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    1. Boomer
      Feb 7 2010, 06:25:40 pm

      STOCK GUMSHOE — I’m new to the whole stock thing. So I found it quite cool to read your artical where U named the little stock (INAP) that they wanted $5000 from me for. So I guess U can say I’m your newest fan & will sign up for your news letter. PS — INAP is listed on 2 differant exchanges with dirrerant info — NASDAQ & NYSE arca — Whats that all about ?

    2. Sallie Marsico
      Feb 11 2010, 01:06:17 pm

      Luck was with me the night I came across Travis (…the Thinkolater at Gumshoe.) Eager for “info from those in the know,” I subscribed to The Oxford Club and one other newsletter, only to learn they’re only about hype. YIKES! Spare me. “Thank you Travis,” and, again, “thank you Travis. You have a new best friend. Moi!”

      One of the most useful aspects of the Gumshoe webb site is the reviews of the various “advice” newsletters. From reading all the reviews, it would appear there are some better newsletters. I might chose to subscribe to one – once I get over my disappointment with the one I fell for.

    3. Henry S
      Feb 20 2010, 07:10:38 pm

      I sandbagged on the free newsletters for a month and then decided to support Travis since it was worth the $49 a year just for the education and the occasional chuckle when you realize which stock the promoter is talking about. I have been a penny stock picker for years but it was always a tough slog to find out information on some stocks. Travis seems to have a real knack for churning through the mountains of worthless information and zeroing in on a few relevant facts. Keep up the good work.

    4. Lukester
      Feb 21 2010, 01:34:30 pm

      Dear Mr. Gumshoe,

      The volume of praise evident here for your esteemed self, and the formidable Thinkolator [ TM ] says it all. It has quite obviously been ***earned***. All I can add is that the man’s, (and also the fiendishly brilliant Thinkolator’s!) integrity come shining through. You must be doing something very right to be scooping up such an avalanche of unqualified praise from members new and old. Please remember to keep feeding the Thinkolator prime raw steak tartare (or whatever it eats) to keep it well nourished and in fighting trim! =:-)


    5. Allem Bechteil
      Mar 10 2010, 02:56:54 am

      The exception to my low star ratings is the newsletter review function which is 5 stars but which you can get for free. I’ve not otherwise encountered anything interesting on the paid site, or even much beyond what is public. I’ve looked at the paid site about 4 times and find no reason to click there again. So about 10 bucks a click.

      The service looks at stock teasers currently currently being hyped in mass mailings, identifying what they might be, and then leaving it up for readers to post their comments on what they think of things.

      In reality, it’s almost impossible to get to the bottom of promotional stocks (and Stock Gumshoe certainly doesn’t, nor does it claim to). Scams, manipulations, misrepresentation and hype are the rule for such “projects”. The trick to investing in such stocks is getting in at the right point of the mass-mailing cycle. If that floats your boat, so be it.

      The plus might be knowing the stocks Stock Gumshoe goes into are pretty much exactly those to avoid. There are vastly more stocks a person should NOT invest in than invest in. Stock Gumshoe focuses at tedious length on a pinprick of a fraction of the smelly eggs in an ocean of smelly eggs.

      The service seems to be for people who take their junk mail seriously, are emotionally involved with it, and genuinely believe their path to fortune may lie in the secrets between the exclamation mark promises in bulk mailings sent out to hundreds of thousands of people.

      Otherwise, it’s totally conventional deadly-dullsville with an edge of credulousness.

