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“Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

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We’re rerunning this piece because it continues to be one of the most asked-for explanations on the Stock Gumshoe website. What follows below was originally published in mid-2012, it has been updated for the change in silver values but otherwise remains unchanged.

Dr. David Eifrig over at Stansberry’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been teasing us with “five magic words” that he says you can use at your local bank to get free silver.

Huh? What’s he talking about?

Don’t worry, we’ll sniff through his clues and try to figure out what specific opportunity he’s talking about … and maybe we’ll even be able to guess exactly what his “Magic words” are. Here’s how he gets us interested:

“Say These 5 “Magic” Words To Your Local Bank Teller—

“And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver

“I never thought this would work. But it did! I tried it, and to my surprise, I got 34 silver coins from a single bank. Needless to say, I’m going back for more! Thanks for the great idea!” — Maury D., Tyler, TX”

Sounds great, right? Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from …

“I recently heard a wild rumor about a major loophole in the U.S. retail banking system…

“One that enables you to get real, ‘hold-in-your-hand’ silver from practically any FDIC-insured bank in the U.S. All you do is walk in, say 5 simple, but very specific words and – according to this rumor – you could walk out minutes later with a handful of silver, as part of a totally free transaction.

“You don’t even need an account with the bank where you want to collect your silver….

“Right now, a group of banks in the U.S. are finding themselves in possession of a certain type of government-created coin, which does not circulate widely in the general population…

“You see, these coins were originally produced during the early part of the 20th century, as part of a government mandate – called H.R. 2934 – to create money that was respected and easy to use. More than 750 million of these coins were minted, all containing varying amounts of silver.

“These coins – which contain as much as 90% pure silver – were designed by many of the best sculptors and engravers of the day – people like Augustus St. Gaudens, Charles E. Barber, and Gilroy Roberts. One of these coins is even listed by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as one of the “20th Century’s most beautiful silver coins.”

“The coins were date-stamped and engraved with official U.S. government markings, to ensure authenticity.

“These unique ‘silvers’ were originally intended to be kept in circulation. But the Feds ceased production in 1971 because people were hoarding them and not circulating them like the government planned.

“But what 99% of the public doesn’t realize is that many banks today still hold large quantities of these coins.”

So what are these coins?

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Well, from the general tone of the letter it appears likely to me that he’s talking about old US currency from the silver coinage days, not about specialty or collectible coins — and he has often teased so-called “junk silver” coins before. Junk silver refers to the pre-1965 circulating dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars that were made of 90% silver and which are the easiest low-cost entree into silver accumulation for a lot of people — either because they buy bags of old “junk” silver or because they sift through their pocket change and set aside those occasional 1963 dimes that are actually worth a few dollars each.

But what about that 1971 date? That tells me we’re looking at something else — and my guess is that he’s talking about Kennedy half dollars.

The fifty cent piece is one of the most common coins in US history, and was very widely used up until about 50 years ago, but it has effectively disappeared from circulation. Part of the reason it disappeared is that the half dollar became the Kennedy half dollar in 1964 to honor the assassinated president, and it was extraordinarily popular as a memento of a much-loved public figure so people tended to hold on to it. Add that to the fact that this is also the time when silver was getting taken out of circulating coinage and folks started to hoard all coins that had real silver content, and the 50 cent coin was pretty much killed as a circulating piece of currency.

But the key is that 1965 isn’t the only key date for silver in JFK half dollars — 1970 is also important. Because although all the other common coins stopped containing silver starting in 1965, the JFK half dollar was struck in 40% silver for several more years, from 1965-1970. So you have an extremely common coin (hundreds of millions were minted) that’s almost never seen, and one that’s not pre-1965 and therefore not as widely known for its silver content, and people don’t use them in daily commerce, so there must be at least a few still out there waiting to be found.

The theory then, I suppose, is that a ton of these fifty cent pieces are just sitting in the dusty back portion of bank vaults — stores don’t want them to give change, but they occasionally get them in change, and every once in a while bank customers will bring in a roll or two of fifty cent pieces, and they probably sit in a box in the back of the vault until someone asks for them. So maybe if you go to the bank and ask for any half dollars they have, you’ll get some of these older ones.

Of course, plenty of banks probably don’t have any half dollars at all or would have to order them for you (which might be worth it, I don’t know, the Federal Reserve banks are certainly loaded with them but I have no idea if the coins in storage have any potential for silver dates), so it won’t work every time.

So if you walk into a bank and ask them if they have any half dollars, maybe you’ll get a little trove that you can search through and see if it includes any treasures — and of course, you can’t really lose money, because this is circulating coinage so the bank won’t charge you anything, you just give them $20 (or whatever) for $20 worth of half-dollar coins.

The rub? Well, part of the rub is that they might not have these coins, since no one ever wants or asks for them and they’re rarely used in commerce. And the other part of the rub is that the next decade or so worth of JFK half dollars are also very, very common … so if you do get some half dollars, it’s likely that almost all of them will be from the early 1970s or the widely minted 1976 bicentennial half dollar, pretty much all of which are worth, well, fifty cents. And you can’t use them in most vending machines or parking meters.

But if you DO get lucky and find a few older half dollars that are from 1970 or before, they’re worth a lot more than 50 cents — so that’s how you can be compensated for the time you spent searching for these coins and sifting through them.

The silver half dollars from 1964 and earlier, including the 1964 JFK half dollar, the 1948-1963 Benjamin Franklin half dollar or, if you’re really lucky, the Walking Liberty half dollar that was minted from 1916-1947 are all 90% silver and that silver content is, at $23 silver, worth a little less than $8.20.

The more common and perhaps not as widely known 40% silver JFK half dollars, which are the ones that are theoretically more likely to still be found in rolls at the bank on occasion, are the ones that were minted from 1965-1970 — and they have about $3.35 worth of silver in them. Some of the years also may have collectible value, including some of the post-1970 non-silver years, but if you’re talking just about the silver content you want coins that were minted 1970 or earlier. An easy place to check for silver content and the (constantly updated) value thereof is the free calculator at the Coinflation.com website.

Eifrig does, to his credit, caution that this “free” silver isn’t completely free — it doesn’t work all the time, at every bank, so you have to put time in (and, of course, you have to be fortunate):

“How often does saying these 5 magic words actually get you free silver?

“Well, from my experience, after observing more than 250 people to try this technique in dozens of banks around the country, I estimate that if you go to the right banks (I’ll show you which ones), and say the right words (again, I’ll give you the specifics) it works about 25% of the time.

“So, you’re going to have to do a little legwork to get this secret to work for you. But remember, this is basically FREE silver we are talking about here. If you are too lazy or too busy to do a little work to get something as valuable as silver, essentially free of charge, well, I’m sorry, but you can stop reading right now….

“The reason this works is because most Americans (including the people who work at banks) have no idea how this “loophole” works.

“But eventually, word will get out and this opportunity will end.”

And the special magic words? I don’t know exactly, but I’ll wager the phrase goes something like, “May I please have half-dollars?” Or “Do you have half dollars?”

There are bajillions of web articles and discussion boards about how to get your mitts on collectible or silver-content coins by getting an “in” at the local bank or trying to find the customer-rolled coins — the guess being that if Grandma let her grandchildren roll up the old jar of coins they found in the attic and take them in to the bank to exchange for bills so they can buy video games, maybe you’ll get lucky and find that the roll of dimes had a bunch of pre-1965 coins and is worth more than ten times the face value.

That’s also the hope for half dollars, though I guess they’re probably not as widely requested or talked about, or rolled up for that matter, so you may want to either cruise around to any sleepy bank branches you know about to give it a whirl, or chat up your friendly neighborhood bank teller so you can get an “in” when a promising pile of coins gets turned in. Though why any teller wouldn’t sift through them on her own is beyond me.

Or heck, maybe your brother in law runs the local Coinstar operation (those are the automatic coin counters you’ll see at some grocery stores) and will let you sort through the coins every week.

The point is that this is not just something you can do at your local bank branch every day to get a guaranteed free $50 every time — it’s probably best thought of as a hobby that will occasionally provide a nice perk of some “free” money if you’re willing to drive around to a lot of bank branches and look at a lot of coins. Unless you live in a very small town, however, you’re probably not the only person trying to look for these kinds of old coins … so be nice.

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265 Responses to “Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words To Your Local Bank Teller— And You Could Walk Away With A Handful Of Silver”

  1. Doc Eifrig is the most successful of the Stansberry Analysts, both in my opinion and according to Stansberry’s annual “report card” rating. However, the silver coin searching thing reprised here is silly. This is for people who have nothing to do with their time. Eifrig generally recommends companies that are huge and powerful, net lots of money, and pay hefty dividends. The Stansberry company philosophy has become minimizing risk for small individual investors. This makes sense to me, and Eifrig does nothing but. The companies on his recommended list include no surprises.

    Eifrig writes several newsletters for Stansberry at widely differing price points. IMO the least expensive ones are worth the money, and the more costly ones are not good values for most people. The more costly ones are worth the money if you are comfortable with selling naked puts or covered calls–and you don’t know when or how to do it–but this is an unlikely combination.

      • Boy you sure hit the nail on the head!! They are mavens of mass bullsh-t. Non-
        stop, never-ending, multifaceted forever-morphing b.s.!!!!

      • Wrong ! They put me in Gold and Silver in 2003 and I have made a very substantial amount. I have also made considerable amounts from other letters they publish. Not every one is an investment genious as you are, and knows all the angles and ins and outs of the market.
        Stansberry is terrific.

      • Dennis, I am compelled to reply to your trashing of Stansberry firm. How can you call a company bull shit (just say it loud instead of using BS) who have helped and still helping hundreds of thousands of people if not in millions from all walks of life in teaching and helping people make money in an honest way?

        Now, my question to you—have you tried subscribing even one of their newsletters? Second, if you are, did you at least made even one penny (of, course it’s way, way more than that) from a transaction that you made? Then how can you say Stansberry is a bullshit company?
        Third, you have to be aware that Stansberry experts are not your personal financial advisors. They are there to guide the best they can (which they are, the best of the best in the whole world second to none) but you as an in individual investor have to use your own brain to decide and act what will be best for you in terms of investing.

        If what you are saying is really true of Stansberry firm being a bull shit company, then how come hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are benefitting from it? Are you one of those or you are just accusing them out of thin air?

        • Stansberry has been calling for the demise of the US markets for years and
          and has been clearly WRONG. Check performance of US Markets
          since 2009 to 2012 (Doubling or more in SPY, DOW & esp. QQQ).

          Apparently, readers here are rightfully calling out B.S. Stansberry.
          Gold and Silver? peaked and has been flat until the “fiscal Cliff” b.s.
          has allowed for a small bounce.
          Owning GLD or GDX as a hedge is prudent. OWNing just SLV, GLD or ?
          is just foolish. We all need a balance portfolio.
          That said, if Stansberry is calling for a correction in bonds (and stocks)
          he may be right. It has been a good year, and profit taking has started.

          • Yes and they (Stansberry) are right about calling for the demise of the US markets…as you and your self-assured, arrogant and prideful ilk are about to find out, maybe within the next year or two. You wont be so cocky and self assured then!

