“The .25 China Stock You’ve Been Begging Me For” (Robert Hsu Rare Earths)

Well, I’ve gotten a big ‘ol boatload of questions about this ad from Robert Hsu, so let’s dig in. The teaser is for his Asia Edge newsletter, the expensive and somewhat more flexible letter that he edits — Hsu’s “entry level” newsletter is China Strategy, which focuses on US-listed ADRs of Chinese companies, but Asia […]

“Meet the Company Behind Apple’s Incredible Profit Surge” (Robert Hsu Teaser Deciphered)

We haven’t looked at a pick from Rober Hsu’s China Strategy in quite a while — and it’s not just that we’re ignoring him, as far as we can tell InvestorPlace has not been promoting his newsletters very actively over the last six months or so. Which probably isn’t a huge surprise — China stocks […]

“New Recommendation Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997” (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu introduces the latest teaser of a stock he’s recommending in his China Strategy service by saying that it “looks a lot like Apple” before that company made its historic stock market run, back when Steve Jobs was re-hired by the company, before the iPod (let alone the iPhone) was introduced. And of course, […]

“A Solution to the Commodities Problem — Hsu’s Asia Edge Idea”

For the last couple days commodities stocks have been taking a serious beating, including the big lead horse for earnings season, Alcoa, which is down big today. But notwithstanding these few weak days, clearly commodities of all kinds (softs like the grains, metals, energy, even coffee and cocoa) have been shooting out the lights lately. […]

“Facebook of China to Deliver Your Next Double” (Robert Hsu)

Robert Hsu has been running this teaser ad for his Asia Edge newsletter for a week or two now, and I’ve gotten enough questions that it seems there’s some demand for the Gumshoe version (ie, the free version) of the answer. It seems unlikely, by the way, that this tease about the “Facebook of China” […]

“This One Little Stock Could Change the Way You Live”

That’s the promise from Robert Hsu in his latest round of teaser ads — that this one stock will have such a powerful impact on your portfolio that you’ll be able to “change the way you live.” That’s nothing new, of course — teasermeisters have been sprinkling their ads with photos of luxury cars, boats, […]