Dividend Machine, The

Author/Editor: Bill Spetrino

Publisher: Newsmax

Looks for dividend growth and dividend compounding stocks.

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    1. daniel hirsch
      Nov 25 2014, 12:09:24 pm

      These are all paid plants by newsmax. Please all you honest guys say out loud the GREAT picks you had
      RIG down %50-60 percent
      HLF down 40 %
      GEOS he said to by by the truckload when it AT 50$ NOW ITS 28
      Dםont worry Newsmax will have someone else post a week later saying its great. Let them post their actual trades they claim to have been great. I paid for it based on this website reviews but it is obvious that this a scam

    2. WD Meadows
      Nov 25 2014, 01:05:34 pm

      Mr. Daniel Hirsch,
      I am NOT a plant from News Max. Yes RIG is down but HLF is not down %40 from its recommended price. Geos is down but its a SMALL portion of the portfolio, in the aggressive portion. I’ve subscribed since 2010 and have done very well. MO at $16, Apple at $64. Bill’s record is real. You can look at the numbers of TDM record. They are there for All to see.
      You should cancel your subscription immediately and move on. Great long term investing is NOT day trading. And, before you say I am a plant — I am a veteran federal law enforcement officer with 27 year service. Move on and do your day trading someplace else!

    3. WD Meadows
      Nov 25 2014, 02:09:24 pm

      And let me tell you one more thing Mr. Hirsch,

      Bill Spetrino’s newsletter is evaluated and rated by Mark Hulbert in the Hulbert Financial Digest where he has evaluated the advice of over 180 news letters since 1980. The Dividend Machine has been consistently ranked at the TOP!
      Anyone can subscribe to TDM and see the record in the back. If you don’t like your subscription, you can cancel and get a refund.

    4. arrjd
      Nov 25 2014, 09:30:07 pm

      I just saw the exchange between Hirsh and Meadows. Like Meadows I am NOT a plant. I subscribe to TDM and belong to Spetrino’s BIO where we have meaningful discussions about investing and specific stocks. I have been investing for 40 years and have come to know Bill Spetrino personally, as all BIO members have. He is one special person. He knows his stuff. And he sincerely wants to help others make money and great returns investing. I don’t know who Mr. Hirsch is or why he is being obnoxious but he doesn’t know what he he talking about when it comes to Bill Spetrino. This has nothing to do with Newsmax which merely takes care of the mechanics of publishing TDM. TDM portfolio is a terrific portfolio for a long term investor if one follows the buy price recommendations and has the discipline to buy only below those prices. Diversification and dividends is what the letter is all about and which most retail investors don’t have a clue about. Instead they only want hot tips to trade and they wonder why they never make any money and more often than not lose money in the stock market. Obviously Hirsch doesn’t know much about how to make money investing in common stocks. And since he doesn’t he should keep his opinions to himself about someone like Bill Spetrino who does know how to properly invest and make money investing with a value orientation and an emphasis on dividend income.

    5. daniel hirsch
      Nov 26 2014, 07:03:04 pm

      Please don’t lecture me about trading. I know a scam from newsmax like syean hyman and his bible code or other garbage. A newsletter that does not have the courage to tell their subscribers to cut their losses should not be on the business. After watching RIG go down and down and down and not tell anyone to get out but to BUY buy because Icahn is a smart guy etc. all I want to hear was for the year 2014 all picks what they performed when the market was roaring. Don’t tell me about apple which was recommended in 2012 etc.. Every pick this year was not the BiG winner. The new picks were not about mo or apple they were about nsp and other duds I have nothing against being in it for the long haul but tell me when he admits it is time to throw in the towel. When u tell people now is time to load up the truck on HLF shame on him

      • Frank
        Jan 11 2016, 09:34:08 pm

        You don’t know what you are talking about.
        Bill pulled the plug on GEOS and sold at a loss. But the overall portfolio has done well.
        I bought MO just last year at 34.5 aND NUAN and have done well. Rig us solid and energy is down. But bill talks more about his looser than his winners. Unlike Mr. Hyman.
        Overall I think bill is fantastic

    6. WD Meadows
      Dec 1 2014, 06:07:57 pm

      Bill Spetrino’s record in TDM is there for all to see. He has a RECORD of over 20% a YEAR! What are you looking for?? I AGREE TOTALLY that Sean Hyman and his Biblical code is silly, pure rubbish! However, the only connection to TDM is via News Max. C, GS, SVU, BAC, AAPL, JPM, TEVA and others were down and came back to be VERY profitable. Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha himself has had some big bets drop like a stone and everyone thought he was knocked out only to come back roaring. This year, Spetrino’s pick of the year which was a buy for most of the year, is up almost 60%! Mo dropped about 17% in Feb 2014 and is now up BIG for the year 2014 – 36%. NUAN is up over 20% in the past 3 months! And, as to RIG — it represents 20% of the 5% of the International Portfolio — that is ONE percent of the ENTIRE portfolio. Yes, its down but we are in the middle of a global crash in Oil, a market war between OPEC and US Shale producers. Even the great Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources (CLR), only one of the MOST successful American Oil companies in history, called a bottom in WTI of $85! Spetrino has been VERY clear to clients to strictly go by his entry prices and his allocations. If you haven’t done that, its YOUR fault, not his! And Spetrino sold Radio Shack for a loss but then made back the money in Super Value SVU! Ok, I’ve given you the 2014 picks you wanted – but he is very clear in all his recommendations that the ideas take time to work out. If you are a day trader then find a newsletter suitable for your goals — good luck. Day trade your heart away and come back when you realize that the deep value methods TDM and Bill Spetrino use actually work. But its totally unreasonable for you to expect that every pick will be an immediate winner. You show just how little you actually know about REAL investing. And once again so its CLEAR, I am NOT writing this for News Max. I write this because Spetrino has made me SIX figures this year – all for the TINY subscription price of TDM. Dan, you are entitled to your own opinion but NOT your own set of facts so don’t slag off Spetrino and TDM. Be fair! His numbers are there to see for ANYONE TO SEE who look! Good luck investing, W.D. Meadows, Wash DC.