          • Wait. There will be another downturn and many advisers believe it will as severe as has ever been seen or worse. Reason? The fed can’t bail out the economy. The money simply isn’t there. But, with that said. Stansberry is not the first to sound that alarm. Not by a long shot. As a matter of fact, it took S&A long enough to catch on to what a few have been saying for a lot longer. As for Stansberry being bull shit, I don’t know. What I do know is that for anywhere from $49 to $2500 per subscription they’ll sell you all the publications you can buy until you have no capital to invest. That’s how they make money. Now who’s interest are they really looking out for? Not saying they don’t give some good advice. But who the hell can afford all those reports leave alone read all of them. I cut them loose because I was bombarded daily with more subscription offers than I could tolerate.

          • Funny, but we are still mired in high unemployment, (16-20% real unemployment). I would say that the markets have fallen. Those whop have real silver for trad will be much better off when the US dollar goes the way of the Zimbabwean dollar, (The largest denomination of a Zimbabwean banknote reached 100 trillion). With 16 trillion in dept, not including the Affordable Healthcare Act, now projected to cost a total of 6 Trillion, and counting over 10 years, the dollar will not be work the paper its printed on.

        • I am a former subscriber to Stransberry and Associates and can tell you from experience that the company promised me several things and never followed through with even one. All they did was sent me bull shit emails trying to get me to buy more newsletters or buy into other investment firms. I even wrote the company and asked where my newsletters on how to get my free silver and they never responded to one of them. When I went to cancel my subscription, it was a hassle too. Stransberry and Associates is a bunch of Bull shit and ordinary people should stay away from this company and their bull shit !!!

        • really, you actually believe that there are 1000s getting rich? if so, how many times have you bought a bridge or ocean front property in Arizona? many I suspect. you ask dennis if he ever tried it by subscribing, well it looks like the answer to that stupid question would be no because dennis is not stupid like you. there is a little truth in this but not enough to subscrib for $40-50 or whatever, i’m not into building someonelses retirement, but you just go right ahead. they say if its too good to be true——ever heard that one?

      • I subscribed to Porter Stansberry’s newsletter years ago and made a few hundred dollars by following his advice. Just because Porter is selling information that can be found elsewhere for free doesn’t mean that his information is B.S. (Although I did get a chuckle from your metaphor. Clever.)

    • i’ve been doing this on my own for years- it works for me- as a coin collector, the results are quite gratifying– it is fun and easy- plus I get a 2 mile walk out of it weekly- do not waste 10 cents worth of gas-

      • Funny isn’t it? No magic words are required and no bank is necessary. Even make some friends in the process. It works for me too.

  2. Hey, I believe Dr.Eifrig may have really been referring to the Eisenhower Dollar Coins.
    Certain years of these also were made in 40% silver,mainly the years 1971-S and 1972-S.
    Also the 1976-S Bi-centennial year coin as well. The reason I say so,is one the testimonials he listed mentioned someone handing a bank teller $8 paper dollars and
    getting back 8 of these ‘silver coins”,so if buying at face value that would be right on.
    But he could be referring to BOTH the Kennedy halves and the Eisenhower dollar coins.
    In any case,the silver ones are not that easy to find at banks anymore. You would have
    to have someone on the ‘inside’ looking for these specific coins and dates and hold
    them for you when they come across them. Most likely coin collectors and dealers
    scooped up the main quantities years ago.

    • The 40% silver version of the Eisenhower dollar was issued as a collectible only, they are generally not found in circulation. -coinflation.com
      I am a collector of silver coins. To get silver coins from a bank is nearly impossible. These coins are a much sought after commodity by millions of people. Over the past several years of a hyper increase in the value of silver virtually all of these coins have been picked out of circulation.
      I also collect pennies dated before 1982, which are worth approx 2.3 cents at this time.
      They are in plentiful supply in circulation. So an easy way of doubling you investment is to buy rolls of pennies and pick out all pre-1982 coins. These pennies are 95% copper whereas the post-1982 penny is only 2.5% copper and 97.5% zinc

      • Hello
        It looks like you have studied this. Interesting.
        So if we have a Cub Scout troop go thru the coins picking out the pre 1982 coins,
        where can we send the pennies to receive our premium of 1.3 cents on the cent?
        Do you have a phone number and address?
        Meanwhile, if you ask your local coin dealer or bank, the laughing will be heard
        across the country. “What? you want 2 cents for each penny? Who do you think
        we are, Donald Trump?”
        Good luck melting down that copper.
        IF anyone finds a 1909 coin, reply to advantedges@aol.com. We are buying!

          • What is “Bright VS” condition? If you mean uncirculated, or Mint State, yes, those have some value…but the odds of finding uncirculated cents pre-1959 in circulation are essentially non-existent. And you cannot “shine then up”, or they will be ruined, and their collectible value cut down to maybe 10% of its former value.

  3. Another interesting tidbit I never knew: “Among Eisenhower dollars, coins dated from 1971 through 1974 with the S mintmark are 40% silver.” So it might be worthwhile to sift through a few rolls of “Ike” dollars as well.

  4. @tozer,
    Actually coinstar ends up kicking back out silver coins. My girlfriend takes her tips to a coinstar and everyone once in a while it will kick out a silver dime or quarter. I’ve got her trained to spot them. ;)

      • LOL on the GF. It is still easier than training husbands. :-)
        Anyhow, finding any Ike dollar is difficult. I probably check 5 – 15 banks a month and got my first one for July yesterday. And it isn’t silver. I think I have checked a thousand of them and only ever gotten one silver one. Too much time unless you do it as a hobby.

        The problem with the halves is contrary to what Eifrig says, they still make them. Here is a run down on halves in my experience:
        Coins minted before 1960 represent about 1 in 30.000 coins.
        Coins minted 1960-1964 are 90% silver; about 1 in 3000 in circulation.
        Coins minted 1965-1969 are 40% silver; about 1 in 1000 in circulation.
        Coins minted 1970 are from mint sets. about 1 in 20,000. screw the silver. These coins are worth $5 on eBay in not good condition and $10 – $15 in nice condition. I once got 3 in a box and almost drove back to kiss the teller. I am sure some kid had his hide tanned. I had no way to return them.
        Coins minted 1971 – 1981 are very common in circulation. They are worth 50 cents unless they are flawless. (no scratches, mint luster)
        Coins minted 1982 are worth 55 – 75 cents if they are in excellent condition. Perhaps 1987 too.
        Coins 1983 – 2002 are a quite common.
        coins 2002 – 2013 are less common. If it is a nice coin you might get money on eBay – check.

  5. Of course it is highly illegal , but in my area some unsavory characters have placed 5 magic words on piece of paper , passed it to the teller and then got away with more than silver. The 5 MAGIC Words were , “I have A Gun Here!” Worked like a charm LOL !

  6. This is indeed silly. Coin searching is a hobby. The “easy” silver is long gone. I doubt there is a bank in the US that hasn’t had someone ask for their old half dollars. What you mostly find at banks are the returned half dollars (no one wants them) that have been searched for silver. I used to do this myself, but quit a while back, as not worth the time, effort, and lugging around all those half dollars. I am not aware of any half dollar since the mid 1950s that has any significant value other than for the silver content. The 1970, a fairly rare coin, might be worth more than its silver content if it was in very good condition.

  7. If these newsletter writers actually knew a secret that they hint at, I ask myself, “Why would the tell me?” In fact why would they tell anyone if it could make so much money? The answer is they wouldn’t. They would keep it to themselves and crank out the fortunes.

    • I agree that the “easy” silver is long gone. I would go to several banks back in the mid 1980s and exchange paper dollars for half dollar rolls. I did find one 90% Kennedy half and several 40% Kennedys, but it was not worth my time as most of the time I found no half dollars containing any silver. When I found these silver coins is usually was only one coin per roll.

      • One silver coin per roll is actually very good. I’d be buying them up if I could still get 1 silver coin per roll. You’d have 50 silver coins if you bought 1 box of half dollars.

      • Doubt these are the words Dr. Eifrig was going to tell us, but if most Americans follow these words we will all be better off.

        • The president has nothing to do with the Dow and little to do with the economy; it’s all the funny money/QE being printed out of nowhere by the unconstitutional and privately owned Federal Reserve central bank.

          • Amen brother. Google, August 15 1971 nixon speech. Our dollar has no backing since then. Watch “Ethos” on Netfilx. It will open your eyes!

    • yes, i wish i had 10 seconds back for each 10 minutes of b.s. i listened to. i wanted to fast forward to cut to the chase, but his imbedded player has no controls.

      • Actually, all you have to do on these long videos is hit the X to close, and a box comes up and asks if you are sure you want to leave. Hit Cancel, and you instantly get a complete written transcript of the entire spiel. If you can read faster than he can talk, you can get to the gist of the item pretty quickly.

        • This is really useful information! I listened to a never-ending video and didn’t know how to get out of it. I wanted to subscribed because of the good information, so I sat through it till the end, then sent them my $49.95, and now I don’t remember the free publications I was actually supposed to get! I don’t see them on the Stansberry website under my subscriptions. If I had known about this, I could have copied and pasted the text into Word to read later and make sure I had access to the stuff I wanted.

    • I agree with you. I waited for the five words for 15 minutes, then minimized the page to go on with my E-mail, (There was no sliding button at the bottom to find the end quicker), and checked back every five or ten minutes. After FORTYFIVE minutes, an invitation to buy in to a membership for fifty bucks was offered, and the words were never given. I figured I was cheated out of half an hour of my life.
      I think the summary above is very good. Thanks

  8. This secret works a bit different but yields a lot more: walk in carrying a pistol and utter these 5 magic words:”Give Me All Your Cash”.

    • close, but that’s not it. remember, paper money isn’t “real” money, according to all of these doom-sayers. you gotta say, “give me silver and gold.”

      • LOTS-O-LUCK, Doom-Sayers, getting proper change for your payment in silver or gold coins at the market when you buy groceries! Better to stock up on bottled water and candy bars!!!

  9. I subscribed. He never did tell me what the “5 magic words to ask the bank” actually were…… so there is quite a disconnect between the promo piece and the actual Free Report……. is there something you actually ask the bank that somehow gets you better quality?

    • I’d NEVER consider eBay as a good way to buy any silver. Kitco has a forum where people share some secrets & stories about eBay buys. Best Idea-and I bet I’m going to get this wrong-was putting in silver for the category, buy it nows only, best during slow times, on ones that have “make an offer”, you low ball an offer, and about 10% take you up on it. I know I’m missing the “special sauce” to his method-point is, do NOT look to eBay for real deals-best deals are with Merit, though choices are limited, APMEX has much greater choices, and 2nd best prices, with occasional deals. Independent Living Bullion has a free silver kilo giveaway right now-and a deal on their newsletter-a SHTF type all around good info on health, economic news and good, safe investments and so much more. I need to renew-the sales letter they send me is $139/2years, with 4 great reports, but the deal on-site that pops up after you try for the free kilo is only $69/2yrs, with 6 bonus books, a 151 secret survival mega manual-way too much 411 to even try to list it here, and a half-ounce silver round. As for eBay, they do have some good books on scrapping silver, gold, copper & more, tools to test scrap PMs, and, germaine to this story-a coin sorter. You simply put in a silver dime or quarter, and then run the rolls through it quickly-about $25-can also be used for 95% copper pennies. You can’t melt these, but should be good for small bartering/change from silver dimes, etc. You Tube is the best way to get the latest 411 on the rates of success doing the junk silver hunt. Some incredibly fortunate stories, and, more common, lots of “I found one 40% half in $250 face value” of coins. East Coast seems to fare better for most, but San Fran area best for 40% silver Ikes-just common sense. Doing the pennies-any penny before 1982 (and half of ’82s) are 95% copper. This was great when copper was $4/lb-now roughly half that, you still double the value on cents you find-but will you be able to do anything with them-very bulky, but about 15% of pennies are copper. $9/hr was average at $4/lb-I expect copper to regain its value-maybe hit $8 in a worse economy. Hope this rambling note helps someone…Happy Hunting!!

