“This New Apple Innovation Will Be Bigger Than The iPod, iPhone, And iPad” (StreetAuthority)

Apple is my largest personal equity holding, and that makes me a little bit worried again now about short-term jumpiness — it’s not an expensive stock, to be sure, but it is huge and often trades with wild volatility unbecoming a megacap dividend growth stock… … and, perhaps more worrisome, I’ve had my first post-Steve-Jobs […]

“The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2014″

Andy Obermueller writes the Game-Changing Stocks newsletter for StreetAuthority, which is either new or renamed as far as I can tell (it looks like it might have replaced his Government-Driven Investing), and he’s been teasing us with a spiel about the hottest investment opportunities for next year — hoping to get on early, I guess, […]

Some Gold for the Brits, Medical Records, My Recent Buys, and yet another look at Sandstorm Gold

Today, dearest Irregulars, I’ve been a bit thwarted in my efforts to find new and intriguing investment ideas for you — that is, I’ve found some, certainly (they’re always out there), but they haven’t matched the template for what I generally like to share with my favorite readers (yes, that’s you). The first one I […]

“Financial Surprises That Could Unleash the Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2011″ (Andy Obermueller)

This teaser for one of Andy Obermueller’s newsletters has been making the rounds for a while, but it has so many aggressive predictions in it that the questions about it roll in to Stock Gumshoe HQ pretty regularly … so let’s see if we can pick out a few of his hot “investment opportunities,” shall […]

“Why Do I Believe This $1.55 Medical Technology Stock Will Break $20?”

That’s the headline of a very brief teaser that’s been circulating from Andy Obermueller, one of the StreetAuthority newsletter editors — he started out with the Government-Driven Investing newsletter about a year ago, a letter that brought us plenty of interesting teasers, and also apparently edits Fast-Track Millionaire, a new service that they’re launching soon […]

“A Technology So Powerful Saddam Hussein Once Kidnapped the Inventor to Get His Hands on It…”

Before we get into the meat of today’s tease, I just want to note that Stock Gumshoe has now crossed a significant mile marker: As of this morning there have now been 10,000 comments published on the various articles I’ve written in this space (closing in on 750 articles — your Gumshoe is getting a […]