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    1. vc
      May 14 2009, 01:53:13 pm

      I have taken this letter twice for three months at a time.They seem to do alot of original research at both global level and into individual picks. They are stong into monitoring gold and hard money currency. Will be renewing toward end of this year.

    2. William
      May 15 2009, 04:32:21 pm

      Now we’re talking. No Martin Weiss idiots here.
      Long time subscriber, they’re accurate, knowledgeable, intuitive, and has made me lots of money.

    3. Marc
      Aug 31 2009, 05:26:24 pm

      Great monthly read with weekly updates. Portfolio of stocks to pick at end of newsletter and portfolio weightings. Technical and Fundamental macro analysis. No real technical analysis on stock picks- just ‘these are the best of the group’ type comments etc. Fantastic newsletter. This and Chris Weber’s are must reads for an overal investment perspective to help you sleep at night. I have been a subscriber for like 4 years now. Overal sticking with their plan has made me money but even they were not prepared for last spring’s ‘deflation of everything’ but still doing quite well overall on their recommendations. Currencies, Gold, Silver, Energy and US and World Indexes covered every month. Excellent

    4. Ros
      Oct 28 2009, 03:56:54 pm

      I have been a subscriber for almost 3 months. The newsletter is well-written and very informative. The monthly reports are usually about 12 pages long. It gives a global and macro picture of what is going on. The charts are helpful for visual understanding of where the markets (gold and mining, energy and resources, currencies and interest rates/bonds and US/global) are. On the last page, there are recommendations for asset allocation and what stocks to buy. The US stocks are primarily ETF’s. It was also one of the better newsletters based on performance in Hulbert’s Marketwatch report.

      However, there is no clear advice on stops or on target prices for the stocks they recommend. You’ll just have to wait for their next report whether to remove or replace a stock. (Granted, I have not been with them for a length of time to find out if they ever advise taking a profit when it is to be had.) When the market is soon to undergo a correction, the reports do state the market is overbought, but the advice is still buy new or additional positions in the strongest ones in their selection and hold on to your stocks. It is hard to watch the stocks I just bought or those I bought that were already making money become losses as I followed their advice to ‘hold on to your stocks’. I think they would serve their clients better by changing their words occasionally and advise lighten your stocks or buy on dips.

      Also, I don’t have the sums of money to buy the stocks on dips when I didn’t sell when they were high. This is the second round and this round of following their advice is causing me a drop of greater than 20% of my account in this short period of time. The first round I was able to recoup my losses and even gain some money. Now, practically all gains are lost!

      After reading several of their monthly reports, the reports seem mechanical and that they would just put new words and update their charts on what appears to be a pre-formatted template. It is still effective as it gives you a summary of what has transpired in the stock market if that is what you are looking for.

      I scour the net and read/listen to various ‘experts’ as I continue to educate myself and become better in investing and trading in the stock market. I find the information they provide are ones I can easily find by following the stock market, the news and in other sites that are free and deducing on my own. Choosing good stocks is easy; knowing when to properly enter and exit the trade is the help I was looking for to help me rebuild my account. I am not expecting them to do market timing for me, but I think a guidance on maximum purchase price, target price or words of caution against going into the market when the market is overbought will make their newsletter more helpful.

      Overall, it is much better than others that I have tried. Compared with other newsletters that I think are more of hypes, I will rate theirs a 4. However, for what I am looking for, it is a 3. I will most probably cancel my subscription this month.

    5. Lukester
      Feb 18 2010, 07:51:30 pm

      Yeh – what he said: =:-)

      Review by JOHN HAEDRICH, September 12, 2009

      This is a classy, superb publication. I’ve let my subscription lapse but was a subscriber to the Aden Forecast for four or five years. Am thinking of re-subscribing. Wonderfully simplified, yet powerfully sober-minded macro-view of the markets. Richard Russell says he’d give them five stars for overall quality, and a sixth star if he could. I second that, and John Haderich’s comment above.


      p.s. I wish to take this opportunity to offer a praise for Stock Gumshoe also, from a newbie!! I really like the “Vinegar, Salts, Scrub-Brush and Ajax Degreasing Compound” which this website applies to so many flim-flam touts out there.