      • We’ve bought silver literally hundreds of times through eBay between 2005 and 2008. During that time period it was simple to buy silver well below scrap. Sterling flatware, holloware (bowls, dishes, candlesticks etc), figurines and the like. We would buy and bring it to our coinshop to sell. EVERY time well below scrap value. Although it has become next to impossible to buy substantial pieces of Sterling silver on eBay below scrap over the past few years, (though it can often still be done if your buying silver jewelry), it remains easy to buy either Sterling or coin at current scrap rates, without the premium you will have to pay when dealing APMEX or Merit. Of course, you’ll need to know what your doing, but its all really quite simple, basic knowledge to recognize Sterling from silver plate ( if your unsure, don’t buy if it’s not stamped either “.925″ or “Sterling”). eBay is a fantastic way to accumulate silver. If you were to just take a look , APMEX is selling some of the 5oz America the Beautiful silver coins on eBay for 10% LESS than at thier website!

    • wow dude, It’s ALL going up from what I saw.
      Unless U get those grab bags that have few silver pieces in there…
      BAD DEAL

  10. Culling half-dollars and dimes (a/k/a “coin roll hunting”) for silver is definitely the province of those who have lots of leisure time and little to do. It’s not a viable way to produce any significant income flow and hasn’t been since shortly after silver was removed from circulation. It’s an offbeat hobby loved by a small but devoted band of aficionados and visiting http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=147 will give you a little insight into that world. Hyping coin roll hunting as a way to obtain free silver coins isn’t literally truthless, but it certainly stretches the bounds of credibility. The truth is that you can go through thousands of halves without seeing any silver. Anybody who would try to pass off such hype as a viable income generation technique is not a person to believe, trust or follow advice from and MOST POSITIVELY NOT a person to pay money to for their advice. Do your own research, stick with your own common sense and keep reading articles like the one above and you just might avoid becoming the proverbial fool who’s soon parted from his money. Kudos to Stock Gumshoe for breathing a breath of sanity into the insane world of investments and dubious investment advice.

    • I subscribe to Doc’s newsletter. very disappointed in the “silver” issue. Went to all three banks in town and exchange cash for coins and only found 5 “silver” coins ; 1 and Ben Frankline 1951 and the rest between 1965-1970. Spent days doing it and now have to heft them back to the banks;

  11. I have found 1 or 2 silver WW2 nickels, in rolls, out of nearly $300 worth. Not a good record.
    I have found 1 mercury dime in a few rolls of dimes, not a dime roll checker, but it was maybe
    1 in 10-20 rolls. I have found NO silver quarters, or halves.
    Presumably, more coins are being rolled and cashed in, but with coin machines kicking out
    the heavy (silver) ones, the bankers get those and tellers keep it.
    EVEN IF they had stacks of silver coins that were issued to keep silver in circulation, like the
    story said, tellers and bankers have first choice!
    I think it is one of those fraudulent internet story-tales to sell a package of otherwise worthless
    junk like the chinese scammers do with solar energy, compiling “info” off of tinkerer’s
    websites and putting it in E-Book form.

    I might try the “coin roll mining” again, as it’s called, but the sure thing is getting a 30%
    haul of the 95% copper pennies, but that is only gonna appreciate AFTER a dollar crash
    or if/when pennies are taken out of circulation. Same for nickels, they are worth near face
    value even with depressed nickel prices, but melting is not legal yet.

    • in my opinion, the best thing to get without having to search for at all and paying no premium for, is nickels. yes, of course, silver coins are much more valuable and you might as well just buy them on ebay when you can get a good price. when the market crashed in 2008 and people were forced to sell some or all of their gold and silver to cover other losses or just panicked at their declining spot prices, silver i think went to around $12 an ounce, there was a lot of sellers on ebay, with not to many buyers, and 40% kennedy halves were selling for 2/3′s of that $12 spot price, i can remember buying several 20-coin rolls for $20, a buck a coin. boy, those were the good old days.
      anyway, back to nickels. the 1946-2012 nickel is our last coin that has not been debased. it is still 75% copper and 25% nickel. 1969 was the last year that coins minted for circulation had 40% silver in them. 1964 was the last year that circulated coins had 90% silver in them. 1982 was the last year for the 95% copper penny, and those are worth 2.2 cents currently. post 1982 pennys are 97.5% zinc with a copper wash over them and are worth .0048357 each currently. it goes on and on with all of our circulating coin being made with cheaper base metals. go to coininflation.com and it will show you all of these coins actual value based on the metal they are made of. notice how the nickel, as of this posting is worth 4.8 cents. the price of copper has come down and not to long ago the nickels were worth more than 5 cents each. the mint must buy the copper and nickel on the market, pay a company to smelt, mix and produce the blanks that are then stamped by the mint. all of these costs add up and it costs them probably twice as much or even more to produce each nicklel. so, how much longer will it be before they change the metallic composition of our last un-debased coin. if it cost you 9,10, or 11 cents to make a 5 cent coin would you keep doing it. i didnt think so. i wouldnt either. so, whats the point i am trying to make with all of this? silver used to be cheap and allowed us to have 90% silver coins, followed by 40% silver coins, followed by 0% silver coins. copper pennies have been gone for 30 years, and maybe next year or in 2014 the nickel compasition will changeand will be made of a cheaper metal and actually only be worth 2 or 3 cents in terms of metal value. i am not saying go all in in rolls of nickels, but if you cash a $110.00 check, ask for 10 dollars of that in nickels. yeah, they are heavy and bulky, thats less a thief will be able to carry away from your residence and if you search them you might find some old or rare ones. i think its common knowledge that the global economy and financial systems are most likely going to implode and many experts believe that nickels will eventually trade as a bullion product as copper and nickel will eventually be much higher in price. even if the dollar gets devalued a nickel will always be worth a nickel, while a paper dollar wont be worth a dollar, its allready lost 98% of its purchasing power since the inception of the federal reserve 99 years ago and may to back to its intrinsic value, which is zero. no paper money, un-backed by anything of value has ever survived and the avarage life of a paper currency is 40 years. in 1971 nixon closed the gold window, so our currency has been un-backed for 41 years now.
      in closing, nickels are a no-effort to find, no-premium to pay, low cost inflation insurance play, but it wont last forever.
      P.S. some multi-millionaires have been hoarding the pre 1982 pennies for some time now and they have stockpiled many, many millions of these pennies, and now they are shifting their focus to hoarding the nickels.

      • Thanks for your brief analysis and comments on the value of our coinage. You tip on nickles was right on…I will be adding to my stash….I have pounds and pounds of pennies I bought back during the M2000 bug period…maybe I can salvage some ’82s and prior from them.

  12. 5 “magic” words. Give me a break. There are no magic words. Those darn marketing idiots try to make something ordinary sound mysterious and just make the marketing piece into an embarrassing joke instead. There probably are some silver half dollars still available by asking at a bank, or ordering rolls if they’ll do that for you without a fee. The problem is that 90% halves will be extremely rare already, and even the 40% coins are probably quite rare. I agree that the probabilities are probably better with half dollars than the quarters or dimes, but I still don’t think the return would be worth my time and effort.

  13. I just signed up for the 5 magic words. At $39, I will gladly let him hold my money for 6 months. As with coutless letter writers over the past 60 years, if they produce, I stay and play. If they fail, I bale.

    • Lots of luck with that cancellation. Actually I’m counting on zero luck. I will assist you in cancelling your subscription after you fail. Which you will. I charge $50.00 per cancellation. If I get you a refund it is all yours. Pay me after you are successful. Cancellations are simple but very painful. Refunds are far more rare than 90% Silver coins.
      On the other hand, the method does work. Pigs can actually fly. Elvis runs a successful WhattaBurger in Middleburg Florida and I am offering very good deals on Prime Beach Front Property only 25 Minutes from Down Town Scottsdale Arizona.

      • Most reputable newsletters will refund your subscription if you are within the windown of the cancellation policy. Often they will also let you move the money to another subscription. Many also prorate the refund if you are beyond the initial window.
        Herach and Myke:
        Does Stansberry have another policy? Then Readers, STAY AWAY!

  14. Eifrig MD is full of himself. In his one monthly newsletter he always puts in how much money you saved by reading it Some how his math is different than mine.

    • Maybe you should go back to school. His track record is impecable and I 100% doubt yours is. Yes I get his advisories and have made plenty money with them but, of course I don’t know it all like you do.

  15. Would you make 5 cent coins that cost more than 5 cents to make? Would you make 44 cent Simpson collector stamps and then burn them later? Only the government would do this! Doesn’t make sense but then how much the government does does make sense?

  16. My father and I tried half-dollar roll searches as an activity/hobby a few years ago. The first $10 roll we received was hand-wrapped and, to our surprise, contained over $30 worth of silver, both 40% and 90%. Now that we were excited about silver mining, we invested $50 and received five machine-wrapped rolls which contained no silver coins. Every now and then I’ll pick up a few rolls and every now and then there will be one 40% silver coin in the lot. Clearly, the best thing to do is to be waiting at the bank for the little old lady with the hand-wrapped roll.

  17. As an experiment, I decided to see if I could avoid a lot of legwork and called around to see if someone would tell me in advance if they had half dollars. I found a branch that said they had $300 worth, so I bought them and sifted through them. I found seven (7) half dollars from 1965 – 1970, about 1%. I’m going to continue this experiment.

      • No magic words. Just “do you have half-dollars?”. Several of the places I phoned were not even willing to bother to tell me if they had any; I was forced to drive around. Hooray for the map function on my iPhone! It’s easy to find clusters of banks and credit unions in the same area. Most places I visited only had a handful, and none of them were valuable. I found a credit union that had mistakenly ordered $1000 in half dollars, but I only bought $200 worth – they were all machine-wrapped and none of them were more than face value. Eventually I came across a small bank that had $300 worth, all hand rolled, and one of the rolls was exclusively 40% silver ( all twenty of them! ). Bottom line – there’s no harm in asking, the phone is your friend, hand-rolled half-dollars are more likely to pay off, and the next step is to find a bank that will actually order you $500 lots and accept the returns when you’re done sifting through them.

  18. I signed up for the 12 months, with the Bonus offers, for the $39, which is refundable within 4 months. Not a bad deal really. While I am not going to do the Silver hunting, I do truly believe that the bonus issues and 12 months of Newsletters, will easily provide me with many times the $39 in education and real money value. AND IF REALLY TERRIBLE, i GET A 100% REFUND WITHIN 120 DAYS.
    TO: Stock Gumshoe – Great article, great research, keep it up. Hopefully your following is growing. As with myself, I ask all your readers to share with friends. Gary

      • I paid the $39.00, and the Article did NOT include the 5 “Magic” Words, nor do the banks have any pre-1965 coins … based on samples of 200 Half-dollars and 200 Quarters. This Article was a rip-off, which surprised me, because Stansberry usually provides very sound information.

  19. Those 5 magic words are easy to figure out, and I will share whith everyone because the hour is late, and everyone needs to know how to do this. This silver will be your hedge against the coming hyperinlation. Spend it wisely!
    The 5 words are “Please Exchange For Pre 1965″.


