“One Device to End All Disease … And It Costs Less Than $50″

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This article was originally published on August 13, 2013, around the time this teaser ad pitch was first circulated. The ad is still largely the same today and is circulating heavily again, and it is clearly still teasing the same company, so we’re just re-posting this article for all our newer readers who have questions… without any updates or edits. The spiel about this “one device to end all disease” is now apparently being used to pitch both the $2,000 Radical Technology Profits newsletter and the $99 Nova-X Report, both helmed by Michael Robinson at Money Map Press, so you might have seen similar spiels come from either of those publications.

The stock teased is now at almost exactly the same price as it was 18 months ago when we originally covered it, and the story is more or less the same (though I haven’t checked the detailed progress of any of their operations) — revenue is lower than last year, after several pretty tepid years, but estimates have started to rise again for 2016 so it now trades at a forward PE of 14 instead of 12 (though long term growth expectations among analysts remain very low, about 5%). The dividend amount remains unchanged at 10 cents/quarter, so they still carry an anticipated yield in the neighborhood of 4.5%.

—–from 8/15/13——-

Radical Technology Profits, edited by Michael Robinson over at Money Map Press, is one of the newsletters that, like Breakthrough Technology Alert or the many other competitors, aims to get in early on technology and biotech stories — and also like most of these letters, they pitch their ideas by selling a big picture story that weaves some little company’s product into a larger and more easily identified trend that sounds entirely plausible.

Which isn’t to say that they’re all bad ideas — far from it, I’m sure these kinds of “breakout technology” newsletters all have some dramatic winning picks in their portfolio. The problem is that they all sound like great ideas, and given the bleeding edge nature of most of the technologies they pitch, and the small nature of many of the stocks, the assumption has to be that the major winners will make up for the large number of failures.

The smaller the stocks are that you count on for world-changing returns, the more diversified you need to be — or, I suppose, the more expert and prescient you have to be, though it’s dangerous to start thinking that you can predict things well enough to have a concentrated portfolio of small cap technology names.

But I’m not here to lecture you on how to think about investing in breakthrough technologies — I’m here to try to figure out who Michael Robinson is teasing in his latest ad as the beneficiary of this latest breakout trend. Here’s how he puts it in the email I received today:

Irregulars Quick Take
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“I’m going on record to say that this technology is so overwhelmingly transformative, that I’m comparing it to the internal combustion engine. It will change the way you do everything now and in the future. It’s now creating the Fourth Revolution in the industry. I kid you not, it’s that big.”

So, no shyness there. What is the technology? Here’s more from the ad:

“The End of Disease May Soon Become a Reality Thanks to MEMS

“Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

“If that name sounds high tech that’s because it is.

“And if you want to live a long and healthy life, without the fear of disease…

“You’ll want to watch this short presentation to the end because…

“MEMS are the Only Existing Technology That Could Eradicate the Dangers of Disease, Add 30 Healthy Years to Your Life…

“And Cost Less Than $50

“And here’s where it gets really exciting for someone in my line of work.

“Today, the patents for the MEMS set to end disease….

“They’re controlled by one tiny, unknown company.

“They Have Been Cleared By the FDA”

You can see the whole presentation if you like here (or read the transcript), it’s a very long one and Robinson talks about how MEMS technology can allow for tiny sensors, powered by body heat, that are implanted under your skin and can alert your smartphone (which will then call your doctor) about changes in your body chemistry that indicate the pending risk of a heart attack. Among many other things, like smart cities with pollution and light sensors all around, and smart arrays of MEMS chips underground to track seismic activity and help to find oil and gas reserves..

So which company is it that he says controls the patents to all this MEMS stuff? After giving examples of a few pharma companies whose stocks skyrocketed on the back of multibillion dollar drugs to address some of the same diseases that can be helped by MEMS technology, he starts to throw in a few clues:

“A Tech Company 1/30th the Size of These ‘Big Pharma’ Titans, Developed a MEMS Technology That Could End All Heart Disease.

“And it Controls the Patents.

“There is a very simple way for you to get a slice of this company’s patent profits for less than $9. So you’ll be able to cheaply get in, on the ground floor…”

Now, the examples he gave right before that were Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb — so keep that in mind, the stock might not be that tiny. To be 1/30 the size of those titans you’d be talking about a stock with a market cap between $2 billion and $7 billion. Roughly speaking.