    6. bantam
      Mar 15 2010, 07:28:19 am

      I have been interested in markets for many years, subscribing to Aden sisters in 2003. It is frustrating for me to write in detail about the Aden sisters. I am an impatient person and hate writing. Hope this helps less experienced people, I have read the above comments and note some of the negatives. I currently am NOT a subscriber. This publication is not for get rich fools. If you want to learn how the big picture works, ie, currency, bonds, stocks, commodities, Gold interest rates ect, this is right up the top of the best of the best, in my opinion, because these interactions are explained simply and by using charts to demonstrate it, they make it very easy to grasp, even for beginners. Let me put something in perspective.

      My 2004 copy, has them stating inflation has beaten deflation, and “even though Greenspan is playing down inflation… the numbers are telling us otherwise. heres the latest.This months import prices soared at an annual rate of 19.2%.Consumer pricers had their biggest jump in 14 years…. this included a 55% surge in energy prices and nearly 11% gain in food prices”.Ect Ect
      Gold at the time of this 2004 monthly was about 400 an once.

      What the Adens do excellently, is explain the trends. You cannot make money year after year without an understanding of the whole picture. They were ahead of many people who refused to believe the USD would ever be defalued so much, and the commodities boom so big. They went into detail and spelled out to people this was a once in a life- time event, bigger than all previous commodity booms. You could have bought silver, gold, currencies,and shares of companies for peanuts compared to today. In June 30 2004 they had CDE Couer d’Alene, Paas, Barrick, GSS, Newmont, Bema gold, Wheaton River WHT, Glamis Gold, SSRI, silver standard, BHP, Rio Tinto ECT ECT ECT Go look at all these companies, and see the prices some of them that were taken over at. Then check out the current prices, when rio got to 145 aussie dollars at the top. Anyone thats anyone ought to have been a subscriber once in their lifetime to the Adens.

      One reviewer Ros, makes criticism that they dont give timely exits and you can loose the profit you made waiting for their next report. Fair comment. What I used to do, was take their big picture, say bond yeilds rising, commodites set to go up ect, and then buy in on the oversold, and sell on the overbought,but only a percentage of your money. Thats what they mean, when they advise not to have 100% in the markets. Some people cant help themselves.

      Some criticism I have, is that they seem to be a little too trusting of corrupt interference and manipulation of markets. You would have to be a fool not to beleive the markets in gold and silver ect have not been manipulated by vested interests. This leaves them in a situation that can get subscribers upset like Ros. When the corrupt players take the markets down it usually is savage and can take the Adens ( along with most others) by surprise, as to the extent of the correction, which even they cannot fathom. They are conservative, and tend not to SPELL OUT DISASTER. They will say ” you may want to lighten up on these positions”, where I would say ” Get the @#$%^& out of the market now or you are dead”. If you understand thats how they are, you will be OK. They are not alone in believing the markets are not as corrupt as they are.

      They are big picture analysts, not market timers, get that from someone else, but stay with their overall stategy. In years to come when commodities crash and currency comes back in a different form, they will be the ones pointing to the new trend change that few will recognise until its well on the way.

      I was very happy as a subscriber, but used this subscription to learn, not trade stocks for the short term. In the very early days, they added to my learning tremendously, and in Mid 2005 I wrote to Kevin Rudd, leader of the opposition in Australia and advised of a world collapse in property, stockmarkets, Freddie Mae and Fanny Mac, and the entire derrivatives fraud we are in now. The Adens contributed to my understanding and learning and I am grateful to them.

      Highly recommended

      Aug 8 2011, 03:51:03 pm

      Have subscribed for 8 months. Their calls have been about 80%+ accurate as to timing. I have not followed advice fully and timely but if I had I would be more dollars ahead. In any case their advice helped me avoid most of the recent unpleasantness(market meltdown). Next time maybe I will have more faith in their advice.

    8. erik-writer
      Sep 14 2011, 09:35:49 pm

      I have just recently signed up with the Aden sisters since according to the Hubert Digest which tracks 180 newsletters the adens are on of the best as was “Uncle Harry” who also used to have a newsletter which was over 45 years another top newsletter that did really well. Overall their newsletter is really good but I do need a bit more detail. I hope they come out with a book on investing and trading as I am sure it will sell very well.

    9. Virginia Scanlan
      Jul 6 2012, 06:59:23 am

      I like the independant thought of the Aden sisters who are free of the gestalt at other services . For those who want daily advice to supplement their monthly views and weekly updates, I highly recommend The Kirk Report and Charles Nenner Research. Kirk is a day trader and provides excellent education on charts, ETFs and stocks. Nenner, an MD and former Goldman guy, provides targets and ranges for indicies, gold/silver, crude, bonds, bunds, currencies and nat gas. He lives in
      Europe. He publishes three times a week and on Sunday.

