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“Wealth Care — The Next da Vinci”

This one comes in promising to find us the “next Intuitive Surgical” — and as an ISRG shareholder sitting on 100%+ gains, that really strikes a chord with me. Sounds like it’s worth a sleuthing moment or two. Intuitive Surgical, for those who don’t know, is the company that makes and sells the da Vinci, […]

“the Cisco Systems of the 21st Century”

A few readers sent this one in, and one of you had even figured out the company — great work. Here’s what we’ve got: The tease ad is from Quantum Investor/Quantum Confidential and Brian Hicks, as have been some of the previous ones I’ve looked at. This time, Brian wants to send you a report […]

“The Only Vehicle that’s Safe in Iraq”

[corrected to fix silly errors that were noted in the comments, sorry. I kept the comments so you can see what a flake I am on occasion] A reader sent this one in a little while ago, but it’s a bit dated — from a New America Investor newsletter ad from Brian Hicks at the […]

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