Spin Trader, The

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I dropped $495 on this new letter wanting to cash in on those high returns of spinoffs. The first stock recommended was not a spinoff, not a parent of a spinoff, no upcoming announced spinoffs, no hints of spinoffs, but was rather an average Dow 30 stock. If these people will recommend 15 to 20 spin offs a year, 2 to 3 a month, why start off their first newsletter by announcing “This is not a spinoff”. Yes, I am disappointed but will wait before cancelling (for a 90% return of the cost) after two months, hopefully with recos more… Read more »

Spin Trader has been repackaged as DealBook.

Just trying to keep track of the current Recommendations is a chalange. You would think that the company could pay a clerical type to adjust the portfolio every time an email went out!

And some of the calcualtions for gains are phony. So far I haven’t made the supscription back based on the actual recommendations. I haven’t figure out how much I’ve made (net) on the naked puts yet. I hope I break even before the subscription is up.