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“Buying 50 Shares of This Diversified Tech Play … Today” (Amy Calistri)

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    1. tnvolfan
      May 16 2009, 10:32:02 am

      I have only invested in this crazy market less than a year. I
      got in at the worse possible time last may or june, just in time for well u know the rest of that story. I have only subscribed to the famous gumshoe (which by the way is awesome and full of information) and just recently 1st of May subscribed to The Street Authority’s Stock of the month by Amy Calistri’s. I know its very early but right now I’m very impressed with Amy’s pix and articles and also results of the 1st 6 pix. I paid 59.99 for 1 year and like the simple approach she uses.

      She gives all her customers the next stock she will be purchasing and then she doesnt buy for 2 or 3 days later, so you can actually have a better price than hers or not if it falls. This is a 50,000.00 portfolio for those that have that much money LOL–so mines much less. The followinf is a list of her 1st 6 picks:

      #1 70 shares of DEO my price 45.65 now 52.35 she recommends buy under 58 target-stop/loss 82.00

      #2 400 shares of IAF my price 7.03 now 8.10—buy under 9.50
      target stop/ loss 14.00

      #3 200 shares of PIO my price 11.91 now 13.65—buy under 16.00—target stop/ loss 22.00

      #4 90 shares of CPSI my price 33.58 now 32.67–buy under 38.00—target stop/loss 47.00

      #5 150 shares of VOD my price 18.50 now 18.47—this was released this week and she has not updated the buy under or the –target stop/loss price.

      That is up to date and if anyone is interested I will be glad to up date each month when I get her Stock of the month pick.

    2. ic
      May 28 2009, 08:37:58 pm

      A couple of weeks ago the subscription price was $49.99/year. Apparently as the market advances, the subscription price advances too. Currently it’s $19.95/quarter. If the newsletter were a stock, it has a 63% gain. This is not to disparage Amy, just an observation. Other newsletters, worthwhile or no, cost more.

    3. tnvolfan
      May 29 2009, 08:25:35 pm

      Amy Calistri–Street Authoriy
      June Stck of the Month is
      OLN–she reccomends 220 shares
      and to buy under 14.00. When
      she released stock price was
      12.58–closed today 5-29 @ 13.36
      Pays .20 per share div. and a
      yield of 6.4%.

    4. Stock Newbie
      May 31 2009, 11:52:13 am

      Hey tnvolfan, thanks so much for your posts! I am also interested in this one, please continue to keep us updated. I read about this one elsewhere and figured I would search to see if was listed on the ole Gumshoe, and hey! Gotta’ love it! Thanks to you too, Shoe! Where would we be without you? Spending our money just to find-out that a service was no good!

    5. bumbleb572
      May 31 2009, 02:55:34 pm

      thanks tnvolfan i decided to sign up.So far Amy is doing well but its early; however, i like her explanations on her selections.

    6. Stock Newbie
      Jun 1 2009, 04:22:30 am

      Been looking over these stocks and their
      charts so far:

      DEO-Summer party play. Noticed all the prices on alcohol have been going-up lately, but that could be due to taxes. Stock had a recent reversal of fortune, 10-day currently crossing above the 20-day. 50-day will be the next overhead resistance level to watch.

      IAF-Australian closed-end fund. Aussie currency has been having a field day recently. 10-day crossed above the 20-day and the stock took-off when the price crossed over the 50-day. It IS over the recommended buy level, but I wouldn’t have any problem purchasing this one here.

      PIO-Hmm, global water play. I’ve heard this theme before, the “new oil”. Price is currently trying to break-out above the 50-day, it may pull-back a little if it doesn’t make it on the first try. If it does clear the 50-day, watch for this one to take-off like IAF did.

      CPSI-Healthcare information services, hospitals will need to streamline as much as possible in this economy, and tech always recovers first in a recession. This is probably the strongest chart of the bunch. CPSI is already above all four moving averages, which will provide some strong support as bullishness increases in the recovering market. A little overextended, recently pulled-back. Watch for the 10-day to “snap-back” some and then it should be a safe long-term play.

      VOD-‘Nuther Aussie pick, cell phone play, common theme lately. All the cell companies have been hitting higher highs, look at PALM. This one looks like it has pulled-back and as the 10-day crosses the 20-day here, it should be headed higher. The 2 moving averages together should provide strong support. The 50-day will be the resistance to watch. If it breaks above the 50, it could run a while.

