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    1. scrabler
      Mar 28 2009, 08:31:16 pm

      Cash Flow Heaven- “Peter the Great” sends out two low priced close in option picks on a sunday night. He gives a strike price but no specific entry price- buy in the morning best price you can get. He uses a trailing and a hard stop for risk management.
      I’ve subscribed for over a month. His worst pick was recent put plays- russell 2000 index and semiholders index. Market was up 400 that monday. At the end of the day he sent an e-mail, saying if the market looks like it may go the wrong way don’t trade. How about an alert after the market opens? He also uses straddles. Profit % is based on buying at low selling at high, or when trailing stop is hit. not realistic.

    2. scrabler
      Apr 23 2009, 05:50:11 pm

      THE Pearly Gates -a follow up. I have subscribed for three months and made money. Peter The Great gives two close in option plays a week, and detailed chart of the market action. I’ve used a 25-30% percent profit goal, and some scaleing in. Peter uses a profit target and trailing stop. No defined buy price. The negative,follow up is on a weekly basis,not daily. The positive high percentage of short term winners- called the upturn in Amazon, $99 a month,probably one of the best services

    3. OL
      Jun 17 2009, 03:02:52 pm

      USed it for a couple of months, maybe not a fair amount of time to review. Anyways CFH trades calls/puts which expire very soon, next month or next to next month. Occassionally it will give options out more than 4 months. It uses stops to limit losses and trailing triggers to protect profit. In the period when i was subscribing there was a lot of volatility and a lot of their picks got stopped out. Not satisfied by performance at all.

    4. JakieP
      Jul 20 2009, 12:04:06 pm

      Benn with CFH for a little over a year. Recent volatility has pushed profit percentage down but am net ahead for the year–hard to do in this market. I like the service and will likely keep it a long time. I subscribe to several other services that have not performed as well this year.

    5. scrabler
      Jul 20 2009, 04:24:54 pm

      No longer a subscriber. The last two months were pretty bad, a few winners but losers wiped out gains. He gave detailed reports as why market should tank,but logic didn’t hold true for the market. Consequently,his short picks based on his logic didn’t work out. Customer service was good and cancelled promptly. Would like to see a review on the dow trader or clickcharts.

    6. Califgirl
      Mar 12 2010, 03:48:56 pm

      Sounded too good to be true. Great returns (70-80% winners) but I was suspicious. I had two good wins and then almost all losses. I decided to quit the service after a couple of months.

    7. sparky
      May 28 2010, 01:00:18 pm

      Provides excellent webinars and some very good Customer Satisfaction and response. I have just resubscribed after a year out of the markets and am very happy with the last four months results.. Made 36% ZION 189% ANF (Was mostlky happy with service last year to.o (supplemented with options success service). Anybody tried their new winning secrets credit spreads service?

    8. KC
      Jun 21 2010, 02:30:02 pm

      Good service w/ decent returns & excelelnt support. My only complaint: too few recos each week and needs more detailed advice on trailing stop triggers.

    9. MWAN001
      Aug 6 2010, 02:06:28 pm

      Inconsistent performance. Started subscription in June 2010 after following a year.

      No risk management. He kept sticking to his logic while market goes the other way. He suggested all bearish put positions when the 2010 July earning season started. Market since then went up 700 points but hasn’t hit his stop price yet!! Of course, all positions are under water. A couple of them are so underwater he just suggested to hold on to them since there is no much value left!!

    10. Lalit Lakhani
      Aug 18 2010, 01:31:48 pm

      This guy is a very rigid guy,in terms of sticking to his positions. He is a perma bear sort of a guy and like a lot of people,I have suffered huge losses simply because he stuck to his bearish views for july and people like me got burnt. Avoid this guy at all costs.
      I think apart from cashflow heaven he also runs another website which is optionone,but uses a different surname,on cashflow heaven he uses peter schultz,on optionone,he uses peter solcers.
      why does the government not restrict newsletters and penny stock newsletters,all of these guys are scam artists.
      Avoid this guy and his services.

    11. glworden
      Sep 1 2010, 01:38:08 am


      To clarify, Peter Schultz and Pete Stolcers are two different people. Pete Stolcer’s services are and The content of Stolcer’s “Daily Report” is identical to the “Options Success” content. This is because Stolcers licenses his content to Options Success, not because they are the same person.

      I subscribe to Pearly Gates. Had a good string of winners, now a long string of losers. As stated, he sticks to his bearish guns regardless of what the market does. His picks make some sense, but his exit strategies are basically all-or-none gambles. His stops, based on stock price, are so far from entry price that by the time they hit you’ve lost most of the option value so you might as well hold on and pray for a miracle. This service, like Momentum Options Trading, is anathema to beginning traders trying to develop a disciplined approach. I think there is some value in considering his option recommendations, but use a more reasonable exit strategy to limit losses.