    10. Roger Bond
      Feb 1 2013, 04:00:31 pm

      Perhaps I have been an Aden subscriber for the wrong time period, but initially I spent several months reading the newsletter waiting for actionable recommendations.

      Often the picks seem a bit Dennis Gartman-ish in that they want to buy strength but some of the move is already been made. Hence, I have not made a lot of money in the almost 2 years I have subscribed.

      They spend more ink talking about gold or a market being strong IF it stays above a certain level but give us no clue as to whether or not it will. That much I can pretty well figure out on my own.

      I’m looking for specific buy and sell points that generate profits and so far I have not been overly impressed. Does the research seem of high quality? Yes. Is it interesting? Yes. But are they recommending the stocks that are the big movers – not so far.


    11. Alice Artzt
      Feb 26 2013, 12:15:04 pm

      I find the Adens consistently correct (particularly for the longer term) and informative, and have generally found their newslettter to be the best one I’ve subscribed to. No hype at all. They do tend to be a bit cautious – but that means safe, which is a good thing. Often if I disregard what they say, I lose more money than if I had done what they suggested. Occasionally if I am a bit braver than they suggested, it has paid off slightly. They know their stuff.

    12. Charles Sebrell
      Feb 26 2013, 01:32:20 pm

      Though I am not currently an Aden Forecast subscriber, I first subscribed when they first published, 1981 as I recall. My first subscription started with issue #2. I had met them previously via a mutual friend, Blanchard. Their letter has slowly evolved from a precious metals only letter to one of global coverage and concern. I stopped my first subscription in 1985 or ’86 after losing a fair amount of money following them. I re-subscribed in 1993. They soon recommended bonds. However, in 1995 they did a flip-flop on the bonds and then 30 days later another flip-flop. It was expensive. I found it interesting that they later purged one of the issues from their archive over that. And now, there is no archive to speak of [a couple of issues back and that’s about it]. I canceled my subscription shortly after. I again subscribed in 2003 after reading an excellent article on gold by them [forget which web site]. Their cycle theory [the A-B-C-D repetitive] always interested me and I subscribed primarily for that. I canceled last year. If you like technical analysis, the Aden Forecast is a good publication. It should definitely be combined with other sources of information, particularly fundamental analysis. To be sure, the Aden’s are very good at what they do and have made some remarkable market calls. By the same token, they have on occasion missed the boat.

    13. Roger Matthews
      Apr 14 2013, 01:39:30 pm

      Their newsletters are informative. Beyond that, I’d very very very strongly suggest finding specific investment ideas elsewhere. The sisters are prone to recommend on the basis of what *should* happen, rather than what *is* happening. Only when things don’t turn out well do they slowly start moving toward reality, while still believing in the ‘should.’ When reality turns out not to be so hot, then a lot of good money is lost. Case in point: they went from 40% precious metals in mid 2012 to 30% then to 15% (actual metal) after in April 2013 when the bottom finally fell out. Imagine how much in investor losses that is.

    14. Roger Matthews
      Oct 9 2013, 11:50:06 am

      A follow up based on another six months of experience with the Adens. I’d go farther than my earlier review and say that contrary to other reviews, the Adens’ analyses are driven by libertarian conservativism (Rand Paul), with the typical gold-loving bent of that crowd. The fact that they can do up charts and calculate resistance points doesn’t make them insightful or knowledgeable, but merely market statistical technicians. Substantively, the Adens are charlatans who don’t have a clue what’s going on a good part of the time and don’t seem to learn from experience. Better to look for more open-minded, thoughtful guidance elsewhere (e.g., InvesTech Research, Arora).

    15. Bryan Totri
      Feb 13 2015, 09:52:05 am

      I’ve been a subscriber for 4 years. Net result of this subscription period is I’ve made money. The sisters overstayed in the metals market (gold in particular) and as a result I had a rocky period for a year and a half. They were slow to recognize the down trending and exiting positions was slow to come around. However, their equity calls and in particular long-term US government bond calls were stellar and I’ve made up for the gold errors and then some. I use them for some of my money and like the results thus far. Folks get impatient but long term they have outperformed. It is difficult to join a new investment letter and immediately follow recommendations since many are the result of owning positions over several momentum and economic cycles and newbies may be late to the party. Find what works for you…Aden Forecast works for me with some of my investment $$.

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