  21. I have made a lot of money from the letters of Standsberry. Give the company a break.
    They provide lots of good FUN infromation. Granted they may TEASE a bit too much- but overall, they are an outstanding source for creative ways to generate income or find hidden treasure.

    • If you want creative ideas for when the SHTF, check out eBay (perhaps even Amazon) AFTER doing initial research for free on YouTube, for “Recycling Gold and Silver”-this will bring up books, CDs& DVDs, 14 page booklets, et al. You can get a metal detector, Panning equipment & info, but mostly where & how to find & recycle and smelt PMs and copper-”15 silver troves you pass by daily” sounds intriguing, YT has a guy who made $3k/2wks of recycling Air Conditioners-Plus his YT check of $1400 for his videos! In hard times, you need to find things or services to barter to survive-Heirloom seeds sealed tightly by foodsaver and buried in 4″ PVC pipe with ends glued on will last for years-and will likely be worth more than gold! If you bury silver, putting a mirror above it fools metal detectors. I already rambled on with a few tips n tricks for SHTF/Prepper set ups. Best Idea for Silver in a SHTF sitch? Colloidal silver manufacturing, imho. Hope this gets you thinking-you found Travis & his great site-kudos! Now, start looking at other free sites for the real 411. YouTube has someone doing it all-Thrift Store/Dumpster diving for eBayable goods, PMs, Storage sheds-you name it, plus hundreds of things you wouldn’t think of in a million years. Open your mind, buy a book/cd or two for a few bucks filled with great ideas on how to survive the hard times ahead. 2013 is when bonds will be officially dead. No Stock market-except rare gems-Penny stocks can be awesome-lose out on 90% of your picks, but with the right system, the 10% will be a 50 bagger-do that 5x, and turn $500 into your fortune. Research NESARA funds-what IS the real scoop? Keenan accounts? Keshe Foundation? YT HHO generators-make 100mpg car rigs for yourself n others for big profit. Tesla tech-and other suppressed tech available NOW, with tons more to be released. Tech Transfers from Nat’l Labs to YOUR private business. Why, some have asked here, would S&A not keep it to themselves? I just gave you 1% of ideas I get in just one week-could I possibly do them all myself? No-they are my gift to you-do with them what you will. JV with me on ones you like. Pay it Forward. Whatever-just please, don’t do nothing. Namaste’.

  22. Has anyone else come across the ad for the motley fools’ dave Gardener’s fab pick for the future of 3-D printer companies– three of them whose technology is changing manufacturing in the world. It says this future technolgy will send one hundred million Chinese factory workers packing

  23. Hey does anybody know the 5 magic words?Please no b.s. or jokes,just want to know what they are!because someone already asked,and they never got their question answered.and then all the comments went off into other things.Just want the answer to my question thats all!

    • i was dumb enoegh to go thru the ENTIRE AGONIZING TEASE. here are the magic words–”do you have half dollars” or,wait for it——”may i please have half dollars”(6 words) pls send me your 39.00 as soon as possible

    • Mike-the question WAS answered-S&A did not give the 5 words, the “thinkolator” can only surmise. Best idea presented was “Have any customer rolled coins?” If no, then “Can you order me some 50c pieces?” (or Silver Dollars). Also, go where there are no auto sorters-there, you’d need to establish personal relationships to ask “Can I get rejected coins?”-Good for stores with coinstar machines also. Getting in good with managers at dollar stores/small, local markets to ask for their 50c pieces and dollars can sometimes pay off. Best YT Video-guy got in good with credit union-cashier called him when hand rolled coins came in-he was loaded with 40% &90% silver-even barber quarters, some newer proof coins-top haul ever seen! Was it staged? Maybe. Estate sales, thrift stores-every day, ppl get great finds-1ox gold coins, 18 ozs gold melt at the beach-see “A Moment with Rachael” on You Tube-she raises 4 kids by buying top deals at thrift stores & reselling them on eBay-dumpster dives too-flea markets, garage sales-hundreds of great ideas to make a benjamin or two a week-in tougher times, She’ll be living like a Princess, while ex hedge fund managers are in the gutter-hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. What will be valuable when the Fed Reserve note dies within the year? Can you provide clean water? Colloidal silver? Good, healthy food? Or will the Keenan accounts let us all live like millionaires? Will Leo Emil Wanta come through with his pledged $24 trillion to pay off our national debt-an alleged plan that Reagan set up for our impending doom at the hands of Liberals? And have $2trillion to help all civilization? (He’s supposed to have $27.5 trillion)-If so, yaay! if not, start an organic farm-raising Stevia, Ginseng for retirement, Acai, Cannabis-use your imagination-or buy a $2 book from eBay, and earn hundreds a week-that’ll be rich very soon…

  24. I picked up $500 worth of half-dollars from my local small town bank. Not one silver coin in the lot. I did find a screw, quarter, and a nickle. Besides a waste of time, I lost .70 on the deal. Perhaps rolled coins would be a better waste of time, but not for me. ‘Fool me once…’

  25. 3D printing is going to be a very big deal. DDD will be one of the leaders so I’ll buy them heavier but probably look for a couple others with smaller investments to hedge my bet.

    • One LAST comment (as I prepare to request my $39.00 REFUND for Retirement Millionaire):
      Miffed by the fact that the download of Efrig’s article did NOT include his 5 “Magic” Words, I sent an E-mail to S&A’s Customer Service requesting I be told what they are. I was answered by an Assistant Editor (no less) who advised me they were “DO YOU HAVE HALF DOLLARS?”
      DUH??? That was worth $39.00 ? What the heck is so “MAGIC” about THAT set of words? Anyone would have to ask SOMETHING similar to that ! When I read her response, I was consumed by a sinking feeling (can you say REALISATION of RIPOFF?) and I suggested to her that a *BETTER* question might be “HAVE YOU PRE-1965 COINS? ”
      RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE is for those who are in need of some distraction for filling time.

  26. One thing: I’m getting ready to retire and until I overcome this overriding urge to do nothing on someone else’s time clock, trolling through rolls of half dollar and dimes might be a good way to occupy some idle hours. Beats recycling beer bottles (and helps preserve the Liver) :-)

  27. I bought $500 worth of Kennedy half dollars that came in a bank bag. After sorting through them (all 1971 and beyond) I found 998 half dollars, one quarter, one nickel, and a screw. This totaled $499.30, so I lost .70 on the deal.

  28. They’re talking about half dollars from 1965 – 1970. They are 40% silver. Most people, er… FOLKS don’t know that. Years ago I went through a few $500 boxes of them from BofA. They’re there, but many times they won’t work with you unless you have an account with them. Sometimes they will charge you for getting you a box. Then you have to take back the 975 coins in rolls to the bank. They told me I had to have my account # on each roll.

  29. It’s good to see these lies debunked for what they really are, a thinly disguised veil over a sales pitch for worthless junk. No thanks. I’ll pass.

  30. I was doing this back in the 70′s. Back then you would be lucky to find one silver coin in a roll.
    Today you would probably spend more on gas lugging that junk coinage back and forth to the bank and any silver you may find would be worth.

  31. Generally, as I was told, half dollars are a pain so they don’t bother. Four banks, zero half dollars. I did get dollar coins from one bank. Good for gifts to the kids just like 2 dollar bills. It’s surprising how many think it’s counterfeit or play money. One place called the store manager to verify it was valid two dollar bill. I have not tried cutting one from an uncut sheet from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Not worth the hassle and wasting an oddity.

  32. I went to my bank (wells fargo) order $200.00 of 1/2 dollars.Picked out the pre -1965 coins.It can’t get any easier than that.I also have a credit union that I’m going to hit up for pre-1965 coins.I’ll report back soon.

  33. Doesn’t anyone find Dr. Eifrig’s use of the word FREE in his ads strange? Paying for dollar or 1/2 dollar coins is certainly NOT FREE!
    “What’s Dr. David Eifrig’s secret magic phrase for getting free silver coins?
    Posted on August 20, 2012 by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe”

    I know Porter, met him before he married in Delray Beach, he was sweaty & I thought a bit nervous. He’s now a multi-millionaire, insists on these annoying unrelenting sales pitches, & if he finds one that works well, he’ll bury his subscribers for months afterwards.

    The safest way to make money in silver is via an ETF that either holds silver bullion or if you want more leverage, an ETF that holds the best silver miners or even silver royalty stocks. There are always pullbacks so be patient, buy as low as possible.

    • For most people who know what they are doing, the entire point of acquiring and holding precious metals is as a hedge for probable currency troubles ( inflation, deflation, collapse).
      Everything paper has counterparty issues, someone else has to honor an obligation in order for the holder of the paper to be compensated or made whole upon redemption. An ETF is pure paper, regardless of whether it is honestly backed by the actual physical that they claim to hold. An ETF is just another counterparty risk, you must trust the other party to be both willing and able to exchange your certificate for the respective metal. If ever there is an run on metals and too many people want to redeem thier certificates for the actual metal that supposedly backs them, the ETF will simply default by claiming a “force majeure”, which will legally give the ETF the legal right to paper settle your claim – and you will recieve nothing more than paper currency upon redemption (assuming you get compensated at all, please take the time to learn what happened to MF Global and PFG Best customers). Thus, the only truly “safe” way to invest in silver is to take possesion of your holdings, thereby eliminating the counterparty risk.
      ETF holders will soon regret having a financial institution hold thier silver when they finally realize they have gained nothing more than convience in return for thier misplaced trust in a corrupt and failing system. Stay far, far away from ETF’s, only buy physical that you can actually hold in your hand.

  34. Have you heard Dr D’s latest on the 79% trade, i just waisted the better part of 30 minutes listening right up to when he mentions the price, $3000, and thats a special.

    • I’ve gone tired of watching these damn informercials on the Internet every time someone has investment advice to sell. Why can’t they just get to the point, explain it in a nutshell, and tell you what hoops you need to jump through to get their products/service? If it takes them longer than 15 min. to sell you, then they’re only selling themselves.

  35. Hey Ben maybe you’ll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

  36. I was at my bank getting a check cashed & thought it wouldn’t hurt to try asking for half dollars. I just got 2 rolls ($20 worth) though there was more. I was surprised to find a 40% coin in each roll. So I made about $10. Not bad…I think I’ll buy their other rolls on my next trip.

  37. More nonsense…my local bank doesn’t even have half dollars, and of the thousands I’ve seen, only 5 of them were pre-1970. Waste of time.

  38. There’s one big catch to finding this “FREE SILVER” at the bank. Melting down US currency is ILLEGAL! Silver can go all the way to $100 per ounce…but as long as those Kennedy half-dollars remain legal tender then the only way you can make money with it is to sell it to a coin dealer or another coin collector. And guess what….you’re only going to get about 50% to 60% of what the coin is worth (kind of like in a pawnshop, because they have to sell it so someone else) and that is only if the coin is in very good condition (uncirculated or near-mint) or very old (such as the Walking Liberty 50 cent piece). Conclusion…unless you want to violate Federal law, this is a waste of time!

    • You don’t need to melt down the coins. My coin shop that I use buys 2% under spot and sells 2% over spot. You need to find a different coin shop dude.
      Also, if you melt down the silver, who is to know? (you might even be able to purify it). Or you could make jewelry out of it and jewelry sells retail for about twice spot price.
      You’re being dismissive when you need to get creative!

