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    1. Andrew Garden
      Oct 21 2009, 10:10:40 am

      I always wanted to understand how to trade using technical information and charts – but could never really figure it out until SmarTrend. This relatively new service has a bunch of offerings, from the free Morning Call newsletter (which is what I started with) to news items and analysis all day – to their top-of-the-line product: SmarTrend Alerts. ALL the services give you instant access to understandable trading information in simple language – with LOTS of explanation. Maybe the best part: THEY read and interpret hundreds of factors and charts FOR YOU – and then issue UPtrends and DOWNtrends. I just changed from a monthly to an annual subscription since I’ve already made back the whole amount!

    2. Casey
      Oct 21 2009, 07:10:06 pm

      The service is great and has helped me better understand the markets (thanks to the Morning Call) and has allowed me to understand how to trade without confusing language/analysis. I recommend this service to anyone. Customer service is also great, they really know what they are talking about.

    3. Truth1234
      Nov 12 2009, 05:14:14 pm

      Here’s what I think about the two previous reports…BULL CRAP. Next time you try to Up sell your product don’t use form responses that characterize the same pattern of quotations and descriptive benefits.

      From your friend at Be Smarter.

    4. John
      Nov 19 2009, 09:01:49 pm

      I find this to be the best yet of the stock services. I use stocks from IBD, which is great for fundamentals, then use Smartrend to actually chose and follow them. I have a MBA and can pretty well evaluate the many services and I feel this one is the best I have tried in the past three years.

    5. Gary
      Jan 14 2010, 12:55:29 pm

      I’d really like to know about Smart Trend and how accurate and helpful it is. But like a previous reviewer says, the first two reviews, and even the fourth, sound more like advertisements. How about an objective review by someone who knows the site?

    6. Tim
      Feb 8 2010, 01:29:20 pm

      I have been using smartrend since March of 2009, and I am not pleased with the service. In fact I have lost around $4,000 using the service. I started out investing $6,000 and within the first 2 weeks of using the service I had profited $2,000. Out of the 5 stocks that I had in my portfolio at the time, only 2 of them actually gained. I do not understand the stock market and I was mainly using the smartrend service to decide what stocks to buy (this was a mistake). The only lesson that I learned from smartrend is that if the stock doesn’t gain within the first month, it probably won’t gain for a few months (which is stressful when you are paying $100 per month for the service). My problem is that I wasn’t patient enough to use smartrend because I noticed that if I had waited to sell some of the stocks that I had in my portfolio I would have made money instead of losing on some of them. But again like I said that is tough to do when you are paying $100 per month for the service and it seems that every stock is rising in value except the ones that you own. I must admit though that when smartrend calls a downtrend on a stock, you should sell it quickly because it will probably drop like a rock.

      I am going to give smartrend another month or two but I will probably drop the service in the near future.

    7. new-smartrend-user
      May 12 2010, 07:21:31 pm

      I’m a new user so I’ll just put neutral ratings for now.
      What strikes me is, while taking $100/mon from each user, this site is either too dumb or too ignorant to use https for secure login — users, take notice! Your password is transferred over the network for everyone to see. Your network admin knows what stock you’re viewing, your boss can see your login password…

      So, I think the site is created/maintained by just 1 or 2 folks, who don’t know much about creating a basic e-commerce website.

    8. herbicat
      Jul 24 2010, 10:11:28 am

      Looks like only there is only one actual review and it says to me “AVOID SMART TREND” The comments by Tim say it all if he stated in March of 2009 the bottom of the bear market from which there was a 70% rally and lost with Smart Trend that says the services is crap. By the way the whole reason for technical analysis is to capture the imminent breakout not hold for months and wait. Tim, if you look back at his period March 2009- February 2010 you will see almost all stocks were winners so holding worked.

      Use other web sites to run stock scans try TeleChart for $39 a month one mothe free or free at or and Etrade and OptionExpress have nice tools to scan stocks too for free with your account (many brokers offer scans). From there it takes time to review each and eliminate the dogs.

      I got the free morning call form smart trend and it is worthless you can get that from Google or Yahoo or any stock site. Also I agree with the guys that call the up sale reviews as crap and the “I am an MBA” is more uselessness – business administration has noting to do with any thing in the market.

    9. Luis
      Aug 4 2010, 09:13:41 pm

      Smartrend is a great system if you use the system what it is intended for, SHORT TERM TRENDS between 5-25 trading days. Get into a position ride the trend sell to close for a profit repeat. It is not a tool for a novice investor looking for a long term investment or buy and hold strategy.

