Technology Profits Confidential

Author/Editor: Ray Blanco

Publisher: Agora

Intro-level technology monthly newsletter, often recommends larger tech companies.

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    1. William Brickner, P{h.D.
      Mar 17 2012, 04:29:38 pm

      r.CoxYour comments about Academia in the April 2012 issue are write on. I speak from some exp[erience as everal years ago i was invited as a businessmanto chair and fix the management Dept ay a masjor west Coast University.
      The rot in large parts of our educational system , in my opinion goes back 60+ years when a teachers professional organizatio (with professional ethics) decied to become a union (with union ethics).It’s now the National Education Assoiciation We w have three generations of students who have largely been educated by teachers, particularly in the arts and social sciencesand the ethical principles that it’s not the client (student) who should come first, it’s me (the teacherand my income)) that should com first.,Witness teachers in Wisconsin abandoning their classes to hit the picket lines and invade the state capitol.

      I hope that you will join the few of us who have recocognized the size and nature of our countries problem. Rot has set in as we can see every day in looking at the actions eminatting from the White Hose. As a wpublished writer you have a voice that can help expose the magnitude of our educational propblem. It may be too late but “It’s better late than never”

    2. 30 |
      Dec 5 2013, 03:32:39 pm

      Great reads and highly educational. Unfortunately, no profit per-say. Super long time horizon. Less than 50% wins. Ouch!

    3. mike satcher
      Jul 14 2016, 12:25:40 pm

      I paid $79 for an online text I cannot locate. Three Virtual Reality stock were claimed to be in the book ordered/paid for. Where is the visible proof of said claim?


      Mike Satcher

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