“Rare Retail Stock Makes Zack’s Rank Breakout”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 31, 2008

I rarely write about Zack’s as an investment advisory, mostly because they don’t usually “tease” their stock ideas. But today they did — I got an email from a reader about the latest stock to make a Zack’s “breakout” move … and they’d like you to subscribe to their service, before March 28th while it’s still “on sale” so you can find out what stock this is.

But of course, fearless reader, your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe will make no such demands on you. Read on!

Zack’s says that this stock is the rare retail stock to make a breakout lately …

“Today, while competitors are sluggish, this company is on fire. Its net 4th quarter income boomed +31.7% on a +18.3% increase in net sales. It has catapulted to a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) as its earnings estimates continue to rise. We’re inviting you to download this pick via the service that discovered it. Try the Zacks Rank Breakout Trader at a 33% discount that ends Friday night, March 28th. This is only a two-day sale so please don’t wait.”

So … the clues are thin, but is the Gumshoe dissuaded? I think not! The Thinkolator starts cold on this fine March day, but eventually gets going and tells us that this stock is …

The Buckle (BKE)

No, I had never heard of it before, either, even though it’s been public for 16 years. It’s one of those teenybopper clothing stores, not unlike Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle Outfitters. And I’ve been burned by fashion and clothing stocks often enough to realize that I can’t pick fashions for my generation, let alone for the 18 year olds out there … so I have no idea how the Buckle’s doing in any broad sense. I’ve never seen one of their stores, not that I’ve been looking.

But Zack’s is certainly right that the numbers look “turnaroundish,” generally speaking — it did have those nice income and sales increases as teased, and it is certainly still small enough that it could easily grow if it’s popular and well managed. They have about 370 stores right now, and they’re not growing the store base so quickly that you’d necessarily worry (Abercrombie operates about a thousand stores for it’s brands, just by way of comparison). Analysts are fairly lukewarm on the company, perhaps because all of these stores are similarly valued and it’s hard to know how they’ll do in a downturn (do teenagers stop begging their parents for money during a recession? Do parents stop giving in? Discuss amongst yourselves — my kids are, thankfully, way too young to expose me to this particular market yet).

So … are you a big Buckle fan? Want to make a bet on a retail revival, either with the Buckle or with one of the other near-value-priced teen retailers? (AEO I’ve almost bought several times, it’s almost painfully cheap with a single digit PE, but I haven’t swum against that particular current just yet).

And are you a Zack’s subscriber … or a big fan or detractor? Let us know. I can’t say that I’ve much experience with their services, but they seem to at least have a broad scope, if nothing else, and they do “guarantee” that they’ll beat the market.

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    1. Dividends4Life
      Mar 31 2008, 06:06:28 pm

      > they’d like you to subscribe to their service,
      > before March 28th

      It’s good that we have you since it appears the deadline has passed. 🙂

      Best Wishes,

    2. JB
      Mar 31 2008, 11:00:26 pm

      Does anyone know what the S-1 approved stock thing is from Stansberry. It seems like simple IPOs,and they tease three gold stocks. I’m less interested in the gold stocks than what the hell they are talking about.

    3. laxmom
      Apr 1 2008, 11:31:25 am

      I am not a stock expert, but I have 4 teens and 3 post teens and they love The Buckle. “It’s the only place that have pants that fit good.” “Cutest shoes, ever.” etc. The place is a beehive at school shopping time. It is a pricier than say, Old Navy, but when it is “the only thing that fits,” you go for it!

    4. Michael Jones
      Apr 3 2008, 03:22:41 am

      This just in from Zacks on 4/2/08:

      Subject: Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2008 12:45 PM

      Final Call: Unloved Wireless Stock Is Set to Soar Size: 30 KB

      Priority: Normal

      Image Blocked Image Blocked

      Until 11:59 pm Friday, April 4th!

      On March 13th, we alerted you to an unloved wireless company with earnings that have recently skyrocketed.

