“The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2014″

Andy Obermueller writes the Game-Changing Stocks newsletter for StreetAuthority, which is either new or renamed as far as I can tell (it looks like it might have replaced his Government-Driven Investing), and he’s been teasing us with a spiel about the hottest investment opportunities for next year — hoping to get on early, I guess, […]

Game-Changing Stocks

Growth and breakout-potential stock picking newsletter.

“Financial Surprises That Could Unleash the Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2011″ (Andy Obermueller)

This teaser for one of Andy Obermueller’s newsletters has been making the rounds for a while, but it has so many aggressive predictions in it that the questions about it roll in to Stock Gumshoe HQ pretty regularly … so let’s see if we can pick out a few of his hot “investment opportunities,” shall […]

“10-Bagger Pick #1″ — Small Mining Outfit Turning Trash into Uranium

Today we’re taking a look at a stock that’s getting a fair amount of attention from Andy Obermueller as he throws out the lure to catch subscribers for his new Fast-Track Millionaire newsletter. His pick of iCad (ICAD) a week or two ago has shown a big price spike (though that could evaporate as interest […]

“Why Do I Believe This $1.55 Medical Technology Stock Will Break $20?”

That’s the headline of a very brief teaser that’s been circulating from Andy Obermueller, one of the StreetAuthority newsletter editors — he started out with the Government-Driven Investing newsletter about a year ago, a letter that brought us plenty of interesting teasers, and also apparently edits Fast-Track Millionaire, a new service that they’re launching soon […]

“A Technology So Powerful Saddam Hussein Once Kidnapped the Inventor to Get His Hands on It…”

Before we get into the meat of today’s tease, I just want to note that Stock Gumshoe has now crossed a significant mile marker: As of this morning there have now been 10,000 comments published on the various articles I’ve written in this space (closing in on 750 articles — your Gumshoe is getting a […]

“Is This Tiny Stock the Next Exxon — Or the Next Budweiser?”

I hope that headline doesn’t get read as an either/or — because the third “or” should probably be “Or the next pink sheet stock whose certificates are fit only to line a birdcage.” Not that this company doesn’t have something going for it, or the possibility of success someday — just wanted to make sure […]

“Government’s ’2022′ Biofuel Timetable Mandates +15,900% Growth”

That’s the promise from the new Government-Driven Investing newsletter edited by Andy Obermueller … who I’ve never heard of, though I give him some credit for sporting a snazzy bowtie in his picture. He can’t quite carry it off as well as the Gumshoe, of course, but we can’t all be matinee idols. Kidding. This […]