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    1. herdfan93
      Feb 9 2009, 10:25:04 am

      The Bowser Report
      Max Bowser-Editor
      Published monthly with a subscription fee of $59.00 yearly. This newsletter focuses on stocks that sell for $3.00 a share or less. It has been around since the 70’s. Their overall track record is pretty impressive however this is not a get rich quick publication. They have an investing rule that you must follow in order to get the biggest bang for your investment dollars. Max is a down home kind of guy and is very astute at picking the best of the micro caps but because of their very nature a bad one will crop up from time to time.
      I’ve been a subscriber for around 14 years and I’ll continue to subscribe for the duration. My results have been good overall and I really haven’t invested huge amounts of $$.
      On a side note, the micro caps have taken their hits lately but they will come storming back when the market turns around.
      They’ve had several big gainers. One of the ones that they’re particularly proud of was telefonos de mexico which was recommeded at around $.20/share and shot up to around $20.00/share. I’m sorry but I can’t remember the exacts on this one but the gains were huge.
      I’ve never had any problems with their service.
      I hope this helps. Good luck and good investing.

    2. Steve
      Feb 20 2009, 08:39:33 pm

      Absolute integrity, simple to follow plan, focuses on long term growth in small cap area with minimal $ invested. Quite realistic for small investor with one pick per month. I’ve subscribed for 12 years.

    3. Dr. Steve
      Mar 28 2009, 07:39:51 am

      Do not waste your money on this newsletter. It is mostly hype.

      Max Bowser is mathematically challenged. A typical portfolio of Bowser stocks returns less than an S&P 500 index fund. Max ALWAYS plays up the one or two stocks that have done well, while he NEVER mentions that a ACTUAL REAL-MONEY portfolio of his stock picks is very high risk and will typically LOSE money over time, especially using his Selling Plan.

      He publishes a fictitious portfolio of his stock picks (Beginner’s Portfolio) that has done much worse than the Nasdaq since the bull market peak in late 2007. But he shows that it is up ~90% since 2001. If you do the math, which Max never does, the compounded annual return of this portfolio is about 8.0%. Even this rate of return is difficult to achieve in a real-money account. I know…I have tried using the Bowser Selling Plan and my Bowser Portfolio yield is ~4.0%.

    4. JHEII
      Jul 14 2009, 01:58:53 pm

      Having been a subscriber for 20 plus years I must admit there are losers and there are winners. At no time in following his plan was the food on the table jepordized. While I had some losers the winners put a new bathroom in my basement, added a new room to the back of the house, remodeled the upstairs bathroom, bought some gold and silver, and a few other trinkets. Never risked more than 300 to 500 dollars at a time in any one stock and still follow that part of the plan. Cost of the newsletter is good, customer service has been great and the newsletter is very readable along with his books and pamphlets. Highly recommended by me.

    5. Jo
      Sep 20 2009, 01:41:31 pm

      In May 2009 I requested a sample newsletter from Max Bowser, and received a recent one in the mail within a week. I put his “Terrible Ten” and “Best Picks” on watchlists on June 1, 2009. After 79 days, the Best Picks are up +31.54% and the Terrible Ten are up +56.18%. I’m not a subscriber yet, but will be soon!

    6. elden
      Mar 6 2010, 11:08:33 am

      I have been an on and off subscriber to Bowser for several years and use the subscription primarily to find low cost investment candidates. The subscription is inexpensive and even though there are losers – homeruns are fairly frequent. The commentary is excellent – and Mr. Bowser appears humble – and is not afraid to admit when a stock turns bad. This is a great value for the money – and there are some dynamite recommendations – if you can sort them out from the bad eggs.

    7. Bow Wowser
      May 17 2010, 10:30:05 pm

      This newsletter has maintained the $3 limit since its start in 1976 and Bowser has not increased that limit to account for inflation. Hence the pool of stocks from which he selects has gotten smaller. The stocks in the current $3 and below group are likely to be far more risky than the ones in 1976. There are better newsletters that worry less about an artificial price ceiling and focus on value or undervalue. I never bought a single one of his recommended stocks or warrants. As a prior reviewer pointed out, his annual rate of return is not that spectacular considering the activity one must engage in and the risk one must take.

    8. Emil Horovitz
      Nov 29 2010, 03:03:45 pm

      I was a subscriber many years ago, but have moved away and lost interest in the market.
      I would like to subsribe again.
      Please send me a sample copy

      Thank you

      Emil Horovitz

    9. A Bowser Fan in NH
      Dec 12 2010, 02:57:08 pm

      I subscribed to the Bowser Report years ago, about 25 or 26. Bought and sold some stocks, made some money. Let the subscription laps. Still had a few stocks at the time. Sold most off over time, a few went under. If I had been paying attention I am sure I could have sold them and limited my loses. One stock I just forgot about. Years passed, splits happened. Other companies were spun off. Their stocks split. Etc. Etc. Etc.
      When I turned 60 I dumped it all in a brokers lap to let them figure it out. To end the story – I retired at 61. Thank you Max Bowser and Carlos Slim.

    10. Dennis Todic
      Mar 17 2011, 09:30:26 am

      I have been a subscriber for 3 years and find the newsletter to be very entertaining and informal, which I like. On top of that, they have made some excellent picks and have made a lot of people a lot of money. This is not for swing or day traders, but swing traders could us ethis site if they do not want to follow their strategy contained within their newsletter. I will continue to subscribe to this newsletter.

    11. Jaegermeister
      Sep 9 2011, 04:18:49 pm

      Wall Street Unlocked is only a recent addition to my inbox after I downloaded a white paper. I did a trial subscription and the news stuff I have received is interesting. The writer can be a bit controversial or abrasive but if u are OK with that it is entertaining to look throught the archive (all 2-3 months of it).
      Could be a good resource at the price (under $15 regular) – but I cant say how the ‘Insider’ tips are doing right now.

    12. David Hirt
      Dec 11 2011, 01:12:03 pm

      This letter has been around for MANY years. It could not have lasted that long if it was not making money for subscribers. I have subscribed for over 25 years. You have to train yourself to follow Max’s buying and selling rules, Which I have not always done. I hope it lasts many more years. Dave

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