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“Deep-Sea Eel Pizza with Robert Hsu”

Time escapes the Gumshoe today, so we’re going to have a look at a quick email I got from Robert Hsu late last week. Hsu’s ads for his China Strategy service tell us that the key to his success is understanding Chinese consumers and what they want, and understanding how China is different. He believes […]

“Robert Hsu: Red-hot Solar Profits”

This one comes in from Robert Hsu, for his very popular China Strategy service — I note that several folks in the forum have talked about liking this newsletter, so if you’re interested you might want to wander over there and chat with some self-reported subscribers about it. But boy, does he ever send out […]

“Bargain Buys as China Turns” Robert Hsu

I haven’t written much about Robert Hsu and his China Strategy newsletter lately, but back when China’s markets were shooting out the lights last year he was probably the most popular newsletter editor out there. This year has seen a reversal of so many different Chinese stocks, and a loss of faith in the China […]

“Profit from China’s Epic Hunt for Oil” Robert Hsu

Robert Hsu has been sending out several teasers related to Chinese oil demand lately, no big surprise as we watch oil toy with $140 a barrel (should we even pay attention to $10 moves anymore? Boooorrring …) In his words, “China’s hunt for oil is one of the most extraordinary, untold stories of our time. […]

Hsu’s “The Next New Oriental Education”

Investors who got in early on some of Robert Hsu’s other picks in the Chinese for-profit education sector could easily have done quite well (though whether that’s a result of Hsu’s prescience or fortunate timing in the China boom can be debated as much as you like), so I thought we should take a look […]

“This One Little Stock Could Change the Way You Live”

That’s the promise from Robert Hsu in his latest round of teaser ads — that this one stock will have such a powerful impact on your portfolio that you’ll be able to “change the way you live.” That’s nothing new, of course — teasermeisters have been sprinkling their ads with photos of luxury cars, boats, […]

Invest in China’s Infrastructure — Robert Hsu

Robet Hsu is out with a new little tease for us, and he thinks China will continue to be the one remaining bright spot in world economic growth. Of course, his two investment newsletters (China Strategy and Asia Edge) depend on China and its neighbors exciting investors, so that’s no surprise. He was one of […]

Canadian Oil — Hsu’s “Big Surge”?

This is a little weekend refresher, for folks who might have missed the writeup the first time around. Robert Hsu has been touting a Canadian oil sands stock that is a play on China, since China is interested in buying their product or partnering with them. And the company is a better buy now than […]