    6. Steve Day
      Mar 28 2010, 01:52:03 pm

      Travis has assembled and provides to those that are interested in doing their own investing, a nice, easy to use, informational website. Not only does he provide content, but like the genius of ebay, investing connoisseurs can share their experience’s and leave feedback. Much of the success and delight in visiting the site, is the unassuming and user friendly atmosphere which is fostered by Travis’s style of investing. Free to use, and free to contribute, if you choose.
      You know the old saying, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but….” Well when the people can communicate amongst themselves, you can’t fool them for long. We all get the teasers from the many newsletters hawking their latest and greatest, sure to win big! After succumbing to a few of those, we begin to realize, the soapbox sales will never end. Travis provides a forum to sort out those claims and look at the naked, unhyped position. The Gumshoe provides the answer to the inquisitive nature we all have in us. What is it this time? Am I missing something?
      As for the “fee” to join the irregulars, hey, I look at that as, we’re on a journey, would you like to share in some of the expense? That’s all, nothing more, nothing less, your still welcome to come along, but if you want to ride up front…maybe you could help a little with the expense.
      The other feature I like is the Newsletter reviews. A place where we can all sound off about our favorite, or not so favorite newsletters. A place of fairness and justice, where the good can get their reward, and the notsogood, or those that disappoint, well at least we can chastise them some and warn others, “don’t be fooled again”.
      Yep, For those reasons, I would recommend the “Gumshoe”, and give a “5-Star” rating.

    7. The Gringo
      Jul 4 2010, 11:15:54 am

      Hi .
      As a newbie ( and getting toooooooo close to 70 ) I just can not believe my luck that my wife found this site. Travis must be one of the RAREST commodities to be found ,only we could invest in stockgumshoe.I recently asked a question of him HOW STOCKGUMSHOE ALL CAME ABOUT. the answer was very interesting , but i guess the punch line was the best, he discribed himself as a smart arse , Well folks he is definatly smart,Unfortunatly i am completly unable to improve on any of the ratings or glowing recommendations that i read.I just hope that travis is willing and able to continue this fantastic service FOR A VERY LONG TIME.I have a question.Please could any one give me some advice on finding a good honast broker.problem is that i live in peru and unfortunatly i have not had good recommenations about peruvian brokers Long live stockgumshoe and the very best to you travis The Gringo

    8. Mrsb
      Jan 5 2011, 11:20:40 am

      I too found your website a few years ago looking for financial letters. One of the few sites that also has “Canadian” content :-). Travis thanks for all the great snooping, as well as all the information you and the members provide. As a novice investor, I have learned a lot :-).Well worth your lifetime membership 🙂

    9. Richard
      Jan 24 2011, 07:11:41 am

      two years ago I was a complete newby in investing.
      But when in March 2009 I lost 40% of my money deposited in funds recommended by my bank, I thought I have to become active myself. And I thought I was really clever in subscribing to 10 different newsletters allocating 5000 Euro to each of them buying 10 stocks for 500 Euro each. After 6 months I should see who was best and would continue with that one. Really clever.
      So what happened?
      The Elliott newsletter did not even post a single winner.
      An Options newsletter lost up to 50%.
      A commodities newsletter invested in lead and had to give up with 30% minus.
      Rene Sip recommended Chinese stocks that would quintuple within 6 months. Well, they went down and when I asked him what to do now, he just recommended to be patient. When I had lost 50% I sold them all, thay are still down 30 to 40%.
      The penny stocks of David Roy never made any money.
      And all the Lombardi newsletters… had very poor timing. One portfolio lost ALL 10 stocks by stopp-loss in June/July 2009, but in September they bragged about their fantastic profits! With stocks they had sold 3 months ago!!!
      I had to learn the hard way, because I did not know Travis and his Stock Gumshoe.
      Thank god I found 2 German newsletters (I can read German) which made up for all the losses: Oxford Club Eil-Depesche and Value Investor. Investing in Gold explorers they brought back all the losses, so that I came out with a profit of 60% after one year.
      So I tried another 8 newsletters for the second year which did not too bad altogether, especially the Motley Fool Small Caps and the Mining Speculator of Greg McCroach were really good.
      But only when I finally found the Stock Gumshoe of Travis in November 2010, my ordeal was over. I finally learned what a teaser is and why so many stocks that I had bought, lost 50% within 1 or 2 months.
      Thanks, Travis.
      So, I cancelled all but 5 newletters step by step, save money and get evaluations before I lose money.
      Again, you are the greatest, Travis.

