Uses proprietary charting and analytics to give rankings and recommendations on every stock, every day. Both online and downloadable version of their software are available.

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    1. HedgeGuy
      Aug 14 2012, 11:37:53 am

      This is the second time that I have tried Vestorvest. It is a well developed trading information system but at its heart it is designed to gather in customer subscription fees at higher rates. The basic information in very one sided with their ratings designed to enhabce the customers investment decisions. At the time of this review, August 12, 2012, Berkshire Hathaway is only rated .95 on Realative Safety is an example. 1.0 is the base line. There are many terrible credits rated higher, mush higher, but I quibble. The maiin problem is that therir strategies to work, you must subscribe to add-ons which cost mucho dollars. The strategies that work best are the so called bottom fishing ones. That is, when the market starts to turn higher, purchase those stocks which are and have done the worst. They carefully pick out the one staretegy out of hundreds that does best to get you to purchase the add-ons which, by the way, work best with the strategy chosen. The timing model, which is the heart of all the trading strategies costs an extra $495. to implement. The weekly stratgy of the week almost always has at its core the purchase of an add-on.

    2. Sharon
      Oct 10 2013, 02:19:12 pm

      I have used them for 5 years and If you really like to create your own searches, this product is for you. For example, you can pick from over 100’s of possibilities, using existing searches and modifying them just by adding another parameter. Then, you can have it alert you by filtering a “watchdog”. Their market timing is enhanced by a “green light or red light ” kicker so you don’t enter late into a move. Saves me $1,000’s as no trade is probably the best trade. Charting is excellent in real time, as you can quick screen which then translates into the same ## of quickly viewble charts , this is a big time saver as it’s linked to your searches. Actually, they save me lots of time just using the same quick testing for back testing even for just a few days or hours. I agree that the value ranking may keep you out of trades, as its very very conservative. But you won’t get into bad trades with them either, if you just buy on the greenlight kicker buy signal, never on a hold or sell. I’ve developed my own searches for daily momentum, and it works consistently, if I just want an option play for less than a week. ( I pick the canned momentum screen and multiple by top 10 sectors top tens ) This works before earnings much like Trade Station, or Esignal hot lists. The downside can be analysis paralysis, as it just has every computable possibility imaginable, and it does not automate trading with a broker.
      In summary, it will uncanningly reinforce a reason not to buy a stock, and it will quickly reinforce a reason to anticipate the macro market movement.

    3. Thomas Mathew
      Oct 29 2013, 02:13:25 pm

      VectorVest keeps showing strategies that works great in the past. They find the time period it works best and uses it to fool people in their strategy of the week.
      It is like saying if you bought the lottery with the following numbers last week, you would have made 10000% profit.
      After using VV for over 10 years, I have not seen better performance compared to buying multiple mutual funds.

      If you have the stomach for 40% drawdown, then you can make money on good years with strategies that buys stocks less than $5.
      For a prudent investor you may see 10% return which is similar to mutual fund.

    4. Jim Dover
      Apr 23 2015, 02:42:15 pm

      As an investor for over 30 years I can tell you vector vest is a total scam. don’t buy into their ridiculous claims… not worth the money. You would be much better off going with IBD, gorilla trades, or even zacks…

    5. Mark Blake
      Jul 30 2015, 12:31:53 am

      VectorVest is one of the best systems you can use for market timing and analyzing your stocks. VectorVest is a system that give you unbiased guidance and powerful tools help you make money in the stock market, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can try it for like $10 bucks though and they offer a new successful investing quick start course that I really enjoyed.
      The system is constantly evolving and many investor seems to love it, not just me. Here are a few of the comments I’ve seen online recently:

      *Kal G. from Pennsylvania*
      “My experience with VV has been very good. As an experienced trader, now I can get all my market informations from one source. Your instructors are also great teachers. The tech service is unparalleled.”

      *Brian O. from Sheffield*
      “comprehensive program which saves you a tremendous amount of work.”

      *Doug B. from Florida*
      The system allows an investor to create strategies based on their individual risk parameters using any number of criteria from fundamental to technical analysis. The ability to back test your strategies is invaluable. I am able to be more disciplined following a strategy because I have less emotional attachment to the stock selections because I am following a strategy that has performed well in the past.”

      *Jesse T. from Texas*
      “In the sea of thousands of stocks, VV gives me a way to choose some quality stocks. It also provides the added confidence to sell a stock.”

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