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    1. hfj
      Feb 5 2010, 02:20:40 am

      Just subscribed to this “cheap” newsletter.
      Well written, with target prices and risk levels: the aim is to focus on “unheard” stocks (in fact, some stocks are described in other financial newsletters…)
      Currently, the portfolio has 24 open positions, with stock prices ranging from about 4 to 45USD.
      Very interesting.

    2. Paul Engleman
      May 4 2010, 11:23:41 am

      I’ve subscribed to White Cap for a year and a half. Given the market’s strong comeback, I’m reluctant to believe that the great returns are all based on great stock-picking — you could have done pretty well with a dartboard since last March. That said, the picks are consistently good, the letter is well-written, and many of the teaser ads to upgrade to premium services include additional freebie picks. Recently White Cap absorbed what I think was another Oxford Club pub, Xcelerated Profits, so you’re now getting two for the price of one. And the price — $50 — is very reasonable. White Cap uses a 25% trailing stop and tracks it for subscribers, with email alerts. Overall, this seems like a very smart bunch of guys providing very solid advice.

    3. Stuart Watkins
      May 4 2010, 09:51:16 pm

      I have noticed pore spelling and gramatical errors.
      This gives me a degree of concern.
      I do not like to be told to take a look at a stock,
      and be told later that if I have bought it when they first brought it to my attention I would have made a bunch of mney.
      I expected a BUY call, and have only seen sugestions.
      Not what I expected. Others may differ, but not my cup of tea.

    4. Bob
      Jun 1 2010, 04:24:23 pm

      New subscriber so far my overall impression is it is a gateway for pricier subscriptions to other newsletters.

      At this point the jury is still out. Can’t give a recommendation or say anything negative.

      The umbrella group is pretty good overall so that is why I took the letter.

    5. the boge
      Jun 2 2010, 06:32:53 am

      I have not benefited from the White Cap Report over the past year, which is time biased. They swing for the fences, and if you don’t connect, it’s a pop fly or a grounder for an out.

    6. Old Tom
      Jul 24 2010, 02:20:30 pm

      I subscribed about 5 months ago. It’s a fairly interesting newsletter, but I hate the fact that they must have at least 2 people assigned to sent out emails. Seems to fill up my inbox. What galls me the most is that in every email there is a ” special ” report that costs between 50 and 200 bucks. The DNA Dallas company is just the latest one such.

      They issue a monthly report that usually has one recomendation that can be checked out on Yahoo and MSN so that you can make up your own mind about it. The prices of their recomendations are usually in the 5 to 35 dollar range and they do suggest that you have a trailing stop. This is usually in the 25 to 50% range. I guess the 50% suggestion is for the REALLY speculative stuff. The June issue where they just ” patented BIG profits ” called for a 50% trailing stop.

      I still have my subscription in force but will allow it to expire because they do a lot of option trading and I don’t do options. At the price I paid, I can’t lose a lot of money and there is always the chance that I can hit a big winner after I check out Stock Gumshoe on their recommendations.

    7. Scott
      Sep 7 2010, 08:27:32 am

      I had a one year subscription from 2009-2010. I bit on a couple of their pics, made a small profit on one, and a larger loss on the other.(had I gone with their 25% stop loss, I’d have lost even more, but luckily, I saw the writing on the wall before I took the bigger hit) Considering the overall market performance during the time period, I guess I expected better performance from their pics. They do make some compelling cases for their pics, (or spin some interesting yarns depending on your viewpoint) but a lot of it seems to be based more on their “instincts” than on any concrete evidence. All in all, just didn’t find the value in it, even at the low cost of the subscription.

    8. bluetiger
      Feb 7 2011, 11:29:37 am

      I first tried the Money Map in 2009. No gain. They returned in 2010 and sold me on the White Cap experience. Lost money again. When the Energy Inner Circle came in Dec. 2010, and I gave it a through reading, my 6 yrs of energy consulting allowed my hand to slip again and I was really taken in; $700 for some nice reading but no pay outs so I requested my funds be returned. Haven’t heard back since then, and don’t know if I will, but hey, this is gambling isn’t it. The house always wins, and the suckers lose.

      My portfolio provides an average, presently of 20%, but all during 2010 it averaged closer to 45%. Some of this loss I can attribute to funds I bet on WC and their affiliates. I guess I need to include my buy in as lost as I doubt they will return my purchase price although when speaking with them the fellow seemed fair minded; don’t they all.

      If anyone reading this has any better experience, please write about it.

    9. Boris
      Feb 9 2011, 05:28:34 pm

      I’ve been subscribed for almost a year. Performance wasn’t great first several months but since the last leg of current rally started last year many positions just took off. I already have a few doubles and more are getting close to doubling. Definitely paid off my $49 fee. I do not trade the Xcelerated Profits part of portfolio, it seem to be too complicated and I don’t have margin account.

    10. john arguimbau
      Oct 17 2013, 08:09:09 pm

      They may be better than my review says but at age 74 I’ll borrow a few words from my all time favorite musician , Charles Edward Berry, better known as Chuck, ” Too Much Monkey Business ” [ now 87 and still rocking, if only in a chair!]

    11. Harry
      May 19 2015, 03:16:10 am

      Well, like I said before, there’s a lot of great people
      Here. And every time I turn around now, WSD has
      Got another newsletter.
      Why not just hang her? I have made a couple of bucks there, but what the hell, I’m doing a lot better here, and I like hang in’ around! They can afford to keep it all under one subscription, but
      Every time it’s a change of any kind, it’s a new
      Game. And if we’re supposed to be in this terrible
      Time of corrupt economy, etc., why don’t we all all help each other? This group does …..

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