Some more clues:

“First Off, They Produce the Lion’s Share of All MEMS Devices.

“Currently, they can produce 4 million devices a day. That’s more than anyone else in the world. And their production capabilities are growing exponentially each year.

“Which is why the companies that turn to them for MEMS technology are a who’s who of Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500 companies.

“Apple, Blackberry, Dell, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Delta, Denso, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, HTC, Magnetti Marelli, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Western Digital, and Cisco…”

And …

“They Have Also Captured and Secured Total Market Share Domination For All Major Operating Systems.

  • They have an astounding 75% of the Apple/iOS market.
  • 31.4% of the Android market.
  • And 54.4% of the Windows Operating Systems market.

“That’s over 4 times greater than the next closest competitor.

“So when a company is developing a MEMS health technology, and they want to ensure it is scalable across all operating systems both mobile and computer…

“They only have one clear choice.”

And they have a strong patent pipeline, we’re told:

“While this one company controls the Patent Pipeline for the most important MEMS breakthroughs for ending disease…

“Medical MEMS form just one block of their entire 800-patent portfolio.”

So … dominant position in MEMS chips for current mobile phones and tablets, strong patent portfolio with 800+ patents, largest producer of MEMS chips with capacity for four million chips a day, and a stock price under $9. This can only be …

ST Microelectronics (STM)

I know, sorry — this is a big one that you’ve probably already heard of. And it’s been quite weak over the past decade, thanks in part to Asian and US competition (Texas Instruments, all the analog chip makers, etc.) and in part to the weak European economy and currency issues. But it’s probably still the largest European chipmaker, and it was one of the pioneers of MEMS technology and does indeed have the capability of producing four million chips a day, and they do claim 800 patents. There’s quite likely a STM chip in your phone or your car right now.

The MEMS chips, including their medical sensors and other cutting edge products, are a relatively small part of the business, but one that’s growing. That division was less than 20% of sales last year, but the resurgence in growth there is probably a significant reason why the shares have recovered a bit recently. This is a big semiconductor company that might arguably be reasonably priced if you believe the analyst estimates about next year, and if you’re comfortable with their solid dividend (almost 5%), but they also are coming out of a really rough patch — they lost $2 billion last year, tough for a company with a market cap of only $7 billion. There’s a pretty good FT article about them here if you’d like more perspective.

And that’s about all I know about STM — they get teased every now and then as a MEMS pioneer and major patent holder (they’re in a big patent fight with Invensense (INVN) right now, among others), and I agree that MEMS is a huge growth industry, but I don’t know how their patent portfolio will hold up or how long it will be before MEMS chips make a big impact on STM’s bottom line. Most of the companies that are using sensors enabled by STM’s chips are either small or don’t widely publicize the connection, from what I can tell, and most of the early stage research breakthroughs that get trumpeted in this area lately are from not-yet-public little biotech companies.

STM is certainly an industry leader, with a big business in chips for smart phones and tablets and lots of other products, but my impression is that they’re not terribly nimble and they haven’t been very profitable in recent years. If you’ve an opinion to share on this one, feel free to spit it out with a comment below.


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114 Responses to “One Device to End All Disease … And It Costs Less Than $50″

  1. Just finished reading the Strategic Tech Investor newsletter and thought I would go look it up on Gumshoe. Low and behold it was todays article. That was fast, really fast. And thank God Travis writes a much shorter article than Michael Robinson. That was a really long read. Thank you Travis for all your insight, the best bargain I ever got on investment advice anywhere. As for STM, don’t know what to think about the recent pullback but the chart certainly looks good. Maybe just a pullback on the way to better times. No quarterly data on Yahoo yet, don’t really want to use precious time digging deeper. Right now I have heavily invested in long gold, and boy, am I a happy camper. Cracked 1350 today and think it will continue for awhile. Good luck and good investing to all the irregulars.


    • THANK GOD for TRAVIS is right otherwise we’d all be frothing at the mouth and ripping open wallets open to find out LOL> The reality is I rarely ever buy ANY newsletters that tease like that. It is disengenious at best. I pretty much either try to figure it out then give up and let our fearless Gumshoe leader give us the name. Best money I ever spent. Never will I do without Travis. I sure hope I am on automatic subscribtions LOL Thanks .Deb


    • STM has been beat up for a couple of reasons.
      One, it is a European company. European politics tends to focus on today and the individual by making sure making sure everyone gets their “fair share” instead of everyone working for the greater good for the future of humanity, which is what capitalism and competition is all about.
      The other is because Apple dropped STM from the I-6 and picked up Invensense. You can see the price of INVN going up as STM has been dropping since the beginning of 2013.
      I imagine the price will continue to drop before rising again, depending on what kind of technological advancements the company will make going forward.