      Any minute, according to Zacks Rank signals, its stock price is going to “pop.” Better still, our analysts see it trending sharply upward for a good 12 months – even if the market remains volatile.

      Don’t miss this urgent opportunity. Plus, there’s a lucrative extra advantage if you get back to us no later than 11:59 pm Friday. Please see below . . .

      Image Blocked
      Wall Street
      Company Comeback

      Fourth quarter profits surged almost fivefold as sales
      nearly doubled. Yet, its stock price remains low.
      That’s why we’re saying, “Don’t wait another day to jump aboard.”

      Dear Investor,

      Our Zacks analyst team was assigned to dig out a handful of stocks that are trading far below their real value. That was the easy part of their assignment.

      The hard part was to find the true hidden gems, extremely undervalued companies on the threshold of being discovered. We wanted stocks with rock-solid fundamentals that are also likely to grow steadily during today’s market ups and downs.

      So our analysts targeted companies in businesses that can thrive during volatile times, riding through the bumps and exploiting the jumps better than most others.

      Using Zacks Rank signals and other proprietary information, they zeroed in on a stock that’s flying under Wall Street’s radar. It’s a strong company with earnings on the upswing.

      This wireless provider has just quietly worked its way into the Japanese market and is introducing its smallest product line. Still, it’s being ignored – the stock price is much lower than you’d expect. So far, Wall Street experts have looked right past it . . .

      But that’s about to change.

      Analysts are already beginning to catch on. This firm, after languishing, has now begun to grow explosively. A closer look reveals why we’re looking at a very powerful play . . .

      The company is riding a mobile communications turnaround, and is significantly expanding its business in Europe and Asia.
      Its revenue, according to Zacks analysts, is expected to soar +32.7% in 2008.
      Fourth quarter 2007 profits surged almost five times higher than previously.
      Fourth quarter 2007 sales almost doubled.
      Plus, despite generating all that revenue in a tough market, the value indicators for this stock are ringing loudly. It’s trading much lower than earnings would suggest, and we predict that the company’s gigantic comeback will soon ignite its stock price.

      And it’s only one of the Must Buys for you to explore in our new Zacks Special Report . . .

      Extremely Undervalued Stocks: Six Unloved Companies Poised to Boom in Price

      Image BlockedThese are picks with extraordinary long-term growth potential. Their profit windows extend to one year, but they should be considered now, today.

      They require immediate attention, in part because of the way they were chosen. Yes, they fit traditional value stock criteria – trading at a discount, low price-to-earnings ratios, low price-to-book ratios. But they go far beyond tradition.

      Each of the six picks started out as a Zacks #1 Rank “Strong Buy.” This indicator, as you may know, is based on revisions to earnings estimates, the most powerful force impacting stock prices. At Zacks, we continually process reports issued by 3,000 analysts from 150 brokerage firms. We monitor more than 200,000 earnings estimates, looking for changes.

      Earnings estimates for these stocks are changing upward.

      Image BlockedOnly 5% of the 4,400 stocks we cover are awarded a #1 rank at any given time. When analysts revise their estimate of a company’s earnings upward, that stock tends to outperform the market during the next one to three months.

      Zacks #1 Rank “Strong Buy” stocks have beaten the S&P 500 for 19 out of 20 years. While the market has averaged yearly gains of +12%, our #1’s have soared +31%.

      In other words, these Extremely Undervalued Stocks figure to make strong moves within one to three months. Better still, because of their fundamentals and future prospects, they aren’t likely to stop there. Not by a long shot.

      Great results even during down markets.

      When the market heads south, Zacks #1 Rank stocks continue to perform well. From 2000 to 2002, during the last recession, the S&P 500 went down -38%. But Zacks #1 Rank picks actually went up +44%.

      Combine this fact with the historic steadiness of value picks during volatile markets and you have six “stocks for all seasons.” These are Must Buy companies now, and we suggest you consider holding them for a year or even more . . .

      Stock 1: Wireless provider surges. This is the company I told you about, with products that are finding their way into laptops, handheld mobile computing devices, vehicle-based systems, and more. Recent profits surged almost fivefold as sales almost doubled.