      OLN-Olin is a great company, I’ve owned this one before. Had to let it go when it broke through support a while back. I can see me owning it again, but not here. This would have to be the worst chart of the bunch. The price is below all the moving averages and they are all trending down. The 10- and 20-days are directly over the price and could form strong overhead resistance. I would probably wait until this one goes above that resistance to buy in. That’s just me, though. Amy Calistri could know something we don’t. She may have a catalyst. It also could be upgraded, current consensus is HOLD. If that is the case, it could rocket above these averages. Still, I would wait for the turn-around on this one.

      Just my two cents…

    7. Jan
      Jul 2 2009, 12:26:36 pm

      Hi :

      Over the course of time I have subscribed to two of the newsletters listed on the right ( highest ranked 7 and 12 ).
      I just renewed with #12 for 1/2 off the regular price . I just read these newsletters to see what they have to say . One of the stock picks from a prievious time mentioned in newsletter #12 I bought with money from my discount brokerage account I’ve made more than $100.00 on the stock . As I type this review the stock is up while the market slides . Also the stock is currently paying a dividend at 16% .

    8. Sandy
      Sep 5 2009, 02:10:06 pm

      I can’t even remember why I decided to order Amy’s first Stock of the Month newsletter – Maybe because she wrote about being a professional poker player in Texas, and I felt like gambling 5.00 bucks a month on her advice. Anyway, she earned my subscription fee just on her suggestion of PIO, the water ETF, up 37.6%. DEO is up 31%. She has a very intertaining writing style. Of her seven picks so far, only the August is down-3.3%. The other 6 doing very well.

      As a small time, very non professional investor following Amy’s advice, I’d say I got lucky.

    9. 29a
      Sep 8 2009, 10:17:58 am

      subscribed start of August 2009
      Nice easy to read newsletter
      The two picks i’ve received are Pagg which still hasn’t reached Its buy under recommendation and is down from entry with very low volume for an etf the other NGZ another etf is up half a buck but still under its buy under recommendation also low volume. She was doing well with her earlier picks but the market was going up, she hasn’t out performed the market but hasn’t lost money.
      All her picks have been long on American exchanges so far.
      To be fair its early day’s and i am waiting to see how she does once the market turns against her.
      I will update this review then !

    10. Kim
      Sep 8 2009, 02:18:03 pm

      I joined the service at the beginning of June. I actually compare the performance of the stocks I bought to the S&P 500. Here are the numbers:

      MRX – 18.3% compared to 15.6% S&P 500
      OLN – 42.5% compared to 15.6% S&P 500
      VOD – 22.8% compared to 15.6% S&P 500
      PAGG – 0.9% compared to 2.9% S&P 500
      NGZ – 5.4% compared to 1.4% S&P 500

      This does not include 35.7% in DEO, 40% in PIO and 17% in CPSI (I was late to buy them) plus

      Not bad at all I would say.

      Of course more time needed to fully evaluate this service, but so far, excellent results.

    11. Laura
      Sep 24 2009, 06:17:15 pm

      So far so good. I subscribed right when she began the service. I set up a spreadsheet to track all the picks and “funded” it with the same $50,000 that Amy is investing. I’ve made every trade she recommends, exactly as she says, and so far I’m impressed.

      As of the closing prices today my account is up to $55,821.44, including dividends (but not interest on the cash). From 5/15/09 to 9/24/09 that’s an annualized return of 32.19%. Only one pick (PAGG) is down slightly from the purchase price. All the others are showing gains in the hundreds of dollars.

      The whole market has been on a tear these last few months, so it remains to be seen whether Amy is a really good stock-picker or just began the service at the right time. But I’m impressed enough to stick around to find out.

    12. cathyK
      Oct 30 2009, 06:35:06 am

      I just recently started taking this newsletter. Before I did I tracked her picks since she started this in April. Boy I wish I had been onboard in April. Her DEO pick that she bought in on at either 43 or 45 dollars is now close to 66 dollars. Her IAF which she pruchased at approximately 7 dollars closed yesterday at $11.89. Her VOD that was purchased somewhere in the middle teens is now $22.99. I think the proof is in the pudding!! I went and invested in two of the stock she advise a first time invester to invest in which was VOD and FAX….both up yesterday. The only reason I did not invest in the thrid she suggested is that it has already gone up so much from the price she suggested to buy at. It appears to me Ami is brilliant!! You go Girl!!