  2. I need to cancel my subscription and I’m within the initial 6 months, so I would like my $49 refund.
    Thank you,


    • CURIOUS to know: you want refund because pointing out tease bluntly felt bad or that you think it was better to go along the tease, listen to 1 hr of bloated nonsense & buy & hope?
      This accidental encounter saved a bundle of time for me because #1 I figured it was the same- old, specially because I work in some distant stuff with MEMS, #2 I have full understanding of these $gurus$. see them coming straight out.
      That said, I am glad they will refund you money; as for me I am going to join them.
      I would request Gumshoe to pay you an extra buck in refund for helping them find a new customer!
      On the other, got to cancel such n/l altogether……………..


  3. You’re awesome, Travis! I received the M. Robinson newsletter today and submitted the teaser to your contact page just a couple hours ago. Like the first commenter here I chuckled a bit when your email came a few minutes ago and the lead was this teaser!

    You have a truly valuable service and I’ve appreciated it for free too long. I plan on joining the irregulars today!

    Keep up the good work!

    – Dax


  4. STM competes with Qualcom and Texas Instruments.. Of teh 3 STM has a higher Beta and is considered more risky..


    • ST competes with Qualcom?

      hein, how do you get that….you a “wallstreet advisor” or somethign?( l let a adv letter go once when I saw “RIMM competing with IBM in one analysis)
      you GOT to keep certain things straight though to be credible here


      • It’s true. QCOM has been involved in MEMS for about 10 years and has a large patent portfolio in that space. Just google MEMS Qualcomm.


  5. STMicroelectronics is a clumsy joint venture between Italian and French computer firms with two governments’ subsidies, why it is so bureaucratic and why it is probably a bad choice for technology breakthroughs.
    Everything has to be voted on by two companies and 2 government capitals. It was supposed to be a European champion against US and Asian chips.
    We owned it ages ago in the 1990s when we were still a print newsletter. It was then a very expensive stock but we bailed out in time, before the tech bust.


    • right on about ST
      but then all companies ate stuck somewhere in a bureaucracy. Pl do not ask me to list.
      it is going to look nasty.


    • You should be really happy with REED this past week, approaching it’s previous high over $7.00 where I sold and then bought back in just over $5. The latest analyst to pick up on it has set a target of $10. in 2014, and it won’t surprise me if he is right.


  6. I read Robinson’s article earlier today and thought “Wow! Gotta get into this one!” Then I thought again, “Hmmm I wonder if the gumshoe will cover this? I’ll wait and see.”
    I’m glad you saved me from myself and investigated this chip thing! I also discovered MEMS but not STM so thanks again. Now there are two for me to watch and STM is a sure ringer for what Robingson was talking about…I still don’t understand his “I’ll give you $2000″ offer….to tell you the truth that really turned me off….NOBODY gives money away on the internet..duhhhhh!
    Actually Stock Gumshoe saves me from buying into so many of these hyped up offers, it’s like getting paid to red these newsletters!


    • No bueno. The chart is heading south, under the ichimoku cloud, negative Chaiken money flow, and a very choppy pattern. Resistance is overhead at 9 and it looks like a Elliott wave bearish wave downside correction. I would wait for any indicator that shows a reversal from it’s present downtrend off the June 19 th high of 10.05. maybe there’s an upcoming event that can move it. It pays a good dividend, 4.74% which appears to be moving the stock through the execution and payout cycles.


    • That’s one of the favorite ways of getting attention for offering a “discount” — instead of saying your $3,000 newsletter is on sale for $1,000, you say that you’ll give someone $2,000 cash back to buy the stock because you believe in it so strenuously. Apparently it works, because several of the big publishers do the “I’ll send you a check” pitch.


    • The subscription he offers is supposed to be $3,000+, and he offers it for only $1,000+. In this way he is supposed to offer you $2,000 if you opt to subscribe! What makes me wonder is why he is trying to make his money from subscriptions, if he (and so many other newsletter writers) has such good stock market knowledge that can increase his funds by 63,000X.


