Growth Stock Strategist

Author/Editor: Linda McDonough

Publisher: Investing Daily

Focuses on using a “growth-at-a-reasonable-price” strategy to identify undervalued growth stories. Seems to have absorbed the former Roadrunner Stocks service from Jim Fink, which had promised small cap “ground floor opportunities” in growth stocks, and still appears to maintain a portfolio of “roadrunner stocks” under the Growth Stock Strategist umbrella.

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This is a long-term small cap value investing letter. Jim Fink provides one momentum and one value pick each month with buy-below price, as well as market commentaries and educational articles. As with his options service, the educational value is tremendous. He busts investment myths based on solid back-tested statistics. This include how to time severe market collapse, portfolio correlation check, balance-sheet reading, key lessons from Peter Lynch/Buffet and so on. His analysis is also free from voodoo-magic chart analysis, and his picks are mostly based on strong fundamentals and intrinsic value. If not, he always provides facts and statistical… Read more »