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Of any newsletter I have followed (a lot), Porter seems to have the best results. Still nothing to write home about but he says up fronts that these are a hedge. He’s not looking to get rich on shorts or long puts. He writes well, does his research, and has a good track record.

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I first heard Porter Stansberry many years ago at an investor conference. At the time I had made a big chunk of change by anyone’s standards, so I thought I could do better. Well, people do change and become wiser through health or other issues. I remember his spiel, so recently I listened to several of his radio talk shows…and loved them all. Afterwards, I decided to try one or two of his products. So far, each pick has been good; subsequently, I’ve decided that he is a straight shooter and a man with integrity. I only wish his offices… Read more »
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Bought a lifetime subscription to several Standberry newsletters for $1500 in 2012.NowThey want more money. I thought lifetime was lifetime

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I have subscribed to SIA for about 4 years now. I also subscribe to a couple of other Stansberry publications. I very much enjoy Mr. Stansberry’s writing and analysis and have profited significantly from his recommendations. I sort of pick and choose which recommendations I buy (I don’t have infinite money) but I’ve done very well on what I have bought. I thought Shopify was the most ridiculous recommendation ever (he sells his razor there) but man has that puppy made me a lot of money. This newsletter has paid for itself many times over in my experience.

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