    13. new investor in denver
      Nov 16 2009, 09:22:17 am

      I just love Amy’s hat. I started in July and very pleased with all her picks. So the is the street authority.

      they have upped her real money portfolio from $50,000 to $100,000

      I honestly cant wait to see what the stock of the month is.
      It has been fun and rewarding.

    14. ERICH "Z"
      Nov 27 2009, 09:19:12 am


    15. Jim
      Dec 12 2009, 10:26:28 am

      I subscribed when the newsletter was announced. (I’m a sucker for newsletter pitches.) This is the best I’ve ever subscribed to. Consistent–100%–winners. Have never seen anything like it. To come up with her winners, Amy does good research, and then she adds a solid dosage of common sense. I’ll hold onto this one.

    16. Tanglewood
      Dec 16 2009, 08:47:09 pm

      I don’t subscribe but I did have a question. It looks like Amy has sell targets. Does she adhere to them or are they flexible? I am not a big fan of sell targets. You might dump stocks that become more than 2 baggers.

    17. Bob
      Dec 27 2009, 04:20:59 pm

      let us note that the market as a whole went up substantially from its March 2009 low. Any company which has low debt and generating cash flow has gone up. If I had bought at the market bottom in March, my portfolio would have shown significant gains. The issue is why have more investors not bought into the market? Basically , because the economy has shown no improvement and credit markets have continued to remain frozen. The performance of the real economy has been at odds with the stock market. Is this stock market rise sustainable? Or has the market gone ahead of itself ? The banking sector remains in a precarious situation. Banks have not recognized the losses on their books. And basically, SAVERS instead of the Government (tax payers) are now engaged in a second round of bailing out the banks. I would like the stock pickers to tell me where the market is heading and then pick stocks which will increase in either a down or up market. Any one can pick stocks in a rising market environment.

    18. Non-subscriber
      Jan 16 2010, 10:28:50 pm

      I am not a subscriber. I noticed that this newsletter started
      in March 2009 and it does not have even a single loser. Well,
      anyone could have done stock picking from march 2009 till now
      and might have seemed like a genius. What is Amy telling
      right now ? Is she speculating a market crash or does she
      think this market rally still has legs.

    19. lynne kushnir
      Feb 7 2010, 08:58:38 am

      I have subscribed to Amy’s newsletter for about six weeks. It has to work, her theory makes so much sense. But so far every stock is going down and I am chalking it up to the market. PIO/85shares@$16.69 down6.8%,IAF/200shares@$10.24 down9.02%,SBH/50 shares@$7.97 down 7.21%, and ECH/9 shares $53.10 down 8.28%. I’ve lost $400. already. With the market falling like this I think I should have cut my losses last week and rebought these stocks when these stocks starta to pick up. Any suggestions?

    20. Lukester
      Feb 21 2010, 02:08:39 pm

      I haven’t read anything of Amy Calistri’s so this is absolutely not a comment on her letter or advice. However I see a lot of people listing the very high batting average of her picks in 2009, and this brings me to my point – notice how many newsletters today are suddenly posting their “complete track records” for 2009, and they all look awesomely good?

      I’ve noticed a huge number of stock advisors are now tripping all over themselves to offer detailed performance stats for last year, while in former years attempting to pry this formation out of them was like trying to pull a barnacle off a rock. There is a reason, and one should bear it carefully in mind with regard to ALL of their track records from last year – last spring saw the biggest stock market washout in 50 years, and the largest single snapback rally since THE 1930’s!

      I subscribed last year to GANN GLOBAL, a very professional outfit geared more to commodity futures, and while I discontinued because I don’t have a burning passion for trading futures or even for trading much at all, I will vouch for the fact that they have one of the largest and most comprehensive historical databases of market stats, which they’ve personally built over 30 years.