        • With all newsletters, if the potential gains are that great, why let us suckers in?

          The answer is always the same. A group of creative copywriters can make more money selling subscriptions rather than trading options on their so called research. Often their research is nothing but a rehash of another copywriter for another newsletter.

          At least Larry Edelson at Weiss admits he follows Martin Armstrong and if you read both you see Martin’s free blog is always first.

          If you publish a newsletter you also subscribe to many. Those that are established subscribe to all of them and thus can keep up with the latest teasers and use the work of others.

          BOTTOM LINE: If your system is that good, you practice it and you keep it secret unless you have more money than you need.

          When the writers are not allowed to own or trade in their recommendations, they have NO SKIN IN THE GAME.


    • This now popular strategy of offering cheques to invest in their promotions is being repeated by a number of newsletter publishers and should be a dead give-away that even @ $1195. you are being hustled. Better to spend $49. for good guidance like Gumshoe provides and put the other $1100. + into the few stocks that pass muster.

      These “gimmicks” should tell you how difficult the newsletter business has become since the market tanked mid 2011 and what must be a large number of stressed investors asking for refunds, particularly the more expensive ones that have a hard time living up to their hype. In Michael Robinson’s case he promises to “work for free” if he does not make you at least $20,000 the first year. The fact remains he still has the use of your money up front instead of you having it invested in good stocks you can find without paying an arm and a leg for good research.


  7. This is my 1st comment ever and I have been irregulars member several years. It is not what I might buy that Travis buys but what I might buy listening to newsletters without his snoop dog keen observation to help me make decisions that compels me to seek his knowledge before I buy. I guarantee the man who wants his money back will still read the free stuff not willing to help out Travis with a few bucks for his service.


  8. Sorry this is a little off-topic but I saw the IWSY pitch mentioned … the big day Louis mentioned did not seem to yield the announcement he was expecting. IWSY had a bit of a dump, but nothing huge. Any thoughts on holding this one or selling? I have a very small speculative position


  9. ‘Tis a shame I say!
    Here I was all excited to bring another ‘blockbuster’ tease to you only to find it ‘busted’!
    Even more of a shame, perhaps, is that poor Michael – whose articles I always enjoy despite the hype & his seemingly-obligatory typos – has become so desperate as to offer not only a 2/3 ‘refund’ but to work for us for free if that $2K ‘stake’ isn’t multiplied 10-fold in a year!
    Now, I’m as greedy as the next retiree who lost 1/3 of his IRA in the mid-decade past crash, but even I’m not that gullible!
    “How the mighty are fallen!”


  10. PS…As always, thanks very much Travis!
    BTW…I generously offered Michael my ‘services’ as a proof-reader merely for the benefit of being on the ‘inside’ but to no avail!


  11. Hi Stock Gum Shoe,

    Thank you for your timely analysis regarding this report. I had a question though. The presentation also said that this mystery company sold for 126 million in 2006. It seems like you are dead on with all the other signs that it is stmicro, however, I wasnt able to find an article stating thay stmicro was purchased at all in 2006, let alone for 126 million. Have you been able to find this?


  12. I did some research Zak – and I couldn’t come up with this alleged $126 million acquisitions – I did notice this was the year Walt Disney purchased Pixar for $7.4 Billion – & Motorola acquired Symbol Technologies/Handheld Scanners for $3.9 Billion – maybe that’s why Google paid $12 Bill for Motorola (still puzzled by that amount)? – there were certainly some very interesting acquisitions in 2006 (many of them costly mistakes)


    • Google acquired a lot of patents with Motorola and a lot of good people and mismanaged what they acquired. But Google can afford to screw-up and still come out ahead in the long run.

      That is often the case and why the stock of the buyer often goes down while the stock of the acquired goes up.


  13. All too true, proving that even the best, most connected and wealthy investors make costly mistakes. This is why I play it conservative by taking only SMALL initial positions and wait for the company to at least partially prove itself before adding to my holdings, that way a few missteps will not destroy my portfolio. If you can win 80% of the time, and limit your losses the other 20% you will do just fine and not get destroyed by fear and greed.


