Without Borders

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Rog Blake
Rog Blake
Yet another offshoot from Casey’s International Speculator, this newsletter proposes to investigate opportunities in real estate, equities, and business around the world. The trip reports make for interesting reading, though I quickly tire of the overall tone. In general, the authors believe you should move to places with undervalued real-estate, such as Argentina or Uruguay, open a bank account in a tax haven such as Panama, and buy stocks in companies from just about anywhere other than the US. They also propose ideas for new businesses in various locales, as well as providing reports on the overall business climate. The… Read more »
Was one of their first subscribers. Right out of the gate they made three recommendations that they claimed to have persoanlly researched and visited. One of those just happen to be one I had researched and visited just 30 days before. My conclusions were almost opposite theirs. In fact, their write up on the company gave me the impression that they had not really checked the company out first hand, but perhaps third hand. The company did not do very well. Some issues later they recommended a company that I was quite familiar with. They made some comments about the… Read more »