      These guys go **way back** to the late 1970’s as a commodities analyst service) and they stated categorically that the collapse of 2008/2009 was right in the short list among the largest stock declines in market history – particularly for compression in time (went down a lot in a lot less time than most others). I mention this only to illustrate that the snapback rally of 2009 was ferociously strong – a true “melt up” across the entire market.

      So it bears noting to anyone here counting the long and stunning string of wins in ANY of the newsletters on this website needs to remember that they all rode the same “melt up” and by the same token, many, many of them will ride THE SAME very treacherous market in 2010 and going forward from here. Don’t mistake the “all assets up” recovery of 2009 for a true benchmark in any of the newsletters you follow!

      That was just the broad indexes working off a tortuously oversold condition, and that just ain’t the same thing as stock picker brilliance folks.

    21. Bill
      Feb 24 2010, 04:40:09 pm

      This is one of my favorite newsletters. I like the stock-a-month approach, and I especially like her reasoning. She is very good at updating and making interim suggestions, and at ranking her own choices on a monthly basis.

      I like newsletters that are clear and succinct, and I feel that the Stock-of-the-Month newsletter is a very smart and balanced set of picks. I am extremely satisfied.

    22. Don-T
      Jun 2 2010, 05:30:35 pm

      Now that I’ve been a subscriber for a while, the fantastic performance touted for 2009 is considerably diminished this year. Comparing Amy’s performance to the S&P doesn’t impress nearly as much as Street Authority’s rantings. It is cheap though and interesting reading but is heavily used to promote other (pricier) services. Definitely (along with Leeb) fills up my e-mail every day.

    23. Ron
      Jul 24 2010, 01:03:51 am

      2010 New Rules

      My Opinion:
      With Congress messing with financial reform, Cap & Trade, restructering of banks, the market is going to remain volitile.

      The institutional investors are manipulatging the market at the expense of the small investor. They are pretty much day trading. You may like a specific stock which has great technicals trending up then an instatutional investor with pension funds shorts the stock and boom he wins you lose.

      I alwas try to find smaller out of the way companies that don’t have the volume quite yet, and only need to worry about other hunters.

    24. Nathan
      Jul 31 2010, 10:23:35 am

      Stock of the month is exactly what it sounds like. Amy recommends one stock each month. Her picks do ok. As of July 2010 her real money portfolio which started April of 2009 has gone from $100,000 to $116,700. It breaks down to a 1.1% gain per month or 13.2% per year since inception. The site lists an honest track record of all purchases including closed purchases. She keeps her winners and closes any losers so her current portfolio looks good.

      I do not like the listing of annualized returns wich makes trades that took place over a few weeks or months show “annualized returns” with numbers like “503.4%” or “99.6%” since the trades actually gained 18.2% and 22.1% respectively. But in her defense all trades hsow exctly the shares bought and real dollar returns for the trades.

      I do like that she uses real money trades. Amy tells you what she is going to buy, how many shares, the exact dollar amount she will invest, and even gives you time to buy the stock before she makes her purchase.

      I purchased the service for 2 years so I’ll stick with it for a while. The three recommendations she has made since I signed up have done well so far.

    25. Bill
      Oct 3 2010, 07:23:40 pm

      Amy, follow your advise, Research, research, research – QTMM a unique growth business poised to dominate a mass market!

    26. Cathy K
      Oct 23 2010, 09:34:42 am

      I have gotten Stock of the Month for almost a year. I have profited on every recommendation Amy has made and that I have purchased. As recently as Thursday I sold HOGS and SBH which I purchased and sold at her recomendation and made over $4,000.
      As far as I am concerned….Amy knows what she is doing!!

    27. GRL
      Nov 5 2010, 04:44:12 pm

      I started my subscription in October 2009. I did well on a few of her early picks and still hold one.
      I started learning something about Technical Analysis and have sort of hung back on some of timing.
      I really like her discussion every month and I actually bought my first closed-end fund through her education.

      I also get the Daily Paycheck. It’s way more expensive and is now really working hard to get dividend issues worthy of suggesting in the current environment. Some have EXTREMELY low liquidity. I really haven’t bought anything and one (FAX) is a duplicate from the Stock of the Month. I will probably dump this one. Same high quality discussion but just not into some of the funds she picks.

      I may have missed the boat on lots of money, but since I am just learning, better safe than sorry. I’m not scrambling right now for money from trading, so I’d rather be cautious.

