Shorts, Values, and Quick Takeaways: Thoughts on the Pre-Conference Workshop

I always like to squeeze in the pre-conference workshop at the Value Investing Congress, because in that much smaller group we tend to get more discussion and deeper analysis… and the stories aren’t all blogged by a hundred people and on CNBC, so there’s usually time to consider them. It takes me some time after […]

“Healthcare’s Next Big Game-Changer”

We’re well on our way to piling another foot of snow here atop Gumshoe Mountain, so I’ll keep today’s missive brief — there’s sledding to do, after all, and little Gumshoes out of school and craving amusement. I was skimming through a recent teaser pitch by Andy Obermueller for his Game-Changing Stocks letter, and it’s […]

“You really could retire on this one stock* — even if you’re already in your 60s!”

You might notice that asterisk in the headline — Nicholas Vardy’s publisher, Roger Michalski, used the asterisk to note that he’s only releasing this “one stock” to the first 500 people to sign up … I’ll use the asterisk to tell you something else: *not really Sometimes people do “retire on one stock” — but […]

“Unmistakable Signal is Flashing ‘Buy'” (David Gardner’s Motley Fool pick)

“The ‘unmistakable signal’ that could lead YOU to profits of 246%, 631%, even 1,425% “Only one in a thousand investors has even heard of it. But it’s delivered them an average return of 140% for more than ten years running. “And the signal just started flashing AGAIN — pointing them to a surging stock that […]

“Forget about Facebook — Let’s Make Some REAL Money” (Motley Fool)

I don’t necessarily like to gang up on the same publisher two days in a row — but, well, the great legions of Gumshoe readers are asking for it, and we do aim to please. So just like yesterday, today we’re digging through some Motley Fool foofaraw, an ad they’ve been sending out this week […]