    10. Reality Man
      Aug 22 2010, 06:22:19 pm

      I have an introductory subscription, and will probably not continue. The service routinely provides 50 or more alerts, but does not distinguish among them. It is up to you to bring any one of them up, look at a chart with 50 and 200 sma, and decide whether to pull the trigger. It appears that they then cherry-pick their winners to feature in their teaser emails. An egregious example is their crowing about 3PAR up 71% in 13 days! They claim to evaluate trends and there they are claiming credit for the surge when Dell acquired 3PAR! It would be interesting if they provided an objective evaluation of every one of their alerts.

    11. Reality Man
      Aug 23 2010, 04:52:31 pm

      Update: the tools are actually there on the site to evaluate their picks objectively. Get yourself a Smartrend trial subscription (remember to cancel before 14 days if you don’t want to be charged a subscription fee.) Click on smartrend alerts. Click on some day prior to the current day (it takes a day to confirm an alert; that is, to have a symbol turn blue from yellow.) Click on Download Symbols. From the .csv file on your computer click on the symbol column (it will be the only one.) Copy the result and paste it into My Watchlist (it seems a maximum of 100 symbols will be copied.) Then bring up My Watchlist and click on the last column, % change. You now have a list sorted by % change. Important: negative numbers are GOOD for DOWN picks and positive numbers are GOOD for UP picks.

    12. Wary Trad3r
      Sep 4 2010, 07:11:10 pm

      Trend trading can be a slippery slope since no-one and no service can be right 100% of the time. But Smartrend – so far for me at least – has come closer to being spot on most of the time, than any other service I’ve tried. I’ve been a subscriber for almost two years, so I’ve got plenty of data. For the whiners with the “it doesn’t work” reviews: how are you doing without smartrend?? Of course I’ve had losing trades after using smartrend; but by following the uptrends and downtrends, I’ve averaged a 12% profit over all this time in these crazy markets. So, thank you smartrend!

    13. Test Case
      Sep 10 2010, 11:53:38 am

      I can’t say whether or not it’s worth the money, I’m not subscribed yet. I can say that I’m going to sign up for the free trial period and play trade it. My guess is that you still have to do good homework – don’t invest in a garbage company just because a voodoo technical trend indicates that you might make short term money. Get to know your sectors of choice and identify the companies you’re interested in with your own labor and research, then perhaps – maybe just maybe – technical trends can make you some money.

      It still isn’t responsible investing and real ownership… Technical trading IS speculation. Speculation is the cause of almost all crashes isn’t it?

      Anyway, since I am curious I’ll do the trial and paper trade it, and post back my results.

    14. Myan
      Sep 29 2010, 11:26:35 am

      It doesn’t worth $100 per month. I might think about it if it is less than $25 per month. Yes, it does send you a trend alert email every morning but nothing more.

      Pro: the alert includes which company will report quarterly earnings today. You can search it online. It is kind of convenience if you do not have time.

      Con: if a stock was rallied yesterday, the alert will say watch for downtrend today. If plunged, it says watch for uptrend. Besides, the alert includes around 5 stocks to watch for. They are just a wild guess. Once in a while they send you an email saying that how a stock was up or down since they issue alert. Of course, they suggest more than 100 stocks per month, and they want to take credit for those a couple stocks. If you trade according to the alert, you will be broke.

    15. DC
      Nov 15 2010, 11:54:04 am

      Smartrends alerts gives you uptrends and downtends based on news flow which is a decent tool, however their downtrends are really slow and wont save you your principal amount .Eg CISCO until nov 9th 2010 had an uptrend, on the same day their quaterly earnings after market were announced that didnt meet expectation . What do you think, the next day would the stock surge? MAY BE NOT. You dont need smartrends to tell you simple stuff. I knew it would be a downtrend 20% . It will show up on smartrends nov10th thats too late to save your principal.
      Do you think would you buy a $99 for newsflow?

    16. YourOption
      Dec 22 2010, 12:48:17 pm

      I had tried options trading over the past year on a small scale just to learn how they work. In August I started trading to try to actually make a profit. After shopping around the different trend trading trial offers, I subscribed to SmartTrend. It works well and it’s interesting to read their commentaries. An example: I bought MMR when Smartrend gave the green arrow this past August, and a profit when I sold my option 5 days later. Then I made an additional 70% profit when I sold the stock itself about two months later. Now they just put out another Uptrend alert for it, and I’m going to try it again. Overall, I have bought and sold about 12 equities and options for a $5,200 profit for the first four months of trading. that’s well worth the $100/mo to me.

