Terry’s Tips for Stock Options Success

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I joined Terrys Tips after reading his book, “Making 36%”, which outlines a “conservative” approach of calendar spreads on a $10,000 (scalable) portfolio. The objective is to take out 3% each month, thereby having a portfolio that generates 36% cash flow per year. Supposedly the gains have been considerably higher than this amount over the years since 2001. I signed up for several different portfolios that he offers, initiating a $25,000 new account with TD Ameritrade so that I could easily track the performance. Unfortunately, that is where the problems lie. Performance is a MAJOR issue, with almost every one… Read more »
I have been using Terry’s Tips for a few years and auto traded some of his portfolios during this time. I am not sure if I made money in the auto traded portfolios or not (I think I have) but I keep paying monthly payments because of the advice that he gives in every Saturday Reports newsletter that he puts out. Terry has great insights on the market and trade suggestions that he puts into the Saturday Report that are outside of his portfolios, for example I made six figures on an investment in XIV that he pointed out in… Read more »
Monkey witha handgrenade
Monkey witha handgrenade


What can I say I used to work for him/son/step son. He is great at getting peoples money. You should ask him about the financial rags he started int the 80’s and 90’s.