    • Only problem is that it is not illegal to melt the silver coin. It is at this time illegal to melt pennies and nickels for the copper but that too will change when those coins are no longer produced with the current metal composition, just as it did for the silver coins.

  39. Getting rolls of coins and checking for the silver ones is not a loophole.
    Eifrig says he researched it for three months. Common high schooler knows to check coins at a bank, buy them by the box. Please find something more than a 5th grade analysis gumball.

  40. Money is a theoretical concept…one which is changing dramatically over the next 17 years.
    The least likely scenario is that civilization collapses…the wider a civilization spreads, the more easily it handles disasters.
    The entire basis of our society including finance, law and politics is going to completely change by 2030…and the old rules and techniques will no longer function as expected. Many already no longer work. Remember stagflation? It’s one of the first of a transitionary economic effects which didn’t exist prior to 1970.
    For the most part, gold and silver are not particularily valuable in and of themselves…most of both is mined and then reburied in vaults, serving no useful purpose. The actual prices in currency increasingly reflect their value as jewelery, and increasingly the jewelry market in general is moving away from pure precious metals to industrial metals and plating.
    Gemstones are worse, since the best gemestones are manufactured, not natural, and the values of most are inflated compared with the quantities available.
    Once a civilization reaches orbit, energy problems have become artificial…we could have eliminated all fossil fuel energy use by now had we started harvesting solar energy in orbit in the 1970′s, when it was proven possible…it was uneconomical at the time only because nuclear and fossil fuel energy producers were permitted to avoid paying the actual environmental costs of their fuels. This was and is done primarily so that those in control of such resources (which are largely ‘purchased’ from governments at fractional values–since the government is run by people who basically exit to transfer publicly owned resources to private interests.
    Having access to the entire Earth-Luna binary planet system provides us with access to millions of times more energy than our civilization uses, and energy is the limiting factor for all other resources.
    We currently use far less than .01% of the Earth’s resources, and an insignificant portion of the Solar System’s resources. Our civilization races around, fighting over crumbs like ants in an industrial bakery, surrounded by effectively infinite resources which we are too blind too see, assuming that what we can see and have been told is ‘all there is,’ is actually the truth.
    We have not needed ful employment to keep civilization running for many decades, most of our population works at ‘make-work’ jobs based upon the antiquated notion that ‘you must work to live.’ While it’s true that humans do need something, preferably interesting, to keep occupied with in order to live, it has not been true that even a majority of the healthy adults actually are required to be ‘working’ in order to keep civilization humming.
    A huge problem with this is that in the USA in particular, our social system is largely based upon the concept that your ‘value’ as a person is dependent upon work. This is not, and has not been true for at least 2-3 generations.
    Does ‘hard work’ make you wealthy? No. The wealthiest of our population do no useful work at all, they play financial games with little real risk (you’ve noticed that bankers and financiers and CEO’s collect BONUSES when they actually LOSE their investor’s money?)
    Most of the cost of many of our products is the cost of convincing people to purchase them, this is particularly true of the beverage and food industries. Huge percentages of the cost of any beverage you can think of is advertising. The same is true of a great many durable goods too.
    This situation is rapidly approaching the point, due to new technologies, that little or no human labor is needed to produce the vast majority of goods or services required for our civilization.
    Finance (twidling numbers) and entertainment are our two most profitable ‘businesses,’ and neither of them involves things of necessary value to our population. Vast portions of our industrial capacity are devoted to making goods which exist only to be sold, a great many having no useful value at all! In fact, a large proportion of goods sold for under $30 in the USA don’t even perform their advertised function–many simply break and are discarded by consumers as being too much trouble to return.
    Even in developing countries, much of the market consists of essentially ‘luxury’ goods–foods without food value, decorative or entertainment items. Our legal and illegal recreational drug industry is a tremendous portion of our economy, add that to other entertainment and government paper-shufflers, and we employ huge numbers of people who essentially accomplish nothing of value, many of whom actually work counter to ech other. Our other really huge expenditure is on military equipment and research…equipment designed to be expended (destroyed) in order to make way for the next generation, and research which often could greatly improve our lives, devoted to finding more creative ways to destroy people and property…to fight over the ‘scarce’ resources which are artificially hyped as scarce. Gold and Bismuth are equally abundant, Gold is ‘pretty’ though the color can be created more durably from other even cheaper materials, but most Gold sits in underground vaults. Bismuth is actually useful and sells for under $10 per pound (and it’s crystals and oxides are arguably prettier than Gold.)
    The supply and demand for gem quality diamonds has been manipulated to maintain artificially high values for decades…industrial diamonds have become incredibly cheap–to the point that you can purchase industrial diamond abrasive tools at prices only slightly higher than tungsten carbide–which is itself only slightly higher in cost than go high speed steel. GE has been making diamond abrasives in industrial (multi-ton) quantities for over 60 years. Gem quality diamonds are manufactured and available in quantities far in excess of those which would justify current pricing…and they aren’t even the best ‘sparklies’ we have, there are several other materials with higher indexes of refraction, which thus sparkle more brilliantly, and they are all even cheaper than diamonds to manufacture.
    New technology is rapidly making it possible for nearly anyone to possess nearly any manufactured item they desire at negligable effort or cost. The things with the highest value are things of novelty and entertainment value–often experiances rather than actual possessions.
    What our ancestors would call ‘heaven’ is rapidly coming to pass on Earth–a world without want, disease, hunger, war perhaps even most death. But for it to arrive, the old habits and world must give way, and that, historically, only happens when the people whose lives were shaped by and ruled by those conditions of scarcity and habit, pass on, or learn to live under new conditions (usually it has taken their deaths in the past.)
    We have enough fod production capacity to feed the world, enough medical knowledge to prevent most disease and repair most physical damage to people, but the world is still in the gri of minds which believe that life is a zero-sum game, that for some to win, many must lose…and this not only isn’t true, but hasn’t been true for at least 2 generations.
    Will there be some hard times ahead? Almost certainly, but they will be primarily local, and in all cases created by those who’s behavior is governed by obsolete and invalid belief patterns–patterns no more functional today than the concept of having as many children as possible has been functional for the past century.
    As the Klondike miners of the past century discovered, gold is inedible, friendship and good will and community are far more valuable.
    Once again, as it does in every lifetime, the entire game of life is changing, from the playing field to the rules, and none of the old rules work as expected.
    This change is one of the reasons that the current politicians are so confused–none of them have a clue about what changes are happenng, nor how to adjust to those changes. Thus, the plans they put forth, based upon obsolete conditions and rules, will not develop or have the results expected. At some lvel, the population understands that this is true–the heard can smell change on the wind as it were, and it grows restless because for life, change is often a negative experiance.
    Life, by nature, is conservative, because change is, historically, more often than not, a bad thing. Only in the past few generations has change been at least as often a good thing as it is a danger, and only in the past couple has the balance shifted beyond even, and then only when changes are carefully evaluated for ill effects.
    To survive, our species must expand not only off-planet, but beyond the galaxy, because no matter how big the basket may be, having all of your eggs in one basket presents major risks. Planets get devastated, stars explode or die, galaxies and galactic clusters may be destroyed and even the Universe will not last. To survive the long run (and so far our run has been very, very short,) we will need to expand perhaps outside of the Universe. There are hundreds of things which could destroy our civilization in the blink of an eye…most of which give no warning. We are overdue for a major life extinction event right now, having come into being as a species towards the end of a cycle rather than near the beginning.
    Humans are puny and weak as individuals, our strength comes from community, our greatest deeds for good or ill come from group efforts. The myth of the ‘independent man’ is just that, a myth, an a dangerous thing to believe in, since an individual person cannot survive for long.

    • Magnificent essay: worthwhile, creative, insightful, true, organized ideas while not boring, semi-similar to concept of Stewart Brand, creator of THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG, and I’m envious of such brilliance.

    • Have you tried reading the Bible and believing in GOD ? You might view man and his purpose a little differently !!! In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t believe in God or doesn’t put all their trust in God is an Idiot. Man is not capable of sustaining himself, and the thought that we could search for other plants is absolutely stupid. Man has sent probes to every part of our galaxy and has not found even one life form. What would make you think that we could live anywhere other than earth. If you think logically, It’ s only common sense that tells us that something put us here and that we didn’t evolve. If we evolved, their would be proof of it in the fossils. There’s only one conclusion, and that ‘s that God put us here !!! Except the facts dude, and put all your eggs in God’s basket and trust in God to take care of you !!! enough said !!!

      • Man has not sent probes to any part of the galaxy except to a few of the planets in our solar system. We have already discovered thousands of planets in nearby stars. By the time we are able to find life on planets outside our solar system, maybe 500 years from now, the number of people who believe in god then will be less than the number of people who belive in Zeus now. No bank I have ever asked in this century ever had any half dollars.

  41. To keep this thread going until the end of civilization:
    $0.0234809 is the melt value for the 1909-1982 copper cent on October 24, 2012.
    ( 234.80% from Coinflation)
    Better success with these five words:
    Do you have any pennies?

  42. Ebay is highly dangerous for precious metal, especially coins. Lots of fraud. You really need to know what you are doing before buying there. For example, China has been forging phony Morgan silver dollars for years, and the state of New York has been finding gold bars with a core of lead.

    • No real danger buying junk silver on Ebay. The fraudulent coins that you are referring to are not typically Morgans, but rather Trade dollars. In any case, it is the numismatic value of the coin that is being pursued by the forgery, not the intrinsic. Have you ever heard of fake Roosevelt dimes or Washington quarters? Also, the few gold bars that have been found are very recent. And they were filled not with lead, but with tungsten, as lead does not match the weight properties of gold at all – while tungsten is nearly identical.

  43. “Do you have silver 50cents?”
    I have an article about this somewhere and if I can find it, I’ll post it.
    I can well imagine the answer from most banks would be “No” and you would be met with a blank stare! The article suggested that most US banks would have a supply of 50cent coins under the counter.

  44. My cousin was a teller, now a very well paid loan arranger. She and the other tellers used to scan the coins in the racks and look at the sides for silver coins and swap them. I guess you aspiring silver hunters could get jobs as bank tellers and make ten bucks an hour while looking. That was a long time ago, would probably have to scan a lot of coin racks.

  45. I agree most coins have been found, but some are still circulating. I got a 64 dime from a soda machine & a 38 quarter from a bill changer. A friend took a different approach, bought an electric treasure finder & has found old coins in abandoned houses. Whatever method is employed, have fun doing it as that takes the work out of it!

  46. I have a few small $50,000 or less iras , they had made little money.
    I have read stansbury newsletters and started paying attn to some market movements .
    Because of that I sold some thiings and bought others . It has taken me a lot of time because I am such an anylyzer and fearful of of losing the little I have to keep me from living under a bridge . I am worth more cash money and solid stocks now because of what the stansberry letters tought me. I am much more confident and harder to bullshit and have made some trades and more importantly some ” investments ” that have given me confidence in the future in spite of the gloom we have coming due to our penchant to spend when we really dont have any money … You have too trust somebody , sometime and after reading dozens of nwsletters over many tears (15) I have decided to allow them to advise me because my bullshit detecter said to. victor

  47. Hint: next time you encounter a financial newsletter’s promotional video that drones on forever with teases before finally getting to the pitch, do this — hit the X in the upper right corner of the window as if wanting to close it down. Before it closes, a box will appear in the center asking if you really want to close it. Click to leave it open, and the creeping video will change to a text that you can scroll through quickly, down to the bottom where whatever final pitch they are making finally appears. This hint cost you nothing and will save you much time.

