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    1. acj4427
      Feb 26 2009, 01:09:53 pm

      An Australian called William Buckler writes this bi-weekly newsletter.
      He does not make stock picks but gives a commentary on the world economic climate; and has done so uninterrupted for 24 years. (I subscribed 4 years ago)
      “We choose the most important economic, financial, political and market events, and we analyse them”
      While he does not give specific tips, he has been extremely accurate in predicting the current economic woes.
      Following His information would have helped anyone to reduce their exposure to the problems we face.
      He has a seperate commentary and very highly regarded Gold charts, included in the price.
      It is not for the faint-hearted, (he is still very pessimistic)I look forward to this very informative 12 page read every fortnight

    2. CofB
      Jan 2 2010, 06:23:47 pm

      I subscribed for about 3 years about 10 years ago. I found it an interesting but repetitive read with a Libertarian flavour which matched my own conservative persuasion. It was always pessimistic and predicted the collapse of the USD as the world’s reserve currency way back then. He also predicted the take over of the Euro by 2001, if I remember correctly. Obviously a gold bug I followed his advice regarding gold all those years ago to my real benefit.
      However, I think he under estimates the resisilence of the status quo and the various vested interests. Nonetheless, if you live long enough, I think all his “dark” predictions will come to be.

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