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The Irregulars are the paid members of Stock Gumshoe (which owns this site), and in return they receive additional content — a weekly newsletter, which consists of the Friday File most weeks that has additional commentary and, once a month, the “Idea of the Month” article highlighting some specific investment idea that we like.

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    1. mesa1546
      May 10 2011, 05:55:04 pm

      This is a MUST for those who frequent Stock Gumshoe free website.Travis has saved me a lot of money by not subscribing to any other newsletter/service since I found his free site & became an Irregular right away. He’s style of writing is funny (GO-THINKOLATOR!!!), informative & well-researched. I bought stocks per his recos & haven’t regretted the money that I have made since I found him. The service you get is unbelievable when he is only asking for a small amount every year. You are definitely one of the good guys, Travis! Thank you so much & I will be an Irregular as long as you’re around.

    2. 95 |
      Herbert Ehinger
      Nov 29 2012, 07:30:06 am

      Best in the West! Great information, great research, great fun, yes Travis is simplya great guy. He did save me money by not subscribing to other newsletter guys, but best of all I am making some money by reading his stuff and by reading what other irregulars have to share. The service is outstanding and I feel at home with him and the way he comes across to all of us. I checked the free website for one year before I signed up, but did it for Life. Thanks Travis!

    3. Ben
      Nov 29 2012, 09:52:20 am

      Have been with travis first as a freebee – and later on as an irregular.
      Travis have a great writing style, come up with some great picks (some which he harvest from the allmighty thinkolator!), and while there have been flukes – there have always been good reasoning and research behind each pick.
      am contemplating stopping all my other (free) newsletters coming to my inbox, and simplify by simply following the (paid) stockgumshoe!

    4. Robert Reilly
      Feb 19 2013, 05:28:15 pm

      this is ONE OF THE VERY BEST SERVICES i’ve ever subscribed to(and i’ve been subscribing for 20 years to various things costing upwards of $500 per annum). Bravo, Mr Johnson!
      (and bravo, custpom,er srvc: responded in LESS THAN AN HOUR to a login question that I had). (and no, i’m not a relative of travis)

    5. Martyn Thomson
      Feb 26 2013, 12:35:46 pm

      Gumshoe is an invaluable investment tool. Whenever any stock is touted anywhere, a quick Google brings up previous Gumshoe comment that saves hours of research time. Great service.

    6. Bruce Brown
      Feb 26 2013, 12:47:21 pm

      Like most Irregulars, I find Stock Gumshoe to be a refreshing island of honest commentary in a sea of investment insanity. We don’t have to waste so much valuable time wading through the endless BS out there masquerading as investment advice, as the Mighty Thinkolator has already done most of the legwork for us.
      I look forward to your insightful commentary, Travis, and will be a faithful subscriber as long as you are at the helm.

    7. 14 |
      Chris Tillman
      Feb 27 2013, 12:23:43 am

      Wow, best value for money in the market. Travis’ analytic skills are on show in every issue. He’s a deep thinker, looks at all angles and tries to be objective … something that’s absolutely rare in this space. I enjoy reading about his personal views as well, it calibrates my own. Always interesting, I always read every issue. Like the old diamonds ad, now YOU have a friend in the investment business!

    8. Ken Colbert
      May 6 2013, 11:44:10 pm

      I subscribe to several subscriptions (some free others paid) to educate myself on the complete chaos occuring in all the markets (Bonds, Stocks, ETF, etc.). I appreciate the no-nonsense approach by Stock Gumshoe and its’ members. Great service and great recommedations/advise. Thanks to a great team…

    9. John Markarian
      Nov 7 2013, 02:30:22 pm

      First the Pros:
      I’ve been with Stock Gumshoe as a proud Irregular for less than a year but it has quickly become one of my “Must-own” advisors. First.. so much fun busting the “tedious-teaser” ads that clog my inbox. I’m a forensic analyst regarding construction failures, so I especially appreciate the process of solving mysteries. It has become the “Snopes” of Investment Newsletters. On top of this free section, the subscribed Irregulars get quick updates on hot buys, and Lynn actually reports HONESTLY on the stocks they have advised… and Lo and Behold: AMAZING record of gains.
      Fun reading style, but in a format that you can quickly scan for bottom line facts if you just don’t have time to enjoy her full reports. Very consistent, and customer service is right at the top of the list with my other must-reads. Lynn’s responses are quick and personal.
      If you become an Irregular, you might find yourself getting additional bonuses such as free trial subscriptions to newsletters that are longer and less demanding of credit cards than any of the normal mass offerings you’ve ever seen in your daily cluttered email.
      The final bottom line difference between Gumshoe and the other tops for me?
      Gumshoe has the best record of picks and is the most successfully diverse in range of sectors.
      Now the Cons:
      Still looking… either I need a bigger magnifying glass or there aren’t any.
      A really Great Deal.

    10. stosun
      Nov 9 2013, 03:21:46 am

      Travis & Gumshoe Crew – You Rock! Disclosure, I haven’t always tracked performance of picks / advice etc. Nor does one find it necessary to do so to benefit from subscribing because regardless of whether Travis picks a posiiton for his own portfolio, he does a good job of wheedling through the pros and cons (or summarizing them for Irregulars) and letting YOU be the judge.

    11. rblade
      Jul 20 2016, 01:33:17 pm

      When I’m lookin for news letters listed alphibetical it would be nice to hav the alphabet letters (A to Z) across the top and botton so I can do a search. Also the page numbers at the bottom used in moving to another page do not indicate what page I’m on

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