Explained: “A.O.P. — The Little-Known Investment That’s Outperforming, Everything!”

I guess we should really be calling this “A.O.P. 2.0”, since the Stansberry folks used this same basic marketing pitch on investors about five years ago — though I think that was in service of their S&A Resource Report (then called the S&A Oil Report), and this one is an ad for the relatively conservative, […]

“A FEdEx Package You Don’t EVER Want to Receive …”

One of the hallmarks of a good marketer is that they spin everything that happens to them into something promotional — so it is with the Stansberry folks, who are surely among the better marketers out there in newsletter-land. Their latest pitch is that they’ve gotten “scary” letters from the lawyers of one of the […]

“George Bush’s Secret Retirement Legacy”

We haven’t covered the 12% Letter in these pages for a few months, if memory serves, so I was pleased to get several questions from readers about their latest teaser for the “secret retirement legacy” that’s apparently been offered up by George Bush (the dumber one, not the older one). Did I just type that […]

“Early Wal-tirement: How to get in from the Very Beginning. “

Time with family and bloated turkey-filled bellies did nothing to slow down the avalanche of newsletter teaser ads — heck, we even saw plenty of “black Friday” deals for all those folks who are hoping to stuff a newsletter subscription into little Timmy’s Christmas stocking (yay!) But perhaps the most popular one that’s been sent […]

“One Share Millionaire” with the “U.S. Postal Secret”

Quite a number of you, it appears, have seen this recent ad from Stansberry & Associates, trying to sell you a subscription to the 12% Letter by Tom Dyson. The teaser begins with the intriguing promise that there’s a “Postal secret” that will let you become a “1 share millionaire.”
“Whether stocks go up or down… some companies return tens of thousands of dollars a month starting with just a single share. But you can’t buy them on the market: They’re available through the U.S. mail. ‘It’s almost impossible not to make money’… says the SF Chronicle. What?