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Edited by Alexander Green, this trading services tries to identify rapidly growing companies.

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    1. cdh9876
      Sep 22 2009, 09:05:08 pm

      I subscribed to MA in May 2008. My subscription came with a guarantee of the first 11 trades will be winners. Well, of the first 14, only one was a winner. But they do adhere to a firm stop strategy. So, I’m into my “free” second year. (Customer Service Dept was crackerjack!) Since the market has turned, Alex’s picks are performing well. All of the current positions are up, about half of them over 10% higher.
      Overall, I’m now gunshy of entering all the picks. I’ve been tiptoeing in the options they recommend for speculation.
      I find I encounter the “me effect”. The picks I trade turn out to be the ones that tank. The ones I don’t pick perform well.

    2. Jack Barbic
      Apr 30 2011, 04:48:25 pm

      I joined Momentum Alert in July 2010. It was a buy one year, get the second year free. It came with a glowing report of Mr Green’s multi-point system for stock picking.

      Well, so far I have made 16 sells due to the stocks hitting their stops and 9 of these have been losers. One stock, Dolby never saw any up side. After it was recommended as a buy, it went down to it’s stop. Overall, my trading account is down from where I started. I left a message but got no response and I even sent in a record of my trades, asking if some one could tell me if I was doing something wrong. Once again no response.

      I would have to see a dramatic improvement in his picks to feel comfortable recommending this service to anyone.

    3. -o0(GoldTrader)0o-
      May 6 2011, 01:50:58 pm

      Jack, it must be the time zone. My experience has been that the Oxford club values its reputation higher than its stock picks. Try calling again. I don not believe that they will not make it right.

    4. Jack Barbic
      May 8 2011, 12:29:48 pm

      I would think that their reputation must be based on the performance of the products they sell. Here is my experiennce with the last two stocks that hit their stops.

      Jazz Pharmaceuticals was recommended as a buy on Feb. 7 at $23.50 and actually went up for a short time. Unfortunately it started down and hit its stop at $30.00. When that happened a lot of shares hit the market. More unfortunately, there was no market and the price dropped like a rock over a very short period of time. When my shares sold, the selling price was $23.74 per share. Of the many factors Alexander’s takes account of, market breath of the stock apparently isn’t one of them.

      Open Table was a recommended buy at $106 per share on Apr. 18. Once again the stock did rise but then plunged hitting the $88 stop. I was more fortunate tis time getting out at $87.48.

      So, out of a total of 17 stocks that have sold, 10 have been losers. Not what you would consider outstanding performance.


    5. -o0(GoldTrader)0o-
      May 12 2011, 09:48:02 pm

      Thank you Jack. The writers have no control over what a stock does after they put it out there. But they do control the product that they sell. I am getting better results with Alex’s “Insider Alerts,” picks.

    6. rkin
      May 16 2011, 10:44:30 am

      I’ve subscribed to the Oxford Club for years. I signed up for their VIP services a few years ago. In my opinion only the “Insider Alert” is of value but is quite expensive. Their newsletter is the same as all the others. They advertise their “winners” but never their “losers”. Also, after they make an option recommendation, months later they claim this great return. I don’t know how!! More times than not I can’t get into the option because it’s above their recommended price when I try to buy. In the end, they are all about selling products. Nothing else. Snake oil salesmen.

      PS – “The Communique” is worth considering

    7. Jack Barbic
      May 26 2011, 06:42:59 pm

      Another LOSER. Yup, (DHX) was the recommended buy on May 11, it sunk like a rock and hit the stop and sold on may 25. That makes 11 losers out of the last 18 sells. Pathetic.

    8. rhinodad
      May 31 2011, 11:00:06 am

      I too signed up for Momentum Alert around 2 months ago. Nothing but losers. What happened to the 350% to 750% gains that were touted in the newsletter? I should have consulted the Stock Gumshoe before wasting my money.

    9. Jack Barbic
      Aug 8 2011, 03:22:53 pm

      I’ve posted comments about Momentum Alert in the past. This will most likely be my last.

      About a year ago I subscribed to Momentum Alert, It was a buy one year get a second year free. While I may paper trade some of Alexander Greens recommendations in this coming year, I’m not going to be putting any more money in them.

      What was this last year like? Following his recommendations I ended up with 11 winners and 15 losers. Loses outstripped the gains and I’m DOWN 22%.

      The other day I received another offer to extend my subscription for another year at a $300 discount. The email said:

      “I hope you’ve been following Alex’s recommendations this year… Because he’s uncovered some incredible chances to explode your wealth.
      There’s been…
      • 1,121% on Skyworks Solutions… “ (clip)

      That was a far greater gain than was made on the stock. When the stock hit the stop, the profit, as presented in his email was 34% gain. It looks like the claim of 1,121% may be based on what the options did.
      The reason I subscribed originally was that the offer specifically said it was mainly for trading stocks.
      So, if you are into options, this service may be for you. I’m going back to reading/studying Barons.

    10. Sumflow
      Sep 9 2012, 05:16:26 am

      What the Oxford clubs advertising says about the Momentum Alert is true, as long as you only count the winners. The double and triple digit gains are made using calls on stocks. Many are liquidated at a loss.

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