  48. OK not that I don’t believe this but I have said a certain phrase here and there and yes of course its going to work from time to time its the way things are until they make new laws which is another reason why hey do so… you keep poking holes here and there of course one wants to patch them up, its only natural. So while this is true it only works for a while not something we all can rely on here.

  49. You can find “free money” every once in a while. I bought two $2.00 bills on Ebay, including shipping, for a total of $3.94. Now if I could just do that a million times I would make $60,000.00! Or better yet, I could start my own newsletter and sell this proven profit maker!!!!

  50. With all these comments about looking for certain pennies I felt compelled to put my 2 cents. If anyone has a 1943 “D” (Denver MINT) copper penny I’m interested in purchasing it!
    Have a super holiday season!

  51. I bed to differ with a few of you. I actually went to my bank and didnt use any 5 magic words. I simply walked up and asked if they had any silver coins. There was a face value of 12.35 in coins that I recently made almost $250. 00 on. I know it worked work everywhere. I have also gotten alot of silver coins out of convenient stores that have donation containers. I just simply ask if I can trade my dollar for the silver. They have never had a problem with it. Just trying to help anyone. Oh my, And I said it for free!!! lol. Sometimes it isnt all about money, its about helping others. lol

  52. I traded two silver dollars this past Spring and only got $24.00 for them from
    “Antique Road Show” (not assoc. with the one on TV). Today I got $360 for three diamond rings, one I bought at a yard sale for a dollar years ago because it looked so much like the two I already had from my deceased mother ! Rest her soul in heaven.

  53. Five more magic words:
    Save Your Pennies and Nickels:
    U.S. is following Canada’s footsteps regarding the production of pennies and nickels. According to U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Giethner, our U.S. Mint intends to remove the penny and nickel coins from circulation beginning early in January 2013. The Mint currently spends about 4.8 cents per penny due to the rising costs of zinc and copper. A nickel valued at five cents now costs approximately 16.2 cents to make due to inflated nickel prices.
    Use your favorite search engine to verify this if you believe there is no inflation.
    Five more magic words: Gotta get a pickup truck.

    • This isnt true, i work for a bank. Even if it was and u horded say nickles, u would be long gone by the time u could cash them in even if u could melt for money.

      • My apologies. Apparrently this is a a hoax. In the US, this action would need to be passed by Congress. However, one must also realize that there are multitudes of nickels out there selling for more than a penny or 5 cents by collectors and dealers, no melt down required. Just taking a tour through one of the Mint operations or Bureau of Engraving and Printing will show that its not just the cost of the metal and special security paper but also a procurement, labor and distribution cost intensive process. Its just a matter of time when something gives. Will it all be digital money?

  54. This is a CROCK!! I worked at 3 different banks in the 20 years that I worked….. As a Teller, Collection Teller and Head teller…. I WAS NEVER TOLD to give people silver if they said the 5 Magic Words…… Tellers and the Bank Vault have to balance on a daily basis….. they don’t give money away. Also, very rarely do you get “old” money from a bank. It is either given back out or sent in the Federal Reserve….. So don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY on this FOOL!!

    • Duh…I assumed they meant you paid face value for the silver you requested. No freebies there. One hedge fund manager in Michael Lewis book Boomerang bought oodles of nickel coins, since even at the time they were worth about 40% more based on melt value.

      What is amusing to me is that people continue to hold money in bank passbook or savings accounts at next to nothing interest or even money market funds which are not FDIC-insured. Meanwhile your generous banks get a relative huge amount on many loans especially credit cards and any profits are kept and privatized while taxpayers cover losses which are socialized. Bah humbug. How much fed money went to overseas banks to pay big bonuses to the various cronies?

  55. Vic mentions the Digital currency.
    That will probably be used in conjunction with the RFID chips that are Specified on page 1004 of Obama care. That is supposed to come into affect 36 months after the passage of the bill. That makes the date Mar 23 2013 .

    The question is, when will the people pushing the New World Order actually start to force the issues that are now law. Don’t suppose they would waste a good disaster and the fiscal cliff could be such a tool. At some point people trying to work outside their system of controlled currency will be classified as financial terrorist and be executed. Even silver coins will be worthless as currency under those conditions, but while they play the inflation game to grab the wealth of the country, and before the get the BEAST system Tracking the MARK , probably the Radio Frequency ID chips, the silver coins have lots going for them.

  56. this is bs i went to the bank and asked for all of the half dollars they had on hand and they wweere all 1971 and newer now i have $900 do return

  57. That’s nothing. I’ve got four magic words that are certain to get you thousands of dollars when uttered to the teller at the bank. This is an absolutely free transaction and works at any bank. In fact, these words could also net you, as an added bonus, room and board for 7 to 15 years. Are you ready for the words?

    “This is a Stick Up!”

  58. Great article on the free silver treasure hunt at banks. I haven’t tried it yet, but I had heard out in the rural areas you have a 25% chance of finding some silver – enough to get treasure hunters going…

  59. I do this all the time. Most of the time, the bank does not have any. There are many tellers who save them for friends, and have them pick them up from them during their shifts.
    Although, I have one time where I did get 12 halves. They were (5) Franklin Halves, (3) 1964 Kennedy Halves, (3) Kennedy Halves – 1980/1974/and a bi-centennial, and (1) 1965 40% Kennedy. In other words I got 8-90% coins, 3 clads, and a 40%. All for $6!
    Another time, the teller had a $10 roll of halves, but she wouldn’t let me open them, I took them anyway, and unfortunately, they were all clad Kennedy’s, so just turned them back in at a later date.
    But, I always ask if they have any halves! You never know.

  60. It’s just buying half dollar rolls at the bank and looking for the silver coins in them…A gamble that pays out sometimes.

  61. Darn,I am very much disappointed that the Mighty Mighty Thinkolator had a moment of romantic weakness on Valentines Day and revealed the answer to the ‘Say These 5 ‘Magic’ Words’ teaser. It deserved to remain a mystery in perpetuity.
    BTW, is the Canadian penny now defunct and becoming a collectors item like a hint of Addison Wiggins Appogee Advisory of a US coin to be also collected and saved in as many shoe boxes as a woman might have?

    • Here’s THE Real 5 Words and they work anywhere and every where and I make as much money as I’ll ever need and I don’t hide it on my property but I spend it or at least half and I plan on having millions soon…….. Here’s the words BUY MY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!!! You say how does that make money, WELL, they can be sold anywhere and I sell them for 5 times what it costs to make them, …..There made by my illegal work force, that I pay 20% percent to cook and distribute, 20% to make and 660 % for daddy (Pretty good) , which I turn over periodically so they have noidea how much I’m making. Oh and to keep it legal I hide most of the cash, expense it out, pay taxes on some and keep an LLC that use Girl Scout in it’s name and trademarked. If you need more easy money making ideas, ask me this is my worst one; the others are making twice as much with less work =, only moneyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!. You can keep all your silver and gold when you die someone else will spend it or big brother will get and if you bury it no ones going to look for it , HAPPY PEARLY GATE TIME, or worse because your not taking it with you to either place, if they do exisit. Why do all of you want to work so hard and listen to sammers that are making money of you for doing nothing, get smart and do this yourself, it takes less time then chasing almost non-exisitant silver in coins that cost you time, gas, advertising, when you can make money off everyone, remember it’s like the old alcohol times of the past, people will always buy food and booze……maybe sex, anyway hope you see how foolish all the above comments have been, maybe later I’ll post some of these ides here, they will be on Amazon soon with some of my e-books……did you know that selling a million e-book or one of my fiction-non fiction books for .99cents profit
      that took me less then one week to write and publish made me a cool million and let me make a lot of cookies , ice cream bar and other things and enough money to buy thing to enjoy or give away all over, along with eating and staying healthy and hope nothing from the sky falls on me when I’m traveling all over. Let me tell you it feels good to have other helping you so share what you have, spend what you get, if your helping others make sure where it’s going or at least not to TV con artists, take the time and give it out yourself look around there’s plenty of need. Happy hunting for your coins NAKITA

  62. Sorry about all the grammer errors in my first post but, doing it on my mobile phone with a small keypad is almost impossible and correcting or proff reading even harder, but guess what I don’t even care, just trying to help…………..

  63. My wife works in a bank. I can assure you that any coins of value have already been sorted out of the stream and bought by bank employees long before they hit the teller’s drawer.

    • Yeah some tellers are like that. But most tellers don’t waste their time looking through rolls and couldn’t be troubled to get an extra $5 from the one in a thousand silver half dollar.

  64. Do you have any comments George Leong prediction of the loss of the dollar being the world’s trading instrument and the ensuing financial wipe out?

    • He’s in a long line of pundits who have been predicting this with increasing vociferousness over the past 5-10 years. Probably another currency will supplant the dollar eventually, though I suspect it will be far longer
      And gradual a change than these folks are predicting.

  65. Hoping to find any reasonable quantity of Silver or even Copper in coinage by hitting banks is silly.
    1. Your hunting for the stuff which takes time where you actually could be making money since thats the goal. Aka: If you worked at McDonalds for $7.00 an hour you will make more than hunting for silver coins in that same hour.

    2. Once you actually have silver coinage then what to do with it. The people who buy it in quantity do so as investment in the hope the silver someday will be able to be collected upon since it is against the law to destroy US currency. You cant lawfully melt it down and if you could removing the other elements requires some alchemy.

    But… Thats not to say that conceptually its all off kilter. I know a guy for years and years and years now goes to varied venues, in person auctions, flea markets and even garage sales and finds treasures. Paying $25 for an old silver serving set or flatware etc. he does very well and sells it by weight to be melted down, Just as you see on say “Pawn Stars” the Gold or Silver etc. have value WHEN it can lawfully be melted down.

    So there you have it…. BUT of course VALUE is based on history. Huh?
    If your seeking precious metals and turn them over for cash to do whatall, spend, re-invest, invest etc. there are important realizations. Investing in anything but high risk investments might not turn up good results. That is to say global economics can result in the “value” of investment being actually less than the value of the original investment. Aka: I am earning 5% and meanwhile cost of living, currency devaluation etc. results in “I actually lost 2%”.

    It can be sorta akin to thinking there is equity in homes. Perhaps some yes, most no. Example: In a 30 year mortgage you will pay more in interest/principle than the home might sell for and/or with the addition of property tax.

    With Silver (lets say) holding unto it thinking it may increase in value may also yield similar results as much of its value is based on supply/demand and global currency valuations.

    For those thinking “economic collapse” and staving it off by such things, thats silly too.
    Silly? Certainly. In todays “global collapse” syndrome people dont think ahead, they think “today”.

    That is to say, “Today silver is worth something”. In a global collapse valuation of currency goes down the tubes so such things become salable (perhaps) within that window of currency valuation assuming one plans on spending it “in case”. After a recovery (if there were one), different story, thats a gamble at best.

    On the other end of things there is no foreseeing what that future might be. It could be a global economy where its illegal to even own precious metals or precious metal may not be sold/resold. Knowbody knows. They base life today in the past history which is not good as those times are gone. Life has changed so very much in the past 100 years the disconnect in time makes it all moot. Knowbody can tell you “what will happen if”. You could end up with the equivalent of paper stamp books… ‘Here is your money and its the only thing thats valid globally for commerce” albeit perhaps a little unlikely, anything is possible which is what history actually DOES tell us. No “plan” might be the right or wrong one. It could just as easily be “Canned foods” are worth more to people/consumers than silver they cant use.