    28. L_MOSS
      Jan 18 2011, 08:25:54 pm

      I have subscribed for about 6 months and the picks have been very good to excellent. It looks like the time horizon on these investments is at least 6 months. Her picks have solid fundementals and generally good but not perfect entry points. If your time horizon is over 12 months, entry timing does not matter much. Buy all her picks but feel free to use your own judgement about entry and exit points (and how you play them) if you are not happy with her recommendations (which are usually good).

      I did my own DD and a technical analysis on her picks and decided that a couple were really ready to pop. I purchased calls 3-4 months away from expiration, enjoyed a nice gain then purchased the stock for the long term. Her service is not an options advisory service though. It is just that some of her picks are so good, you can’t help yourself from banking a quick gain.

      Content of her newletters is excellent and she does provide updates when things don’t go as expected so readers are not in the dark.

      There is one pick (a arbitrage Mutual Fund) that has not done much until now. Looks like this sleeper is turning into another winner though. From my experience so far you will make money with Amy’s service. Of course we have been in a bull market since I have subscribed. The real test will come should we end up in a bear market later this year or next year. When you read these reviews on Gumshoe, look at the dates. The reviews are almost always better in bull markets than in bear markets.

    29. James
      May 21 2011, 10:45:18 pm

      Hi guys, how is this newsletter doing. Any inputs. I am interested to know because I plan to subscribe in the near future. Thanks.

    30. wilby
      May 29 2011, 08:29:32 pm

      Just stumbled onto this site. It’s several months since any reviews about Amy. How is she doing? I’m searching for a newsletter with good info.

    31. wew
      Jul 16 2011, 09:00:27 am

      You asked for an update. I have been investing with amy for about 18 months and in that time we have only had one loser. Every other pick i have sold for 25%-45% gain. Some much more in the bull market. I also wanted to note that when Travis reviewed the the stock of the month news letter about a year ago her pick was IBM. he thought it was boring and so did I. Well today it is up 37%. she usually holds for 6 months to a year and has a way picking one stock that will beat the market. I recommend.

    32. BP
      Jul 22 2011, 10:03:49 am

      Hi, guys! Enjoyed reading the various posts about Amy’s newsletter. I recently subscribed, and all seems impressive from what I have read. I would be curious to learn from some of you as to what you did right after you subscribed… Did you buy all of Amy’s picks at the current price, did you wait until the next pick came out, and kept buying each month unit you have all 12 stocks, did you “pick and choose”, etc… Some of the picks have a big gain, and as good as they are, there may not be a big updide anymore… Would appreciate any insight anyone has…

    33. Ray
      Nov 26 2011, 07:19:21 pm

      Stock of the Month by Amy Calistri’
      Came across a couple articles on the web that Amy purchased 75 shares of Hormel on the morning of October 4th and 45 shares of Nike on the afternoon of October 31st. Both stocks have been affected by the market correction. Hormel is up 13.93% YTD, and Nike is up 6.78 YTD.

    34. 15 |
      Feb 28 2013, 09:04:24 pm

      Suscribed 2 years and quit. Tried to follow her to a tee but her entry points always lower, so I don’t think the average investor is likely to exactly replicate. Her buy/sell spreadsheet doesn’t update immediately so you have to wait to see her entry pricepoint the following month. If she has a loser she sometimes doubles or triples down and then sells on small price jumps. She easily kept 25%-35% of her 100K portfolio in a cash position to do just that. Easy read, good ideas, but she was perhaps spread too thin with a couple newsletters. Got tired of all the additional newsletter pitches. Make me some $$$ then we’ll see! Some dogs PKX -30%, EZPW -16%. Did like her layout and her logic, but my vanilla index fund did a lot better with zero hassle and fees were less too.

    35. Gerald Withers
      Jan 16 2014, 03:20:47 pm

      I subscribed in December 2010 to Stock of the Month,and have been getting Ami’s picks ever since. so far I am really pleased with her advice as I have made money on all but one pick. I like that she tells you when she will execute her order and for how many shares. she also gives a target price. the fact that this is a real money portfolio and you can review this at any time is comforting. I usually watch the charting (prefer candlesticks) and several indicators to determine if I want to buy when she suggests or at a later date. this is a good news letter for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time doing research.

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