  14. Exposing my inexperience here so be kind: the teaser mentioned the medical device that will be implanted under the skin “already has FDA approval”. Is this consistent/standard approval process with foreign companies – having quick access to U.S. markets?


    • I don’t remember the details, but I think it was more of an oblique tease — with the upshot being that this KIND of sensor has FDA approval, it’s being used by many different companies. It’s not, of course, actually a single device that will cure or could cure all disease.

      Generally, medical devices have relatively quick approval times — and devices that don’t change your body chemistry but are just sensors have a smaller hurdle than most. Doesn’t mean they all get guaranteed access, and foreign and US companies all have to go through approval the same way as far as I know.


  15. The Machines Movie coming out today? Has a part about implanted (MEMS?) chips that will give doctors hospitals and patients up to date info regarding a patients vitals and internal statistics, that will be life savers and money savers for all healthcare.


    • what you are referring to (MEMS? is that the stock symbol? i need some good stocks for my protfolio to make some bucks for my foundation and myself and my family a family memeber is battling cancer and i need to do all i can to help financially as well we need money for our non profit foundation to be able to help more, i hope you can help me


  16. I need some help in putting together a portfolio of radical stocks, companies to rise quick, i am still interested in buying mems, is that still ok also are there any cheap stocks out to help me make some money. I run an nonprofit and need make money for it as well as need it personal as well, please advice and provide me with some stock ideas to purchase. thanks


  17. Sorry for your situation Alex, unfortunately desperation can lead to irrationality. A request like that can lead to con artists taking advantage of you. You could certainly do a lot worse than spending $49. to join Gumshoes irregulars. NOBODY can legitimately offer you up stocks that “will rise quickly” that is an unknown and unknowable statistic, best anybody can do is “high probability”. Yesterday I was at the “Money & Markets Show” in Toronto, (moving to Calgary this weekend) and I watched a multi -millionaire demonstrate a software program he spent 16 years developing that produces spectacular results based on “seasonality” i.e. historical data that pinpoints the best entry and exit points for stocks with established and “identifiable patterns” over multiple years where a stock shows a reliable rise or fall during the year in given months. Some examples H.R Block during tax season, Hershey chocolates in Feb. and many many others. I am just beginning my research on this investing idea which returns spectacular profits with options, PROBLEM, there is always a “learning curve” with any new idea, not wise to rush in, and while I am not ready to recommend it because I haven’t thoroughly checked it out yet, I did find an ETF that focusses on the idea, and before XMAS there should be quite a few profitable companies the ETF can invest in that might spike the price over the next 3 months. Anybody who wants to check it out personally can Google; Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF HAC on the TSX.
    Why not just buy the software you ask, anybody have $5000. you don’t know what to do with? Actually he offers a 3 month trial period for $895. and claims a 90%+ conversion rate of people who make so much money in the 3 months it becomes a “no brainer” to buy the software, which has free updates for life and offers a number of alternatives such as guidance for day traders, options buyers and other special features.


  18. Michael is BACK!! Just got a special offer from Money Map for a way to put $2000 check in your pocket!!! Same push for MEMS in a video presentation……63,000% profits between 2013 and 2017!!!

    Thanks again Travis for the ability to cut through to the truth!!


  19. Hypes about these medical claims should land this guy in jail. I have 30+ years of executive leadership and product development with the world’s leading implantable device companies…and this guy is full of it. We already have dozens of devices on the market the size of a quarter (or smaller) that can provide extensive diagnostic information leading to early detection and treatment. However, to say that ANY technology will eradicate ALL diseases is just snake-oil salesmanship. His misleading comments about pacemaker technology shows just how incredibly ignorant of medical technology he is. I could have forgiven him (somewhat) if he had made the statement “this technology will allow for the miniaturization of implantable devices that will provide early detection, and therefore early treatment, of numerous serious medical conditions.” Detection is NOT a cure. Hype is Hope…and Hope is not an investment strategy.