      His stubbornness in predicting market direction rather than reacting to conditions is a real problem. I see he was a strong bear back in July 2009 – as he is now – and the market had a great run since then.

    12. Kim
      Dec 15 2010, 02:39:40 pm

      Just to demonstrate how clueless this guy is, he suggested the following RIMM trade:

      As of Friday’s close with the stock at 62.15 here are the numbers:

      Buy the Jan 65 calls for 2.49 or better.
      Sell an equal number of the Dec 65 calls for 1.18 or better for a net debit of 1.31.
      Buy the Jan 60 puts for 2.72 or better.
      Sell an equal number of the Dec 60 puts for 1.41 or better for a net debit of 1.31.

      If the stock HAS exceeded 65 or fallen below 60 we’ll simply buy back the December option for its intrinsic value at Friday’s close (and let the losing Dec option expire worthless) and still own the winning Jan option to continue appreciating going forward. We can also sell the losing side Jan option to further lower our cost basis.

      This is a sweet play because we are covered in both directions on RIMM for a relatively small amount of money. What we’re really doing here is benefiting from the steep time decay of December options (by selling them) and benefiting from the much flatter time decay of January options (by buying them). We’re also benefiting from the pumped up premiums on these December options–selling them gets us our much higher potential January options for cheap.

      We are reducing our risk while leaving the door open for unlimited profits if the stock really starts to run–particularly if the stock takes off after the Dec options expire this Friday.
      RIM is releasing earnings this Thursday the 16th after the close. This idea of limiting our risk while leaving the door open for unlimited profits is something we are going to explore more of in this service. One of the best ways to do that is to cover both directions on a stock while limiting your cost in the trade.
      My comments:
      1. If you want to do such play, you do it as close to earnings as possible to take advantage of the rising IV if the Dec options. Those are the options he sells, rising IV means higher prices and the whole spread becomes cheaper closer to earnings. He was filled at 2.47 (1.21 for the call calendar and 1.26 for the put calendar). Today the same trade could be filled at 1.92 (0.82 and 1.10).
      2. Claims like “we are covered in both directions on RIMM” and “leaving the door open for unlimited profits” show complete luck of understanding. This is a double calendar trade. The maximum profit is inside the 60/65 zone, it is limited, and if the stock makes a big move, the trade loses money.

      It sometimes amazes me how some “experts” are running options services while having no clue about what they are talking about. Just be aware of this guy.

    13. Steve
      Feb 27 2011, 08:53:53 pm

      I have never subscribed to Pearly Gates. But I did subscribe to Options Success — that sister newsletter headed up by Pete Stolcers — but operated by Peter Schultz. I found Options Success to be too hard to follow, using a bewildering number of recommendations without much follow-up guidance. I only had it one month, and I did make money, but I found it too dicey and speculative to continue with it.

      But, Kim, I think you have it wrong on your review. The optimal “maximum profit” zone for that RIMM trade has got to be OUTSIDE of the 60 – 65 zone. To be precise, you would make money if RIMM is above 67.47, or below 57.53, by the Jan. expiration. Those are your break-even points. And clearly, the further above or below those points the better. Optimally it would be better if RIMM stayed within the 60-to-65 range until after the Dec. expiration, and then after that date, rose above or fell below that range. But in either case, you’d make some money if RIMM went above $67.47, or below $57.53, even in December.

    14. Nicksteny
      Aug 30 2012, 08:39:17 pm

      I lost $10,000 using Pearly Gates as “Peter the Great” as he likes to call himself gave one wrong prediction after another, sometimes I had this uncanny feeling that he was always on the other side of the trade, so someone was surely making money, but hey, that’s just my opinion. I would not recommend Pearly Gates to anyone!!

      Jan 6 2013, 07:29:14 am

      Dreadfull service, at one stage I considered doing exactly the opposite on every trade he recommended as they all pretty much tanked!
      I wrote to him about the fact his picks were way off compared to the sales hype he gives, he was so arrogant and rude in his reply, I nearly boarded a plane to “say hello” in person.

    16. Craig Lan
      Jun 15 2016, 03:13:17 pm

      I am a newbie. Jist starting out. Theae reviews are so helpful…..i almost ‘bought in’ thinking it did what he states in his video webinar on youtube! Goofiness, isn’t there ANY truly decent weekly or monthly service that helps small acct holders? ….and doesn’t chg a fortune?
      I want to join a reliable , trustworthy service. Help pls !
      Many thanks people!

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