know why? Because anyone who thinks it’s justifiable to use a service beyond the trial period, have it perform – outperform the market – and then ask for a refund with the threat of attempting to hurt our reputation is exactly the customers we want to avoid! However, if you are reading this and think, hey $14 or $18 a week for a service that works and a CEO that responds in real time to anything, heck, I’ll give that a try, here you go:
      For stock traders:
      For option traders:
      In addition to being up this year, I am one of the main writer’s on TPL so here is every pcik from 2013:
      OC 3.40%

      NSM 6.53%

      JPM 5.90%

      LULU (3.78%)

      IMAX 9.56%

      Short MSFT (3.06%)

      FITB 3.40%

      IMAX (2.30%)

      HNZ 39.23%

      FCX (2.66%)

      ORCL (2.54%)

      AMTD (4.21%)

      CBRL 16%

      BBRY (6.56%)

      ANF 2.21%

      HOT 2.77%

      WAG 15.10%

      TEN 6.68%

      CX (3.30%)

      MCO 10.02%

      AXP (3.04%)

      QCOM (2.70%)

      RAX 1.56%

      HOT (2.54%)

      EA (2.65%)

      BBG (4.97%)

      DUK 5.82%

      RYL (-.69)

      URI 14.71%

      OC 5.14%

      QCOM (2.11%)

      HAIN 3.75%

      DNKN (1.74%)

      URI (2.66%)

      MSFT 20.35%

      AXP 5.90%

      VXX (4.19)

      CROX (5.29%)

      ABC (1.53%)

      DUK (1.20%)

      ANF 7.90%

      SNTA 3.15%

      FXCM 14.07%

      X (3.35%)

      AXP (2.00%)

      JPM (2.15%)

      LULU 9.77%

      ANF (2.97)

      VZ (4.31%)

      HOT (3.59%)

      USG (7.05%)

      DUK (1.46%)

      MOS (3.00%)

      LNG .50%

      L (2.09%)

      GOLD 5.22%

      CHK 21.75%

      HOT 4.03%

      MSFT 5.52%

      VALE (7.50%)

      YHOO 9.32%

      X 10.84%

      FSLR 30.93%

      RAX (3.57%)

      POT (3.95%)

      WAG 5.70%

      ANF 3.70%

      EBAY .57%

      MSFT 3.36%

      WLT 10.62%

      VZ (2.86%)

      OC (1.67%)

      EBAY (1.59%)

      LOCk (3.46%)

      CSIQ (5.17%)

      X 2.44% (Open)

      CSIQ (6.27%)

      POT (2.15%) (open)

      Short EW (2.51%)

      190.74% Closed Positions (does not include open positions in X and POT)

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