  20. There is no question that Michael Robinson is an intelligent and well connected guy, but his HYPE is over the top. No sensoring device replaces a healthy lifestyle so what good is it to get a “warning” that something is malfunctioning if you are not prepared to deal with the “CAUSE” that triggers the malfunction? He mentions dangerous drugs, but is that not exactly what a medical doctor would prescribe if alerted to a pending problem? I think he is dreaming in technicolor if he thinks MEMS will eradicate all disease, but a lot of the other applications he mentions may well have some merit. My question is, his emphasis is on Silicon Valley, yet STmicroelectronics STM is European, and yes they do claim 800 patents, so how do we reconcile that? I never looked at the original promo in depth, but today I received an extraordinarily lengthy video with the whole spiel again offering the $2000. rebate on an original $3195. price, so $1195. not a thousand. Not sure whether this is the same as the original, but now he is doing some name dropping, now he claims Mike Lazaradis of RIM (Blackberry) fame, (or is that infamous has invested $97.Million which is interesting given that he is rumoured to be working on a deal with a few others to buy back Blackberry, didn’t realize he was quite that rich! At $1195, a pop, limited to 500 people Michael must be doing alright for himself if he can repeat it every 3 months, or is it an indication of failure? May be first time didn’t bring in enough suckers?


  21. Wow, just have to luv these reply comments, now I’ll always check out Stock Gumshoe’s teasers and comments before I invest into any so called make you rich schemes, keep up the great work.. I’m going to recommend people read this site on Hot Copper so everyone can read what con people are out there…. always do your own research first


  22. I called the 888# on this michael robinson deal, and ask if it was a foreign stock, he said
    ” it is a local stock” I guess its not [st microelectronics] Sorry


  23. You can get Mr. Robinsons Nova X newsletters for 49$, same hype on these disrupting tech stocks, and he is a llllll in on bit coin!
    Well now Gunshoe has my email address guess I will see what this Newsletter is all about!


  24. Yes, Michael Robinson is hyping Bitcoins now through the ultra conservative Money Morning and MoneyNews.com which has an anti-Obama fixation. Claims it’s going up to the stratosphere in value. So when the ponzi scheme crashes and burns, I’m sure he’ll blame Obama for that also lol.


  25. Folks most stock tip newsletters aren’t worth the proverbial plug nickel ; however, Stockgumshoe with Travis at the helm does give you honest value.
    I have ran through STM plus the other stocks mentioned by the posters through a sophisticated computer program which scores stocks from 0 to 100. Here are the ratings of the stocks mentioned MEMS 0, STM 25, IWSY 92 and INVN 86.
    One other BioPharma stock mentioned NOT mentioned is PRAN which scores a 99 and IMHO has the BEST chance of delivering gains into your portfolio . Here is the PRAN chart http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=pran&ty=c&ta=1&p=d simply substitute the other stocks into the chart to see thier performance. I think , after doing your DD that PRAN is the best of the group. Take some of the money you make form the tip, and donate it to the Salvation Army humble folks who get the job done!


  26. My husband was listening to the same video you all are talking about from August on 2/4/14. We searched for it through what was said about the stock. I had come up with the same stock, STM, before finding it here. Does that mean you guys are doing an excellent job? I hope so. I do appreciate your posting. This is my first time to this website area, and would like to be able to come back on other stock questions. Thanks to Slick Rick for his post. I almost bought PRAN today, but decided it could still go down. (And that tip may also be old). It’s good to see it here again. I’d like to find an honest website to post questions and get feedback. Can that be done here?


  27. Michael told me he was only making it available to 250 people, hmm someone said he told them 500, which one Michael? I too ran into gumshoe after doing some deducements from hints in M Robinsons letter and arrived at the same conclusion, ST Microelectronics! Think I will pass, was going to stick three grand on it and make a cool couple million but think I will just keep the three grand for better opportunities. I am a beginner and trying to be very careful!


  28. Lately there have been many versions of the M. Robinson E mail in my mailbox. I’m a risk taker and sometimes a little too impulsive. It almost cost me $1195! Glad I tracked down Travis and the gumshoe before I spent all that money on hope and snake oil. Now that I have the name of the “mystery miracle company” for FREE, I can hit the delete button knowing I did not miss not getting rich.


  29. The old adage says that there is a sucker born every minute, but what I don’t understand is how these tease artists get away by quoting The FDA this and the FDA that in the execution of their teases. You’d think that such quotes add the air of legitimacy to their articles, wouldn’t you? What would happen if they were called out to show such documentation? These are such trying times and without looking like the majority of so many others whom are down and out and could use a break from the higher food prices and the appearance from the rest of the manufacturing crowd like there’s nothing wrong with the economy. It would be wonderful to have just a tiny bit of honesty here, so everybody could prosper and pull themselves up and out of the quagmire. I realize that this makes me sound squeamish and juvenile but at the cost of sounding as such, where is the justice? Or is it like the old Richard Pryor joke, “just us?”