    7. daniel hirsch
      Dec 2 2014, 01:56:44 pm

      I guess newsmax is really pumping this one.
      Please read a REAL REPORT by CBS
      He shows clearly this is a SCAM, Too bad they can’t go on their website and refute it.
      in the past year 2014 his pickings and STRONG ENCOURAGEMENT were GEOS (down by how much??) HLF, RIG, NUS, QCOM. These posters WD and the other did not post any new ideas. Read the Report by CBS. The way he calculates his profit is not at all transparent. The more newsmax tries to stop this by posting under these names, I am more determined to put it on every other site they post on. WD Meadows Please show us for 2014 all the picks and your brokerage statement for all to see the AMAZING results. I was not a subscriber in 2012 2013 to witness these great results!!!
      WD do you want me to post the way he describes to buy how u must do everything in your power to by triple the stock of GEOS. Don’t dare me to it

    8. WD Meadows
      Dec 2 2014, 02:48:09 pm

      You post anything you want. Go right ahead. Have at it you swarmy worm!@ . 90% of TDM is supposed to be allocated in the conservative portfolio. You keep citing the small allocations to the aggressive portfolio. Yes, GEOS is down but the entire energy sector is in the middle of an oil crash. I don’t know how you can call the newsletter a scam – unless you put ALL your money in the aggressive stocks – if so, its YOUR fault. TDM and Spetrino is evaluated and listed by Mark Hulbert of the Hulbert Digest. I supposed you are too cheap to go get it too. You say you were not a subscriber in 12 or 13 but if you are now you can go look. But why not see the Hulbert Report? And once again I am NOT news max. Too bad for you if you didn’t follow the portfolio allocations.

    9. WD Meadows
      Dec 2 2014, 03:04:03 pm

      And one more thing Dan!
      Spetrino tells every reader to build your conservative Dividend Machine first before you go buying the aggressive stocks. You are very unfair to NOT consider the ENTIRE portfolio.

    10. Charles Liberis
      May 25 2015, 04:20:49 pm

      I too am a subscriber to TDM.
      I recently stumbled on Kathy Kristoff’s article which directly attacks Spetrino’s character and credibility.
      The allegations are very specific and therefore easily addressed by Mr Spetrino.
      I think that Spetrino’s subscribers deserve an explanation to the allegations if they are not true and an apology and correction if they are true.
      His subscriber’s should not be required to speculate.
      The article is several years old and I think Spetrino would have addressed it by now-if he has I apologize.

    11. Mark Tretter
      Aug 9 2015, 07:57:30 pm

      I have been a TDM subscriber for going on 5 years now and am very pleased with the gains I have received following Spetrino’s picks. He is the only one that I know invests in his own recommendations and posts not only his gains but also his far and few between losses! These other newsletters are more interested in selling subscriptions than actually investing along with their subscribers. I used to follow a lot of these other newsletters, but found that that I lost money at worst or broke even at best! TDM, BIO, both by Bill, are the only ones that I follow now and have consistently made money long term! As Bill invests for long term in TDM and BIO, I can only guess that those people unhappy with his picks were looking for short term gains. Bill is very upfront about investing for the long term only in TDM. If you are looking for short term trades the Spetrino’s Inner Circle is more in line with your needs. I subscribe to that and have made my subscription cost over many times following his advise. Bill is the Real Deal.
      Mark Tretter

    12. Joseph
      Aug 9 2015, 08:52:40 pm

      #1 those stocks were meant to be a small part of one’s overall portfolio
      #2 herbalife has done amazingly in last few months and just blew away earnings.
      #3 RIG is a firm has better than expected cash flows and WILL eventually turn around.
      No one right 100% of time

    13. Ann Iuen
      Aug 9 2015, 09:34:13 pm

      Bill Spetrino is the real deal and anyone who has subscribed to his newsletter and actually reads it knows it’s filled with great information for investors. Bill never claims to be able to time the market but instead picks stocks that are undervalued mostly because of no good reason, irrational market fear and such. He does the hard work of looking closely at the stocks to figure out if they have real value. I have been investing with Bill Spetrino for three years and I’ve made money. Bill has taught me so much about investing and I will forever be grateful to him. I say anyone who doesn’t want to take advantage of The Dividend Machine should hit the road. Those of us who benefit from Bills help know better. Anyone posting otherwise is probably just here trying to undermine his success. Again Bill Spetrino is the real deal for anyone who wants to know.

    14. vita
      Sep 13 2015, 07:11:44 pm

      Like others here I am very happy with my Dividend Machine subscription. Finally making money for a change even in this down market. Not much, mind you, but enough to make me well pleased with my subscription. I am getting into good stocks at low prices with great dividends thanks to Bill Spetrino.
      Bill’s current buy list is sure to be a winner as they are great stocks with a great entry point.
      I’m happy I found The Dividend Machine.

    15. Frank
      Jan 11 2016, 09:47:18 pm

      I have been a subscriber of tdm for about 1 yr and I hsve to say Mr. Bill Spetrino us the real deal and I have done well on all of his pics accept for rig and GEOS. And I don’t blame bill for that. As a matter of fact I have layer down with rig and averaged 15 per share now and I believe I will be ok with rig when oil turns around. Like bill says, it’s not sustainable at 35 a barrell

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