“Rare Substance Hidden in the Forest of Southern Sweden”

Well, a week’s hiatus for your friendly neighborhood Stock Gumshoe and the world remains in more or less the same mostly-negative feedback loop — more bank worries, more Euro panic, gold prices back above $1,900 again, more iPhone 5 hints and speculation … I guess part of me is relieved that the financial world is […]

“How a Secret Global Wire Transfer Could Show You a Potential Tenfold Gain!”

I’ve written about a number of teasers from Michael Robinson during the couple years he’s been heading up the American Wealth Underground newsletter for Taipan (if that name doesn’t ring a bell, you might remember that this letter used to be the hypetastic BreakAway Investor under Andrew Mickey and others). Robinson is telling us that […]

“PANIC AT THE PENTAGON! PLUS: How the Coming Battle for This Resource Could Hand You Gains of 2,106% in as Few as 24 Months”

Just from that headline, experienced investors and teaser-readers might well know that we’re looking today at rare earth minerals — you might also call them rare earths, rare earth magnets, rare earth elements or lanthanides (they’re usually pulled out of the period table and grouped separately on the bottom if you want the actual names […]