  30. May 23 2014… and this teaser is still going around! I just ran across it (as an ad) in one of Stansberry’s freebie publications.

    Today’s close for ST Microelectronics: $9.38, so except for some time down into the $7 range in the last year the stock has really gone nowhere.

    Whew! There’s still time to pile into this hot pick before it goes to the moon! Lol.


    • I received his email message today.
      I have heard about MEMS technology for years. It’s great stuff. I have two RC helicopters which use MEMS technology for the gyros.
      I passed on the invitation.
      I received a follow-up email to give me another chance at the apple.
      I asked in my reply for today’s price of the stock referred to in the presentation and what exchange where the stock is listed.
      I haven’t received a reply yet.
      I’ll keep you posted.


  31. They spun this from a different angle about a year ago – I almost bought a second subs. to learn about this “amazing tech and company – that will change the world” – so I’m glad to find this site and comments. Here is something else – that will be a great benefit to any investors and/or income tax payers reading here, and Travis. This development I know about personally, been following since 1998: Technology to generate the low cost, clean power for transportation, homes, businesses, etc. with the renewable resources (mainly the sun, biomass, wind, waves). One company has (much of) this technology and recently announced an electric circuit / device (with prototype / proof, credible 3rd party verification) that can make possible electric cars at lower cost to own and power than what we pay now – being able to use capacitors (much lighter, cheaper, that can be recharged instantly) for the power source instead of batteries – and powered by the clean energy of the sun and other – with other techs (that can be mass produced cheap, with about 50 patents). Anyone interested can get more info (free) on this developing public co. through the following site that describes a program they offer to better utilize your taxes (reduces them – putting 30% cash in your pocket, with the 70% going into ownership in the project) here: http://powertaxcredit.com


  32. I found Stock Gumshoe by accident while doing some serious digging for information. Turned our Gumshoe already had my answer. Ok, nobody laugh but I didn’t know there was an actual Gumshoe subscription available. I just thought some computer nerd was locked up in a dark basement spreading the truth and “bringing the man down”. Having said that I have to say Stock Gumshoe has done me right every time. And now a little tip I can offer you. Watch out for the Living Metal pitch. I believe it is from Money Map or Money Morning. They can help you find out about a stock before it goes public for only $1900 plus. It’s already public. It called Stellar (KLH) on the TSXV. How do I sign up for the Stock Gumshoe letter or publishing? Thanks,



  33. Wow, yes I just received a email from Radical Technology Profits, thought before I read anymore I will log on to Stock Gumshoe, couldn’t believe my eyes, there it was in black and white, great job !!! Best money spent !!!


  34. I think the stock was INVN. Earlier this year it was in the capitalization range mentioned in the tease and it is a U.S. stock. That said, if I want to invest in MEMs, I would put some money in STM, which is suing INVN for patent infringement and also pays a nice dividend on the current price, and then some in INVN, which is likely to hit a new low for the year this month with loss selling.


    • STM has been really poorly managed for years, though it may well come back with enough of a demand for MEMS, where it is the largest player. INVN I’ve suggested in the past, but dropped them when it seemed they were getting too squeezed by Apple and Samsung on margins for my expectations to be met… the Motley Fool is putting a lot of hope on INVN’s chip being in the Apple Watch. They’ve been pitching this one for a year or so now, we first covered that ad of theirs here: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/motley-fool-rule-breakers/whats-tim-cooks-please-take-my-money-stock/


      • The Motley Fool is for “fools” as are most newsletter services.
        Money Map Press is fairly new and its address is:
        16 W. Madison St.
        Baltimore, MD 21201
        This will tell you if the newsletter in question is from them. Thus you can tell from the fine print that it is one of theirs. Motley Fool has been around a long time and its services are easy to identify as well as all the services from Weiss.


  35. Subscribed to Robinson for a year and dropped it. As Gumshoe says, he has some good ones and some others. Certainly not worth the $1000 price.


  36. Just received the “One Device” pitch in my Inbox yesterday. I listened to it, took some notes, looked promising; saw the come on price; then said to myself I wonder if Gumshoe has any thing to say about it. Well, low and behold when I opened my computer this morning, there was your repeat article about this company. There must have been a lot of people wondering the same thing , should I or should I not. As a new reader, many thanks for anticipating our question!!