      Stock 2: Financial service firm feeds on volatile markets. This company found a way to profit from increased trading volume caused by today’s market ups and downs. Last year, it beefed up its electronic trading execution services – and, since there was more buying and selling, the timing was perfect. Our other five picks were chosen for their ability to be strong even during volatile conditions – this one benefits from the volatility itself!

      Stock 3: Electricity company overpowers competitors. It covers virtually 100% of urban homes and 90% of rural dwellings in its market, but demand for electricity continues to increase. A recent earnings projection exceeded the forecast by double digits. Wall Street is becoming upbeat on this company, but its price is still low.

      Stock 4: Toolmaker levers around construction slump. The company hasn’t been hurt by construction slowdowns because it doesn’t sell many tools to that market. And it profits from jacked-up sales from the growing vehicle repair trend, as more people opt to take better care of cars rather than buy new ones. Full-year 2008 earnings forecasts have jumped from the previous year.

      Stock 5: Oil company gushes profits. When oil prices are high (like now and into the foreseeable future), this company’s exploration and production booms. During 4th quarter 2007, profits more than doubled. It’s a refiner, too, and this business’s tight margins are about to loosen. When they do, “look out above.”

      Stock 6: Electronic manufacturer has Olympian prospects. Its flat-panel TV sales have been anything but flat, throughout Asia and around the world. Last year, revenue exploded +65%. Synergies from its recent merger have primed it for future growth, and the upcoming Beijing Olympics will generate more watchers of flat-panel TVs. Wall Street will be watching, too.

      Now is the time to add these six companies.

      They were chosen for their diversity, both in terms of geography and industry. Three companies are based in the United States. One company is in Taiwan. One is Brazilian. One is Canadian. Altogether, they form a powerful and balanced portfolio.

      Another reason to download now – save 60%.

      Today, there’s a special price that encourages you to take advantage of our picks’ early moves. Until Friday, April 4th, you may download Extremely Undervalued Stocks at 60% off its regular price of $99. It’s yours at an “extremely undervalued price” of only $39 – less than $7 per recommendation. Another way to look at it is that if you hold these stocks for one year, our recommendations will only cost about 10 cents per day.

      No reason to wait – there’s a stunning guarantee!

      Image BlockedRight now, I invite you to download our new Special Report, Extremely Undervalued Stocks: Six Unloved Companies Poised to Boom in Price. It names the stocks and gives you the facts you need to act on them.

      These picks are powerful. The facts behind them are compelling. The time is right for a move now and also for a sweeping upward trend over the next year. That’s why I believe you’ll be delighted with this Special Report.

      But I don’t want you to even hesitate about discovering these picks and facts. So your satisfaction will be guaranteed for 30 days. During that time, if not 100% satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund the cost. Every dollar. It’s as simple as that.

      Of course, I know you could read the report, jump on the picks, and then ask for your money back. But we trust you and want you to feel the same way about us. Now there’s no need to wait even one day.

      Don’t miss your chance to save 60%. Special offer ends 11:59 pm Friday April 4th!

      I hope you’ll take full advantage of proven Zacks research that can make a major impact on your 2008 investments. This is the day to download Extremely Undervalued Stocks: Six Unloved Companies Poised to Boom in Price.

      Look into that wireless company’s dramatic comeback – before Wall Street sees the light and its stock price catches up with its profits. This is a great opportunity to make real money with companies that have brilliant fundamentals and vision, yet have been recently overlooked.

      Please call 1.800.767.3771, EXT. 9339. (Outside the U.S., 312.265.9339.) Or simply click here right now.

      Image Blocked
      Save 60% Until 11:59 pm
      Friday, April 4th!

      Jon Knotts
      Vice President

    5. Pete Ewing
      Apr 7 2008, 11:43:45 am

      I would guess the wireless stock is potentially
      CEL,CNTF,or PTNR. All are ranked #1 by Zacks in the telecom sector.

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