    10. Romilly Cocking
      Jan 25 2011, 01:57:26 pm

      Last week I joined the irregulars, and Travis has already saved me about 300 times the subscription.

      I’ve been following Stans Energy (RUU) for a while, and still think it has tremendous potential in the meduim term, but last week I was amazed (and worried) to see it rising sharply in the absence of newsflow.

      Travis’ newsletter explained that RUU had been tipped, so I reset my stops so as not to get burned by a pump-and-dump. I closed out my main holding today with a 370% profit, and will buy back in if the price settles down.

      Travis has helped me to make several profitable investments, and to avoid several turkeys. Best of all, he entertains as he informs. Thanks!

    11. Yankee
      Feb 8 2011, 11:10:21 pm

      Wonderful site, so glad that someone smart actually has the brains and the guts to decipher the newsletters out there and tell the world the $$$-news. I have been very impressed with the analysis of the teasers and the down-to-earth explanations of the varied stocks featured.

    12. Re7lex
      Feb 9 2011, 03:56:56 pm

      The best, the cheapest, the most interestingly written…and a great resource for checking any stock anywhere……unbiased reporting with detailed information. Thank you.

    13. M. Elizabeth Theron
      Mar 8 2011, 09:05:01 am

      All articles and commentary from Gumshoe are written with intelligence, objectivity, insight and and clarity. Oh yes, and honesty..!

      What more can one ask for?

    14. petraschnecke
      Mar 8 2011, 09:27:21 am

      I subscribed to the newsletter 4 months ago. The picks are excellent and the reading is interesting and educational. So far I can only say thumbs up.

    15. -o0(GoldTrader)0o-
      Apr 30 2011, 05:18:53 pm

      When we write a review we like to see, and edit it right away, not days later, or not at all, like happens on the Stock Gumshoe website. Very un-user friendly.

      When we request changes to previous posts they never happen. Sometimes it can be days before a web page will even load to post a review in the first place. The cashed versions of the Stock Gumshoe show up blank from Google.

    16. BobE
      Jun 1 2011, 05:51:36 pm

      About five years ago I was intrigued by a pick of one of the over-bloviated, super secret, stock letters. Not wanting to pay real $ for advice but wanting to know if this type of promotion was any good for an investor, I took the clues and found the stock myself, invested, and tripled my investment. However, I found that many of these promotions were junk and I didn’t have the time to do the investigating.

      Luckily, I found Travis and his wonderful “thinkolater”. What a GREAT service he provides to individual investors! Researching the clues myself the first time was kind of fun but proved to be too time-consuming. His analysis is more thorough than anything I could do on my own and his objectivity has helped me to become a better investor. Long live Travis and the think-o-later!!

    17. Melville L King
      Oct 12 2011, 07:57:51 pm

      I have fun reading your free newsletter.
      Too, I have bought from time-to-time some of the teased stocks for which you have sleuthed the name and symbol, Some have been winners, some not.
      As ever,

    18. Larry Bebee
      Jan 1 2012, 12:25:20 pm

      Your Tracker is a terrific database!
      A rough review of the report for 2011 shows only a handfull of the writers recommendations give a chance of being right. The below shows those few who had three or more recommendations and had an overall average of positive results:
      Editor Publisher Avg % rtn
      Paul Tracy StreetAuthority 11.9%
      Roger Conrad Investing Daily 11.5%
      Matthew Carr Oxford Club 9.0%
      Mitchell Clark Lombardi 6.6%
      Jeff Opdyke Sovereign Society 3.9%

      Most others showed some horrific results!
      Thanks for your insights. And a Happy New Year to you and your readers.
      Larry B

    19. MyWealthyOptions
      Jan 24 2012, 10:39:26 pm

      Where can I find a list of newsletters with their track record? It took really long time for me to determine which are the good stock newsletters and I paid for it. Any list with rating will be helpful.
      I run my blog It has about 100 hits everyday. As I am in the process of paid subscription, any suggestions will be helpful.

