Chartist, The

Tracks a real money portfolio with technical trading recommendations based on relative strength “buy high, sell higher” signals.

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    1. Eric
      Aug 29 2009, 03:26:33 pm

      This newsletter has been published since 1969 by Dan Sullivan. Hulbert consistently rates it among the top 3 for long-term performance. I have been a subscriber since 1983 with no complaints whatsoever. Be advised that Dan places great significance on relative strength and momentum, which he summarizes as a “buy high, sell higher” philosophy.

      He has an “Actual Cash Account”, “Dan’s Aggressive Account”, and a Trader’s Portfolio that are fairly easy to follow if you have a large bankroll for your investing activities. If you aren’t comfortable with his philosophy and/or don’t want to put such a large percentage of your net worth in an account that trades so frequently, save your money and look for advice elsewhere.

    2. John
      Nov 30 2009, 09:06:40 pm

      This one is proberly as good as it gets in the imperfect investment advisory world. This is a timing service that depends on various momentum models followed by Dan Sullivan, the editor for the last 40 years. Always rated highly by Hulberts Digest. He uses a actual cash accounts in both of his letters (stocks and mutual funds/ETFs). The timing is not perfect of course but he has avoided devasting damage over the years by avoiding the most punishing parts of bear markets. Although, his models don’t pick the exact bottom to get in the market again, he still manages to be there for most of an uptrend. For example, this year his buy reco did not come until July after the bottom was reached in March. In addition he had a sell reco in January 2008, thereby missing most of the damage of that year. Is it perfect? No. There will be some whip-saw buy and sell signals (short-term switiches) but they are few and far between. This service is more suited for a tax-deferred account due to the switching from equities to cash. However, as far as service, that is reliable and accountable with independent return numbers, it can not be beat.

    3. Justunevie
      Dec 27 2009, 09:53:27 pm

      Among several newsletters I read, I have found the Chartist to be the most consistent in philosophy and trading advice. Dan Sullivan makes the trades in his Actual Cash Account and keeps you informed on a timely basis. Sullivan moves his mental stops locking in profits and cuts his losers.
      He is very easy to deal with on managed accounts also – and
      I highly recommend him.

    4. tom
      Feb 1 2010, 01:33:18 pm

      New sub. for last 9 months. He has been exceptional. Of course it helps greatly to have 25-45% increases in the stock indexes!

    5. Stan P
      Feb 7 2011, 04:01:08 pm

      After 10 years of reading the chartist and hearing of its results I decided to put in an initial investment early last year of over $150k to see how much better their mutual fund investment service could do than just throwing darts at the newspaper listings. After just getting my 2010 loss statement followed by my January 2011 loss statement, I can say that the only money being made is by the folks who charge the consultation fees at the chartist.

    6. Mort
      Jun 3 2011, 05:57:37 pm

      As a long-term subscriber I can say that Dan Sullivan a) has provided outstanding investment advice and b) is one of my personal heroes. He is a no b.s. guy who has stuck to his proven investment philosophy through complete business cycles, avoiding the temptation make changes because of prevailing short-term conditions.

    7. Stan P
      Jan 9 2012, 05:30:54 pm

      Follow-up on a February 2010 investment in the Chartist Mutual Fund Service. Initial investment of $177k is now worth $150k.

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