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Focused on investments in energy companies with a “peak oil” focus. Formerly called The $20 Trillion Report and edited by Brian Hicks and Nick Hodge.

What is the “American Retirement Company?”

“Since going public in 1994, this small company has single-handedly outperformed Exxon, Microsoft, McDonalds, the S&P 500, and the Dow Industrials… COMBINED! “In that period, it out-gained both gold and silver 8 to 1… “It crushed General Electric’s return of 462% nearly 10-fold… “It beat the once-largest company in the world, Cisco Systems, by 220%… […]

Sniffing out the “Title VI Funds” Teased by The Wealth Advisory

“Started in 1873 to provide monthly income to widows and orphans in Scotland… “‘Title VI’ Funds Are Now the Preferred Investment Secret of the Super-Rich! …. “There’s a type of fund — a fund that most Americans know very little about — that’s responsible for protecting and growing the wealth of the world’s greatest investors. […]

Will the Upcoming “Silver Tsunami” create a “$4.8 trillion torrent of wealth?” (The Wealth Advisory)

The Wealth Advisory is one of those “entry level” newsletters that pretty much all publishers put out — it costs less than a hundred bucks a year, and it gets you used to paying for financial analysis without feeling too much pain … sort of a gateway drug before you get pitched on the “hard […]

“Wal-Lord: How the Retail King’s Landlord Could Pay You Monthly Rental Income”

“Every Month for the Past 9 Years, This Little-known Landlord Has Sent Out ‘Rent Checks’ It Collects from Wal-Mart to Its Partners…” “I’ve Found a Way for You to Become a Partner for as Little as $27….” That’s the intro to Brian Hicks’ “Wal*Lord” teaser ad that’s been circulating very heavily today — and to […]

“Limitless Wealth from the ‘Tar Sands’ of Rare Earths and Precious Metals” (Nick Hodge)

I promised to keep looking at Bakken stocks, but the overwhelming barrage of requests piling in overnight for this “goldmine of the future” teaser ad forces me to push that one to the top of the pile. And let me just say, even before I begin, that this one is dangerous — the stock they’re […]

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“Tapping into Alberta’s Trillion Barrel Oil Stock” (Brian Hicks)

Many of my favorite people (that’s you, dear Gumshoe readers) have been asking me about the latest pitch from Brian Hicks for his $20 Trillion Report … perhaps because, in this time of oil uncertainty (both on the demand side in Japan, and on the production side in the Middle East), oil is making headlines […]

“U.S. Oil Reserves Just Doubled … The Future of Fracking”

This is the latest teaser ad from Brian Hicks for his $20 Trillion Report, which teases us about a new idea in fracking technology that will release more oil and gas with lower environmental costs … all you have to do to learn about his favorite small cap oil stock is to subscribe to his […]

“The End of the Grey Plague”

This teaser ad that I started seeing about ten days ago has both promise for the families of Alzheimer’s sufferers and, of course, the promise of riches for those who get in early on the next hot biotech with a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. The ad is from Brian Hicks, for a new letter that […]

“The Saudi Arabia of the Arctic” — Huge profits from Greenland’s Rare Earth Minerals?

We’ve looked at rare earth elements before (also called rare earth metals or minerals, and some of them are rare earth magnets), they’re a dozen different rare elements from the periodic table that have specific uses in lots of high tech gear, from batteries to missile guidance systems. China is widely credited with strategically undercutting […]

$20 Trillion Report: “Underground Refinery Saves Canada’s Oil Sands”

This is one that several of you have sent my way in the last few days, a company that has a technology for more efficiently and effectively harvesting oil from the bitumen of Alberta. The ad is for the $20 Trillion Report, a new newsletter service from Brian Hicks, who’s also hawking his book (Profit […]

“Profit from the Peak: Safe Growth with Best Oil Sands Play”

This one comes in from Brian Hicks, who is selling what I think is a new newsletter service called the $20 Trillion Report … … and this one has a nice little twist — it’s built around a book that Brian Hicks and Chris Nelder just wrote called Profit from the Peak: The End of […]

“Wealth Care — The Next da Vinci”

This one comes in promising to find us the “next Intuitive Surgical” — and as an ISRG shareholder sitting on 100%+ gains, that really strikes a chord with me. Sounds like it’s worth a sleuthing moment or two. Intuitive Surgical, for those who don’t know, is the company that makes and sells the da Vinci, […]

“the Cisco Systems of the 21st Century”

A few readers sent this one in, and one of you had even figured out the company — great work. Here’s what we’ve got: The tease ad is from Quantum Investor/Quantum Confidential and Brian Hicks, as have been some of the previous ones I’ve looked at. This time, Brian wants to send you a report […]

“The Only Vehicle that’s Safe in Iraq”

[corrected to fix silly errors that were noted in the comments, sorry. I kept the comments so you can see what a flake I am on occasion] A reader sent this one in a little while ago, but it’s a bit dated — from a New America Investor newsletter ad from Brian Hicks at the […]