Unconventional Wealth

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    1. Investorman
      May 6 2009, 01:43:11 pm

      I’ve watched this service for a few years. The picks were usually a stretch. I think their 2008 closing positions ended up with 12 heavy losers out of 14 closed.

    2. Elaine
      May 7 2009, 09:20:40 am

      Fortunately, this service is pretty cheap. It gets annoying reading all of their ridiculous hyped up teaser ads for other services. I don’t know why they think they have to use that type of marketing for their products/services. I have reviewed some of their pics and the majority of them were dead wrong, the stocks went the opposite way they thought they would. I’m going to hang in there with them and see if they come through on anything good.

    3. Joe
      May 28 2009, 09:40:43 pm

      If you trade contrary to the what they suggest you do you’ll probably come outa huge winner, their picks consistently do exactly the opposite of what they say. Either they’re throwing darts at the board and reccomending what they hit or they’re being paid to sell turkey’s

    4. Peter9810
      Jun 23 2009, 11:20:35 am

      Taipan…Totally misunderstood. It is a “contra-pick” letter. I’ve never seen a more losing compilation of investment choices or creative terms.

    5. Barry
      Aug 18 2011, 10:28:23 pm

      I bought a 2 year membership to Safe Haven Investor. It showed promis at times, but failed to offer much different than a index fund for results.

    6. Lee
      Jul 7 2012, 09:58:11 am

      The newsletter was better when it was called Safe Haven Investor, under the previous editor. After Andrew Snyder took over, the performance really plunged. Almost all his picks lose money. I definitely will not re-subscribe. I would suggest that you don’t waste your money.

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