    Whats even more funny (not really) is so many people try and consider/think that history should be their guide to living through a collapse and cite the Great Depression. Todays issues are in large part completely unlike the Great Depression short of nothing worth anything.


    One of the oldest historical matters they ignore. God. The Bible. In the case of JEsus for example, one man among many many many, crucified… a normal matter under Roman control for those not Roman results in THE largest movement of mankind in its history. From 1 to millions and millions. Not only remarkable in its own right but more important than currency, money etc as this deals with hows, whys and reality of life and death.

    Certainly, there is much within religion texts that are of man. Truth is truth however. When reading if the teachings were true 2000 years ago, 1000, 100, today then truth is truth.

    Keeping that in mind when reading such texts you will see a pattern develop if you pay attention (I am a programmer so life/work is all about patterns). Open ones eyes further and the patterns begin to appear not just in our lives, our parents lives, but even those of other creatures. Open it up further and patterns appear in everything, earth, moon, suns, you name it. Its far far from random.

    No, I am not a religious zealot, nope. But with that said if you take the time to read, review, look for truth, patterns and broaden your vision you will end up saying, “Oh my. This stuff is real”. Once you realize that and embrace it proper the rest falls into place. Doesnt mean you will be money rich, what it does mean is that you have purpose and if you seek, embrace and find that purpose all you need to fulfill your life will be provided.

    Are we headed for a collapse? You betcha. But not the way you think. Its about “equalization”. That is to say the VERY wealthy of the world (I believe the number is something along the lines of 3,000 people) essentially dictate the lives indirectly of the other billions. What we see is a planned, quite intentional slow decline and systematic stripping of wealth towards global equalization. The path there is akin with steering the Titanic. To avoid “meltdown” of humanity as possible thrusting the globe into complete chaos, death, pestilence etc. Instead its look FAR ahead as possible and try and predict how to steer.

    Thus, trying to stave that off for the global population is again, silly. Cant be done.

    Unfortunately, it will not work. Why? Because there is simply no way the course of billions of independent minds will be controlled as history has shown us a few times? No, millions of times. From big big numbers of people to just little groups. Everyday in fact even under threat of death. Those in wealth doing this think it can be and hundreds of millions dead dont matter, thats acceptable as they believe humanity will survive, controlled, grow until we reach “Star Trek” The Federation of Planets all getting along in order. Pretty much. They have been working towards it for well over 100 years, one world. Sounds utopian but cant work.

    People ask themselves why do those that are ever ever so rich seek more? What can be their goals in life when they can buy anything they please? What does one accomplish once one has so much?

    You dont see em’ just helping every single place they can…. helping people. Helping the human race. Certainly most do give to the human cause, but they dont give all or 95% of all, yet, they are blessed with so much.

    We all understand a glimpse of “global chaos” or an “controlled ordered stripping of wealth”. Stripping of wealth equates to stripping of choices, stripping of choices equates to removal of freedoms, removal of freedoms results in an ordered control and/or eventual rebellion be they large or small, able to be put down or not. History has shown both.

    Now step back. Life (God actually) gave freedom of choice to us. Freedom of choice is exactly what is attempting to be curtailed. Read of secret societies and more, even those not so secret past/present. Yet… Freedom Of Choice cannot be stripped. Everyone still has choice. The choices might be rebel, dont, walk to the left or right, speak out or do not.

    What is given by God man cannot take away though history shows man trying again and again and again. It fails EVERY TIME. Thats a pattern in its own right.

    Jesus stated “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money”. 110% true and BTW, I am Jewish.

    Think about that. Think about it now with those extraordinarily rich as a group or those in extreme power as a group. I mean TAKE THE TIME TO THINK ON IT. WHAT do they control or seek to? What do they dictate through the power or power of wealth that impacts you/others be they “well to do”, “middle class” or the poor GLOBALLY.

    Now consider what was stated by Jesus. Consider the things given us that cant be controlled no matter what. Freedom of Choice. Even in bonds one can choose to move ones eyes, think, breath or hold ones breath. Freedom can be limited by man, it cannot be taken away. Love cannot be taken away.

    If you care review further and THINK what you will find is a pattern, an important pattern. The pattern being THAT WHICH WE CANNOT HOLD IN OUR HANDS, THAT WHICH WE CANNOT SEE, BUT THAT WHICH IS CORE TO BEING HUMAN AND ALIVE CANNOT BE TAKEN AWAY. Life as we know it each day can be taken but the soul which makes us, us no man can claim “his”.

    Some believe when life ends, the soul goes with it, done. Lived, died, nothing more. Yet, EVERYTHING is transformed. Weathered rocks turn to materials that form other things, plant matter decayed to nutrients, nothing we see, touch etc. just disappears. Its transformed, recycled whatall. Everything on Earth, in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the universe. Even our lifeless bodies transform into elements that in time have/find purpose.

    Why would anyone think the soul is different when everything around you says exactly the opposite.

    So what IS our answer?

    Want my opinion? Yes – No (Circle one).

    We cannot individually change the path of the absolute wealthy or powers. We can yap but are physically pretty powerless right? Maybe. Isnt this what happened to one man? He was crucified for his movement towards truth. Yet, billions have embraced that truth. Over time, more have embraced those ideals than literally anything else in mans history.


    Because 1. Its true. 2. Its God. Something man cant control and HAS TRIED.

    So what do we do? Well, scripture says that the day will come where the living and dead will be judged. We all have no connection to those MEN who steer (or try) steer us. We do have a connection to something bigger, much bigger, God. Each of us independent, each of us thinking independently, each with a soul lets call it.

    Ask science why 99% of life be it mammal, reptile etc. has eyes, smell, scent, hearing or some combinations/nuances of all these? Watch them go, “Ummm”. Its not random.

    Science is the pursuit of truth yet over and over again circumvents itself. Today this is truth, ooops, well, now this is. Yet, some truths are found. Its said they are often in contention, not at all. Thats an easy out. Science is the exploration of Gods universe. They would have you think it not as THAT empowers the FEW not the MANY as the MANY can make them ACCOUNTABLE.

    So what do we do?

    We pray, we pray sincerely to God. Not some unforeseen entity, but to our friend, God, the one who gives us life. Who gives us choices. We pray that God intervene and give those who are in powers the guidance and direction that holds our lives and futures in best interests and to sweep away those who do not yield to his influence.

    Sound crazy? Why? Would it hurt to do so? It is something we all can do. Learn of him is something we all can do.

    Let me put something else to you.

    Ever ask yourself questions in your head? Sure. We all do.

    When we dont know the answer we might research. If we do know the answer where does it come from? Our memory of course. Then there is the third way, the answer just comes to us, seemingly out of the blue. Where does that come from? Just random? Pop. There it is? This happens to all of us as well. I have yet to talk to one person it has not happened to, many many times in life in fact. So… research isnt random, coming from memory isnt random, but the “pop in” is? No. Its not. Its from “someplace else”.

    Lets try another. Whats the purpose of Good and Evil? Why do these opposites exist?
    Another familiar one? Whats the purpose of Love and Hate? Why do these opposites exist? We cannot deny they do, they are around us, clearly real even though we cant touch them. Just as we normally do not see air yet there it is. But we can hold air in our hand. We can define “good” and “evil” and apply actions to them, aka: Murder is evil, kindness is good. But WHY do good and evil even exist? Yet, they do. WHAT is their purpose? Ask science to answer it. They cant. Yet, everything has a purpose. Dust in space makes worlds, stars give off light and much more, gravity pulls, sand filters, cleanses, made of rocks eroded, elements in the table of elements combine for purposes.

    But Good and Evil, Love and Hate on and on along with souls have none?

    Let me again take you back. “God Created All Men Equal”. This is exactly why mankind has went, “Uh uh”. That is to say, “God created us to all be equals”. I respect you and you I. I give to you in need and you to I. But this does not suit. It does not suit due to say Greed vs Giving, Love vs Hate, or ultimately Good vs Evil does it?

    Science and indeed the powers that be are VERY quick to activate on that which is the physical world and yet have absolutely NO explanation for something as simple (or maybe extremely complex!) such as, “Why do good and evil exist and what is there purpose” and to make that more complex, “What is there source?”.

    Everything has a source and destination. Everything. A rock, a plant, a speck of dust, a electron, a beam of light, a piece of grass. Transformed, added whatall to something else. Atoms collide releasing their guts giving us sunlight, energy, radiation, dust which in itself has gravity and parts that make it up. But the soul? Poof. Nothing? Makes no sense at all to think that way. Makes MUCH more sense to realize we have a purpose. Do we know what it is or why? Nope. Just as the elements on the table of elements and indeed that make up our bodies have purpose and a source and a destination.

    As I noted, start taking a broadband look at everything, EVERYTHING and all of a sudden you will see patterns. You will realize that there is STRUCTURE. Its far far from random and EXTRAORDINARILY complex but structured, not random.

    Then go back again and look at history, look at the scriptures and discern that which was true then, true a thousand years back, true yesterday, true today. Truth withstands time yet again, we cant hold it in our hand. Startlingly if you THINK enough you will find another pattern. That which in our soul deemed good we cannot hold in our hands. Yet those things evil we can cause by our hand and often (metaphorically) can be held.

    If you hold love (metaphorically) and control it in your hand it is lost, hate, not so for example.

    I ask you to simply THINK about a MUCH bigger vision than most of us do. Ask yourself the questions, purpose, why love exists, why good and evil exist, what is the source? What is the destination? What are the purposes.

    Then ask yourself (since many of these questions you will explore have no answer at least in this life) WHICH do you choose to live by and embrace? Would you risk that which is MOST important to you? Your soul in an afterlife?

    Remarkably enough, alot of the answers lay within The Bible Old & New. That which is truth you will think through, that which is from man (governance etc) will stand out as well.

    But most of all, the answers are within you. “Built in” when we choose to listen.

    • Why the hell are people still asking this question??? If your reading comprehension is so poor that you can’t understand the article and also the comments then maybe you should focus on dealing with that before you even think of investing!

    • Make sure you get paid with a cashiers check on Craig’s list they will print one for you , not that is a very dangerous way to start collecting, leave that to Obama and Ben B , I have already been getting my Yang money , the day is coming when the In God We Trust printed on the American Dollar will be worth about as much as Obama’s mother-in-law who save her money every time we pay her rent for the third floor of the White House, she has to have a picture of something really good of him doing something pretty bad he he would have told her to take a hike by now. Now if you want to get a good shot at the older half dollars there are a lot of older casino’s that split there change on the tables when the odds round up, put them in your pocket and get more chips because they will get it back.

  66. the chances of walking into a bank and getting silver coins is nil, have tried over and over again, i don,t care what anyone says there are no 5 secret words going to get you anything other then throwed out , i know plenty of people who work at banks and anything silver they get…your better off posting an ad on craigslist offering to buy silver coins or gold no questions asked you,ll get it cheaper then you ever thought of course don,t ask where it came from thats a no no but its reality, thats one way i go about it the other way is an add that i will take that 5 gallon jar of coins you have and count them all up as you half heartily watch and pay you the amount in paper money….or i buy hand rolled rolls from people i have found some real gems that way 1 roll that comes to mind was a roll of pennies that ended up having a 1907 2 1/2 dollar gold liberty head coin in it, i paid 1 dollar for that roll of coins and that gold coin is worth well over 300.00 thats how you do it….i won,t even mentionm the dozens and dozens of silver dimes.

