Retirement Trader

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This is a great news letter, except for the price! Sure it’s Naked Put and Covered Calls, But the picks are virtually gauanteed not to fail. Well almost. You might roll it over, etc. but by the time you have closed the position you’ve made some money. At least so far. And it’s for Retirees. Who want something easy and not take alot of time. And yes, I am now going for one month more often than two. But I have a very low transaction fee. If I were still trading Options with Schwab, and with my position sizes, 2… Read more »
David Eifrig’s Retirement Trader sells put options, and, when assigned, eventually sells covered calls. D.E. himself measures the performance against margin requirements, whereas I try here to assess the mark to market performance of only his currently open positions, using data given in his Feb 12th 2016 report: 13 open stock positions, the earliest from 3/20/15, plus 16 open option positions. The stock positions, assuming 100 shrs each, were acquired for $96076, and are worth $80271, an unrealized loss of $15805 or 16.5% (not considering any dividend gains). The 16 sold options show an unrealized gain of $ 1531. This… Read more »