    20. kimk
      May 25 2012, 10:18:55 am

      StockGumshoe used to be very good site with frequent updates. However, something bad is happening to it. The updates become much less frequent. My emails are unanswered. The number of new reviews is shrinking. Since the site redesign, it is much more difficult to navigate.

      And everyone can just post a comment and rerate the service. I posed a review of 10ppm with my ratings. Everyone who responded just kept giving it 5 stars which impacted the average rating dramatically. The whole concept has to be changed – look how Investimonials do it.

    21. 95 |
      Herbert Ehinger
      Nov 29 2012, 05:53:35 am

      This site is so much fun to read. At the same time it is telling it how it is. I’ve been reading it for two years by now and I am proud to announce I am one of the famous Irregulars for about one year. I am learning so much. Thank You!!!

    22. Robert Reilly
      Feb 19 2013, 05:25:54 pm

      this is ONE OF THE VERY BEST SERVICES i’ve ever subscribed to(and i’ve been subscribing for 20 years to various things costing upwards of $500 per annum). Bravo, Mr Johnson!
      (and bravo, custpom,er srvc: responded in LESS THAN AN HOUR to a login question that I had).

    23. john arguimbau
      Oct 30 2013, 03:11:20 pm

      The Best [ including the Irregulars price] Rated mostly 4s as I only hit the cheapo info I want about 1/2 the time.

    24. John Markarian
      Nov 7 2013, 02:15:20 pm

      First the Pros:
      I’ve been with Stock Gumshoe as a proud Irregular for less than a year but it has quickly become one of my “Must-own” advisors. First.. so much fun busting the “tedious-teaser” ads that clog my inbox. I’m a forensic analyst regarding construction failures, so I especially appreciate the process of solving mysteries. It has become the “Snopes” of Investment Newsletters. On top of this free section, the subscribed Irregulars get quick updates on hot buys, and Lynn actually reports HONESTLY on the stocks they have advised… and Lo and Behold: AMAZING record of gains.
      Fun reading style, but in a format that you can quickly scan for bottom line facts if you just don’t have time to enjoy her full reports. Very consistent, and customer service is right at the top of the list with my other must-reads. Lynn’s responses are quick and personal.
      If you become an Irregular, you might find yourself getting additional bonuses such as free trial subscriptions to newsletters that are longer and less demanding of credit cards than any of the normal mass offerings you’ve ever seen in your daily cluttered email.
      The final bottom line difference between Gumshoe and the other tops for me?
      Gumshoe has the best record of picks and is the most successfully diverse in range of sectors.
      Now the Cons:
      Still looking… either I need a bigger magnifying glass or there aren’t any.
      A really Great Deal.

    25. 56 |
      Thomas Paolini
      Dec 21 2013, 10:18:37 pm

      This website has been a Godsend. As a rookie investor who has found himself getting caught up in the hype of teasers in my first go around of dabbling in stocks years ago and lost, I find it easier to practice restraint by what the Doc says about the stock that is being teased. I have also found Myron’s articles very informative. I appreciate everything about the offerings here and actually find it refreshing that we get all this for less that the cost of newspaper. Thank you
      Tom Paolini

    26. Dennis Donham
      May 13 2014, 07:51:56 pm

      I’d like to know if anyone knows the “10 Forever stocks” touted by the Street Authority Daily? I do know that three of them are: Intel, Google and Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP). These are supposedly stocks that one can keep for a lifetime.

    27. 3538 |
      Jan 15 2016, 02:39:41 am

      Stock Gumshoe is by FAR the BEST investment subscription I have EVER made. And for what? $49/year to join the Best and Most savvy investors on this plant! What a steal. Thank you Travis 🙂 Best2All-Ben

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