  67. Wow, You guys really do ‘keep an eye out’! I guess I was part of the inundation this morning… I just checked this out and viola! Here it is again. Very nice. I believe I’ll stick around here and see what you folks are finding out.

    Thanks for all the hard work & Best of Luck!

    Los Angeles

  68. If you want coins you can also stand by corner in the business district and sing a song. You can also stop shaving, put your gardening clothes, write a sign Veteran and Hungry (you can be a vet of anything, Pomona High, Vons Supermarket, even the army, you choose) and stand by a freeway exit. Don’t forget to hand your hat. In my view, when this stuff was presented in Stock Gumshoe first time, Doc Eifrig lost all credibility.

  69. A few years back a man ran an ad in a magazine which read , “How To Make A Fast Million Dollars. Please send $10 . The response he sent back after collecting the $10 Fee was , “Do As I Did”

  70. Porter and his team pay there bills with there customers money, a lot of businesses do that, and when your trial period is over you can get you funds back but sometimes they do the handling fee for those just want the answer to there teaser , but even if they give you all your 100% guarantee $ back they have held quite a large sum I guess they call it in house float and use that money interest free for 90 days , what a good deal , a 90 day interest free note, and they are not the only one. Now of coarse you are not going to make a living off of interest at the bank now a whopping maybe 1% but you can bet they make a good profit on monthly/weekly options etc. they have a float dept. that is a cash cow it is America like when people used to put the check in the bank on Friday and clear on Monday , they did not need a newsletter. The Govt. even insured them. Best bet at a pretty good % to me is let Travis and the Thinkolater save you the hassle, the Gumshoe is pretty darn reliable, and when I checked last it was not overpriced, less than a dollar a week to be an irregular, that is 2 half dollars a week for the newer version of the In God We Trust money. Thanks Travis and thanks to the other irregulars to. One thing Travis doesn’t do or I have not seen it is bad mouth the other Teasers which is pretty cool, kind of think there must be some mutual respect for someone maybe the thinkoater , either way Travis is professional about it and I would bet that those other guys would take his phone call , I would even say they learn from each other, stick with the Gumshoe and all the old silver is probably pretty played out maybe go to wooden nickel’s , just kidding.

  71. Well, my friends, I live in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I went to my local Wells Fargo branch and ordered $2,000 of half dollars. My bank had none on hand and ordered them from the central “something”. for me. I went through all $2,000 worth and found not one silver half dollar. Consider how long it took me to inspect 4,000 half dollars, unroll them, check them out and re-roll them to return to my bank.
    I seriously doubt that anyone can find even 1% (which in my case would have been 40 silver halves). Care to wager on one tenth of one percent ( .1%) which would have been 4 quarters? I am up for wagering with anyone any amount of money that they can’t find 40 silver halves in 4,000 halves ordered from their bank. I’m sure I’ll make a lot more money gambling on this than on searching through quarters. I’ll even give 2 to 1 odds.
    J. Curtis

  72. Whatever your smoking, I want some. Tellers would buy the coins
    For face value and keep them. No bank is going to hand you free
    Silver coins. Good Lord, how stupid do you take people for?
    My bad, they are out there. I should run an article, free money!
    Send me ten bucks and I’ll show you how. Walk the streets until
    You find some.

  73. If all you fools that sent this charlatan $40 or $50 would send the cash to me instead, I would gladly give you five words: “ha ha ha ha ha!” I incidentally heard an ad for this scam on the radio this morning. I’m stunned you people still fall for this crap.

  74. I just ordered the newsletter for $39, but I wished I’d seen this site first. The very next day, I heard a radio spot exclaiming, “Free Silver Coins At Your Local Branch Bank, blah, blah, blah… “, I knew I’d been had. I’ll see if I can get a refund, hopefully I can. Actually, I had ordered the newslettter for something else, but I’m thinking that if the whole free silver coins thing is a scam, then what about anything else has to offer in his newsletter?

  75. I bank @two banks in a small town. I have been asking for half dollar and dollar coins each time I go by and over the past few years I have ended up with with 20-30 keepers. The others I spend or just redecorating. This is not a “money making deal” more of a hobby. I am not spending extra money for gas or spending time running from bank to bank, just asking while I am there.

  76. Better idea:
    Pick up a few rolls of nickels every time.
    Sooner or later they’ll be taking them off or replacing w/ cheaper metal since the present metal value is more than 5 cents.

  77. Stansberry also defaults to “Autorenew”. I was disappointed in their newsletter, I told them to keep the 40 bux but DO NOT attempt a renewal. My next paid sub will be Gumshoe ;)

    • They’re mentioned in at least half of the other 200 comments here, as well as in bold face in the article itself. And no, they ain’t “Magic”: “do you have half dollars” (they cross your fingers and hope there are a couple pre-1970 halves in the bunch).

  78. I’ve Tried Hundreds Of Easy Money Get Rich In 8 Minutes SHIT. By The Way, SHIT Means Ship High In Transit. Look It Up, Cute Story. Now I Do What I Love. F Millions. I Build The Best Adirondack Glider In The World In My Hobby Shop. No Stinking Job, No Stinking Boss, No Stinking Commute, No Stinking Suit, No Stinking Rules, No Stinking Employees, No Stinking Government, No Stinking Time Clocks. Everyone Wants One, Many Want Two. Yes, The Waiting List Is Long. I’m Never Late For Happy Hour, Which Comes To Me In My Dream Hobby Shop, BYOB And A Little For Me. Do What You Love And Are Good At , It Took Me 68 Years To Figure It Out, A Cheap Price Indeed. Love Always, TwinkyBrain

  79. They make their millions of dummies that suck it in and pay for the subscriptions. *Disclaimer says, “NO guarantee”

  80. This business of getting silver from banks has been on you tube for several years. It’s easy to search for if you have a mind to.
    The way it works is simple enough you go into your bank and you ask them to order half dollars for you. Generally they have to be ordered because most banks don’t like them and many tellers don’t even know what they are and think they’re dollars. I ordered $500 worth. That’s 50 rolls. They came from the Federal Reserve bank nicely rolled up. I had my Grandson go thru about 10 rolls nothing. Then we figured out that all the rolls were within 1 or 2 grams of each other. Well silver halves weigh more than the cupro-nickel clad versions. So we only opened the rolls that were a little heavier, Still nothing.
    I for one think it would be a lot of work to find one silver coin per $1000.
    Now heres another method. Most smaller banks have coin counters on the premises, larger banks send their coinage to some central location. The smaller ones get foreign coins kicked out. Among those foreign coins there could be silver or Euros. My bank lets me go thru them and TAKE what I want. No charge. The Euros I take to the airport and cash them in. What would Stansberry charge for this info? I paid them $99 once and they didn’t help me at all.
    Good Luck

  81. This is absolute nonsense. Here are the fatal flaws:
    1. So-called cherry-pickers have been wise to this for many years. Most of the coinage you’ll ever get from a bank has been searched many times over. This also includes “unsearched” rolls you’ll find on auction sites, flea markets, etc.
    2. Banks are businesses, too, so they are not likely to have ballistic bags, boxes, or other large volumes of coins simply collecting dust in a vault.
    3. Banks are not going to sell large quantities of coins to non-customers, at least not at face value. Many require customers to be account holders to transact any business.
    4. In the age of the Internet, most bank tellers know how to detect silver coins. Many banks allow tellers and other employees to pick out silver and exchange it with equivalent value coins.
    5. The notion of ordering halves or quarters to find silver is time consuming, and because the coins have very likely been searched many times, the chances of finding silver are slim. It’s not impossible, but don’t be surprised if you end up with 1 silver coin for every 5,000 coins you search. (Incidentally, if you order dollars, you will now receive mixed coins, i.e., Sac dollars, Presidential, Susan B. Anthony, etc. You will not get Ikes, Peace dollars, Morgans, or other large format coins. Also, dimes contain silver, but because of their small size and the slim chance of finding silver, most people only search “majors.”)

  82. There goes all your credibility!! What a blunder!! There is NO silver in 1970 Kennedy half dollars !!

      • Thank you for clarifying for Collectors on here. I assume people who are interested in this information are collectors, and have been collecting for years? My grandmother started me and she was born before 1900 and had original coins including the 1909 VDB pennies as well as the Kennedy half dollars.

  83. Here is my 50 cents worth:
    Kennedy half dollars:
    90% silver: 1964, 1964D
    40% silver: 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968D, 1969D, 1970D
    40% silver (bicentennial commemorative): 1976S

  84. I have a 1964 john Kennedy silver half dollar. It was my Fathers. It has been sealed in a clear round case that has the Renault Logo on the back. It was given away by a Renault Dealer as a key ring. I am wondering if any one has sen one like it.

    • Hi I have a 1964 Kennedy half dollar. One that has a Renault Logo on the plastic case is probably worth more than a car! lol Just Joking,,,,,, Travis or someone else might have a clue on the valuation. We can tell you, banks do not have these coins available.

  85. The best five words I will give you is ” Dont Give In TO Scammers” That is all they are, so dont let them succer you.

  86. 5 simple words to walk into a bank and get silver, says the teaser…… I was watching that on TV with my kids when one of them blerted out, “5 words….. THIS IS A STICK UP”.

    Hee hee, just thought my kid was pretty funny, only 12!
    Seriously, thanks for your above explaination on what they were REALLY talking about, I could tell it was a scam jut from the goofy guy host. Thanks much, very informative.

    A mom in Tucson, AZ

  87. Did this for approx. 3 months in 1974. Worked like a dream! the ratio at some banks was astounding. Now, not a chance…maybe a few bucks here and there at best! gas was about .50 a gallon and there were many 40% and some 90% in every roll. Wish I would have written and sold the “5 magic words” instead of doing it in ’74.LOL

  88. LMAO!!!!! Lots of laughs in this thread. Glad I came across this again from Google. This crowd is better than stand-up comics!

  89. Very helpful – I keep hearing these advert on the radio and they are rather annoying. Glad to finally know what it’s about.

  90. - Well I’ve been doing this as a little treasure hunting hobby for years.
    When I go to the bank I buy rolls of Pennies other people have brought in.
    Because sometimes there’s Wheat Pennies in the rolls for my collection.

  91. the 5 magic words are:

  92. You have better odds of getting half-dollars and even Ike dollars, etc by asking the cashier at any place you go. Many times people do pay for their purchase using some non-normal coins.
    Next time your checking out just ask if they have any you could get back in your change, or swap even cash, they’d rather not have to count the anyways.

  93. So, what are the five words?

    Just kidding!!!! I am cracking up at the number of people who have asked this quesion when it has been answered at least five times in the first half of this thread.

    I saw Eifrig’s $39 promo for the five magic words and figured if I did some research and reading I could find the info for free. And here it is.

    Thanks everyone for the info. I think I’ll just make a habit of asking for hand rolled coins when I’m in the bank.

  94. This is such scam. He is a salemans and selling you his products.

    Just like bartending which he sold “teaching” lesssons to. He is selling the scam.

    My friend who was uses metal detectors knew about this and he would walk into banks and do this exact things. Many people know about this and have known. This is a scam so you will buy his $49.00 book and eh can laugh all the way to the bank.

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