  37. In my opinion STM has the potential to be a 10 bagger! They have been up to $80 in the past. After the debacle of the telecom joint venture quarterly results have been steadily improving. They have an excellent balance sheet with low debt. They are a leader if not the leader in mems and have a lot of intellectual property (patents). The Internet of Things (IOT) is developing slowly, but it is developing. In the last quarterly report they announced a big upside in business through distribution which means many small/ start-ups are designing with their products. STM will benefit when some of these little guys become big. The cherry on top is their announcement in partnership with AMS of a state of the art NFC solution which should give NXP a run for their money (currently prototyping). Because of STM’s IOT leadership position, their IP, and their balance sheet I believe they are a takeover target by the likes of Cisco, Intel and many others. In my opinion a takeover or selling off the mems division would be a bad thing unless it results in a bidding war. I’m all in with just under 20% of my portfolio.


  38. I’m a new investor and joined Money Morning in Jan 2015. Also joined the extra services for “Energy Advantage,” and “NovaX” for tech stocks. Each cost $49, or $79 for the premium membership which includes books, etc. The memberships have been very educational, and I’ve even made a little money. HOWEVER, I also joined High Velocity Profits for $1,950. The result was disappointing. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but they only give you 30 days to get a refund, so I bailed. They refunded the money within 2 days. I also joined Stealth Profits for $1,950; the jury is still out on that one, but I have a feeling I’ll be asking for a refund before the 30 days are up. Perhaps I am less gullible now (in part, due to Travis). Thanks for investigating the MEMS pitch that just appeared again on Money Morning.


  39. Personally, I favor stocks that have a 6 month upward trend and good balance sheets. All else to me is more of a gamble than I am willing to take. Turtle vs. rabbit. Not into get rich quick schemes and promotions.


  40. Right now – Feb 27, 2015 – STM is setting up for a sell, not a buy on the daily chart. Ordinary garden variety ANOVA – Analysis of Variance, an implementation of quants’ statistical juju, shows the stock backing away from its upper 2-sigma boundary at 9.12 and heading back toward its mean at or near 8.75.
    On the weekly chart a pullback also looks likelier than a further advance. After all, stocks are fractal. Reversion to the mean would take STM to 8.20 longer term. Sounds like a better level to buy.


  41. To clarify, I’m not looking at STM as a sell. Risk-reward is n.g. Possible option play though, if you have expertise in credit spreads.


  42. They are still recycling this same pitch? For what some of these newsletters charge at least they could offer something new. About a year ago a friend of mine joined one of these for about $2500 and recommended I join some other one. After some research I joined Stock Gumshoe. Best 49 bucks I ever spent. The other newsletters big sales pitch…was this same exact spiel. Thanks Travis. Since joining Gumshoe investing has gotten a whole lot more fun especially considering ideas are shared with a great group of pretty bright and savvy members.


  43. Refunds if not satisfied in 30 days is a “gimmick” even 90 days is questionable. As any truly experienced investor knows it may take anywhere from 6 months ora year or more for stocks to show their true colours. People who offer these short term refunds are counting on subscribers forgetting about asking for a refund before the deadline has passed.


  44. I got a reader inquiry about STM so the promo is still going on. He is a techie and thinks the MEMC side may really be into something. I am still looking into that but in the meantime here is something for all of you. ST Microelectronics is a dual-national Franco-Italian company which is HQ’d in Switzerland to keep them from fighting each other along the Riviera. It has an American Depositary Receipt so it can trade on the NYSE. It is messily run because of its dual nationality.
    As for whether it can apply for its MEMC health dingbats to the US Food & Drug Administration, you should know that foreign companies are allowed to apply for access to the US market all the time. As long as we are from the same human race as foreigners we can take the same medicines and use the same medical devices. Applying here gives foreign generic drugs a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. It makes it easier to get the EU CHMP and British and Japanese to allow the drug or procedure in to their countries. And because (alas) this is the country with the least effective control on pricing of drugs (despite Obamacare) you can make more moolah in the US than in France or Italy, where ST Microelectronics has its home and dual government controlling shareholders (who would not allow it to overchange the French or Italian healthcare systems but welcome grabbing bucks from our insurance companies and Uncle Sam.)


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