Retirement Watch

Focuses on retirement planning in general, with some model portfolios and fund recommendations.

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    1. wily old owl
      Mar 14 2009, 01:04:52 pm

      Bob Carlson’s Retirement Watch – *****

      This is mainly for people approaching or in retirement. The info for estate planning, financial planning, IRA’s,and such is very good indeed. I have never invested in his investment portfolios (mutual funds) but have subscribed to the letter for 5 yrs just for the sensible, savvy advice. He is Chairman of the board of Trustees of the Virginia Employees’ Retirement System ( 2.2 billion portfolio) and was on Board of Trustees of the VA Retirement System ($42 billion portfolio) and is author of several books.

    2. markhu
      Oct 2 2009, 03:35:40 pm

      I could tell after reading the first issue that this newsletter is a “keeper.” But I waited about 6 months before posting my review here, so I could have some input on the “performance” and “consistency” ratings. So here is the deal: Since the Retirement Watch newsletter has such an emphasis on safety, it becomes the very model of consistency. As follows logically, the performance of its picks are not going to blow anyone away–there are no “multi-baggers” or any other slangy hype. In fact, the sober tone is quite refreshing. This has to be the least-hyped investment/financial newsletter I read. (Another calm one is Chris Weber.)

      One comment of disagreement to the other reviewer who said that “This is mainly for people approaching or in retirement.” In fact it seems preferable to recommend this for people in the _middle_ of their careers rather than at the end. The sound advice and insights from Bob Carlson help you plan ahead to meet your goals.

      I also appreciate that Bob keeps abreast of the tax laws, including his predictions of how estate taxes and gift taxes might change if those laws have an expiration date.

    3. Chuck F.
      Feb 24 2012, 02:46:12 pm

      What a breath of fresh air! No b.s., just straight talk with what is important to protect yourself and your assets when going into retirement and during retirement. After establishing several Estate Trusts and paying the typical attorney fees, I read his articles on Trusts and realized that either my attorney was wrong or Retirement Watch was wrong – my attorney lost. I had my Trusts redone to ensure my heirs received what I had planned with minimal taxes. If a lifetime subscription was offered, I would be the first customer to sign up.

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