    17. activ3 trad3r
      Mar 13 2011, 12:54:07 pm

      Since I just recently subscribed – by finding a bargain promotion of $79.95/month – and have already made $975, it’s certainly worth the investment so far.
      The uptrend and downtrend signals are far easier to understand than any other service I’ve tried – and the daily Morning Call newsletter is a little difficult to read through, but very informative. Overall, I’ve already recommended to my co-workers and several friends.

    18. ak
      Mar 28 2011, 06:12:41 pm

      I was billed for a subscription before the expiration of my trial. Kind of sleazy. Had to waste time on a phone call to clear it up. I have sent an email to their customer service asking about this and never got a reply.

      The service itself is OK. Computer generated picks are not what I am looking for, however. The daily news emails are no better than what is available through many other free sources.

      The billing mishap has left a bad taste in my mouth.


      This is a very incompetent operation. I have clicked the unsubscribe link on the bottom of their newsletters and have emailed customer support to be removed. I even contacted the owner. Net result? More emails and now I receive junk mail from them. No respect for privacy.

    19. Amit Chandani
      May 24 2011, 03:38:28 pm

      I subscribed to Smartrend after receiving 1000 E-Mails telling me about how their picks are performing with 20-80% gains. I opted in for the 14 Day free trial and once I was in, I only saw 1 out of several picks that actually gave a decent return. Other than that Smartrend is shooting darts and hoping to hit a target. Their customer service is horrible, don’t try and get any help using the system because there’s no one to help you. Too many daily e-mails with no information in them, most individuals will make better picks than this software…DO NOT SIGN UP…after 14 days they charge 99.95 a month, my perspective is, I should have made that much within the 14 days, but instead Smartrend gave me a UP call on DIS on 05/12/2011…and it was all downhill from there…I ended up losing close to 10% within days. That’s all it took for me to cancel out of their membership and made sure I didn’t get banged for a 100 bucks.

    20. sginvestor
      Jun 6 2011, 06:53:19 am

      Great product – don’t know why some of you are whining about it: with trend trading, if you sort of follow it, it “sort of” works; if you REALLY follow it, it REALLY WORKS. Yes, you need to put some time into it, but isn’t it your money? With an investment of about an hour a day, I’ve made profits on four recent Smartrend uptrend investments – and I lost money on two. But the four on which I made money far outweighted the losses, so my overall return over the last quarter has been about 13%. Given this crazy market and our out-of-whack economy, I’m completely happy with 13% return in three months. And as far as customer service, boy some of you are real prima donnas. Each person I’ve reached has been both intelligent and helpful.

    21. Investor1010
      Sep 16 2011, 12:29:12 pm

      We decided to give it a three month trial period and see how well it worked. For one, we lost about 25% of our portfolio going by SmarTrend’s uptrend calls. Don’t get scammed by these idiots! COMPLETELY inaccurate and HORRIBLE customer service. They renew your subscription without giving the customer notice and then when you call in to cancel they keep your money and NEVER refund your money. So now I’m out over $500 for their fees plus the money I’m out from the completely FALSE trends they predicted. I have a feeling these idiots are in cohoots together to manipulate the stocks they are trending. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!

    22. Investor1010
      Sep 16 2011, 12:45:25 pm

      BTW Look Smartrend up under the Better Business Bureau before EVER doing business with them. They are listed as COMTEX NEWS NETWORK out of NY. They are rated a “D” and for good reason!

    23. MIke
      Sep 23 2011, 07:27:28 am

      ROFL at these people above. Someone bought stocks when market is crashing and was expecting to make money? That is the problem with America and this economy. People expect get rich quick without having to READ anything. I’ve been using SmarTrends for over a year and have nothing but good things. Their morning commentary clearly tells you when to focus on going long uptrends or considering shorting downtrends. When market headed down, you clip uptrends right away and buy puts on downtrends. Do opposite when market is rising. Rinse and repeat. Is that so hard? I added the dow to my watchlist and when the Downtrend came I SOLD everything and bought put options. Also told a few family members to do the same.

      Please do not blame a service that tells to what to do and then try to blame others when you cant follow directions. You guys remind me of Obama.

      Just my 2 cents.

    24. maurice carter
      Jun 28 2014, 01:03:57 pm

      In May ’14 I took out a 2 week trial of Smart Trend run by Chip Brian, which provides that if you don’t notify them to cancel before the two weeks are over, your credit card will be charged $499. I missed the dead line and sure enough I was charged. When I talked to their client service, they determined I hadn’t even logged in to the service and likely the charge would be reversed. A month later now and the charge has not been reversed after many emails and calls to their client service. This is an outrageous over reach and way too heavy a penalty ….STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAPPY OUTFIT!

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